The Salvation of Vengeance (Wanted Men, #2)

The Salvation of Vengeance (Wanted Men, #2)❮Reading❯ ➽ The Salvation of Vengeance (Wanted Men, #2) ➶ Author Nancy Haviland – Only something as important as her best friend’s wedding to mob boss Gabriel Moretti could allow Nika Paynne a reprieve from captivity Her abusive husband has kept her under his thumb with footage o Only something as important as her best friend’s wedding to mob boss Gabriel Moretti could allow Nika Paynne a reprieve from captivity Her abusive husband has kept her under his The Salvation Kindle - thumb with footage of her beloved brother Caleb killing another man But the respite from her violent life isn’t the only draw Vincente Romani—Gabriel’s deadliest guardian—will be one of the best men at the wedding and Nika has lingering thoughts about the fascinating mobstercovetous thoughts that may put her life in dangerWith the heartbreak he’s suffered and the brutality he effortlessly delivers Vincente knows he’s the last person who can offer Nika a happily ever after But his vow remains He will do everything in his power to free his redhead from her violent prison—even if that means losing her foreverIn the second thrilling and passionate Wanted Men book a dangerous line is drawn between loyalty to the mob and loyalty to one’s heart. 2 25 StarsSo this was super underwhelming I'm just gonna throw that out there In the first book Vincente was this mysterious sexy badassLike Chuck Norris badassOnlygood looking And wearing a long leather coatIn this book I expected him to kick some ass and take some names But what we did get instead?Seriously Vincente came off like a whiner with no spineYou are a fucking mafia underboss homieBuck the fuck upIn fact ALL of you are supposed to be mafia or MC club BADASSESWhat the F happened?Instead of being the badasses they supposedly all are and getting shit done like I don't know FINDING the stupid ex husband and taking care of him all any of them seemed to do was drive around follow Nika and spin their wheels with their dicks in their hands It was embarrassing I was embarrassed for them And don't even get me started on Nika What An IdiotSeriously It's like she was asking to get her ass kicked Because she's an idiot Surrounded by softie non badasses That's why ARC provided via NetgalleyTitle Salvation of VengeanceSeries Wanted Men #2Author Nancy HavilandRelease date March 24 2015Rating 25 starsCliffhangerNo HEAview spoilerYes hide spoiler 45 Stars DI was so gobsmacked by how much I loved this book Vicente is like the ultimate in protective tough guy the ultimate loyal sidekick and supremely sexy in the sack Nika is a fantastic charactera blend of vulnerable and tough and her story is believable and cringeworthy Abused emotionally and physically by her husband Nika feels stuck in her situation due to the video footage he has of her brother killing a man As her husband's controlling and irrational behavior seems to escalate Nika feels and as if she needs to protect her brother Since running into Vicente a protector of the mafia boss marrying her best friend she's had a want for from her lifeeven if she can't imagine letting a man touch her again Vicente and Nika had one meeting that ended in an explosively sexy kiss Now that they are in close proximity again their chemistry overwhelms them And when Vicente finds out why Nika stays with the smarmy bastard all bets are offYou know there's a moment in books like this that always gives me chills It's when a powerful man like Vicente finally lets loose on those pent up passions that he has such a handle on most times When Vicente sees evidence of Nika's abuse I swear I got chills There's so much to be said for the big tough guy just cutting loosea bit like the Hulkall that power passion and raw rage getting ready to explode So Hot This second book in the series was even better than the first I'm starting to get the guys straight in my headI love that there are some different ethnicities thrown into the mix I love the idea that each guy is so different from the rest of them and yet it's a band of brothers of a sort Illegal sort but stillthey're good guys in fictionland D One Vicente because I wanted to DThere is a small setup for a couple of continuing stories and I'm beyond stoked to delve deeper into this group of men Haviland has created For fans of Kristen Ashley heroes who are a smidge less bossy but still a bit high handed For strong willed women who aren't afraid to show their vulnerability For a series that is uickly forming a new tight knit family For some smoking hot very well done edgy romance stories So much good Advance copy provided for review 45 Wanted Men Stars 12Vincente Romani MobsterNika Paynne Captive WifeA stolen moment where these two connected and felt something something real She will have only one moment to see if she can break away from her hell with the reason she was there in the first place She must save her brother and thenonly then can she save herself This is the next chapter in the series Wanted Men and it was fantasticAll the elements were thereThe Italian MobThe Russian MobThe Motorcycle Club BrothersSicko Demented HusbandThe bond between men who grew up together on opposite sides of the LawAn Amazingly Strong Heroine