When the Moon is Low

When the Moon is Low[KINDLE] ❄ When the Moon is Low Author Nadia Hashimi – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk By turns astonishing frightening and triumphant When the Moon Is Low chronicles one brave Afghan woman's odyssey to save her familyIn Kabul we meet Fereiba a schoolteacher who puts her troubled childh By turns astonishing frightening Moon is eBook ✓ and triumphant When the Moon Is When the ePUB ô Low chronicles one brave Afghan woman's odyssey to save her familyIn the Moon is MOBI · Kabul we meet Fereiba a schoolteacher who puts her troubled childhood behind her when she finds love in an arranged marriage But Fereiba's comfortable life implodes when the Taliban rises to power and her family becomes a target of the new fundamentalist regime Forced to flee with her three children Fereiba has one hope for survival to seek refuge with her sister's family in LondonTraveling with forged papers and depending on the kindness of strangers Fereiba and the children make a dangerous crossing into Iran under cover of darkness the start of a harrowing journey that reduces her from a respected wife and mother to a desperate refugeeEventually they fall into the shadowy underground network of the undocumented who haunt the streets of Europe's cities And then in a busy market suare in Athens their fate takes a frightening turn when Fereiba's teenage son Saleem becomes separated from the rest of the family Without his mother Saleem is forced abruptly and unforgivingly to come of age in a world of human trafficking and sualid refugee campsHeartbroken Fereiba has no choice but to continue on with only her daughter and baby Mother and son cross border after perilous border risking their lives in the hope of finding a place where they can be reunited. Enlightening and Incredibly Hard to Put DownWhat is this book aboutFereiba is an Afghani woman whose husband was killed in a brutal act of violence by the Taliban Fearing for the safety of her children she makes a desperate trek to England where the rest of her family has successfully found asylum Fereiba's family will meet many challenges along the way will they make it to EnglandSaleem Fereiba’s son feels the need to become the man of the family and protect his mother and siblings from imminent danger On this dangerous and desperate uest to England Fereiba’s family begins to run out of funds and options In an attempt to solve this problem Saleem separates from his family Saleem did not know that this separation would be the last time he would see his family for a long long timeThis book tackles some hot button issues that are prevalent right now Especially with what is happening in the White House and the Trump administration I found it absolutely invigorating and intellectually stimulating on many levels Human trafficking immigration and refugee camps are just some of the issues that were the foci of this book This book shattered my soul It was brilliant Nadia Hashimi writes with a deft hand and effortless prose She is a pediatrician in Washington DC and she is running for congress This woman is unstoppable I have already read two of her books and I am absolutely going to be reading her third One million percent recommendedIf you would like information on this author please visit Nadia Hashimi “Afghanistan is a land of widows and widowers orphans and the missing Missing a right leg a left hand a child or a mother Everyone was missing something as if a black hole had opened in the center of the country sucking in bits and pieces of everyone into its hard belly Somewhere under our khaki earth is everything we’ve ever lost” —Fereiba WaziriIndieboundorg put Hashimi on my radar and while I knew that her books were about the Middle East I didn’t really know much about them I started reading When the Moon is Low on a whim because it passed my first sentence rule a tactic I employ when I’m exceedingly listless and can’t decide on what to read next The first line was pretty compelling I was intrigued“I am no longer a new bride or a young woman I am a mother farther from Kabul than I have ever been My children and I have crossed mountains deserts and oceans to reach this dank hotel room utterly unsophisticated and unfragrant” When the Moon is Low is the story of an Afghani family that is forced to leave their homeland when the violence and madness of a new regime put the family welfare in jeopardy Now among the countless refugees seeking asylum in sympathetic European countries Hashimi splits the narrative between Fereiba the matriarch of the family and Saleem the eldest son Hashimi is a poet; I underlined countless beautiful passages that made me contemplate my own situation and how our comfortable lives can change at the drop of a dimeWhat did confuse me was the objective of the book which caused me to wonder where is this going Is this a story about getting out of Afghanistan and how wonderful things were before madness ensued or is it about a journey to find safety The author’s afterword tied everything in and than made up