A Pattern of Lies

A Pattern of Lies❮Ebook❯ ➨ A Pattern of Lies Author Charles Todd – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk An explosion and fire at the Ashton Gunpowder Mill in Kent has killed over a hundred men It’s called an appalling tragedy—until suspicion and rumor raise the specter of murder While visiting the A An explosion and fire at the Ashton Gunpowder Mill in Kent has killed over a hundred men It’s called an appalling tragedy—until suspicion and rumor raise the specter of murder While visiting the Ashton family Bess Crawford finds herself caught up in a venomous show of hostility that doesn’t stop with Philip Ashton’s arrest Indeed someone is out for blood and the household is all but under siege The only known witness to the tragedy is now at the Front in France Bess is asked to A Pattern PDF or find him When she does he refuses to tell her anything that will help the Ashtons Realizing that he believes the tissue of lies that has nearly destroyed a family Bess must convince him to tell her what really happened that terrible Sunday morning But now someone else is also searching for this man To end the vicious persecution of the Ashtons Bess must risk her own life to protect her reluctant witness from a clever killer intent on preventing either of them from ever reaching England. If this was the only Bess Crawford mystery I had ever read I would have really liked it As it is I have read them all so far and I am increasingly frustrated with the absence of a personal life or at least the absence of a clear idea of what Bess THINKS of her personal life She is something of an enigma always because while the books are written in the first person we do not see a lot of personality just what she thinks of the progress of the current mystery I do not need her to be madly in love with Simon but I do want to know what she thinks of him and of Sergeant Lassiter the two most consistent non relative males in her life besides just being grateful for their help and fond of them both I will most likely continue to read these books because they are well written and take place in a time that interests me but I will probably also continue to feel frustrated every time I finish one I hoped I would like this book I had no idea how much I would come to love it It's not always easy to start a series with the latest book instead of with the first but this one was easy to get into Bess Crawford is a nurse during WW1 and she spends a lot of time in France tending to the wounded soldiers and that is how she got to know Mark Ashton Now later on she runs into him again this time in England where he is visiting his family before getting back to France She learns that his family is having a troublesome time Some time before the Ashton Gunpowder Mill in Kent exploded and killed over a hundred men and even though it was judged to be a tragedy are there a lot of rumors in the village that Mark's father Philip is behind the explosion Someone is feeding the people in the village with wicked rumors and Bess witness herself how the people treat the Ashton Who is behind the rumors and why is the person hell bent on ruining the Ashton?It didn't take me long to get swept into the story in this book Then again a well written historical fiction is something I always love to read especially one with a mystery involved Bess Not Mary for some reason I try to write Mary Crawford but I think that's because she reminds me of Mary Russell from the Laurie R King series Crawford is not an amateur sleuth she is a nurse home on a leave and soon back to France and that is why she gets involved with Ashton case partly because she saw how the Ashton was treated and her witness Philip Ashton getting arrested but also because the only witness is in France fighting and she is the one that can try to get to him to get Philip Ashton free But nothing is that easy and trusts me sometimes the book is really nerve racking to read One thing I truly enjoyed reading this book was that there was no romance between Mary Bess and any of the male characters That was refreshing sometimes I feel that romance takes up a too large role in books and it sometimes gets in the way of the story or it gets too cheesy But I do admit that even though there is no romance have I started to ship her with Sergeant Lassiter the wonderful Aussie she turns to in France for help to finding the witness He is flirtatious and I have completely lost my heart to him Just think Hugh Jackman in a WW1 uniform and I hope to God if in the future Bess do find a sweetheart it will be himI recommend this book warmly to anyone that wants to read a really good historical fiction; you can read this book without having read any book before I received this copy from William Morrow through Edelweiss in return for an honest review Thank you Once again Sister Bess Crawford WWI nurse investigates a mystery This time she's helping an army officer prove his father's innocence in a horrific gunpowder factory explosion The Ashtons live in a small village near the coast in Kent and Philip Ashton mill owner is arrested on suspicion of causing the explosion two years in the past which killed and injured a great many villagers The town including the police is convinced that he is responsible and his whole family is shunned and subjected to harassment Bess is eually convinced that he is innocent and she uses