The Last Toltec King

The Last Toltec King[Download] ➼ The Last Toltec King ➻ Julie Black – In Cem Anahuac the ancient world of the Toltecs the gods are at war and they fight their battles through the lives of men Tonalnan is brought into this world amidst suffering and slavery Through a twi In Cem Anahuac the ancient world of the Toltecs the gods are at war and they fight their battles through the lives of men Tonalnan is brought into this world amidst suffering and slavery Through a twist of fate she grows to become an ambitious Toltec noblewoman in a patriarchal society Meanwhile in a distant The Last ePUB ô corner of Cem Anahuac the child prince Ce Acatl Topiltzin is favored by uetzalcoatl the god Ce Acatl triumphs over the ueen of Ignorance a monstrous four headed serpent and in time becomes the priest king of the Toltecs at Tula Ce Acatl is vehemently opposed to human sacrifice Enemy forces loom in the distance as the Chichimeca a fierce band of nomads led by a malicious sorcerer plan to destroy the Toltecs and claim the city as their own but Tohuenyo a Chichimeca warrior thwarts his tribe’s sinister plans As time passes the benevolent king Ce Acatl builds a mighty empire but at prosperity’s zenith he angers the gods through hubris and they curse his house by withholding their bounty Devastation and calamity ensue Seizing the opportunity the dark lord Tezcatlipoca descends from the Heavens on a spider thread to destroy uetzalcoatl’s people so that he Tezcatlipoca will become their favored god and king Will the ancient Toltecs triumph over the dark forces that threaten their survival Find out when you read The Last Toltec King Learn the origins of the ancient Mexicans and their pantheon of gods discover the difference between uetzalcoatl the god and uetzalcoatl the man and understand the legend of his return. I picked The Last Toltec King with reservations as I try not to read historical fiction concerning Mesoamerica after decades of research on its pre hispanic cultures and history Too many novelists not to mention Academy researchers are doing these people and places blatant injustice not bothering with the true native sources but breezing over what the conuerors wroteWell in the case of The Last Toltec King I'm immensely glad I overcame my misgivings and gave this epic novel a tryWhat a breathtaking read this novel turned out to be Meticulously researched as far as I could judge I'm an expert on the later day Aztecs and their neighbors not the earlier centuries' Tolteca and Chichimeca brilliantly presented this story held my interest as a reader as much as it pleased me as an history buff and the admirer of the involved cultures The use of Nahuatl terms and names was just right in my opinion to give the taste of the local life and mentality without overwhelming the reader who is most likely may not be familiar with this language at all The glossary in the end of the book was most enlighteningCe Acatl Topiltzin the son of god Mixcoatl the alleged deity uetzalcoatl himself the last Toltec King and the lord of Tollan what an undertaking it must have been to breathe life into such mythologized figure something the author did brilliantly blending the myth and the possible reality in the way that had me turning page after page not uestioning one single event or deed and I am a type to nitpick and uestion when it comes to anything pre contact Americas related Feeling right there in the story among the beautiful pyramids alleys and suires of Tollan or in the camps of fierce Chichimeca the counterpart of the refined Toltecs; in the highlands and ridges on the way to the neighboring city states or among the slaves responsible for the mass production of pulue for their cruel lord I was hurled into this world of political upheavals and intrigue the world of commoners and nobles gods and people and their struggle to surviveThis story took me to all these places made me experience them together with the characters so many of them so various From Citlali the noble in heart peasant girl the Knower with her prophesied fate all the way to the aristocratic ever busy Tonalnanthe perfect Toltec Lady; from the fierce yet torn between two words Tohuenyo to the determined fearless unscrupulous Ichtaca The list is endless and fascinating as the story twists and turn heading to its inevitable conclusion sometimes racing sometimes taking a slower step rounding itself up in a perfect manner seemingly not about the Toltec King at all but in fact all about him the legendary Ce Acatl Topiltzin uetzalcoatlI loved the way the author managed to take the legend and build a real story out of it not loosing the touch of magic and gods but still making it all about real people and real life I must say I'm looking forward and hope the author will release novels on Toltecs and their times The Last Toltec King was an absorbing venture into the times of ancient Mexico recommended for fans of history historical fiction AND fantasy The latter genre is not a slam but a compliment on Julie Black's world building and story telling Being about an ancient society it could very much be like some fantasies set in such times even the