Past Heaven

Past Heaven[Read] ➳ Past Heaven Author Laura Ward – Not every love story has a happy ending Some just change your life Liz Atwater’s happily ever after was torn from her the instant her husband Jack was murdered She is forced to pick up the shattered Not every love story has a happy ending Some just change your life Liz Atwater’s happily ever after was torn from her the instant her husband Jack was murdered She is forced to pick up the shattered pieces of her life and raise her three young sons alone Reynolds Carter’s picture perfect Hollywood life ended the moment the paparazzi got hold of his girlfriend’s cheating scandal As he watches his life unfold in the tabloids he comes to a crossroads in his career and his purpose When Reynolds takes on the challenge of a new project his world collides with that of Liz Neither of them expected their professional relationship to evolve into friendship or love But life is never simple Faced with complications from family friends and colleagues Liz and Reynolds are left to decide whether two people from such different worlds can find happiness together Can they get past the pain fear and guilt and risk their hearts to love again. This new standalone has uite a uniue storyWhen the heroine’s husband is murdered her life falls apart He was father to their children and the man she loved than anything He’d also dedicated his life’s work to a worthy cause The hero is a famous Hollywood actor who decides to make a movie about her husband story’s which is how his life collides with hers 35 starsI liked this one Hot movie star and stay at home mom?? Yeah its fiction Probably doesn't happen on a regular basis out in the Hollywood hills but we can pretend it doesLiz is devastated after the death of her husband Enter stage right Reynolds He wants to write a screenplay about her husband Not every love story has a happy ending They have their ups and downs Reynolds is usually with young bimbos Liz feels that she is too old for him FUCK Motherfucking hell You’re no longer aloneWe’ve found a space to name our ownThere aint no need to fret or fussWe’ve got all the strength we need in the shape of usAnd I know you’ve had it toughYour road’s been bumpy and roughBut say goodbye to a world that you once knewI have every faith in me and youHold my handHold my heartLet go your fearDarling I will always be hereI never felt uite so at homeYour sweet caress is the best I’ve knownNow that I’ve proved to you that I’m worthy of your trustLet us build a world in the shape of us 45 starsI seriously loved this book I had wanted to read this so when it was on sale for 099 I had to snag it I'm so glad I did because it was such a refreshing read The main MCs are both older so they've lived their life and don't need the petty bullshit that comes with NA situations The story flowed so well and the plot really worked So definitely read this if you want a movie star read without all the drama Now availableClick here to get your copy Click here to watch the BOOK TRAILER What are your first thoughts when your phone rings in the middle of the night? You fear the worst right?When Cindy gets woken abruptly by such a phone call she has no idea the devastation she’s about to witness The husband of her best friend has been brutally murdered Her voice cracked at the end and she sobbed Body wracking breath stealing soul shattering sobs Yet her cries were silent Liz Atwater’s life changes dramatically the moment her husband dies in her arms Her body is broken her soul is shattered and her life is forever changed It will never be as how it once was But what do you do when there are still 3 little boys to take care off?Reynolds Carter is the Hollywood hunk everyone silently dreams off You know? The one you want to share than a cup of coffee with ; Wavy hair broad chest tanned skin creamy blue eyes some muscled arms you want to hold on toHis life completely different than the one Liz is living hasn’t been easy either He’s had his fair share of hook ups even for the sake of “business” But even if the bed is as warm as it can be it turns stone cold the moment you find out you’ve been betrayed and lied toTo take a break from all that fake business and to get away from the life he’s always known he goes back to his parents Finding the inspiration he was desperately looking for will change his life foreverWhen Liz comes running back home from one of her daily runs she never expected to see her #1 Hollywood crush standing in her driveway Dear Lord in heaven Reynolds Carter? People magazine's Sexiest Man Alive? My jaw went slack and I forced my mouth closed I was in the presence of a god Together they embark on a journey of new beginnings in their lives While the partnership starts off in a friendly business like way they have no idea they have in common than they realize Both broken both hurt albeit in different ways and in completely different circumstances they find that connection Death Betrayal Violence We shared these experiences in different ways yet still very much the same We were alike than not