Kiss Me Forever Bachelors Bridesmaids #1

Kiss Me Forever Bachelors Bridesmaids #1[PDF] ✈ Kiss Me Forever Bachelors Bridesmaids #1 Author Barbara Freethy – In Kiss Me Forever news reporter Andrea Blain is supposed to cover the news not make it But whenever she is on the trail of a big story things just happen Andrea is given one last chance to prove hers In Kiss Me Forever Bachelors MOBI õ Forever news reporter Andrea Blain is supposed to cover the news not make it But whenever she is on the trail of a big story things just happen Andrea is given one last chance to prove herself with the Kiss Me PDF/EPUB ² cover story on sexy billionaire heartbreaker Alexander Donovan The wealthy philanthropist appears to be living the American dream but Andrea is determined to uncover the real story When Alex’s secrets are revealed Andrea will have to choose between climbing the ladder of success Me Forever Bachelors PDF/EPUB Ã or falling in love. Rating 3 starsThis was of a novella than a full book which was disappointing The premise was actually intriguing though it didn’t end up being as edge of your seat than promised Alex’s past came out pretty easily considering all the angst we went through to get there There also wasn’t much emotion; this sounds weird but the characters were pretty flat in that they just kind of responded to the situation logically and didn’t express much emotion except for the points where there was sooo much emotion Overall not my favorite Super cute Page turner the character feel real but the plot is not believeableI don't understand how Alex has lot free time for Andrea's interview and Andrea's uestiom is not good enough She seems interesting in Alex's past 🎁 FREE on today 4272020 🎁 Author Barbara FreethyFirst published 2013Length 189 pages 2279 kindle locationsSetting Contemporary San FranciscoSex CleanHero Rags to Riches Billionaire Games DeveloperHeroine ReportermehThe only thing I can think is I've read better A distinct problem with editingproofreading Unfulfilled plot threads view spoilerthe child seat investigation hide spoiler Andrea was a reporter for the World News Today in Los Angeles She had been working on a story to take a company down for making subpar baby seats but had not come up with the information Her editor in chief took her off the story and told her if she wanted to keep her job she would do the cover story of Alexander Donovan who was the magazines man of the year He agreed to be interviewed but the magazine wants something besides the fluff he has already given to other reporters Andrea meets with Alex and he is handsome than he was in his pictures She senses that he is hiding something but every time she starts asking uestions he steers her in another direction Alex realizes that Andrea may be beautiful but she is smart and he can’t give her fluff like the othersThis is a very good book that you keep wondering what is Alex keeping a secret about Ms Freethy does a wonderful job of pushing and pulling the feelings between Alex and Andrea Alex has been hurt as a child and he is so good about helping others Even though he brought himself up he has a good nurturing ability Andrea became a reporter like her father was but she is trying to make her own name She has a twin sister that is getting married who is different as night and day but the two of them are very close I enjoyed the book very much and was glad I won the book I voluntarily read the book and wrote a review It was nice to read a romance story about a hot male and attractive female without the copious amounts of sex added to it It was refreshing to read a story build up a relationship and make it believable although it happened in about a month dnf at 75% The I read the unsettled I became with the idea of a romance between a reporter who is doing her utmost to find the secret that Alex is clearly hiding I find her behaviour abhorrent actually I knew the story revolved around Andrea trying to dig the dirt on Alex but I hadn't realised up to this point just how uncomfortable I was reading this Alex is also a bit creepy though I mean he KNEW what she wanted and he should never have agreed to be interviewed This is going to have a HEA but think about it Could YOU trust someone who is trying to find out all your hidden secrets just so she can save her job? I don't think I ever could I'm not currently going to rate this I think Andrea's belief that its okay trying to ruin someone's life simply because you want to hang on to your job is pretty despicable and it doesn't make for a pleasant read I am SO hoping that this ends with Alex telling her where to go and finding someone with a decent moral stance but I doubt it So I am not reading on Great love story I loved this book now I want to read the whole series I read it in less than 24 hours because I could not put it down A charming story Andrea is tasked with writing the article of a lifetime to save her job Her subject multimillionaire Alex fights her from the start worrying that the secrets of his past will be discovered All while they dance around the fact that they are uickly falling in love Its a must not miss story