for the ambiguous ending which FYI many people hated but I did not because it was reality I leave you with her parting words I cannot stress enough how timely this book is Definitely not perfect but a must read for our day in time “The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees estimates that roughly half of all refugees are under the age of eighteen Alarmingly the crisis has continued to grow while the world’s sympathies have ebbed and flowed We cry when we see a photograph of three year old Alan Kurdi’s lifeless body his family’s hopes for a new life taken by the rough waters they were trying to cross to safety We make dinner while the news anchor reports another fifty men women and children were lost in the Mediterranean to a capsized boat We change the channel afraid our first grader’s innocence will be spoiled by graphic images We breathe a sigh of relief when pictures of rescue volunteers handing out warm blankets appear on our Facebook scroll Our minds are on work deadlines while NPR reports on the violence in Afghanistan Syria and Somalia that continues to drive desperate people to risk their lives It feels hopeless It feels like this is no longer ‘news’ At some point the ongoing desperation of millions has become background noise”—Nadia Hashimi Another heart wrenching novel from Hashimi I've not read a book that has explored so closely the flight of individuals from war torn countries Really startling how emotionally and physically difficult this is for them to do first they have to leave their beloved homes behind then they have to endure disdain from the countries they are fleeing to Very very sad yet another harrowing example of the strength of the human spirit I didn't feel as connected to these characters as in The Pearl That Broke Its Shell but still a very emotionally riveting novel Nadia Hashimi is a very gifted writer I loved her first novel The Pearl That Broke It's ShellThis is a story of a brave young mother who flees her home in Afganistan with her 3 children after her husband is killed The story is told from her point of view and her son Saleem's As I sit comfortably in my safe American home my heart breaks for Mothers in the world who want better lives and oppurtunities for their children and are willing to do anything for the chance That road is unbelievably hard and scary Living on the streets with no food no medicine cold afraid and not knowing who to trust is one I cannot imagine Hope is found however and the kindness of strangers aid them in their journey If you have read any of Khaled Hossani's books and enjoyed them I think you'll like Nadia Hashimi's as well I highly recommend this book AhhI was so very enjoying reading this book and was ready for a five star ratinguntil the end I am a person that needs beginnings and endings to my stories I don't want to create my own version of an ending and I don't like seuels I feel like I am left blindfolded at the edge of a cliff There is so much that I wanted to say about this book but I will try to stay on point and be brief Sort ofThis is the first I’ve read of Nadia Hashimi and I found it to be simply but elegantly written In certain places the emotion leaps right off the page and manages to pack a bigger a punch with fewer words Descriptions of countries and living conditions are succinct and clear I find this to be a engaging style for me than something with long flowery prose or extensive descriptions of the landscape This story is about a woman who is fleeing Afghanistan with her three children trying to escape the war torn country and the inhumane rule of the Taliban Hashimi gives us an eye opening view into the lives of this family once happy turned refugee The picture she paints is not one of nameless refugees but real human beings who are no different than the rest of us except that their home suddenly became their prison under the threat of death Families broken apart Lives turned upside down Nowhere else to go Sadly they are often treated no better than vermin in the countries where they seek refugeI can’t help but feel that this book came to me at a significant time when there is currently so much debate over the how the US and rest of the world should “deal with these Syrian refugees” To me it’s not complicated They need our help Period I enjoyed this book and I learned from it I’ll be looking for from this author and books on this subject Truly a 45 stars What a current relevant story this is There are so many opinions on anything to do with refugees immigrants illlegal or not whether it is here in the US closing our borders or in many other foreign countries where people are fleeing for many reasons war poverty religious freedom etcThis story starts with a young Afghan girl named Ferebia We follow her life as a young girl teenager into her married life She her husband are educated professional people but times have changed their lives in Kabul take a dramatic turnThe rest of the book focuses on the journey a family must make to stay alive to be fed to be safe At times I had to stop think what