Disenchanted[Download] ➽ Disenchanted Author Leigh Goff – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk Sixteen year old Sophie Goodchild is an outcast among the ordinaries and her coven but not because she’s untalented Descended from a powerful Wethersfield witch her spellcasting gift is awkwardly em Sixteen year old Sophie Goodchild is an outcast among the ordinaries and her coven but not because she’s untalented Descended from a powerful Wethersfield witch her spellcasting gift is awkwardly emerging but that’s the least of her worries The boy she’s forbidden to fall for a descendant of the man who condemned her witch ancestor to hang carries a dark secret that could destroy them both unless Sophie learns how to tap into the mysterious power of her diamond bloodcharm. I don’t know where to start telling you how much I loved this book With shelves filled with witchcraft stories fiction and historical alike I think Disenchanted will forever stand out as one of my favorites Sophie even while being supernatural remains human Thought she fights between her head and heart she ultimately makes her decisions based on her heart That’s something I think we can all relate toTo read my full review This book has everything that draws me into a good YA book and a little  This is Sophie Goodchild's coming of age story Sophie is forced to make decisions against seemingly insurmountable forces including people trying to kill her  Of course she has to do all that with potential budding romance with a cute boy or two Sophie has a lot going on as a half witch an orphan and a member of an underground secret society all living next door to her families multigenerational enemy  You always hear about the Salem witch trials but the Wethersfield actually happened first and Connecticut hanged the very first woman for witchcraft in the US the colonies  This book is a bit historical fiction a bit paranormal romance and the surprising part for me very colorful descriptive journey The author does not write this novel she paints it Describing every flower so that you swear you smell it and detailing every meal and drink so accurately that you wished you could taste it I can’t wait for the second novel in this series to come out Skipped ahead a bit but ultimately a DNFUpdate 11018I'm bored so let me tell you about this book This is a great book The best book really if you enjoy reading aloud to medium size groups of your closest and drunkest friends Literally I used this book as a party trick The party getting a little dull a gaping lull in the conversation? Whip this book off your coffee table and flip to a random page Immediate hilarity ensues To this day big leafy trees still sends me into laughing fits and that was only in the second chapter or something I will add examples next time I get bored This was an enchanting YA novel With vivid descriptions the reader becomes involved in Sophie's life as she becomes not only aware of her powers but comfortable with them Sophie also deals with an attraction to a forbidden love interest Excellent first novelA wonderful first novel It reads well and flows smoothly Easy transition from the now to the past A good novel for older young adults and older Disenchanted is a book that explores the lives of hideaway witches in Wethersfield Connecticut Descended from a long line of Wethersfield witches Sophie Goodchild is actually having difficulties with her powers She has the ability to spellcast but not in the traditional fashion She finds that most of the spells she casts turn out incredibly wrong and put her and the underground witches in danger You see the descendant of the man who hung her witchy ancestor is a prominent figure in town and both of his sons are back To be caught doing witchcraft means a shakedown of any business owned by the accused witch and disappearance Now not only does the coven have to watch out for Judge Mathers and his groupies his sons Zeke and Alexavier are following in their father's footsteps When Sophie has a bit of trouble with a stalker she is surprised when none other than a Mather steps up to protect her Alexavier and Sophie are drawn together even though they have been mortal enemies for centuries To like a Mather is to renounce your claim to be a witch Nothing good can come from fraternizing with the enemy Yet that's what Sophie and Alexavier do he can't help but watch over her and she can't help but want to be around him as much as she can Disenchanted is an amazing coming of age story with a paranormal twist Sophie may be young but she's been forced to deal with adult issues since she's a half witch living in a town of regular townsfolk I enjoy the interactions between Sophie and Alexavier Sophie is a bit juvenile at times but she's only 16; I don't expect her to completely act like an adult She's a little moody and whiny but what teenager isn't at one point or another? We've all been a teenager it's not easy Add in a history of witchcraft prejudices and unjust deaths and I'm not sure how any of the Wethersfield witches are sane Leigh Goff penned uite the historical fiction young adult paranormal novel Her world building allowed me to visualize the story and play it in my head I enjoyed all of the characters in Disenchanted even the ones that stressed me out with their stupid accusations judgments and hypocrisies Just because someone acts lives or practices differently than you or I doesn't mean it's wrong or should be stopped in most cases anyway Anyway as I step off of my soapbox the book is well paced engaged me from the beginning and kept me interested from start to finish And that ending