and now I knew why Once you've been crushed by the fragility of life you learned to fight for what matters But what do you do when Hollywood comes knocking on your door? Claiming you can have no such relationship? Are their feelings for each other strong enough to survive the distance the gossip and the lies? Is Reynolds strong enough to give not only his heart to Liz but also to her 3 boys? Is Liz’s heart strong enough to risk it being broken again? Or was everything just a set up to re launch Reynolds’ career? The idea is that once you really love someone and I mean the kind of love that fills you up from head to toe it never leaves you A love like that surrounds you always Time distance and even death can't end it That love is Past Heaven I loved these characters and their story Both Liz and her boys Reynolds and Cindy Liz' best friend Cindy was the uplifting and supporting character The stuff she said had me laughing out loud numerous times And I loved the way she treated ReynoldsLiz is such a warm person full of love And Reynolds well he only proves that it doesn't matter if you're rich famous or the sexiest man alive The only thing that matters is the heart and the love it is able to giveNarration view spoiler1st person Alternating POV hide spoiler 5 A GORGEOUS HEARTFELT STORY STARSI'm elated to have read this book It was packed with all the elements that make a true romance story feel real touching inspiring and just glorious I loved how from the beginning it made me ugly cry as I instantly connected with the plot and by the end the whole story had made me so happy that I felt the effect in my swelling heart♥ “Not every love story has a happy ending Some just change your life” Past Heaven is not your typical second chance romance this story captures heartbreak at its worst when it's most painful because love is not only lost but lost forever by death That's the story of Elizabeth Liz Atwater a mother of three beautiful boys and the wife of a very inspiring man who dies suddenly leaving her hopeless broken and hollow inside My heart broke in a million pieces for Liz her sorrows felt so real to me that it was impossible not to connect with her so much Just imagine; she finds the love of her life builds a beautiful life with him and then all that happiness is gone in the blink of an eye How do you recover from something like that? How do you see a future? But mostly how could you imagine there being a second chance at love? Well those are uestions this story answers slowly and beautifully when a year later Liz meets Reynolds Carter and finds out that they have in common than she ever imagined and that hope is never completely lost at last “Death Betrayal Violence We shared these experiences in different ways yet still very much the same We were alike than not and now I knew why Once you've been crushed by the fragility of life you learned to fight for what matters” Reynolds is a charismatic Hollywood Star who has it all fame money status and a hot girlfriend he's starting to get serious with Everything seems to be in order in his life Well that uickly changes when he discovers some hard truths; his girlfriend has cheated on him and that glamorous Hollywood life of his no longer feels as fulfilling and real as he has hoped for this point in his career So in the midst of disappointments and realizations Reynolds finds himself eager to work on something real and meaningful something that brings back that hope he lost to the betrayal and also to escape the frivolous and fake world of Hollywood That's when destiny crosses his path with Liz and her story not only inspires him to his core but brings him hope and a kind of happiness he never thought existed “My life was changing before my eyes and I had never felt happier Here With these kids and this woman” As soon as these two characters meet and start working together on a project about Liz's late husband they connect and soon begin to get curious about each other The attraction between them is evident but it's also mixed with so much uncertainty due to their painful pasts Liz really amazed me throughout this whole story she was such a strong and loving mother daughter friend and wife She just had the biggest heart for everybody even after all she'd been through and the pain she was still dealing with But surprisingly to her it only takes Reynolds' presence to start diminishes that pain help her heal her broken heart and eventually fight for her second chance “The darkness starts to fade when you’re here The hurt in my chest has been so strong it made noise It was like I couldn’t hear through the roar of the pain Just sitting here with you like thisthe ache is less and it’s uiet” This book was just beautiful The melancholy throughout the story was so touching and that combined with the anticipation for things to happen between Liz and Reynolds was incredible It made their moments that much special to me and exciting because their love was not easy to conuer But things slowly fall into place and I loved how Liz and Reynolds help each other heal how