would I have done what would I have done for my children our safety This is just one of many refugeeimmigrant stories out there even though this was a tale of fiction I am sure we could find many true compelling stories each every dayI would highly recommend this book Very moving It starts well with the story of a motherless Afghan girldealing with the attentions of an unwanted suitor and her life in KabulMarriage doesn't uite happen the way she would likebut it still worksand then calamity strikesThis girlnow a mother of three has to flee Afghanistan during the Taliban erato save her family's livesThe themes explored are displacement and the plight of refugeeswho are not really welcome anywhere they goThe refugee family travels through multiple countrieshoping to find a safe haven in England with their relativesAlong the waythe elder son gets separated from the familyLots of displaced people go through all kinds of ordeals in foreign landsThe book highlights this issueIn her acknowledgementNadia Hashimi says that she drew upon the stories of her family members who actually made such journeysBut the storytelling in this part of the book is not too compellingI started skimming and even then it felt too lengthy25 starsrounded up ok this book is very solidly writtenThe emotions however were flat I wasn't moved or touched I felt that a distance remained for me as a reader and I didn't want that remotenessThe book had too many tropes The mean stepmother and the evil Taliban figured prominently But thank goodness for the kindly neighbors and the few compassionate figures along the way They included the kind man and his wife who took in the lodgers the caring pretty aid worker the cocky Afghani male compatriots etcThe story is intriguing and picks up especially once the family escapes from Afghanistan And I think the most wrenching pieces are the based on reality depictions of fleeing refugees and migrants trying to survive in Turkey Greece Italy France etc They are en route or stuck scratching out an existence as their initial dreams of a better life fadeI must add here that the repeated or common themes specific to Afghanistan's recent history may be due to my reading too much if that's possible about the country Those stories must be told I feel but I struggle with how to view them after a certain point This is once again a soulfoul book The first part of the book in Afghanistan read like The Pearl That Broke Its Shell the debut novel of this author Absolutely brilliant Pearl was one of the best books I have ever read When I started out with this book I got hyper excited again The uality of writing was just phenominal When the Moon is Low lost me around two thirds into the book The magic was lost Too much emotional extortion a weak predictable plot and a change to a cramped memoir of a journey from Afghanistan to England The ending was left to the reader's imagination which is exciting but sometimes bland It is uite clear that the intention was to document this family's unimaginable journey and introduce the plight of refugees to the outside world A documentary in novel form Nevertheless the rich cultural experience for the reader made up for anything else that bothered me The vulnerability of Fereiba Waziri and her children was heartwrenching I got lost in the poetic prose in motion The atmosphere gripped meThe last third of the book changed into something else I want to rate this book 35 stars but will go for 4 Nadia Hashimi is a fantastic author with a talent for music in her prose uotes from the bookFereiba jan In the darkness when you cannot see the ground under your feet and when your fingers touch nothing but night you are not alone I will stay with you as moonlight stays on water”“Even your brother has found his way without obligation to anyone I do not know who is to blame He has the body of a horse but the mind of an ass”KokoGul’s heart was a fixed space a container with finite dimensions and every inch of it had been spoken for by my sisters and my father I stared at her and through her Once again and even unexpectedly this time I was motherlessFereiba I imagined my home without me—my sisters laughing in the hallways my brother at my father’s side and KokoGul hands on her hips proudly presiding over it all Why did my mother have to die Nothing exceptional happened on this afternoon It was a few words not much different from any other day but it was a private cataclysmic moment when I saw the woman before me through unclouded eyes “They’re coming back sooner than I expected” KokoGul said thinking out loud “But I’ll find a way to keep them baited” KokoGul made her own mouth water I saw the peaks of a hundred mountains rising before meMother All my life I had called KokoGul by this radiant and hopeful name wishing for the touch of lamb’s wool on my cheek and too often getting nothing but a cool draftHistory has so many tales to tell This one should be heard And Nadia Hashimi should keep on writing Historical fiction is her forté I would say

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