wow The emotions I felt while reading this book were strong but the emotions I felt at the end were powerful I was sad but hopeful at the same time I was sent the book for review and it's taken me way too long to get to it and for that I apologize I'm sorry I waited so long to read a wonderful book Loved it This was the last book on my fall reading list and I wasn't disappointed I don't normally read YA but Disenchanted and a few other YA titles have made me rethink my TBR pile for 2018 Disclosure I received an ARC Advanced Review Copy of this book to review This review is also posted on my personal website wwwtravelsinmedianl but in both cases 100% written by meThis is the first review that I am writing for Mirror World Publishing but that is not the only thing that is new The book I received is Disenchanted Leigh Goff's debut novel The synopsis was showing great promise so let’s start my reviewThe story is about a sixteen year old girl named Sophie Goodchild She is not a normal human being but a half witch Her mother was a witch and her father a mortal but with telekinesis power However her parents are dead and Sophie is living with her aunt Sophie isn’t popular among the witches and neither with the ordinary people But she falls in love with the son of The Judge a man who tries to clean the street of witches once and for all Her happiness doesn't last long though because one of her ancestors has cursed his family Cliché? Yes But enjoyable nonethelessTo me it sounds like a good foundation for a book I’d like to read Unfortunately the main characters lack character pun intended and are rather weak Sophie can’t do anything else than complain and act like the victim She falls in love with Alexavier a pyromaniac who likes setting stuff on fire Why? I don’t know He even refers to himself as a moth drawn to a flame Sophie that’s just lame There isn’t a lot of build up leading to their love either He rescues her one and BAM she’s in love If only life was that easy Because Sophie is a half witch she lacks the skill to wield her magic properly Almost everything fails or she has to try multiple times Yet the ‘revelum’ spell works every single time she tries what is up with that? Maybe I am overthinking things but that just bothers meThe story is pretty straightforward and simple There are not really any unexpected events happening If Disenchanted was the first book in a series that wouldn’t be a problem because it would just be an introduction to the world the author is creating But since this is a single novel I find this very frustrating The only noteworthy thing that has happened was Sophie using her bloodcharm necklace and that was already spoiled in the synopsisThe format in which I have read Disenchanted is an eBook I do not know if the following accounts for the printed version as well but the digital version looks like the ‘enter’ key was stuck on Leigh Goff's keyboard There are so many small sentences that it is wasting space on the page Because of this the book is actually a lot shorter than the number of pages listed on If you buy the printed version that is not so bad because it does improve the readability somewhat but on an eReader it causes unnecessary page turns which declines battery life considerably The book ended fairly soon after the ‘big event’ which I am always pleased with If the story is over don’t just write to fill the book with pages However one thing wasn’t really clear to me which I will describe below but do not read if you don’t want to know how the book endsview spoilerWhen Sophie broke the old spell cursing the Mathers history changed everything But if it changed so much that Alexavier didn’t even go to England because there was no curse his father never had a reason to hunt down the witches Therefore her mother wouldn’t be captured and her parents would still be alive Yet this isn’t the case they are still dead What the fck? Everything changed but their deaths did not? hide spoiler Today I am reviewing a YA debut novel Disenchanted by Leigh Goff When I first opened the book I was afraid I'd made a mistake when agreeing to review it I though perhaps I had volunteered to review a romance novel that wouldn't be appropriate on my Christian blogHowever that was not the case While some may not agree with Christians reading novels about witches and warlocks and vampires and such I love literature and fiction literature especially I teach middle school and high school English Fantasy is an amazing place to escape toThere are real life lessons yes even spiritual lessons that can be taught through supernatural characters tucked within the pages of fiction that some would choose to banThis was a story of redemption A story of righting past wrongs Sacrificing self for the good of the community It was a story of love laying down one's life for their brotherWere there witches and warlocks and magic? Yep but the message didn't changeWould I allow my own children to read it? NO I wouldn't allow it I would ENCOURAGE itHeroine Sophie GoodchildHero Alexavier MatherWhere Wethersfield ConnecticutSixteen year old Sophie is half witch and half ordinary and wholly fits in no where She is struggling to discover who she is while attempting to present only the version of herself she wants others to seeIn the midst of her struggle a battle rages between good and evil Unfortunately for Sophie the lines aren’t uite as clear between the two sides as others believe they should beThe Mathers have been locking witches away and even killing them for years Can she keep herself from falling in love with one of Judge Mather’s sons? Can Alexavier Mather