Watch Me Burn (The December People, #2)

Watch Me Burn (The December People, #2)[Epub] ➝ Watch Me Burn (The December People, #2) By Sharon Bayliss – David Vandergraff lost his home his job and contact with his oldest son but remains determined to be a good husband and father despite being a dark winter wizardHis resolve is tested when a flyer for David Vandergraff lost his home his job and contact with his oldest son but remains determined to be a good husband and father despite being a dark winter wizardHis resolve is tested when a flyer for a missing girl — who happens to be a summer witch — begins to haunt him David believes a spell needs to use him to save her so he follows the magic's command and looks into her disappearance His teenage daughter Emmy resents him for caring so much about a random stranger But when she uncovers some disturbing evidence Watch Me PDF \ close to home she begins an investigation of her ownDavid and Emmy uickly learn that the mystery is not only about a missing girl they barely know but a deeply personal story that impacts everyone they care about As their world crumbles they fear the warning may be true — never mess with summer wizards because the good guys always win. “When you hurt someone you always damage your own soul and it doesn't feel good A good person can feel it happening A bad person doesn't notice until it's too late” The first book Destruction surprised me with it's intensity dark twists and unusual storyline Watch Me Burn fortunately continued this trend surprises around the corner readers don't see coming multiple layers of good and bad in all the characters the characters all united in a big bad but having their own lives and issues on the sidelineDavid still stands as a weak type of man but a good character Of course I can't really blame him being so overwhelmed his life has gone crappy so fast I wasn't as crazy about the motherwife in the first but she's enjoyable this time around her character is in the background perspective wise but the impact of her life greatly affects this book and seriesThe kids are where it's really at though The dark and light in the brothers and sisters keeps rising up to where you're not sure what's going to be at the top in the end Tragic characters facing hard odds is always fascinating isn't it?As before I love the creative world the author weaves with winter and summer wizards all falling on different spectrums of power based on when they're born The war between the two is intriguing as is the tendency of the families and wizards to corrupt This one amps up the world by showing a strange blend of unusual talents The writer weaves her spell well through well placed words just the right amount of scene and character shifting and teasers of stuff to come Thankfully dialogue has improved from last timeYou definitely need to read the first one before diving into this both are excellent and you'll be lost and not caring if you jump into this one without the backstoryNot a huge cliffhanger thankfully but this story leaves you itching for magic I hope the writer dishes them out fast as I can't wait to read of this series There's a huge wallop of human emotion mixed in with the witchcraft of this series 🎁 FREE on today 6302020 🎁 I have had the great privilege of reading Sharon Bayliss’ Watch Me Burn the second volume in The December People Series and all I can say is Oh My God READ this like seriously read it nowI would strongly recommend anyone who hasn’t read DESTRUCTION the 1st in the series to read it first as even though Sharon makes an effort to fill in some gaps I think to really get the full impact of where her characters are now you really need to know where they started and came from However I also think this book stands aloneI cannot fault itThis book really has everythingIt has magic but magic that makes senseIt has pain and love and prejudice and responses and conseuences and bigotry and lust and hate and everything all rolled into one but without ever feeling over the top or making the reader feel overwhelmedAs with book one once I started I couldn’t stop The only thing that stopped me is when my eyes were too sore to read any longer around midnight and I was up and reading again by 6amI wish it was possible to give it than five stars because it’s an insult to only give the five but as that’s all I can give so be itSeriously if you like your world build with a bit of magic your characters with lots of flaws and issues and pain to overcome if you like your villains to maybe find redemption and even when they are doing the worst things and are really bad you still hold a spark of light and hope they’ll be saved and if you like star crossed everyone’s with a little bit of subtle and not so subtle prejudice to overcome you’ll devour Watch Me Burn as I did10 stars then some Full Disclosure I was the Acuiring Editor for this bookIf you liked Destruction you're going to love Watch Me Burn The Vandergraff's are somehow holding together after all the revelations and pain from book 1 Together they learn and discover about their powersBut most significantly in WMB we are introduced to summer wizards and the Prescotts a summer wizard family When the youngest daughter of the Prescott family goes missing David feels a magical pull to find her and soon so do his childrenMeanwhile Amanda has secretly been seeing their oldest son who was asked to leave after doing some down right stupid and dangerous things Amanda is trying to remove the darkness from him but the side affects are heart wrenchingThe kids are learning and about their powers especially Patrick who finds he has surprisingly powerful abilities He sees visions of the missing girl among other things Emmy goes looking for the missing girl and meets her brother who she is unsure if she can trust or not since he is a summer wizard but she is drawn to him anywayThe plot twists and turns as the family find themselves drawn in but distracted at the same time David is desperately fighting to protect his family while the four kids build stronger bonds and loyalty to one another that could save themI couldn't put this baby down Bayliss takes the December People Series to a new level that you won't want to miss and leaves you begging for the