Sleeping with Santa

Sleeping with Santa[Read] ➪ Sleeping with Santa By Debra Druzy – When Nick reluctantly accepts the temporary transfer to the Scenic View Fire Department he doesn’t plan on playing Santa Claus for the kiddie Christmas party Sticking around town for the special ass When Nick reluctantly accepts the temporary transfer to the Scenic View Fire Department he doesn’t plan on playing Santa Claus for the kiddie Christmas party Sticking around town for the Sleeping with PDF/EPUB or special assignment will give him a chance to get to know lonely local sweetheart Lily and find out why she wants nothing to do with him Lily is a lifelong fixture in Scenic View sick of living hand to mouth in a place where everyone’s nose is in her personal business Just when she’s ready to move out of town she meets the gorgeous newcomer and it’s lust at first sight The only thing is she doesn’t date firemen which is too bad because charming Nick seems like a real keeper With a little Christmas magic and help from the Santa suit will Nick find a way into Lily’s heart and change her mind Contemporary Romance Christmas Romance Love at First Sight Romance. 33 StarsThis was sweet cheesy full of angst and slightly frustrating all at once There was a bit too much pushing away by the heroine for my liking and some of the sayings The sensitive serpent trapped in Nick's jeansHe drove until he found his usual out of the way spot where he liked to meditate about her in other words have a wank along with her having a honeypot and sugar walls were a bit off putting Apart from that it was a good small town story about two people falling instantly in love And if you love men who become instantly obsessed with their woman then you should love this This debut novel has the just right mix of silliness spice humor tight prose suspense and great descriptions It kept me in the moment in the characters' heads and hearts and had me coming out cheering for them in the end Such a fun sexy story I was given a copy of this story in return for an honest review I was give an free ARC in exchange for an honest review I read Sleeping with Santa in 5 12 hours It was a fast paced easy read The characters were well developed and had me thinking of them several days after completing the book It was the perfect combination of humor romance and drama It's a good read any time of the year not just Christmas I recommend this book for anyone looking for a fun romantic escapelike a Calgon take me away moment Enjoyable story Easy to relate to the characters setting and scenario Would recommend this to women who like a uick lighthearted story with some steamy romance A good book to take on vacation I'm a guy and not a big reader in general never mind the romance genre I prefer non fictionsportshow to books And I prefer visual images so if this book was made into a movie I'd be able to get into it But as far as the author's style and subject matter it was well written and entertaining There's a lot of sexual tension between the main characters and I kept wondering when they would finally get it on already But the suspense was timed just right and kept me reading I guess that's author's the point If I had to recommend this book it would be for women who like to read romance I'm sure if a guy bought this for his wife or girlfriend as a Christmas present she'd enjoy it This book is such a fun read It is spark at first sight for sweet fiery haired small town Lily and dark knight newcomer Nick They are both coming from tough pasts and seemed to have resigned themselves to adeuate ever after before they run into each other Lily especially is determined to avoid falling for a firefighter because of her tragic past But it’s that magical time of Christmas and when Nick is accepts an assignment to play Santa Claus Lily ends up with her most cherished wishLily and Nick’s romance is both steamy and sweet and I loved the backdrop of Christmas and the cozy setting of Scenic View where the story takes place There are a sprinkling of other characters I’d love to see of in this author’s future works Can’t wait for her next bookI read most of Sleeping With Santa during a weekend at the beach and it was a perfect beach and poolside treat Whatever time of year I think you’ll enjoy Sleeping With Santa yourself ; Sleeping With Santa by Debra Druzy is the perfect holiday confection a sweet and spicy contemporary romance sure to please readers hungry for something less saccharine than the usual holiday offerings When sexy Nick Knight arrives in town beautiful lonely Lily Lane is smitten until she learns that he's a fire fighter Lily has sworn she'd never date a fire fighter but will Nick's sweet and sultry ways change her mind? Nick and Lily hit enough bumps in the road to keep the reader wondering if they'll ever get their happily ever after And they have enough red hot chemistry to keep the reader warm on even the chilliest of nights A