book's synopsis read like a fantasy And like reading a fantasy it could take a while to get into it what with a similar kind the world building that Julie Black did well the newancient cultures language religions etc but this one based on history and myths Black provided nice details about the surroundings people clothes practices beliefs etc that helped create the feel of this ancient world This included the language which wasn't as big a deal as I thought it would be The glossary helped as did using in the text the English word along side the Toltec word so it reduced my having to stop and go back to the glossary thus keeping the flow going Even so there were uite a few people gods places etc to track in an unfamiliar language plus sometimes several names for the same thing or the same name for different thingsThe story itself was pretty engaging built around the history and myths and had a reasonable amount of tension and conflict to keep it going I'm not sure how she would have done it but it did seem to go on a bit at times and could have been honed down just a bit for those of us who aren't into the historical detail and events as much In bringing to life the people of an ancient culture this is a story history and historical fiction and even fantasy fans will enjoy; deserving I believe a 4 star rating I'm excited to have won this as a Goodreads First Read – so thanks Julie Before I review this book I must confess that I am an oral storyteller who was told and taught many tales and legends of Mexico by my great grandmother I now share those tales with others and am uite familiar with the legend of uetzalcoatl In that vane I am also a fanatic about all legends of Mexico and Latin America As a college student I took several courses in Meso American history and culture and as an adult I have spent much time reading and researching the ancient history of Mexico and its surrounding regions I have also visited several pre Columbian and pre Spanish conuest cities ruins and spoken with many historians curators and Meso American scholars I have read dozens of historical books about the nations of pre Spanish Conuest Meso America Finally I have read about a dozen historical fiction books about the cultures and peoples that lived in Mexico before the Spaniards arrived In brief I love reading and learning about the ancient tales of Mexico and its culturesIn regards to this novel The Last Toltec King by Julie Black I will simply say that it was a wonderful tale that reflects her passion and love for the history cultures tales and people of Mexico First her writing style is lively fast moving but detailed and engaging because she knows when to provide essential details and when to hold back for a while Ms Black took 15 years to write this novel and probably rewrote it several times I can read and feel that commitment and passion Being an aspiring novelist myself I can see and feel the dedication to her craft of writing and telling a tale well Second her subject matter the story of the legendary Toltec leader Ce Acatl Topiltzin uetzacoatl the warrior priest and ruler of Tula Tollan Xicoctitlan the heart city of the Toltec Empire is a glorious triumph Ms Black has taken the story of uetzacoatl and brushed away legendary myth to give the reader a tale of a man and a nation who was forthright sucessful and full of hope Ce Acatl Topiltzin was born into nobility and rose to the role of ruler because of his wisdom bravery integrity and nobility He encouraged growth expansion mercy and morality according to Toltec standards His reign and world were balanced but the shadow of the contagion of evil overcame his world He was attacked through deceit betrayal and man's desire to experience the forbidden It is this part of the tale that Ms Black excels in and weaves a tale that enraptures engages and immerses the reader into the long gone world of the Toltecs and their neighboring nations chiefly the Chicimecas the antagonists of the tale We experience the world of the Toltec king and his peopleThird Cem Anahuac the ancient nationworld of the Toltecs was rife with tales of intrigue war conuest the worship of a pantheon of battling gods and of living and dying It is into this forgotten and mythologized world that Ms Black takes the reader One can tell much research went into this novel because it comes alive and one is actually walking in that ancient world via the author's path of words and emotions Yes she does take some poetic license with some smaller aspects but she is the creator of this version of the Toltec world Besides she hits the nail on all the major aspects of the Toltec world religion daily life the pochteca traveling merchant trade dynastic rule and customs the game of ōllamaliztli war social norms and myth Fourth the authors breathes life into the legendary characters whose existence is only known through legends historical references and oral tradition One is the noble lady Tonalnan whose shadowy background reveals that one's familial journey sets one on a course and clash with opposing forces is brought into this world amidst suffering and slavery Another is the child prince Ce Acatl Topiltzin