next installment As their world is imploding how do the Vandergraffs learn to understand the strange connection to a missing girl from the summer wizards? David feels compelled to look into the disappearance that begins to haunt him while his daughter Emmy becomes jealous of the attention David is lavishing on this relative stranger What is the connection that is gnawing at his family? Is it possible that the summer wizards will need David’s help to find their missing young witch? Are the Summer wizards really the “good” guys while the December People are pure darkness?Watch Me Burn by Sharon Bayliss takes another trip into the world of dark magic only to find that even the dark winter magic practitioners are as loving and caring as those of the summer wizards? In spite of everything he has lost already David is trying to do good regardless of the future costs he may incur What are his nightmares trying to tell him? Will he truly be part of the spell that will save this girl or is it just wishful thinking? What of Amanda’s taboo involvement with a summer wizard? Does he have a dark side that needs to be erased? Is it possible or could the results be even devastating? The Vandergraffs are all feeling pulled into this mystery but why?Sharon Bayliss has created another magical tale that immerses the reader in the world of light and dark magic while making each character feel real and dimensional not all evil not all good in spite of the magical family they belong to A fascinating web to unravel inch by inch there is so much to discover and understand about the witches involved and Ms Bayliss makes each page a magnetic pull of discoverySeries The December People Book 2Publication Date January 5 2015Publisher Curiosity uills PressGenre Fantasy Coming of AgePrint Length 217 pagesAvailable from Reviewed for David Vandergraff is the head of a family of Winter witches He doesn't wish to be but he is anyway In this world where one falls on the magical calendar determines the type of magic one will have So if a witch's date is near the summer solstice he or she will have summer magic and be able to wield the power of light and goodness Witches with a date nearer the winter solstice will have dark magic which yields destructive powers Winter and Summer witches are diametrically opposed and have a serious battle between them Meanwhile witches whose dates fall between solstices Euinox witches can wield both light and dark magicDavid's family consists of his wife Amanda sons Jude Patrick Xavier and daughters Emmy and Evangeline Xavier and Evangeline were from a different mother and they suffered horrific abuse from their dark witch stepfather before David recovered them nearly destroyed his marriage by revealing his infidelity all of which happened in the first bookNow Jude is long gone consumed by darkness enough that he raped a fellow witch his sister's best friend He's not COMPLETELY gone however because Amanda has been healing his darkness taking it into herself at great cost to her own health I can relate a mother's love is a strong and powerful force much like magicDavid is somehow caught in a compulsion spell one to bring home a missing summer witch Julie has been gone two weeks and David is consumed with finding her and this brings both Emmy and Patrick into the hunt involuntarily Emmy knew Julie from volleyball camp and hated her long before she understood about the animosity between summer and winter witches It seems they have a physical reaction to each other Emmy is a resourceful gal even if she isn't a powerful witch and feels likewise compelled to find Julie Patrick is experiencing many disturbing visions of a tortured Julie and his own role in possibly saving herIn her searches Emmy encounters Nathan Julie's older brother He's searching the forest where Julie went missing relentlessly but he knows he'll never find her There is a strong confounding spell protecting the area only allowing the access of witches who meet certain criteria Emmy isn't taken either and Nathan knows it is because the person who has Julie only wants witches who date on the Four Events Summer Solstice Winter Solstice and the Vernal and Autumnal euinoxes Julie was a Summer Solstice witch and it made her summer magic powerful With each Event the captor collects he or she gains immense powerThe rescue of Julie is confounded and David is struggling to keep his family together when one of his children goes missing in the forest too And Amanda's failing health seems to be at the heart of some of this problem Nathan and Emmy join forces in the search and they become close to each other in a way no one wishes or predicts Julie and Nathan's summer witch family are relentless in their pursuit of the winter Vandergraff's wanting to destroy the winter witches thinking it will protect their family and save Julie They have succeeded in some destruction but as Emmy tells Nathan just because her family is dark doesn't mean they are bad peopleThis is a truth Nathan respects; his own family is light and he knows for a fact they aren't goodI really love how this story is unfolding It's multi layered with lots of twists and significant moral gray areas So many moral dilemmas is it okay to kill innocents to protect those you love? Can one trust the visions of magic? What are the bounds of family when power is the ultimate objective? Can good ends ever justify evil means? It's fascinating and deep with good pacing and enough mystery to keep the series cracking along The end is a good stopping point but it's clear there will be no peace between these two families and that their conflict between them is only getting stronger I loved Destruction and now I also fell in love with Watch Me Burn And again line of a not YA paranormal kept successfully in this 2nd book too by Bayliis She is doing it again by juggles skillfully between the characters and expose us to many different angles as possibleIn Destruction we learn about dark magic and the winter wizards in watch me Burn we introduced to light magic and summer wizards But also we get some hints into Autumn and Spring The Prescotts are summer wizards family When their youngest daughter of the goes missing the Vandergraffs feels unexplained magical compelled to find