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Great Harry❮Read❯ ➹ Great Harry ➼ Author Carolly Erickson – St Martin's Griffin is proud to reissue acclaimed biographer Carolly Erickson's lives of the Tudor monarchsIn this full scale popular biography of Henry VIII Carolly Erickson re creates the extravagan St Martin's Griffin is proud to reissue acclaimed biographer Carolly Erickson's lives of the Tudor monarchsIn this full scale popular biography of Henry VIII Carolly Erickson re creates the extravagant life and times of one of history's most complex and fascinating menBased on voluminous records of the period the story of Henry's life covers his troubled youth his triumphant early reign and his agonizing old ageAgainst the lively backdrop of the Tudor world with all its splendors and sualors Carolly Erickson gives us an unforgettable and human portrait of Henry VIII. I'm a junkie when it comes to Tudor England what a nerd I really enjoyed this book and had a hard time putting it down Much of the information I already knew but it was told in an accessible story like way that drew me in One night I read it in the bath and when I got out my husband asked How was your 2 hour bath? I said Great Henry has been married 3 times and killed 2 of those wives It has been a busy 2 hours Another tremendous biography by Ms Erickson Like Bloody Mary Great Harry is a vibrant engaging portrait of life in 1500s England both the intrigue and lavish splendor of the court and the violence ignorance and sualor of the poor Ms Erickson is a master storyteller King Henry VIII is convincing portrayed as a highly intelligent and ambitious though flawed ruler who is here shown in all his facets and stages charismatic handsome idealistic and beloved in his youth irascible peevish and self important in his old age always majestic and awe inspiring Hundreds upon hundreds of contemporary uotes are seamlessly woven into this tale giving it a very rich and authentic flavor of the period and of Great Harry as he was called by his adoring subjects in the early years of his reign A brilliant work and I can't wait to read Erickson a few observations so far this sounds weird but the consistency of the paper is unpleasant it's rough but not very thick with old books the pages are thick but these pages are thin and for some reason it irks me and distracts me from the content i would have liked it if it included chapter titles it includes exerpts of poems that henry wrote which hint at what the chapter will cover but sometimes that's not enough there's a beautiful map of england at the beginning of the book there's also a map or two within the text which are helpfuloverall it's well written engaging informative without being pedantic which i find is a big problem on history books in general and doesn't focus on henry's marital woes which is very refreshing now that i've finished i'm not feeling so generous while i appreciated the fact that the author didn't focus so much on Henry's marital woes there should have been some focus on Henry's marital woes considering Henry's marital woes were responsible for somewhat important things like oh i don't know the Church of England also how many times can i say marital woes in one review? marital woes marital woes marital woes Seven for example you might think that the downfall of Anne Boleyn would get a fairly sizeable description in all the books on Tudor England I have read at least one chapter has been devoted to just the execution of Anne Boleyn in this book the downfall including the accusation process the trials and the execution was described in THREE PARAGRAPHS she didn't even appear until page 187 this problem extended to the end of the book which ended so abruptly i felt like i had just turned a corner and ran face first into a wall the last sentence reads The silent reprieve or was it merely a postponement? could mean only one thing the old king was dead and the duke's fate and England's had passed into new hands that's it? seriously? usually historical books end with a page or two of analysis wrapping up ness if you will this was another problem with the book there was little if any analysis of Henry's motives or possible thought processes the redeeming factor about this book is that it did give facts that i haven't read in other books on Henry did you know that when Henry got bored at banuets he threw sugarplums and comfits at his guests? The same can be said of the pictures although they were in black and white boo there were eight that I had never seen before I also enjoyed the details about the time period and the physical space for example they dealt with the lack of light by putting candles in the middle of silver plates so the reflection would expand the light in summation aka wrapping up ness i would not recommend this book for someone not already very familiar with Henry's life it provides interesting little known facts but you will not find informationanalysis on the essential aspects of his life that all Tudorphiles should know save this one until you feel like you know everything about Henry What truly motivated this man? He is an enigma composed of selfishness lust duty and greatness We will never really know what he was thinking but it is fun to puzzle over it Gave the facts in a different way Oh myI remember it as being very detailed but got through it although it took me foreverwell not f o r e v e r One of the best books I have read about any Tudor ruler the author brings together masses of information about societal cultural anthropological and historical facts to make the story seem alive We get to read about the foods served at banuets how it is prepared carved served What people wore in great detail We learn from multiple sources how people reacted to the things done during his reign We can almost see every person We get to go into depth about some political and religious dealings and certainly about battles The latter went too far at the end of the book but the logistics needed to bring an army to France is mind boggling I so enjoyed this book and hope to find the others she has written Good readVery easy to enjoy the author's style Historical accuracy paired with human emotions Reading history is always a fascinating way to travel to new places Lets face it there is much better written stuff available about different English kings but it will do if You are after Henry VIII specifically Togs home listeningVery chatty like a late night conversation on the verandah and that cannot be bad now can it This is cram packed with Henry's own poetry and full details on clothesdomestic procedures but if you are looking for an introduction into Henry this would not be good For me it is a wonderful readAn example of the lines this runs alongApparently it was a good idea for getting rid of bad breath to sleep with one's mouth open and wear a cap with a hole cut into the crown which would let out those malodorous vapours; the hat should preferably be red in colourSee it's for helpful hints such as this that we read booksFrom wiki Sweating sickness also known as the English sweate Latin sudor anglicus was a mysterious and highly virulent disease which struck England and later Europe in a series of epidemics the first beginning in 1485 and the last in 1551 afterwards apparently vanishing The onset of symptoms was dramatic and sudden with death often occurring within hours Its cause remains unknown One suspect is a hantavirusDesiderius Erasmus in 1523 as depicted by Hans Holbein the Younger

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