and her ManA PuppyI could go on and onThis is a series which knows what it is doing and it is powerfulI must say though this is NOT for those who may have any triggers regarding domestic violence The set up of this hell Nika is in is one of the most violent and real I have read It takes you there and even though Nika is as strong and brave as it is violent it could be something which could effect someone due to its intensityThat being said this was a first class read in plot characters and actions It read like an action film at times my knee was bouncing from my internal energy My not having read the first book did not cause me any issues at all I went in only due to the blurbMy only negative and it is minor overall was the back and forth between Vincente and Nika I understood all the reasons and why I got the pain Vincente had experienced and his fears but the feelings he had for her from the start and how he could see she wanted him I just wanted both of them to be together so muchAnd when they were together it was something else He was amazing and she was so strong and beautiful with him Both these characters were special They were people who lived such unusual pasts; they had traumas and pain and to finally let go was what she taught him I saw other things happening in this book besides our main pair For those who have read the first book you will not miss out on our original players The entire group is there the mystery and intrigue continues and one of the most brooding players has met his match and is holding her own with him toe to toe I feel their book will be off the charts tooThis book had soft moments rough reality of Mob and MC life It also tipped its hat to a lone Police DetLorre and his possible match I have great respect for the author as these characters all of them contributed greatly to the over all storySo much to come and I can hardly wait because I am wanting Wanted MenA gifted copy was provided by publisher via NetGalley for an honest review For Reviews Free E books and Giveaways 5 sweet Reaper stars from me You are probably wondering how the hell is possible a Reaper to be kind and sweet right???Yeah i confirm that it is possible especially if you have met Vincente The Reaper MorettiThat guy was the kindest and sweetest man everYeah i know that he is the underboss of mafia but stillBelieve me from outside maybe he seemed cruel and capable for everything that was for the nickname but deep down inside he had suffered many cruel things himself and he was standing beside everyone who was suffering He was the perfect guy For me Vincente was better even from Gabriel I loved that guy very muchAs for the other made men??? They don't stop to surprise meLike Vincente they all seem cruel hardcore and capable for anything and they are capable They are threating they are killing they are running illegal things but as i told you before deep down inside they are wonderfull tender caring loyal and they can do everything for the protection of those who love and not only for them They are sensitive with other's pain and they will do anything to help themBut enough with that I have to tell you how Vincente and Nika met each otherWe saw their first meeting in the previous bookBoth of them they were striked frοm each other's presence Vincente insulted Nika she answered him back he back her on a wall and he kissed her and Nika scared run awayYeah i know That was a great beginning for two young people but the things wasn't so simpleNika was married and she seemed to have issues that Eva her best friend and Caleb her brother are trying to figure out without a result since Nika forbidded it to themSo six weeks after the ending of the first book Nika and her asshole husband are preparing to go at Eva's and Gabriel marriage And Nika is praying that this will be her shot to get free from this awful marriage that she was forced to be in Why was she forced???Well her husband is a cruel bastard who is helding bound Nika in this wedding with threatens about her brother and with much abuseNika used to be a happy and free person before that marriage but now she is feeling lonely and in constant fear But she is strong enough and she is determined to found the hidden evidence that her husband keeps for her brother and to earn finally her freedom back And when she will get her back she will aloud to no man to control her and abuse her again But her mind had stuck to Vincente since the day they shared that kiss which rock her world and reminded her that her ability to feel something for a man wasn't destroyed from the monster that she was forced to marryVincente is living a hard life as an underboss of mafia His life is in constant battle His past is haunting him since the unfair death of her lovely sister He is living with the constant guilts that he couldn't manage to save herFrom that day on Seattle he can not banished the fiesty redhead from his mind and now she is about to come for her best friend's wedding and he is about to lose his mindWhen accintendly he becomes a witness of the nasty marks in Nika's body he is determined to save her for the monster that she married In his mind Nika take his sister place and he had to protect her with any cost But the problem is that every time that he is around