Irkadura[Ebook] ➣ Irkadura ➩ Ksenia Anske – My mama became a catfish when I was two on the day I stopped talking Neglected since birth by her mother Irina Myshko hasn’t spoken a word for most of her short Soviet life Outcast as a mute idiot a My mama became a catfish when I was two on the day I stopped talking Neglected since birth by her mother Irina Myshko hasn’t spoken a word for most of her short Soviet life Outcast as a mute idiot and abused by her mother's boyfriends she escapes into an alternate reality where true natures show and people are revealed as the beasts they are Pregnant homeless and penniless Irina has to make a choice — learn to live in this splintered world or descend into madness. As a voracious reader I have come across many books in life Some I read just for a good time and then forgot about Some I read and remember for uite some time books with memorable characters in touching stories which enriched me as a person And then there are books like IRKADURA which is not only memorable but also heart wrenchingly honest in its prediction of the brutality that we humans inflict on each other and roused me from my long somnolence about the insidious evil that prevails in some of our minds and heartsIrina Myshko is a beleaguered teenager in Soviet Russia grappling with an abusive negligent alcoholic mother and a drunkard rapist of a step father Constantly sexually abused by her mother's boyfriend and numerous lovers Irina decides to run away from home one fine morning Pregnant alone and helpless in a big merciless city and at the mercy of a hypocritical cold and apathetically cruel society Irina copes with her predicament by resorting to magical realism she turns all the humans into animals in her head decreeing each person's animal name by their respective natures and actions While her mom is a catfish her rapist stepfather is a boarAs Irina tries to grapple with the demons in her head undergoes torture on the streets and also encounters new people and adventures she has to walk a thin line between keeping her mind and losing it completelyto carry her story to a shocking highly emotional conclusionIRKADURA is many things all at once It is the heart wrenching gritty story of a young dumb mute physically sexually verbally and mentally tormented teenage girl who braves all odds to survive and conuer her horrifyingly brutal past It is a between the lines commentary of the social s prevalent in Soviet society at that time the hypocrisy the misogyny the harsh judgment on people who happened to be different the coldness towards people in dire need of help the apathy the discrimination The prevailing attitudes towards women It is a love story It is a portrayal of the bitter reality of the human psyche It is a possible fairy tale gone horribly wrong It is a book that will give you a lesson in facing your demons and healing from your hurts without proselytizingKsenia has effortlessly combined magical realism with brilliant expositions of the world around Irina along with excellent descriptions of Irina's thoughts conflicts and struggles both inner and outer The story manages to touch the reader's heart on every level because it is sincere honest and does not mince words or use flowery language at any point The author has accomplished the rare feat of pouring her heart out and doing it so beautifully and mind blowingly making the reader join Irina in her adventures experience her joy her pain her dilemmas and cry with herKsenia is an excellent author in her own right but I will still say that she can write magic realism like Gabriel Garcia Maruez beautiful exposition like Markus Zusak and descriptions of scenes from real life like Dostoevsky because I consider Ksenia's writing to be of that levelThe ending WILL make you cryDON'T read this book if you are weak of heart or of mind or like to read stories with happy endings and palaces and lovey dovey romancesDO READ this book if you like gritty stories of pain violence and struggle with strong tough women protagonists heavy on emotions and having memorable supporting characters like Sim and PavlikOn an end note I would like to state that I have read other books by Ksenia like Rosehead and the Siren Suicides trilogy she is an AWESOME author can write a lot than just Fantasy her genre of choice and her arc of growth as an author has been as interesting as those of the intriguing characters in her intriguing booksYES I am very happy with Brand Ksenia D You will be too once you sample her books Irkadura is a strange sort of book completely uniue If I could describe the book as any one animal it would be this a sad depressed and abused dogI went into Irkadura with little than a vague understanding that the book takes place in Russia and follows a young girl I expected a tragic story What I didn't expect was that I would fall completely in love with the characters Anske has infused the book with Each was incredibly well thought out and all contributed to this incredible storyPrejudice plays a massive role in the foundation of Irkadura While saying which types of prejudice are in the book may be considered a spoiler I will say that most of them were unexpected and provided an unconventional insight into these issuesThe writing itself was very well done I loved how it alternated between Irkadura describing things literally then figuratively Most of the figurative descriptions are Irina's the main character way of dealing with various traumatic incidents and there are a lot of these I did find a few sections throughout the book a bit hard to follow because of this especially near the beginning While every italicized section was clear enough I found the sudden switch in some of the regular text to be particularly difficult I could piece together what was happening but I feel the book may have benefited from scaling back some of this description at timesThe only other problem I had with the book was in relation to Irina's view on communism This whole issue felt a bit shoehorned in and while I don't doubt that it would have been on everyone's mind I do think that it could have been handled effectively The parts in particular that bothered me were when Irina would come across what she defines as a 'statue' of Stalin and when she would judge others based on being communist followers There were parts of the book where this was handled very well I would need to spoil some of my favorite aspects of the book to properly elaborate on this but there were just a few short scenes that felt a bit heavy handedThat said I loved this book It might be the most important book I read this year Ksenia Anske has a