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Of Foreign Build[PDF / Epub] ☉ Of Foreign Build Author Jackie Sarah Parry – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk After suffering an emotionally brutal bereavement and against her counsellor’s advice Jackie ran away Suddenly within a new culture with a new husband and no friends she was living in the obscure wo After suffering an emotionally brutal bereavement and against her counsellor’s advice Jackie ran away Suddenly within a new culture with a new husband and no friends she was living in the obscure world of cruising with zero knowledge of boats Crashing within the first twenty four hours Jackie realised life would never be Of Foreign PDF \ the same again; a floating home with no fridge or hot water and with a dinghy instead of a car Suffering self doubts she became fearful of her new world The first off shore voyage took Jackie into a ferocious storm which battered her physically and mentally Amid the raging seas Jackie shed the fear she’d been harbouring Soon she was blissfully voyaging around the world but she still carried the mixed emotions of losing one man while falling head over heels in love with another Not only did Jackie deal successfully with the challenges of her new existence she also battled with the testosterone fuelled nautical world to become both a professional captain and a ualified maritime teacher Most importantly Jackie found herself. Resolute Unconventional A great way to see the world without getting your feet wet The idiom every cloud has a silver lining is the marvelous life lesson I took after reading Jackie Parry's adventures on the high seas What began as a heart rendering loss concluded gloriously as a validating yet unconventional approach to living life on one's own terms and finding joy in every moment even the little things Let me emphasize this is not merely a book for those that are nautical minded but instead it is a vibrant memoir with a perspective that is as far and wide as the horizonFrom the safety of my favorite chair I was swept up in Jackie's tale And what wonderful and sometimes seedy destinations we visited Through the author's eyes we blew bubbles in the face of a sea lion was swept in the wake of a whale and grinned when escorted by pods of dolphins This is stuff I dream of There were turbulent times too the uncooperative weather heaving decks and stomachs unsanitary stop overs with suspect food corrupt officials and meager rations But then the silver lining with jovial fellow sailors a warm shower and cool beer the kindness of strangers the enchantment of remote places the uaint charm of ethnic peoples and the joy of familyBut to me the most meaningful was witnessing on the page Jackie's personal growth from that of nautical newbie to becoming a top rated mariner in what is very much a man's world With every chapter as her confidence in her sea legs grew so did her craft as a writer and I so enjoyed reading her vivid descriptions of exotic places such as Borneo Egypt and the Galapagos So thank you Jackie for allowing me to join you and Noel on the deck of the Mariah it was wonderful to be able to immerse myself on your floating world I would like to encourage others to read your story they like you may become inspired to strike out on their own uniue paths Review written by Mark FineThe Zebra Affaire This is a review from Readers' FavoriteOf Foreign Build From Corporate Girl to Sea Gypsy Woman is a travelogue written by Jackie Parry The author's predictable and safe life changed forever when her fiance Martin died after a grueling fight with illness She decided to leave her native England and emigrate to Australia where she met Noel He was older divorced and had children but they had something special and went with it Noel had some experience sailing and the two decided to find a sailboat and travel After seeing a number of boats that didn't catch their fancy they found Mariah II a 38 foot sloop They lived aboard and took short trips for the first few years and then started off on a world voyageJackie Parry's travel memoir Of Foreign Build From Corporate Girl to Sea Gypsy Woman is likely to start corporate girls and boys thinking seriously about their own chances at freedom Her book details the marvels and exotic locales they visit while at the same time the reader shares in the many hardships that can accompany such a lifestyle There's life aboard a ship that has no refrigeration and features hasty tasty meals from tins and heaving seas that leave Jackie and Noel seasick for days on end Jackie also details her coming of age as it were as she learns to be herself free of the constraints and expectations of the corporate world and as she gains confidence in her own abilities She shares with us a view of life aboard ship with all its rigors discipline and marvels and her descriptions of their adventures at sea are fabulous I found myself following the Mariah II's voyage on Google maps and learned a lot of the geography I had avoided in school along the way Of Foreign Build From Corporate Girl to Sea Gypsy Woman is a remarkable memoir and travelogue and it's highly recommended Jackie Parry had me on a roller coaster of emotions from the very beginning When she described her partner’s death I cried and then as she ran away from England and all her painful memories and started a new life in Australia I cheered her on I was so glad when she found a new love in Noel an older man whose love of adventure rivaled her own Together they bought a sailing boat and set off for what would eventually be a round the world trip Jackie at first was scared of being incompetent and struggled with her new life but by the end of their journey she had become a very competent sailor and found her true selfI shuddered with fear at some of their hair raising adventures and went misty eyed with longing when she described some of the exotic locations where they dropped anchorI am passing this book on to my husband who loves sailing His dream is to do exactly what Jackie and Noel did I think I would be too scared so hope he does not finish it and then drag me off to buy a new boat I admire the courage of this remarkable couple enormously Apart from their epic journey which