definite must read Fun and Steamy I really enjoyed Sleeping With Santa by Debra Druzy The characters were believable and likable and there was plenty of sweep you off your feet romance Sleeping With Santa will make a great summer beach read as well as a perfect stocking stuffer Don’t wait for the holidays order your copy today Though I am a big advocate of books in print it came in handy that my wife has a Kindle device when I received this as a gift from the author through While it is nowhere near my wheelhouse and obviously the target audience for this somewhat spicy Christmas romance is female I gave it a read trying to review it through the lens at which it is aimedThe story was uite surprising in many ways on the sweet romance side than the salacious sex camp I'm a big Christmas guy extremely sentimental so I found the atmosphere of the holidays very nice as well The biggest surprise was what an easy fast flowing read Sleeping With Santa was The author has a nice story telling ability throughout the entire narrative that makes this very readableI suspect most readers of Sleeping With Santa will find Lily very sweet Her backstory is just warm and tender enough to identify with and the author has very smartly avoided the pitfall of attempting A Christmas romance with a dose of naughtiness isn't the venue for gut wrenching emotional angst after all Nick is written as a nice guy and in the instances where we get things from his viewpoint in the narrative we see how Lily's reactions are really a bit skewed due to her own backstory and her fears for the future This juxtaposition comes early on and was a nice touch by the authorSome of the back and forth hot and cold of Lily towards Nick drove me nuts of course despite my knowledge of Lily's past and the situation she had found herself in I attribute this to being a male and therefore not being the demographic at which the book is aimed Lily is sweet the Christmas atmosphere when it's mentioned is nice and the ending was eually charming Though there did exist a couple of hot and steamy scenes they were much closer to the end of the book than the beginning Overall I'd say this book will appeal to those who are put off by the fifty shades stuff masuerading as erotica right now which is itself masuerading as romanceAs a reviewer however I would be remiss if I did not mention that due to some consistent but not too freuent omissions of a preposition or conjunction where I could tell the author had rewritten a sentence one proofing and edit would have been helpful Because the narrative is so readable and fast flowing however it didn't affect the book at all at least for me Having recently read a non series horror book by a well known and established author who writes one of the finest mystery series out there and finding it to have several much glaring proofing and editing issues this was really trivial as far as I was concernedFor a first time author this was a really nice read in this genre and I suspect a lot of those who read this will wish for a return trip to Scenic View A very light romance read with a bit of the holidays thrown in for good measure Sleeping With Santa is sure to appeal to anyone looking for something in the romanceerotica vein which is on the sparkling cider side than the one hundred proof bourbon Three and a half stars for what it is and another half star for the author's attempt to go against the grain and make it sweet than spicy Any story that can have me laughing crying and holding my breath is a winner This book had me doing all three and so much It’s a mixture of seasonal magic reality and enough heat to keep the reader toasty through the entire winterThe characters are memorable and simple to connect with; they could be a childhood friend or next door neighbor They’re people whose motives actions and fears we can easily relate to; you feel for their past and are immediately invested in their future Their chemistry is evident throughout the story even when the characters aren’t on the best of terms The location of the story a small town is another aspect of the story I loved It makes way for uirky nosy meddling characters and gives the reader an opportunity to see into the close knit relationships between than just the two Main Characters and the way all those relationships help form the Main Characters’ in ways you would miss if the story was taking place in a big city The pains from the heroine’s past are pushing her to an unhappy and lonely future To the only future she believes she’s capable and deserving of The hero steps in and offers alternatives she never thought possible She wants to reach out but fear is still holding on tight; it’s going to take the strong grip of the hero to pull her into the future she deserves the future he dreams of the future she never thought possible A future with the two side by side This book is a Holiday Romance that’s a perfect read for the entire year