The Hitwoman and the Poisoned Apple Confessions of a Slightly Neurotic Hitwoman #8

The Hitwoman and the Poisoned Apple Confessions of a Slightly Neurotic Hitwoman #8❮BOOKS❯ ✹ The Hitwoman and the Poisoned Apple Confessions of a Slightly Neurotic Hitwoman #8 ✯ Author J.B. Lynn – How do you solve a murder when the victim is still alive Maggie Lee’s murder mentor and almost lover Patrick Mulligan wants her to find out who poisoned him before it’s too late Keeping the man sh How do you solve a murder and the eBook ✓ when the victim is still alive Maggie Lee’s murder mentor and almost lover Patrick Mulligan wants her to find out who poisoned him before it’s too late Keeping the man she loves alive would be hard enough if all she had to worry about was not getting caught but nothing’s ever that simple In between dealing with her strung out cat searching for Patrick’s poisoner meeting a deadline The Hitwoman PDF \ to deliver a mysterious gift for her mobster boss and keeping a curious reporter on his toes she finds herself entangled in the complicated and potentially dangerous romantic affairs of her Aunt Susan and her semi psychic friend Armani Hearts and lives are in peril Can the kooky klutzy assassin save them. Can i just say OMG OMG If you haven't read this series you should You have to be ok with a cliffhanger ending but the author doesn't make you wait to long for the next book in the series I have read all the books in this series and it takes usually the first chapter to suck me in The main character Maggie Lee has been drawn into the world of being a assassin of sorts to pay for the care her orphaned niece healthcare needs That's how the series starts Since then she's been in all kinds of crazy situations and this book isn't any different In the last book Patrick her murder mentor and the married man she is in love with is poisoned This book she is tasked with finding out who poisoned him deliver a package to a lady in the same mental hospital her mother is in per her mobster boss and dealing with her friend Armani and her new boyfriend who rubs her the wrong way The woman should be a excellent juggler dealing with all the craziness around her JB Lynn knows how to draw you into her stories Although there are some serious situations going on she twists it around to add humor as well Even as a i am bracing for what might be coming times than not i end up smiling or laughing and then she grabs be by the throat with her almost climactic cliffhanger endings At that point there might be a curse or two from me Possibly Ok probably As always i am looking forward to the next book Maggie is forced to 'grow up' a bit in this latest installment of the Hitwoman series With additional characters through each installment and no end in sight to the series I've come to terms with the shortnovella length of these books If it means we can get the next book without waiting too long I'll concede their ever shortening lengthMaggie has been asked to find out who tried to kill her murder mentor and sort of lover PatrickShe is under the constant barrage of the increasingly selfish needs of her family and the stress of being a reluctant hitwoman and 'associate' of the Delvecchio brothers is starting to catch up with her and larger cracks in her facade are becoming visibleWe don't hear anything from Zeke or Ms Whitehat but we do meet a new player reporter Jason Stern There's an obvious attraction between Jason and Maggie but is he after something other than romance? Even Maggie can't seem to tell Also the Griswalds have been hanging around the BB making it difficult for Maggie to follow Rule #1Ultimately Maggie gets down to the bottom of things but we're left with a real cliffhanger by Ms Lynn And the fate of Armani hangs in the balanceAnother entertaining read with some real character growth for our heroine Maggie Lee Hopefully we won't have to wait too long for the next one Another winner by JB Lynn in the Slightly Neurotic Hitwoman series This drew me in from the very first page and kept me engaged until the very last page I was actually disappointed when I got to the end and there wasn't any pages the book was so good that I just wasn't ready for it to endThe book follows Maggie as she struggles to stay true to herself while solving the problems of those she lovesor at least not lose herself in them She tries to balance being her niece's guardian her murder mentor's almost lover her aunts' crazy behavior and her mother's just plain crazy while meeting the needs of a mobster she's afraid of Throughout this she has her animal friends DeeDee the dog God the lizard and Piss the cat that she talks to and that importantly that talk to heras in entire conversations although the dog is a bit grammar challengedlol This makes for an engaging book that I just could not put down I'm already looking forward to the next bookThank you to the author for providing a complementary ARC in exchange for an honest review I am very picky about the authors that I add to my favorites list spend my free time reading their books JB Lynn is one of my top favorites she doesn't disappoint with THE HITWOMAN THE POISONED APPLE Maggie her animal friends God DeeDee Piss are back this time they have to try to figure out who tried to poison Patrick Maggie's mentor before they try it again Maggie is in for some surprises is worried about how Patrick will take the news when she tells him Maggie also realizes that she might just be asking for heartbreak by falling for Patrick Add in a best friend who has hooked up with a man who is dangerous a cat who MIGHT have a drug problem AND trying to be there for her niece Maggie has her hands full I love all of the characters in this series both human animalreptile I cannot wait for Hitwomand #9 Another good one in an excellent series These little books are so perfecttightly plotted and paced no unnecessary exposition great characters and enough drama action and humor to satisfy every itch And just enoughbut not too muchromancesex I’ve been trying to pace myself but I’m running through these little gems like water I really need to start rationing them for emergencies only like when work has suuucckked or I messed up and accidentally watchedread the news They are my tiramisu One little thingI think your proofreader may have uit and neglected to inform you The number of incorrect and missing words in this book and the last has been EPIC Likea LOT a lot It’s pretty distracting I have no idea what’s involved so if it’s really hard then don’t worry about it but if notyou might want to take another pass at it Loved the story but the lack of editing really got in the way sentences with mixed tenses ‘than’ instead of ‘then’ and ‘in’ or ‘on’ instead of ‘of’ Also found many places with repeated word combinations Where were the editors? I’m not one and yet all of the mistakes just jumped out at me and sucked a lot of the fun right out of this story A great comic dramà mystery seriesFrom the first to the last book you will be entertained Ms Lynn is one of the most clever writers I have read The characters make you either identity with or you adore them So few writers have accomplished so much with such wonderful style Yep I read it it must be a good seriesOCR here again I read this in one night Maybe you should try this series cause I want to know how many others can't put the darn books downI give up good work JB LynnAll I was reading were about women who kick ass Not enough Patrick Hopefully he is in the next one I was extremely disappointed in Patrick's character in this book