who is favored by uetzalcoatl the noble feathered serpent god Ce Acatl triumphs over ignorance barbarity and fleshly desires but is only human His level of trust is tested and proves to be his weakness The third major character is Tohuenyo a Chichimeca warrior who becomes enad with what he finds and experiences in Tula Tollan in the arms of a woman He rises to earn the favor of the ruler and the love of the people Like any warrior he is a bit of the romantic and seeks to be useful through loyalty and steadfastness There are also a cadre of other characters in this tale dark lord Tezcatlipoca; the noble uetzalcoatl; Mazatl a brave Chichimeca warrior and friend of Tohuenyo; Titlacahuan a Chicimeca necromancer sorcerer of Tezcatlipoca; Xolotl a brave warrior and noble of Tula Tollan married to Calli Tonalnan's sister; Huemac Counselor of War and First General to Ce Acatl and father of Tonalnan; and Yellow Skirt a Chicimeca prostitute and spy All of these and many others bring the ancient world of the Toltecs to lifeFinally this is a tale of the daily battle to live according to a moral code while fighting off the tendrils of evil desires It is this which elevates this novel to a tale of life and not just a historical romp through an ancient world As a reader and a 21st century citizen one can see what is coming disaster But we can learn from this tale and thank Julie Black for reminding us all of what can happen to a society at the pinnacle of glory and power that underestimates the power of evil Well done Ms Black I rank your novel up there with Aztec by Gary Jennings 35 of 5 stars – Interesting Lengthy Glimpse Into An Ancient WorldI’m a fan of historical fiction especially since it’s a fun way to learn about a different time and culture like this one Being only a little familiar with uetzalcoatl and the Toltecs from growing up in Texas I walked away with a greater knowledge and appreciation for that society and timesFirst off I was impressed with how much knowledge and research that a story like this reuires and Julie Black was very capable in translating the fragments of myths and historical data into a coherent story Since I'm an amateur I wasn't too concerned about absolute accuracy and which parts came from the myths and which were creative fiction; I had faith it was as true as possible and ended up enjoying the story and learning of this culture I liked the story yet it did get long and confusing in places As can understandably happen with authors who are passionate and well versed about their subject there were some unnecessary details and extended writing that slowed the pace down for those of us who are casual historical fiction readers There were also a few transitions that weren't as smooth sometimes confusing me as to whether the change in story was also a jump in time as well Black's descriptions of the culture and people helped me picture the times Just a minor thing but I didn't find the map of the city Tula to be helpful It was actually a simple sketch of 5 main buildingsareas Maybe a geographical map of the key villages regions tribesnations rivers etc that were mentioned would have aided me in visualizing and tracking all the various places and action that occurred I was also a little surprised given that a lot of the main characters were the political elite that the plot wasn't elaborate in political intrigue and machinations which perhaps would have made it even engaging but maybe that would have been taking a little too much liberty with the speculated history? Overall I liked traveling back a thousand years picturing and familiarizing myself with an interesting people culture and myths set to story I received this book for free through Goodreads First ReadsI went completely out of my comfort zone when I signed up for this one and I was not disappointed in the slightest This book is a perfect blend of a historical novel and folklore The writing style complimented the story perfectlyThe only real issue I had was with the names but as the author pointed out this was a necessary component of the story If they had been changed then I think a large portion of what it was would have been lost I just had to adapt by coming up with my own pronounceable variations of the names to keep the characters straight in my mindAll in all wonderful read Black breathes life into the ancient Toltecs teaching reader's about their culture and history while also telling an engaging fictional story The Last Toltec King captivates and entraps readers with such vivid intense imagery and scenes Not only is the story beautiful written but the plot is three dimensional and compellingI am not overly familiar with historical fiction as a genre but I would definitely suggest this book to others I received this book as part of a Good Reads giveaway The Last Toltec King takes you back to ancient Mexico You follow an amazing tale of uetzalcoatl the king as you relive the lives of ancient people in this worldVery detailed and well written This novel brings to life the people of ancient Mexico and the world they lived in An excellent story you must read

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