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A Lark Ascending❰PDF / Epub❯ ✅ A Lark Ascending Author John B. Campbell – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk Life on the streets of London’s East End in 1921 presents thirteen year old Malcolm Roberts with a daunting array of challenges Trying to stand up to bullies is hard enough And pluck can backfire Wh Life on the streets of London’s East End in presents thirteen year old Malcolm Roberts with a daunting array of challenges Trying to stand up to bullies is hard enough And pluck can backfire While trailing some suspicious youths in Whitechapel he stumbles upon a back alley plot to purge Limehouse of its Chinese inhabitants Malcolm cannot imagine what he could do about itLike most of his schoolmates he is tempted to lose himself in play and A Lark Kindle - books But his home life has changed His mother is two years in the grave and his father fights an ongoing battle with shell shock and drinkBefore Malcolm can make a decision someone dear to him is murdered Soon thereafter a mysterious young woman offers her help to find the killer and the alliance complicates his life even further His only real support comes from his friend Sid Shapiro and a Chinese urchin called Jun Together they discover the connection between the murder and the looming crisisFear of a vicious policeman prevents Malcolm from reporting those facts to the authorities It becomes a race against time as the alleyways of Stepney Whitechapel and Limehouse become even dangerous Will Malcolm and his mates prove themselves up to the challenge. Another great read by JB Campbell Both books were well written and page turners Highly recommend if you enjoy English history This novel was enticing at first sight of the cover and title; the book description made me very hopeful of a good story At the end of the reading I was very satisfied indeed In the handling of setting characters and theme the novel has a rather Dickensian flavourJohn Campbell is an excellent wordsmith forging evocative narration with a wide vocabulary and sophisticated clear syntax Through this language he thoroughly immerses the reader in the atmosphere and colour of London’s Whitechapel and Limehouse areas The era is 1921 following the First World War pervaded by all the misery of post traumatic stress and the Spanish influenza epidemic The protagonist Malcolm is a very likeable 1314 year old boy struggling to come to terms with his father’s shell shock and his mother’s death His clashes with other social and political storms provide an external conflict within which he can test his superior intelligence and seek the courage he needs to negotiate his path towards adulthood As he confronts the mystery corruption murders and mob violence Malcolm also gains wisdom through a variety of relationships with peers and adultsThe well crafted narrative maintains strong suspense and interest in both the dangerous adventure Malcolm pursues and his psychological development I identified with the boy all the way A good number of secondary characters—some likeable others nasty—are also very nicely drawn For me this first acuaintance with the author’s fiction has been a real joy and I look forward to reading another of his books I hope John Campbell continues to produce novels of such uality A delightful murder mystery set in London of the 1920s post WWI era It's well written keeping the pacing going throughout with suspense and intrigue left and right The characters are well developed making connection to them easy Even with the bits of hinted drama I never figured out the story to the end The descriptions of the locations and tense scenery tones were excellent painting a great mental pic without dragging the story One or two elements Crocker and Jack might have been integrated a bit better but that is the only issue I hadAll together it's a wonderful read for mystery readers Author John Campbell places us in 1921 London’s East End in this fine piece of modern literature about a peaceful yet courageous 13 year old boy sleuthing around for a way to stop an impending large scale political hate crime Under the assault of thugs and corrupt police Malcolm Roberts and friends Sid Shapiro and Chinese urchin Jun work against a ticking clock to figure out how the murder of their friend Joe the boatman is connected to a huge cache of smuggled weapons and a rud plot to kill Chinese immigrants Malcolm experiences love heartbreak and the healing of his shell shocked war veteran father in this coming of age story that speaks in a voice reminiscent of Dickens but which doesn’t make the reader work hard Four and a half stars and recommended for all ages Following up his 2012 debut John B Campbell sets his sights on Whitechapel in A Lark Ascending to tell the story of Malcolm Roberts a young EastEnder whose curiosity leads him into the middle of a treacherous mysteryIt’s the 1920s and racial tensions are high across London as Chinese locals continue to face prejudice and even danger When Malclom stumbles across a plot by local radicals to eradicate the Chinese population of Limehouse his simple life in the East End becomes the target of sinister shadows lingering at every corner After a devastating murder hits close to home Malclom must join forces with his friend Sid a young woman named Katja and a street urchin named Jun to solve a mystery and unravel a vicious plotIn A Lark Ascending John Campbell builds on his talent for cultivating the vivid atmosphere of an historical setting