they overcome the tough obstacles in their way and how they ultimately fall in love Their journey is heartbreaking sweet touching and totally heartwarming from beginning to end And how I LOVED Reynolds This man was an incredible hero; so patient understanding protective and a true gentleman with Liz and the boys that he captivated me to no end He was just the perfect man for Liz in every possible way sigh “One day you’ll be ready for me When you are have no doubt I’ll be waiting for you” Something else that made this book so captivating was how the other characters in the story had such an effect on my emotions Really there were moments with Liz's boys her best friend and the family that moved me so much that had me tear up I found those moments to be very special to the story as they made all connections between the characters feel so genuine and the story that much heartwarming and I just loved thatI'm always looking for romance stories that touch my heart and Past Heaven absolutely did Liz and Reynolds' story was simply a gorgeous and heartfelt story about how heartbreaking situations can change a person's life completely yet also bring back hope and the most precious and unexpected kind of love♥ I recommend this book to everybody It will make you feel many intense emotions but the one that will prevail through everything will be love love for these amazing characters and love for this beautiful story “Not every love story has a happy ending but the great ones no matter how they end change your life Love is the only thing powerful in this world than death Love transcends And in the end all any of us can hope for is a love that is past heaven” Purchase US UKVisit my blog for reviews book news and giveaways Blog Facebook Twitter Happy reading ; Past Heaven by Laura Ward4 stars “You know all about life surprising you with the stuff nightmares are made of but sometimes life surprises you in the best possible way” Sometimes you just need a cute feel good book and this book ticked those boxes for me Even though the beginning is a tough read this is literally just bringing some perspective into the place where Liz Atwater finds herself at the present time Once the introductions to the characters are made this book takes on a whole new lease of happy uplifting life “and now you’re suffering from post traumatic flirt syndrome You’ll get over it” You know that if the phone rings in the middle of the night it is never ever good and this is what happens to Liz’s BBF Cindy She is stunned to hear that her best friend’s husband has just been brutally murdered and her friend needs her than ever Cindy was an amazing bright bubbly gregarious character and every woman needs a BBF like her Her wit and banter had me in hysterics and she was a vital character to the flow and balance of this bookLiz thought her life had ended when her husband was killed; she held him dying in her arms and could do nothing about it Despite the overwhelming grief she is currently dealing with she has to be strong for her three sons they are dependent on her now and she has to be strong for them Liz’s husband ran a charity and devoted his life to bringing it to the forefront raising the necessary funds and trying to make life better for a lot of people that didn’t have a voice Sometimes though that shouting attracts unwarranted attention and can be misunderstood as was the case in what led to the demise of Mr Atwater “Her voice cracked at the end and she sobbed Body wracking breath stealing soul shattering sobs Yet her cries were silent” Reynolds Carter is Mr Hollywood he is the “it” actor and has an “it” girlfriend on his arm only now he has not hit the headlines because of one of his latest blockbusters but for the fact that his girlfriend has been cheating on him with an a lot younger him co star His confidence having taken a knock and having to re evaluate his life he escapes Hollywood to go to the only place where he can get unbiased genuine advicehis parentsReynolds wants to do something with his life he wants to do something worthwhile for a change and after a heart to heart with his parents he decides he wants to write a film rather than star in it Something real and meaningful rather than just a film en trend After watching the news and seeing the story of Liz’s husband Reynolds knows that this is the feel good story that he needs to get his teeth into He empathises with the charity and wants to help spread the word and if he can do that through film the better Now to approach Liz AtwaterThere is your introduction but now you will have to read the rest for yourself as these two embark on a professional relationship that opens eyes for both of them Having both had their share of heartache and bad times these two uickly form a friendship that you can tell will last a lifetime These two bounced off each other and to see their relationship develop was beautiful For Liz it was initially therapeutic it made her face up to the life that she was or wasn’t living any since her husband’s death Reynolds opened her eyes to see that her kids