her he almost lose his mind from the wantingWow The sexual tension between them was thick and unbearable It almost drive me crazy Vincente was holding back himself with extreme self restraint He was determined to stay away from Nika because he didn't want to involve her in his world and made her a target for his enemies If he would do that he will have to keep her under constant surveillance and that will be eual like prison something that Vincente knows well that Nika doesn't want after all these things that she was through under her husband's presenceNika from the other side is torned He wants Vincente so much that for first time in her life she is feeling something so strong but she doen't want to lose her free will under a man never again and she knows pretty good that Vincente is from those men that overpower a womanPhew I loved and this book in these series and i think that i loved it even that the first oneNowi'm going straight from Maksim's turn I love and that guy and i can't help wondering what will happened in his book In the second book of Wanted Men series we get to hear Vincente and Nika's storyVincente Romani is Gabriel Moretti's underboss He's mysterious protective loyal and brooding The man carries the guilt over his failure in protecting his younger sister Sophia who was abducted and abused to death When he first Nika the attraction between them sparked after their first kissed but she was married and he must distance himself to her But he noticed something in her eyes He sensed fear and pain Nika Paynne is Eva's best friend and she's married to Kevin Nollan who was vile and abusive She was his personal punching bag and blackmailed her to stay with him in exchange of the evidence he carries against her brother Caleb Paynne who's part of a Motorcycle Club What she'd been through in his hands made her vulnerable but her strength prevails to protect her love ones When Vincente saw the marks inflicted on her it enraged him and he's determined to hunt down the bastard and swears to keep her safe The storyline improved and the plot was better than the previous book I like how it unfolds and held my interest until the end However I encountered its downsides Vincente annoyed me for holding back his feelings way too much when it's obvious he loved her He needs some guts to admit his feelings I'm like You need to MAN UP DUDE Vincente's inner Fan Boy I rolled my eyes on this one Just noooo I still find their mafia crew weak To think they're skilled hitmen they still fall in their enemy's trap and getting the woman out of their sight Some parts dragged on or unnecessary Final rating 35 5 stars Review Posted to 45 Underboss Loving Stars I knew 10% into this book was going to love mafia underboss Vincente The Reaper Romani When we were introduced to him in A Love of Vengeance he came off as the total bad ass he is and I think I was already half in love with him Regardless of his callous comments to Nika during their fist encounter in A Love of Vengeance Nika is drawn to Vincente and cannot get him out of her thoughts and at times it's only the memory of him and the kiss they shared that gets her though her days Nika has been in a controlling and violently abusive marriage for the past year she is forced to stay until she can find the evidence her husband has against her brother Calab VP of a MC Club that can send him to jail for a very very long time When Nika attends Gabriel and Eva's wedding she attempts to use this time to find the evidence and finally flee her prison but it's also the anticipation of seeing Vincente again that has her anxious Nika knows she's damaged and mentally she doesn't think she will ever be able to trust another man but that doesn't stop her from hoping Unfortunately things don't work out the way Nika plans and her husbands brutality is epicI don't want to give the story away but I will say it's so so good when Vincente Caleb and the rest of the Family rally around Nika when they learn of the abuse she has been enduring There are several side characters that come into play that we meet in A Love of Vengeance and again in this bookI have to say I love all of them I'm so looking forward to all their books I am anxious to read the next book An Obsession with Vengeance July 2015 which will feature Tarasove Crime Family Underboss Maksim Maks Kirovand yes I fell for him too jeezI'm such a slut for fictional characters He broke my heart in this one when something happened with Nika and he blamed himself you know just from his extreme guilt and actions he's a tortured by something in his pastLastly I loved seeing Gabriel Eva and how their relationship is progressing and despite the serious subject matter surrounding Nika there were some really funny moments between Gabriel Eva and Nika I loved book one so much that despite reviews of this one blasting it for pushing away I still needed to read it I am so very glad I did It spans over a few weeks time The actual love story where they are together is like 3 days Lots of trauma action suspense and so many things that yes would cause some hesitancy for these two to be able to make it work I actually understand and love Vincent for wanting to protect Nika I didn't feel like it was too much And wow did that man grovel