The East End becomes at once familiar and brand new to readers as we witness its complexity and grit through the eyes of a young local Malcolm adds particular depth to the story as he wrestles with the evolving society around him and his own journey into adulthood At fourteen he has both the adventuresome whimsy of boyhood and a grown up awareness of ethics social issues and impending change Campbell does a superb job of fleshing out the emotional intricacy of a young man’s coming of age as a component in an even larger story – one involving murder familial complexity and social progressThe novel covers much ground in its story and the reader is introduced to many fascinating sometimes suspicious characters across the pages Campbell balances the intricacies of his story with a pacing that combines fast moving scenes with slower moments of observation and reflection The result is a worthy follow up to his first novel Walk to Paradise Garden which diverged across North America Europe and Africa through the better part of a century In A Lark Ascending Campbell shows that he can center a gripping story in one colorful city with as much verve and skill as he can spin a global sagaReview © Casee Marie originally published on January 26 2015 at LiteraryInklingscom A copy of the book was provided for the purpose of review There isn't a dull moment in this tale of mystery family upheaval prejudice and danger If poor Malcolm isn't running from thugs breathlessly investigating suspicious characters or trying to figure out his strange Aunt Jane he's trying to deal with the loss of his mother and the confusion caused by his father's PTSD from the first World War Malcolm thinks he's less than ordinary but proves time and again that he's uick witted street smart and truly brave Aside from that he is aware of the world's decay he's sensitive to injustice and cares deeply for his friends I found him to be an engaging character with many layers Mr Campbell doesn't neglect to flesh out the many other characters in this story Each brings a flavor and perspective that is uniue and intriguing His descriptions of location decor sounds smells and sensations are so well written that I found myself in London right alongside Malcolm And I love a good shock In one of the later chapters I was so surprised by one detail that I actually sat up and said WHAT?? I enjoyed this tale and highly recommend it Malcolm Roberts carries a heavy burden for a thirteen year old boy Not only does his father suffer from shell shock due to his experiences in WWI but during the lad’s jaunts around London’s east end he witnessed what he is positive is criminal activity on the part of a gang of young hoodlums When they give chase he narrowly escapes their clutches by jumping into the filthy Thames River Fortunately a good friend a ferryman originally from the Balkans fishes him out But two days later Joe Haseni the ferryman is found floating in the river’s murky waters And Malcolm realizes he is in deep troubleMr Campbell’s cast of characters are superbly drawn Aside from the lovable Malcolm there is his soldier father the troubled Captain Roberts; Thaddeus Smith an investigative reporter looking for his big story break; Sid Shapiro Malcolm’s Jewish sidekick; and Aunt Jane; as flamboyant a flapper as ever graced a 1920’s movie screenThis coming of age tale is delightfully told—a delicious combination of “Auntie Mame” meets an Agatha Christie early 20th century mystery Malcolm Roberts is a protagonist we will definitely want to hear about This is a fine novel The protagonist begins by escaping bullies and for most of the story he needs to escape a variety of different dangers He is a strong character who manages to resist all evil influences a young man it is easy to identify with There are several colourful characters giving rise to evocative scenes One of the strengths of this novel is the pace The reader is never left to wonder when the next turn of the plot will occurThe setting is East London dockland long before the present time of trendiness and banking In those days it was dark dirty and dangerous Only the toughest would choose to freuent this world unless unfortunate enough to be born into it Chinatown and opium dens shipping and the horror of floating corpses all face our hero as he battles throughThis read is almost Dickensian in its style and will not disappoint Do you love historical fiction? I do And I thoroughly enjoyed young Malcom's story in A Lark Ascending I found myself anticipating Malcom's next encounter with his mentor his young friends and those who make life difficult for him Set in 1920's London Mr Campbell deftly draws the reader into the neighborhoods cafes and homes with such ease that I could feel myself standing on the corner watching the action Particularly compelling was Malcom's relationship with his father and all that WW1 did to change the man Grab a nice cup of tea and settle down for a trip back in time I hope you enjoy A Lark Ascending as much as I Intuitive talePoor Malcolm He has on his plate than the average 14 year old His mother dead of influenza his father suffering PTSD from the Great War living with his flamboyant mysterious aunt and his mentor murdered A sharp lad he discovers a plot afoot against the Chinese population in London But who is behind it? Despite his great adventure as a sleuth Malcolm struggles to come to terms with the losses in his young life Written intuitively and compassionately

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