protect both of them from the curse that one of Sophie’s ancestors placed on his family?Throughout the book Sophie struggles to balance family relationships friendships dating relationships coven relationships and appearances of relationships for those trying to bring harm to her She tries to master the skills to become a herbalist and tries to control the skills of spellcasting that are already within herSophie discovers that everyone in her life is different and gifted in some way Even the people she thought were Ordinaries A story that starts out feeling a lot like a mystery with some romance thrown in winds up feeling like a book about the battle between good and evil Characters are forced to choose between doing what’s right because it’s what everyone wants you to do because it’s easiest or because you have decided to risk your own life to save the lives of others Characters have to choose whether to sacrifice or stealWhile Sophie’s character is well developed the hero Alexavier is not as developed His “criminal” past is never fully explained to the point that the reader finds worth in it’s inclusion The “curse” placed on his family doesn’t drive the plot enough to make it as mysterious as it seems throughout the text When I discovered what the big secret was I was really disappointed There was no secretAfter the heroine puts so much on the line to heal the past and the present she gets no happily ever after at all in the end Her personal past isn’t healed but everyone else’s is Her present that was looking up is now completely undoneWhile I would absolutely recommend this book to my middle school and high school students I do think it was lacking a little depth in the hero and secondary characters I also desperately hope there is a seuel coming so that Sophie can have some kind of HEA I felt so sorry for her at the end of this book I guess it just felt a little too much like real life for me I wanted everything to work outIf you enjoy fiction fantasy romance witches historical fiction debut novels YA novels books about good vs evil or simply trying something new then this book is for you Disenchanted by Leigh Goff is a cute young adult love story The main character Sophie is a teen struggling to get control of her witch powers all the while trying to hide what they truly are from the coven Meanwhile she meets the neighbour and her coven’s sworn enemy’s son and thus starts the forbidden relationship and all that it involves It is a stereotypical young adult love story with no real surprises in that department However I did really enjoy this book I found it to be well written with wonderful descriptions I think I am craving some orange tic tacs now I liked how she would describe the magic in the world she has created as well as Aunt Janie’s garden I enjoyed the diversity with the witch abilities and the white and black sides The plot overall was good and did have twist or two with some of the characters that I enjoyed I felt however that in the writing there were a few spots where the transition between scenes was rough There were two occasions where I did a double take and went back to reread the previous page to make sure I hadn’t missed something Also now having finished it I have mixed feelings about the end It’s not a bad ending It’s what I would expect from this type of book What bothers me is the pacing to get it to the end and then how it all wraps up Parts of the ending don’t sit right with me view spoilerFirstly the pacing as most books do start out slow and then work to the climax and then once you get there it’s always felt to me like a rush to the end and everything gets concluded This time however I just felt that it took a while to get to that climax and then it was all over really uickly I would have liked details or action or something at the ceremony It felt rushed and lacked the detail that was in the rest of the book Honestly while working up to that point in the book I was concerned that the story would be unfinished that I would have to wait for a seuel because there was no way that it would be concluded in the last 20 pages As for the ending again it feels unfinished How does undoing a generation curse change history? If it changes everything else Why aren’t her parents alive? They shouldn’t have been killed Conveniently Aunt Janie took a potion which enabled her to remember the “real” history of things? I am not sure if the author plans on writing a seuel to this story or not but these are two of things that left me a little confused at the end of the book I mean re writing history is a pretty big event and ability that just happened there but she can still go and pretend she is a little herbalist? Rewriting history changed the Mather’s attitudes and hatred of the witches did it not? So why does she have to hide her abilities? Why are they hiding from Mayapple? Shouldn’t she be different too? Everyone affects everyone else so why all the big secrets? The current hatred was all stemmed from that event hundreds of years ago but if that was rewritten things should be completely different Otherwise this story wraps all nicely up happy ending with a bow? Are some of these elements in there just so it’s not a perfect happy ending? It just doesn’t sit right I do hope that if the author decides to write a seuel that some of this gets sorted out I can understand if the author didn’t want to deal with people returning from the dead however there is still a very long seuence of events that just got rewritten and did not seem to have been dealt with accordingly hide spoiler

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