her status as a nursing sister at the front and her Army contacts via her father to help figure out what really happenedWhile I enjoy this series I am finding Bess to be a flattish character She has a strong sense of justice a determined outlook and an inuisitive nature The series starts at the beginning of the war and by now the Armistice approaching The world has changed but Bess hasn't Although the story is told from her perspective there's no sense of what she's really thinking or feeling at any time She has no personal relationships beyond her family ties and no sense of personal conflict that make characters interesting I will continue to read this series but would like to see some change in Bess Excellent premise excellent story development very unsatisfying conclusion This story is about a town full of ignorant people who turn on an innocent person and set out to destroy him and his family But when the plot is unravelled and the source of the false rumors is found there are two huge problems One the cause makes no sense or at least not enough sense And two there is no follow through to make the townspeople face and accept the horrible things they did Bess just says Oh well and goes back to France A perfectly awful endingI have enjoyed the Todd novels for some time but this one fell far short of the mark Originally published at Reading RealityThe title may be “pattern of lies” but the end result became a design for destruction While this is a murder story it is also and significantly a story about the evil that men and women do and man’s and woman’s inhumanity to their fellow humans And that’s what makes this one so chilling It’s not the original murder it’s the mob mentality that takes over a small town and very nearly hounds an innocent man to his deathAs we have found out all too often in modern times the cover up is often nastier and costly than the original crime This particular instance takes that truism to new heights Or perhaps that should be depthsSomething horrible happened in a small town in Kent In 1916 the gunpowder mill exploded killing over 100 men and putting a big dent in explosives production right after the Battle of the Somme It was a heavy blow for the British Army to lose one of their best producing explosives factories but it was an even bigger blow for Cranford the small town that provided the workers for the mill Not only did most families lose a breadwinner but the mill’s production was moved elsewhere and the town never recovered economicallyKent is near the Channel so the Army conducted an investigation into the cause of the explosion and the fire that followed it They determined that there had been no sabotage by the Germans or anyone else and that the tragedy was just a terrible accident At the time everyone seemed saddened but satisfiedBess Crawford visits Cranford in 1918 two years after the tragedy only to find that someone or something has revived all of the horror and all of the blame seeking in this village She visits one of her former patients Mark Ashton and his family The Ashtons owned the mine and suddenly out of the blue someone is conducting a malicious rumor campaign that places the blame for the explosion suarely on Mark’s father Philip’s shoulders Philip Ashton is arrested for multiple murder while Bess is visitingThe uestion is who started up all the horrible rumors? And why? Who benefits from not just putting Philip Ashton in jail but also terrorizing his family and even trying to get his poor innocent dog put down? There is a campaign of terror being waged against the Ashton family and by the point that Bess becomes involved every single person in Cranford is involved including the police Everyone lost someone in that explosion and everyone has decided to blame the Ashtons for their grief Whether that blame is justified or notBess with her dogged determination follows the trail of heartless evil back and forth across the Channel from the battlefields of France to the civilian warfare in Cranford As and lies spring up in Cranford and soldiers with even a tangential connection to the original tragedy turn up dead at the hands of their fellow British soldiersIt is up to Bess with a little help from her father and her network of former patients in the Army to track down the horrible truth before it is too late for both Philip Ashton and for BessEscape Rating A I loved this book but I don’t think it’s a good place to start the series If you love historical mysteries or the World War I period A Duty To The Dead would be a much better starting pointBut I love Bess Crawford So often in historical fiction when there is a female protagonist the author needs to invent a reason for the heroine to be atypically involved in the wider world With Bess those reasons are built into the period and her character organically and it works so wellBess is a trained combat nurse during World War I This provides a reason for her education and attitudes while at the same time she acknowledges that there are still limits on her behavior and movements While it seems strange to 21st century readers Bess really does have to be concerned about the appropriateness of her behavior and appearance at all times or she may lose her position in the nursing profession She can be up to her elbows in blood and guts one day and have to worry about whether the nursing service will think her accommodations