Thailand❰KINDLE❯ ✾ Thailand Author Joe Cummings – our bestselling guide updated by a specialist four author team expert coverage of Thailand's fascinating culture arts lip smacking cuisine tips on the best island retreats national parks new 12 page c our bestselling guide updated by a specialist four author team expert coverage of Thailand's fascinating culture arts lip smacking cuisine tips on the best island retreats national parks new page colour section on Thailand's Highlights all place names transcribed into Thai script for easy navigation. HA Well let me TELL YOU My mom has a client who spends half her year in the states and half her year in Thailand So when my mom mentioned that her daughter me and friends were planning to travel to Thailand her client offered her house to us Who could pass THAT up? WELLLLLL our lines of communication got crossed and things didn't go UITE as planned My mother's client was so excited to have guests she hired painters to paint her whole house not realizing that would be occuring WHILE we were supposed to be staying there Long story short? We were picked up by her relatives in Thailand and dropped off at a hostel not knowing what was going on We thought we were going to be living with a family so we hadn't planned out what were were going to do there AT ALL If it weren't for Lonely Planet we wouldn't have had a CLUE where to go or what to doWORD TO THE WISE Do NOT visit Pattaya unless you are a plump 50 year old European man looking to hook up with a hot young Thai girly boy There are prettier beaches on the Koh's we LOVED Koh Chang AND a lower creep factor Can't beat it This was sort of helpful but I will admit I did most of my research re accommodations online via TripAdvisor Agoda since hostels and hotels change owners andor close or increase rates so uickly in Thailand The book is heavy to tote around and while the writing is okay the user experience is lacking For example the maps are black white and single page instead of fold outs with confusingly numbered location keysgeo coordinates You end up having to flip back and forth to see where the restaurant or site you're looking for is located and there's not enough emphasis on really important sites like airports railway and bus stations or transit stops I REALLY wish that instead of spending money on pages of colour pictures of the country food and natives they had made colour fold out maps instead Would also have liked recommended walking tours for cities; there was only one for Bangkok Wat Pho Palace Wat Arun and it took two hours to complete but I was in the city for days and again used the Internet to find things like Chatuchak Market etcNot a bad overview but clunky with a lot of historyculture information that was not helpful to me on the road and too much exposition with not enough succinct how to bundles Would also like plastic tabs dividing sections to make it easier to flip to them So I got the Kindle for iPad edition and needless to say I won't be doing that again There are 0 pictures 0 And there's a few maps but they aren't fold out or anything but segments of a larger map spread out over multiple pages Impossible to read Also I got pretty tired of all the sections on how important it is to volunteer and about the carbon footprint and about how I shouldn't worry about getting a local's price because I probably make a million dollars per day than the average person in Thailand There are several good sections fortunately The first part of the book has some neat Itineraries that I wont have time for but wish I did; plus the Culture Bangkok Language and Thailand and You sections were really helpful and thorough In the final analysis though I didn't love it and I will think twice before buying another LP book I mean I like how the tone of this book is very casual like you are talking to a friend relaxed but for me it was a little too relaxed And too preachy Of course if you are a 20 something environmentalist socialist backpacker go right out and get this These are your people I used the 2012 edition which is in the new LP format designed after the buy out from the BBC I really like the new format in terms of design it feels fresh and looks good I think there are a few issues that need to be resolved in terms of usability though the maps are rubbish and some of them are upside down in the book Even the pull out map of Bangkok wasn't detailed enough to be of any use The key aspect of the guidebook's use details of transport was vague and not a lot of use and why is there not a map of the skytrain routes? Overall great style but light on useful content the reason why one invests in a guidebook I bought this book without ever seeing the person who sold it to me In a traveling mailing list she mentioned that she had two identical books that she planned to sell one of those As I was about to go to Bangkok and Hua Hin well this book helped a little bit It was too wide for someone who planned to stay than two weeks and visit all over Thailand this will be a good book to read through and guide you mike had this one and the newer one the updated one is better of course but this one was than adeuate the most significant improvement is the all too accurate portrayal of the shameless conniving tuk tuk drivers who took took jocelyn and me than once before mike arrived to make fun of us for being so gullibleone complaint with the lp books too heavy I call this book emergency travel kit really good for solo travelling especially for someone who does not want to ask or socialize with other backpackers but really socializing with others are the best way to find your way use this as an emergency and knowing places to hit but always remember that theory doesn't always works Ok I'll admit that I only read the general information and the bits on Bangkok and Hua Hin but they're the only places I'm going The information I read was handy and I'll probably photocopy those areas before I go rather than taking the whole book I must admit I am looking forward to the shopping hopefully I'll have some money left at that point So far it's been pretty informative I'm kind of sick of the lean on hostels and youth but that gripe includes websites I've gone to etc UPDATE As to be expected there were a few places listed in this book that didn't actually exist any and there were incorrect maps but overall the book served us well during out 18 day trip to Thailand maps aren't always the best but a lot of the info was very handy and it really gives you something to start exploring with even smaller towns we travelled to had good recommendations for accomadation etc

Thailand Kindle ¿ Paperback
  • Paperback
  • 808 pages
  • Thailand
  • Joe Cummings
  • English
  • 19 April 2014
  • 9781740593564