clear voice and I look forward to reading her other works While I wouldn't recommend this book to everyone due to its rather tragic feel anyone who reads it is going to be hit repeatedly This is a book that makes you feel and a damn good one at that This review first appeared on my websiteWhy did I wait so long to dive into this book? I held onto it for month before cracking it open to reveal the decadent darkness inside All that time wasted I could’ve loved this book soonerLet’s get one thing straight Ksenia Anske is brilliant Really she is I read her novel ROSEHEAD in one sitting over the summer and I read IRKADURA without stopping too I couldn’t put it down Anske’s prose is dark and dreamy She evokes a mood that is haunting yet real; scary yet sublimeAnd I loved every minute of itThis review is going to be short and sweet in an effort to avoid gushingPlot Summary Irina Myshko is a sixteen year old Soviet girl who doesn’t speak Why? She’s suffered decades of abuse at the hands and other parts of her mother’s boyfriends and she’s been coping by escaping to an alternate reality In this world people’s true natures are revealed and they manifest themselves as animalsWhen Irina becomes pregnant homeless and penniless she must figure out a way to survive in the world long enough to keep the impending madness at bayThe chapters are composed of short scenes that jump from one event to the next without wasting time The pacing is fast but not too fast Also there are no digressions There weren’t any sections I wanted to skip That’s the mark of an excellent story right thereMy Thoughts This book unnerved me in the best way possible I’ve heard a lot of good things about IRKADURA All of them are true The story is told from Irina’s POV in first person present tense This style makes the plot much immediate – as a reader it felt like everything were actually happening to meThe events of the novel stick in your mind as does the imagery Anske evokes After finishing IRKADURA I dreamed I was pregnant with a boar Weird stuff people Weird but goodIt’s darker than my usual reading fare believe it or not but it’s an incredible novel If you want to read something that will stay with you long after you’ve put it away you might want to go out and buy IRKADURA Dark and twisted Irkadura is one of those books that I love but I know I can't recommend to anyone and everyone You have to have a taste for the demented to appreciate this story You have to be able to read about the things most people want to brush under the rug things like abuse rape discrimination and fear woven so deep you can't see where it ends and you beginFor those with weak stomachs or those who are sensitive to rougher subjects due to personal experiences I would recommend a degree of caution before picking up this book Brace for impact the way one would when they see a punch coming but can't block it It's one of those stories that holds nothing back There is no sugar coating in Irkadura There is no covering up of the brutality and unspeakable lows that some not worthy of the title humans can sink toBut for those who like me are fascinated and drawn to the truth of life be it the beautiful and luminous or the horrible and painful this will be the kind of book you will revel in mentally examining for years to come You'll love the fiesty but deeply wounded Irina and the kind but fearful Pavlik You'll be captivated by Irina's journey from broken and battered victim towell no spoilers but her transformation is breathtaking to behold You wake up to a headache You make a huge steaming mug of caffeine You start reading a book called IRKADURA about a mute pregnant girl fleeing her abusive family in Moscow An hour later your huge mug of caffeine is cold and your headache is forgotten And you keep readingThat is the power of Ksenia Anske's IRKADURA What she has created here is nothing short of magic Every line of scant poetic prose trickles onto the canvas in a way that conjures the likes of David Mitchell A novel whose protagonist sways in and out of fantasy and reality in ebbs and flows like the tide Yes Irina lives in a fantasy but the pains of reality of abuse and oppression and poverty and civil disobedience and prejudice are still there inescapableI loved this book I felt like I LIVED this book And that's the greatest magic of them all This was way out of what I usually read but I picked it up off Ksenia's website on a whim one evening It's a terrifying book awesome in the original sense of the word and left me in tears by the time I reached the end Read it It will break your world I’m not sure how I feel about Irkadura I love the concept – a traumatized mute girl who sees humans transform into animals in traumatic situations She’s a mouse then there’s the catfish the boar the butterfly etc She’s not a likeable protagonist – to me anyhow – but who is when they’re navigating a world out of a place of mistrust and walls up because of danger around every bend? This magical realism is a beautiful concept that I thought should be heading a certain direction but then it seemed to move slow and go a different direction But in the end it went the way I had originally thought it should it all climaxed amazingly and ended well So if you’re up for a slow pace with focus on character journey than plot action this is that kind of story It's a psychological internal story so than an external one although there is that component And then hang around for the fantastic ending that pulls it all togetherI was on the edge of my seat It's a freakishly scary book in the psychological sense I wrote an extended review of draft 4 which doesn't change substantially in the final version at but it's full of spoilers so be carefulI really enjoyed the writing style the action the descriptions It was eye candy in that sense or is it brain candy? and Ksenia shows herself as a fine storyteller I also enjoyed the internal dialog because it was very well done and carried the story forward A large word of caution This book is very dark and may put you on the edge Highly recommended to seasoned readers If there's one thing a book should do it's leave an impression on the reader I know that sounds generic but good lord this one was anything but generic and left me feeling raw pensive and it's as though I have scars on my hands simply from turning the pages That's the long way of saying this is a powerful haunting and memorable book Well well done This is not my type of story at all but I finished the book in under 5 hours Five stars for the little eaglet and for making me bawl my eyes out

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