unsatisfactory to the reputation of said service the nextShe is also open minded than we think of for the period Again some of that is her training back to the blood and guts Her sometimes cynical view of human behavior is born out of her actual experience in the war She knows how badly people of all ranks behave because she has to sew up the results on an all too freuent basis Also her experience of the world is broader than most women of her class because her father has been a serving officer in the British Army for decades and her mother “followed the drum” going with him and taking Bess to far flung postings in the British EmpireSo when Bess sees something wrong she looks for a way to right that wrong whether it is a medical emergency or a miscarriage of justice She doesn’t sweep things under the rug because that’s where germs fester and grow She brings things out into the light where they can be identified and if necessary surgically removedThe story in Cranford is one that tugs at her because she can see how wrong it is and how hard it is to fix Also from her outsider’s perspective it makes no sense That there would have been suspicion at the time yes that’s both logical and human But that the suspicion has not just resurfaced but become pervasive two years later? There must be a reason and Bess as usual is determined to find it no matter how much danger she throws herself into along the wayWhat sticks in the mind in this story is not the motive for the rumor campaign but the way that everyone in the village jumps onto the bloody bandwagon We see mob mentality at its worst and it is both frightening and disgusting But we know it is all too possibleAs glad as I was to see evil get punished and good triumph I would have loved to have seen the aftermath How does the falsely accused recover from all this enmity? One might manage to forgive but forgetting would be impossible How does life proceed in this small village where people have willfully torn the social fabric to pieces? It haunts Good stories do that This has been a good series showing a side of WWI —dealing with the wounded as Sister Bess Crawford a nurse near the battlefront often deals with than medical issues But with this seventh in the series it seems to be like the war itself never ending I agree with some others commenting that Bess doesn’t seem to have a personal life There have been several opportunities for at least to have a boyfriend if not a love affair I checked and there are two remaining books in the series and it’s not until number nine in the series does the war end So I’m not sure I’ll read any of the series I do however recommend the series for a picture of WWI from a point of view different than the war itself complex plotting abrupt endI really like the way the Chas Todd team writes though I do feel the Bess Crawford mysteries is weaker generally than their original series In particular in the last few books there's been an explosive denoument and then a very weak ending that really isn't When you the authors have the reader's adrenaline all riled up you've got to do something with it You can't just offer an almost inconseuential exchange between Simon and Bess even if it is about the war's ending then leave without saying goodbye even I turned the page expecting there'd be Something but no that was it just run the credits and turn off the lights You've got to start wrapping things up better What about Mrs Ashton? She was a strong interesting character that we'd spent a lot of time with but once the mystery was solved you abandoned her completely What about Clara and Mark? Were they just puppets that you got tired of? It begins to feel like you don't care about any of your characters but Bess and Simon Anyway please think about it from our point of view hm? The Bess Crawford Series is an enjoyable cozy mystery series set in England during WWI Main character Bess Crawford is a nurse and a bit like Jessica Fletcher in Murder She Wrote telling my age a bit with that comment Bess is continually stumbling across murders and helping to solve themIn A Pattern of Lies Bess helps solve a two year old crime in which a 100 factory workers were killed in an explosion The explosion and its severity were based upon fact There is a lot of detail provided to help paint the picture of environment I have a difficult time believing a nurse would be given as much leave time as Bess is given in the series but perhaps that is on target tooI especially enjoyed the return of Sergeant Lassiter in A Pattern of Lies As always Simon and Colonel Sahib are great contributors to the story lineWhile the series is becoming rather of the same it is an enjoyable same and I plan to continue reading this series I listened to the book on CD and it was well read Even so I would have appreciated a bit faster pace in the story itself Sometimes I felt the descriptions of unrelated things bogged the story down as well as repetitions of the plot to that point in the story I won this Book through Goodreads First Reads Thanks Goodreads The setting is WWI in France and England Nurse Bess Crawford is a very caring nurse that is always looking for the truth After an Ammunitions Powder Mill blows up and kills many workers The owner is in prison awaiting trial She helps the authorities and military find the person responsible

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