her Is it possible that the summer wizards will need David’s help to find their missing young witch? Are the Summer wizards really the “good” guys while the December People are pure evil?Even tough the family economic situation deteriorate uickly since they started practicing magic the Vandergraffs kids didn't stop to learn and about their powers The pull to find the missing girl started with an ad that David found on the street after he showed it to his children strangely they started to feel the pull too The image of the missing girl on the screen shined so intensely he could see her outline burned into the blackness behind his eyelids when he blinked The girl posed in her volleyball uniform displaying a radiant white toothed smile She looked about fourteen or fifteen She had blonde hair and golden skin and a strange radiating uality as if the pixels in the television gave her an extra glowPatrick who finds he has surprisingly powerful abilities saw visions of the missing girl but got into the Frying Pan in the beginning Emmy that discovers that she already met her at a volleyball camp and that they both had immediate mutual hostility goes looking for the missing girl and meets her brother Into to mix Emma ask a direct help from her half sister Evangeline's and got it willingly Evangeline was sure that her her strong talent and that she know enough about to deal with the mystery But when we speak about magic and especially light magic and it's form apparently she didn't know enough When things got dangerous Patrick and Xavier decide to join the game In this book we can find new villains and new charters to appreciate The flows and imperfectness of them make those characters believablePatrick is still my favorite I didn't Liked Amanada and her choices in this book too I still find her to arrogant and too prideful to handle things wisely and my feeling toward David is still ambivalent because he choose again to run from things instead of face them His wife didn't help to him by repeating all the those mistakes that she done before The other parents in this story didn't act as mature people suppose to And again we study the conseuence of succumbing to pride and hate When secrets faster and the infection spread too uickly the only ones that can save the the day will be the ones who will will to face their mistakes Apparently not these adults Luckily their children will have to fix their parents mistakes AT List part of of the children some will choose to repeat those mistakesBut the most important lesson this book preach for is If you join forces you might succeed and unfortunately is stand the same for the regular people and the villains one Read all my reviews on Last year I read and liked Destruction the first book in this series And this book is in many aspects not unlike the other book Life is falling even apart for David in this second book now that he no longer has any contact with his eldest son and still tries to figure out exactly who he is Things are about to get worse when he feels he has to help a missing girl a summer witch at that It's almost unnatural almost like magic is making him do this But is it?Like I said about the first novel The magic part isn't really that big the characters are just normal people with their own flaws And although some things are a bit weird I really uite enjoyed it Different from the first book I got the feeling this book really had a plot instead of just telling us about David and his family This book focusses on the search for a missing girl and the impact it has on the entire household What I particularly like was that we got to see of the rules of magic They are still not completely clear but there was a lot dynamics between the summer and winter wizards and all they stand for I hope we get to see even of that in the next bookI repeat I don't think this is a book that everyone will like Not that much happen the characters don't always do the things they should do but then again who does? and the magic isn't always useful but if you like that kind of thing like I do you'll find this book enjoyable and I would recommend itWatch Me Burn is the second instalment in the December People series The first book is DestructionThanks to the publisher for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Sharon Bayliss did it again She hit it out of the park Even with all their imperfections secrets and lies the Vandergraffs still make me root for them There is such good in that family and such evil Now we meet the Prescotts and daughter Julie Prescott is missing The Vandergraffs don’t know the Prescott family but they are drawn into the mystery As a mother my heart ached for Amanda Vandergraff and Thea Prescott as they struggled to hold their families together Their choices are made out of love and sometimes fear Each of their decisions has ramifications that will harm both families Before the end of the book the families are forever bound due to magic I love the way Bayliss gives her readers clues as to what will happen next Each time I had a little hint of what was to happen she added a twist that took the story off in a new direction Can these families heal? Will the Vandergraffs and Prescotts form alliances? I can’t wait for book three I read the first book in this series recently and I liked it ok This book though was the one that really hooked me on this series In this second book in the December People series the Vandergraff family gets swept up in a missing person case that involves a young witch They are magically drawn in to a plot that involves a gathering of uniue witches The whole family must work to figure out how to stop the events set in motion This book is where for me the story gets really good It has action suspense betrayal heartache and romance This story is about the Vandergraff children and their parts in the magical scheme I loved getting to know Emmy Evangeline Patrick and Xavier a little better in this book I love the family dynamic and their willingness to help a sibling in need even when they don’t usually get along This book is a great story of a normalish family with extraordinary abilities I highly recommend this book if you love magic wizards fantasy or paranormal I give Watch me burn 45 stars