Raleigh Point

Raleigh Point Lisa Was Wicked.Wicked And Damaged She S Spent Half Her Twenty Years Locked Away In A Psychiatric Facility Because Her Uncontrollable Alpha Rages Are Inexplicable In A Human World Orphaned When She Was A Baby, She Doesn T Even Know What She Is All She Knows Is What They Ve Always Told Her.Wicked.Mac Helps His Family Run Raleigh Point, A Group Foster Home For Abused Or Abandoned Shifter Babies And Children Beyond Taking On An Occasional Tracking Job For The FBI, He Never Worries About Much He Likes To Play Hard, Usually With An Attractive Woman Never Too Much Responsibility Life Is Good.When Mac Rescues Lisa From That Grimy God Forsaken Excuse For A Hospital, He Realizes Life Has To Change Lisa, Drugged And Damaged, Is His Mate.With Lisa S Problems Only Just Beginning, Can Mac Also Rescue Her From A Crazed Rogue Alpha Intent On Making Her His Queen The blurb for Raleigh Point hooked me and I m so glad it did This is VIctoria Sue s debut novel and she knocked it out of the park I love a damaged hero or heroine and Lisa couldn t be damaged A wolf shifter who was orphaned as a child and doesn t know she is shifter in this world female shifters don t change until after mating she had been locked in an insane asylum over half her life Drugged, beaten,and starved, when she is rescued by Mac, a bear who runs the Raleigh Point Home, she fears everyday that her newfound freedom will be stolen away.Mac is a player, a different woman every night He isn t ready to settle down Until he looks down into the glazed hazel eyes of the terrified waif he comes to rescue and his bear screams MATE.Aside from these two very different personalities learning to trust each other, they are plagued with rogue wolves,renegade Alpha s, a mole
A shifter hospitalized in an insane asylum What will they think of next That is where Victoria Sue begins Raleigh Point Rescue Lisa is misunderstood and forced to deal with unexplainable anger issues by being drugged to the gills and locked away in deplorable conditions She has passed through the cracks the Raleigh Point Rescue has been trying to fill But that is about to change and it all begins with Mac I really enjoyed Mac He wasn t quite sure of his purpose even though everyone else knew what his passion was Finding his mate in deplorable conditions didn t help matters, especially as she is completely unaware of who and what she is I loved the patience he showed as he allowed Lisa the time and space to come to terms with not only her freedom but also the fact shifters exist Ms Sue showed us Lisa s strength as she fought to move past the abuse she has suffered She did not glo
I love a good shifter book Raleigh Point Rescue is a unique book and offered me just that A fantastic escape into a world familiar yet unique Raleigh Point Rescue is a home that helps place homeless shifter children to get them out of the human world of foster care It places them into unique families that will help them understand and control their emotions and urges as puberty and we know that s bad enough with out dealing with an animal form create strange and sometimes frightening changes in their young bodies.But sometimes an adult needs help too Case in point Lisa Mac goes to help and finds out this drugged out and terrorized young woman is his mate She d slipped through the cracks and been in foster care her whole life She has no clue why she spins into uncontrollable rages.Wicked.It s what she s been told Mac s honor vies with what his and Lisa s bodies need before s
Fans of paranormal romance and shifter lore this book is the one to read Extremely well written, sexy, and creative plot lines make this book hard to put down It is a unique take on the shifter paradigm Mac is a bear shifter, whose family runs a foster home for shifter children He also works with the FBI on missing shifter children cases Lisa is a wolf an alpha female, which is rare It also makes her a hot commodity for all wolf shifters Any rogue who has an alpha female as a mate may take over any unwary pack, as she is their queen Lisa has been housed in asylums and classified as a dangerous schizophrenic She is discovered by a savvy human doctor who is familiar with shifters, and he notifies Mac s family that she must be moved immediately, as the hospital is making plans to move her elsewhere Once at Raleigh Point, Lisa is uncertain of her place She s never been free to just be She s always been mistrusted for her outbursts, which have almost always been to protect someone from harm but doing harm to the abuser in the process She is confused by her freedom, and by Mac s attentiveness As soon as he saw Lisa, Mac knew that she was his mate bear shifter or not Things are never as simple as happily ever after well, not without a little drama Here, this comes in the form of shifter children being enslaved, whether because they are alpha females or just good breeding stock disgusting, I know, but human trafficking is a dirty little
I love paranormal stories and I was waiting for this book to be available The wait was well worth it too The story is unique, the shifters there are multiple types are portrayed well and the story grabbed me I am hoping we find out a little about Lisa in the future but the attraction between her and Mac was electric I loved them both and all the secondary characters as well I m hoping they all have t
Raleigh Point by Victoria Sue.Anyone who likes paranormal stories then this one is definitely for you I really enjoyed Victoria s writing, and the characters that she has created in Raleigh Point The chemistry between the main characters Lisa an A
Wow so this was a really good story One crazy alpha female locked away in some nut house A family of shifters who take in strays There was a couple things that bugged me though Grammatical errors, not many, but there I would have liked to meet the parents The sex was ok. But I didn t feel that good
It was ok I brought this book thinking that the Alpha Female was a kick ass chick, who with her fiery temper would take on the bad guys and save the day along with her Hero But was disappointed that this book was not so The heroine, well in my opinion was naive, gullible, clingy,
Finished this book in one sitting.couldnt put it down.Great mix of fascinating characters,storyline,and twists.Good news is,its one of a series.I really can t wait for the next installment.Would highly recommend giving this book a read.Job well done Victoria Sue. I loved this story, there were so many different types of shifters and it all worked the love story between mac and Lisa I could feel the pull between them it was intense whenever I could I was reading this book I couldn t put it down