need a happy mum her demeanour reflects onto the kids and the kids take their vibes from her “One day you’ll be ready for me When you are have no doubt I’ll be waiting for you” To see how openly Reynolds took those kids under his wing was breath taking and swoon worthy He knew that this family came as a package deal and he went above and beyond to try and help those kids and if that doesn’t make your panties melt I don’t know what willThere are ups and downs as with any new romance and especially as these two come from opposite ends of the spectrum but for these two it is all a learning curve There are a lot of insecurities to be dealt with and teething problems but these two have fight and determination despite others trying to keep them apart for the sake of box office ratings and future movie dealsThis is a story of grief learning to live and love again finding yourself making yourself a better person but most of all knowing that loving and being loved is the biggest and most precious gift you can ever give or receive You never know when your day is up so live life to the fullest The underlying message throughout this book is inspiring to see how these become a family unit was emotional to read but those kids were just so darn cute How they accepted Reynolds and how that acceptance was reciprocated had me in tears but it is one story I won’t forget in a hurry “The idea is that once you really love someone and I mean the kind of love that fills you up from head to toe it lever leaves you A love like that surrounds you always Time distance and even death can’t end it That love is past heaven” wwwtheromancecovercom Overall rating 4 Past Heaven starsTriggersCheating view spoiler Not between the main characters The hero's ex GF had cheated on him with a younger man though hide spoiler DNF at 55%It was nice to begin with very emotional and promising start then unfortunately it got a bit boring and predictableI wanted a sadhealing comfort sort of book but it wasn't for meI tried to get invested but when it didn't happen at 55% I gave upThe writing is actually not bad at all but the story line is something I might have enjoyed a few years back when I was a novice to the romantic genre After reading and loving Laura Ward’s first book Not Yet I felt this would be a sure bet Oh how right I wasA story of two loves – one that ended with a heart broken into pieces; the other one putting the pieces back together and mending the broken heart Even though a new love can’t heal all wounds it still exists to restore beauty in hearts and bring happiness back into lives A beautiful love story – both compelling and emotional of two opposites who share loss and broken hearts The author writes a story with all those “feels” that fill your heart to capacity The story moved me to tears and then turned around and made me laugh The characters were both just turning 40 years of age What a wonderful and refreshing change from another YA story Don't get me wrong I love those romances too But Reynolds and Elizabeth brought years of experience and maturity into their relationship which started off slowly with a working relationship and friendship both of which demanded trust being established Told from both main characters POVs with just a short start and finish POV from Liz's best friend This book covered so many emotions and feelings exposing the many needs and desires along with the hesitance and doubts A reader couldn't ask for depth or character building Laura Ward writes well and gives readers a full package for an overall complete and enthralling readI would highly recommend Past Heaven to one and all 5 very emotional starsWhat do I write about this book? That I cried buckets and I'm out of tissues? Check That I loved the 180° turn Reynolds did from superficial hollywood hotshot actor to driven moved and dedicated man with a cause? Check That I absolutely adored Liz kids and melted for the youngest one? Check That I raged with Liz at the unfairness of life and admired her immense strength to still go on for her kids? Check That I totally was guilt tripped with her in her growing affection for Reynolds? Check That I was so jealous she had such a protective crazy and supporting best friend? Check That I wanted to slap that b Kylie? Check That I love stories were the heroes are day to day men and women dedicated to others courageous in every aspects of their life and fighting to make a better world? Check That once my Goodread friend was right about this book? CheckAnd it even has HEAMy warning though don't read it in a public place or on public transportation Why? Because with teary eyes running nose and a flushed face you'll either get lots of place around you which could definitely be a perk mind youpeople tend to avoid sick peopleor attract commiserating people fussing over youthey'll think you're grieving or have a heartbrake and some of them can be clingy or gather suspicion people will think you're crazy and you'll be forced to hide in a small corner for the rest of your tripSo what are you waiting for? Get set and read