Innocence Became His Spy

Innocence Became His Spy Innocence Became His SpyLexi Rush, A Feisty And Impetuous Reporter For An Italian Newspaper In Rome Comes To The Aid Of A U.S Spy, Steven Cross Leading Him Out Of Harm S Way From The Police, She Decides To Help Clear His Name When He Is Falsely Accused Of The Assassination Of Several Local Politicians Her Idealistic Personality Along With Her Incredible Curiosity For The Ways Of Human Nature Sends Her Spinning Into The Intriguing World Of Spies And Assassins Lexi S Brilliance And Determination Impresses Her Mentor, Steven Cross To The Point Of Accepting Her As A Full Fledged Spy He Decides To Bring Her Along As He Hunts Down Russian Mobsters Who Have Crossed The Line Into International Terrorism And Other Evil Aspects Of The Underworld Lexi And Steven Unsurprisingly Fall Into An Amazing Love Affair That Has No Boundaries They Explore All Aspects Of Their Strong Feelings Only To Find It Impossible To Live Without One Another There Are Many Obstacles To Overcome Before They Can Settle Down To A Normal Existence Cross Has Acquired A Long List Of Enemies During His Tenure With The CIA These Enemies Soon Begin To Target His Beautiful Lexi It Doesn T Take Long For His Foes To Capture Her Cross Begins The Arduous Task To Find His Love During This Time, He Receives Assistance From Espionage Leaders Around The World Along With His Team Of Loyal Operatives Not Being Able To Find His Missing Beloved Sends Him Spiraling Out Of Control Thus, Many Mobsters And Other Foes Must Die.This Non Stop Action Packed Adventure Will Surely Keep The Reader On The Edge. I have a soft spot in my heart for the underdog ,American author Robert Cuma was born and educated in New York City and went on to a career in the federal service, primarily involved in international affairs, negotiating important agreements with foreign governments to foster U.S policy abroad In his travels his watchful eye and mind studied the economic and political conditions of developing nations This background is evident in the topic he has chosen for his five novels espionage, political intrigue, and thrillers and now living in Florida he devotes his hours to realizing on paper the stories that have been gestating in his mind.Robert Cuma s writing style is immediate, action from the first sentence, and a technique that emphasizes conversation over description In espionage novels that can be a hindrance, but the manner in which Cuma phrases his dialog exchanges gives him the advantage of allowing his characters to describe the scenes as they perceive them a clever manner in which to make every movement of his story dramatic and immediate.Cuma introduces his hero Steven Cross, a CIA agent US spy, beaten in an alleyway in Rome with only his pistol as the clue to his identification Without funds and noting some policemen eyeing him he boards a bus with the police quickly following him until the very beautiful stranger next to him on the bus tells the police she is Steven s hostage a
Robert Cuma has apparently been writing spy thrillers for years, but this is my first exposure to this talented author s work I haven t picked up a spy novel in a long time, and I forgot how much fun they were One of the reasons that I had moved away from the genre is that so many authors end up boring the reader with in depth details or making the plot so authentic and believable that the reader simply disengages As a government operative himself, I expected Cuma to struggle with the same issues, wanting to get every little detail right, but he was thankfully vague about certain logistical issues and points that he could have elaborated on ad nauseam He understands that writing fiction is not about making people believe that the story could really happen rather, it is about creating a story that people wish would happen boring them is not the answer.I also loved Lexi, who was an unusual choice for a femme fatale I thought that some of her training and her quick transition into the world of international espionage was a bit rushed and convenient, and if there was any part of the book that I wish Cuma had taken a bit slower, it would have been that She develops nicely throughout the book, and you really get a sense of
Lexi Rush is a young reporter in Italy She finds it extremely interesting when the picture of a man wanted for the assassinations of several prominent political figures arrives at the paper The only problem is, there hasn t been an assassination, at least, not until hours later.Steven Cross is a prominent CIA agent, known for his expertise as an assassin He awakens in an alley, dishevelled, apparently robbed and with no memory of how he got there When he sees some Police officers eyeing him from across the way, he decides to try and make a quick exit, via the bus However, the police follow him.When Lexi sees the supposed suspect of these murders get on the bus and actually sit next to her, she makes a split second decision to do what she can to keep him from being arrested She tells the police that he has taken her hostage, and if they don t get off of the bus and let them go, he will kill her as well Thus starts the most amazing time in young Lexi s life She finds Steven Cross to be a virile, fascinating and protective older man Unlike the man that she just left, who was, while older, very controlling and cruel.Steve
I am still processing a lot of what this book made me think about, and while there were certainly some moments where I felt like me and the author split in terms of taste or opinion, it was a generally exciting and interesting story I think the most divisive element was the depiction of Lexi, who had the potential to be a perfect character, but she was unfortunately undersold in some ways I think there were occasional moments of patronizing gender role rhetoric, but only once every 40 pages or so, a few instances only in the book With all of that negative commenting aside, Cuma did an amazing job dragging my attention into the novel and keeping it there I honestly didn t know where the story was going or how everything was going to play out until the moment the author chose to let me in on the secret Being so good at engaging a reader with a blend of action, sex, suspense, and humor is a rare gift,
Spy Thriller That Will Leave You Breathless When US spy Steven Cross awakens he is lying in an alleyway He remembers he is in Rome and finding nothing than a gun in his pocket he makes his way to the bus After boarding several police officers rush the bus to arrest him When young, attractive Italian reporter Lexi Rush steps in to help him they find themselves caught up in an amazing thriller.Setup for the deaths of politicians, a beautiful young woman, and unexpected love affair are all the makings of a great spy thriller But this is not the usual James Bond 007 thriller This has than the usual spy meets girl, spy beds girl, spy solves case There is some real meat to the plot of this story I love the straight forwardness of Lexi who is not your normal bobble headed innocent girl that shows up in most spy novels Lexi turns out to be an amazing spy herself as she helps Steven untangle the case of mobsters and .I love Cuma s writing style t
I am a real fan of anything that is jam packed with action I love a story that keeps me on my toes Because of that, Innocence Became His Spy by Robert Cuma was right up my alley.Innocence Became His Spy features our protagonist Steven Cross Cross is a Vietnam vet who was recruited into the CIA after his service In addition to his regular CIA job he is also a part of Black Ops and is sent to assassinate the bad guys Cross has a thing for younger women and in this novel it is not any different Upon waking up in an alley after being severely beaten Cross makes his way to the nearest bus where he only escapes with the aid of a very young and very attractive reporter Our reporter, Lexie Rush quickly becomes inseparable from our hero due to her innate ability to be successful at anything that she does including espionage as well as their mutual love that is blossoming.Not only is this
Highly energetic, Action Filled and Well WrittenI like to read spy novels every now and then to experience excitement in a different way and Cuma makes it interesting to say the very least His writing style allowed me to enjoy all the twists and turns throughout the book He personalizes his characters, which allowed me to understand the role of the characters, as well as their personalities.This book is just as intriguing as the title, and if you enjoy fast paced, action filled and sexy thrillers, this book is for you The author Robert Cuma does an outstanding job of writing in the now with just the
Innocence Became His Spy is my first book by Robert Cuma and I have to say, I was pretty impressed with the characters and the plot.In Innocence Became His Spy Cuma writes about his hero Steven Cross Steven is a Vietnam Vet turned CIA agent Assassin US spy who has a thing for younger women In this novel Steven wakes up in an alleyway beaten, makes his way to a bus where he has no clue what is going on and is only able to escape the police officers because a sexy young reporter by the name of Lexie Rush steps in and acts like his captive From the get go you