Loved it Too bad I have to skip book 3 And I'm terrified of book 4 view spoilerNancy you write 2 loyal and faithful heroes I don't understand why you'd want to do what you did in the next book What does having the hero almost have sex do for the story? At 70% So afterwards he's only faithful for a little while And honestly it took all the respect away I will never understand how ruining a love story Adding that doubt in there I thought this was a safe author Now the next book is separated lovers for over a year So how many women did he sleep with while claiming to love her? I guess I just got my hopes up that there was another author that held fidelity and loyalty and faithfulness in high regard Too many loop holes so authors can say it's not cheating But love That is the bond Not paper nor words Love If you cheat on love you still cheat hide spoiler Great mafia family in this series I was particularly looking forward to Vincent's story and that's why his constant pushing away really put a downer on my enjoyment He's in love with Nika he's very protective of her but he doesn't think he's good enough for her I hate that trope I want my couples together not constant pushing away If that's something you like in your books then I would recommend it I loved everything else about it No cheating no other women drama Some violence and abuse towards the heroine but no rape There is threatening of rape but it never happens I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my reviewNika is married to the man of her nightmares but in order to save her brother Caleb she has to take whatever Kevin her husband dishes out When Nika finally has the means to make her move she takes it but Caleb and the sexy Vincente find out the hard way what Nika had to endure in the last year Neither is happy with the secrets she was keeping but both are bound and determined to assure no harm will befall her ever again Vincente and Nika met in the previous book A Love of Vengeance they both felt drawn to one another but with Nika's marital status they've been forced to keep their distance If you want to be fully cognizant of whom everyone is and everyone's connections then reading the first in the series is a must I really liked it and highly recommend I saw someone else mentioned it and I totally agree the writing style set up and distribution of story arcs gives the feel of the Black Dagger Brotherhood by JR Ward without the paranormal elements As with that series there are multiple storylines going on with the story displaying multiple povs as each character's story advances bit by bit in each book The reader can feel pulled in many directions but if you like the multifaceted feel of a tv series then you will be comfortable I personally liked the layers and think the author does a good job juggling everything and everyone What I didn't think worked or particularly liked was the couple and relationship this book highlighted Vincente and Nika's attraction falls closer to the insta love side with the two not fully interacting so much as gazing longingly at each other Vincente gets repetitive with how awful a person he is and how awful his life is and how he would never be good enough for Nika He also has an inner voice termed fanboy that whispers to him to go after Nika This part of Vincente did not work for me at all his nickname is the Reaper because he is such a cold blooded killer for the mafia and yet he calls his inner voice fanboy? Add that in with all the whining and running away from Nika because he wasn't worthy that lasted for way too long seriously Vincente doesn't give in to being with Nika until the last 10 20% and you have a decidedly non romance romance book Nika was the stronger character of the two; she showed strength and vulnerability in dealing with both Kevin and Vincente I also felt her frustration in how Vincente would blow so hot and cold It took a while for our couple to even be in the same room together and when they finally are they still lacked the interaction needed for chemistry to develop In having Vincente maintain he wasn't good enough for Nika and having it drag on for so long they never grew the dialogue or interaction needed for a couple to leap off the pages and be felt The main storyline of Nika's husband being a psycho and Vincente's crew trying to find him was ok and adeuately kept our heroine in danger but again it was dragged out too long this story could have been greatly cutedited down to keep it moving at a good pace and sharp Kevin's character flirted with being an over the top villain a couple times and I'm not sure I fully believed in his vengeance against Nika but it wasn't a chore to go along with As I mentioned in the beginning to me the strength of this novel is in the secondary characters and arcs being set up The author does a fantastic job teasing future couples and characters Caleb the MC vice president and the cop Lore's sister perhaps? As with the Black Dagger series I have a feeling there will be certain couples I won't completely mesh with such was the case here I am however definitely going to stick around for all the offshoot stories to see where they lead and hopefully connect better with a future couple

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