the author describes in exciting detail what warms the reader most is the growing bond between Jackie and her husband and the way two twin souls can share a life which many would call foolhardy but which they know is really pure freedom I like this book There's a saying something like Either write a book about a life lived well or live your life well enough to have a book written about it Well Jackie Parry is one of those rare souls who has done both She opens up and candidly tells her life story metaphorical warts and all Right from the first few pages you sense her genuine self and that is a great thing because surely many readers sailors or not can relate to her self doubts and fears But don't worry she doesn't go on and on about heartaches and ruminations No she mentions these things because they are part of the story and then she moves on often with soft humor All in all she tells her story well not with overly wrought phrasing and a self conscious tone but in a way that feels natural and totally genuine The book is not about her or her writing but her story and it shows between the linesI recommend this book for everyone especially young women who have not yet found their niche in life Jackie Parry's life story is a great example of possibility and personal courage This book is great fodder for important mother daughter talks On the surface it's about building a life aboard a sailboat but it's also very much about voyaging through life “Of Foreign Build” really is a personal journey and a very emotional one at that It takes a lot of courage to up sticks and move to the other side of the world on your own at the best of times but to do so after facing a terrible personal loss is something else This book is as much about overcoming grief and rebuilding a life as it is about the challenge of learning to sail while sailing from one side of the world to the other and back again I know very little about sailing although I know a lot now but all I can say is that I found the book to be well written and thoroughly enjoyable and an inspirational read from a remarkable lady Reading Sailing Adventure Books is always a pleasure for meBut some of those books soon become addictiveA Foreign Build is one of thoseThe end arrived about 1000 pages to soonThoroughly enjoyed Jacky's sailing around the world in 9yrsMany Thanks for sharing your adventures can only dream of following in your wakeKim I've read a number of nonfiction books and memoirs about sailing most very good reads Of Foreign Build was an exceptional story in many ways First the writing was fabulous; the author has a gift for making the reader feel present for the events and it was never boring I thought there was a perfect mix of detail about the boat day to day sailing difficulties encountered some very unusual adventures on sea and on land scary or challenging encounters and relationships with family back home but occasionally present for parts of the trip and friendships developed along the way Lots of cultural information made for a very interesting and educational read The thing that stood out most about this particular sailing around the world story was the route taken This couple was not just sailing around the world in order to accomplish the feat Although of course they had to plan and take into consideration the season and the local weather they sailed to some very unlikely places I was shocked that they were willing to venture into waters and countries with aggressive policies toward people their own and visitors and even into waters where pirates were a risk Beyond that they sailed routes I've never read about in other accounts of long distance sailing I was very glad I didn't know where they would head next and enjoyed the surprises So no spoilers from me What a pleasure to read a great book so well written and so perfectly edited What an intrepid and adventurous lady Jackie Parry is Following a traumatic bereavement she took herself off to Australia uite soon afterwards she got married and set off with her husband Noel on a round the world trip in their newly purchased boat Mariah And what a journey it was With no knowledge of sailing it was an extremely steep learning curve Some might even call it foolhardy to set out on such a venture Jackie writes with great honesty about her feelings and all that she had to overcome I must say I enjoyed journeying with her although I’m very much an armchair traveller There are some wonderful descriptions and it’s just as if you are sitting with her letting her tell you all these fantastic tales of her voyage I particularly enjoyed reading about the trip through America via rivers and canals and little explored waterways She has the knack of making you see these through her eyes There were hard times times with friends and family times along the way It’s always interesting to see how firm friendships can be made very uickly within the sailing community I thought it would be lonely but there seems to be a real fraternity of those seafarers who travel the world What an adventure I can recommend this one After the heartbreaking loss of her partner Martin Jackie flees the UK to Australia where she meets Noel After spending time together they fall in love and decide to buy the Mariah II and set sail around the world Jackie must learn along the way all terms nautical and sailing she does a fine job of it at that In 1998 they set sail and the adventure begins I was in a state of awe throughout the entire book The exotic ports they were able to anchorage at conjured up wonderful visual in my headThere were several hair raising moments on this 8 year adventure but that just made the book all the exciting I thoroughly enjoyed the flow of the writing and was pleased how the timeline was laid out no jumping all over the place Of Foreign Build is a thoroughly enjoyable read and a hearty arm chair adventure I look forward to reading of this authors books Thoroughly enjoyed reading laughs excitement adventure sadness Jackie really feels like you are on the fair ground ride with them at times Having been sailing with family many years ago some of their escapades resonated with similar experiences but in a much smaller level

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