Ella Fitzgerald: A Biography of the First Lady of Jazz

Ella Fitzgerald: A Biography of the First Lady of Jazz➼ Ella Fitzgerald: A Biography of the First Lady of Jazz Free ➲ Author Stuart Nicholson – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk Stuart Nicholson's biography of Ella Fitzgerald is considered a classic in jazz literature Drawing on original documents interviews and new information Nicholson draws a complete picture of Fitzgerald Stuart Nicholson's biography of Ella Fitzgerald is considered A Biography ePUB ✓ a classic in jazz literature Drawing on original documents interviews and new information Nicholson draws a complete picture of Fitzgerald's professional and personal life Fitzgerald rose from being a pop singer with chart novelty hits in the late 's to become a bandleader and then one of the greatest interpreters of American popular song Along with Billie Holiday she virtually defined the female voice in jazz and countless others followed in her wake and acknowledged her enormous influence Also includes two page Ella Fitzgerald: PDF \ inserts. I love Ella's music But even my love of Ella can't stop me from thinking that this is one of the worst biographies I have ever read It is simply a Wikipedia entry of Ella's albums and concerts I think the writer would have been better off writing a book on history of jazz based on facts as there is nothing humane about Ella in this work I'm also puzzled why he chose Ella as he seems to dislike 90% of what Ella has done despite acknowledging the fact that she has an amazing musical talent Stuart nicholson's biography of the life of the” ueen of Jazz” Ella Fitzgerald was great He wrote about the life of Ella in a way that made you feel like you were growing up as she did experiencing everything as she did In the book the author tells about the obstacles that she came across in her life and what made her into the strong successful women that she was Where having strong beliefs and dreams could get you if you wanted it enough The author gives you details and insight on important events in her life that you may have not knownIn the book Ella mourns the loss of her parents at a young age where she needed them the most Soon after Ella began on a down spiral Going in and out of foster homes and becoming homeless Ella continues on her path to success Following her success came problems though such as being discriminated against While reading this book you will identify with a true American dream and what it takes to get there This would probably get 5 stars for a serious student of music history For the reader just interested in learning about Fitzgerald's life the book is a bit dry The heavy focus on performance and recording dates venues contracts and personnel reflects thorough research and information much of which went over this reader's head However this also points to the primary aspect of Fitzgerald she lived to perform her work was her life A few incidents about her life are reported and at the end there is a very interesting comparison between Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday; but the fact is that Fitzgerald lived a clean life without the drama that yields good narrative script She had a poor background but worked hard to become one of the foremost jazz singers with international acclaim She loved her audience and they loved her I am interested in reading about Ella Fitzgerald's life I am not interested in reading Mr Nicholson's opinions on her swing era repertoire where he takes a giant steaming dump on her music of that time frame and later periods where those songs resurface His opinions are out of place contextually are unnecessary to further our knowledge of the subject and cast a shadow over the story of Ella's life as though you were reading her story through the lens of a whiny bitter critic who only cares about her contributions to bebop and doesn't appreciate her vast talents because they are not entirely suited to his taste I'd like to read a biography written by a true fan of her music and I'll second others' reviews about the book containing very little information about Ella's personal experiences Ella Fitzgerald led a fascinating life from growing up during the Great Depression and doing her first audition as a teenager that was living on the street dirty and dressed in ragged clothes to living in luxury as the First Lady of Jazz This biography was well researched and included detailed information about Ella’s life I had to listen to her singing some of her songs on You Tube to add to the enjoyment of reading the book Stuart Nicholson has done an excellent job of revealing Ella Fitzgerald's life His research was extensive and his insight on how music changed in her lifetime is very compelling The only drawback in my opinion is the denseness of his writing Though it is just a little over 300 pgs it is not a uick read Hearing Ella Fitzgerald finesse the Gershwin songbook is one of my earliest strongest childhood memories The magic of her singing spoiled me for good Nicholson's well researched book gave me such an appreciation for the incredible poverty racism and sexism she overcame to share her singular talent with the world He acknowledges her eagerness to please caused her to often choose inferior material to sing but he clearly revered her superlative diction clarity and range He acknowledges that many find Billie Holliday superior as an artist and while I adore Lady Day's work as well I feel that Ella deserves all the accolades she lived to receive Her drug of choice was food and she paid for that with diabetes and limb loss but she avoided the tragic loss of her skills far longer than Holliday Ella Fitzgerald lived to sing and how grateful I am that she recorded for the ages Good combo of her personal and professional life including some insights into the prevailing practices of the music industry at certain times Well researched and included a number of primary sources Great discography info Great book but a lot of unneeded detailsm This took a long time to read because once Ella makes it the story is over The book becomes a record on repeat Concert tour concert tour concert tour album release moderate shake up; repeat Bless her Ella managed to stay away from controversy which makes for a great life as a public figure but makes for pretty dull reading