The Moorigad Dragon (Age of the Hybrid, #1)

The Moorigad Dragon (Age of the Hybrid, #1)[Ebook] ➡ The Moorigad Dragon (Age of the Hybrid, #1) By Debra Kristi – Saving a life shouldn’t come with so many complicationsSaving Marcus’s life should’ve ualified as a good deed Except that’s not why Kyra saves him She’s pulled to the deed by something super Saving a life shouldn’t come with so many complicationsSaving Marcus’s life should’ve ualified as a good deed Except that’s not why Kyra saves him She’s pulled to the deed by something supernatural But then Marcus sees Kyra’s hybrid dragon and she finds herself bound to protect him A bond already causing tension between Kyra and her best friend Sebastian Only Kyra will find it is not easy defying Death Yet she is determined―even at the cost of her own lifeBad things happen in the blink of an eyeSebastian has built his life around his tarot cards so since The Moorigad eBook ´ taking refuge at Mystic’s Magical Carnival Trying to include Kyra in that part of his life goes all wrong Now Kyra’s interest in Marcus stands between Sebastian and Kyra and places Kyra in emanate danger Sebastian needs to make her see needs to steer her away from Marcus needs to save her from the conseuences of her decisions before it’s too late If he needs to Sebastian will bare his most guarded secrets to protect herSlip through the portal and get lost in the extraordinary fantasy world known as the Mystic Carnival Collective This is one within a group of short stories novelettes and novellas with one thing in common―a connection to the supernatural location Mystic’s Carnival Is it a carnival or a circus Maybe it’s a melding of both. I started this book blindly I did not read any reviews The story line was obviously up my alley Shifters Dragon shifters? Bring it on This book surprised me I was a little surprised at the beginning being set in a carnival type setting But as it went along and the action never stopped I was really hooked There were moments that time skipped and you wondered what was going on I had to go back a couple times because I thought I missed something But no it's the suspense of what happened Style of writing was just a little different I'm excited to read the next book I was given a copy of this book for my honest review Full review to follow This book is sure to snare any fantasy reader Kyra not accepted by her own family but risks everything for a stranger at the time endures her to the reader Conflicts arise between her and her best friend Sebastian It is full of imagination and pulls you into a different world come along for the ride Contemporary Paranormal RomanceKyra figures that saving Marcus’s life should count as a good deed though that isn’t what motivated her to do it Something supernatural pulled her to do it When Marcus sees Kyra’s hybrid dragon she finds herself bound to protect him What makes things worse is that a bond between Kyra and her best friend Sebastian is causing tension between them Kyra is determined to defy Death even if that cost is her own life Sebastian’s life is built around his tarot cards even so when he takes refuge at Mystic’s Magical Carnival Everything goes wrong when he tries to include Kyra in that part of his life Kyra’s interest in Marcus is now standing between her and Sebastian It also puts Kyra in emanate danger Sebastian needs to save her from the conseuences of her decisions by making her see and steering her away from Marcus before it is too late Sebastian is determined to do that even if the only way to save her is by baring his most guarded secretsThis proves to be a story that keeps readers wondering just what will happen next It is fast paced and keeps the reader glued to the pages as they read to see what is going on and just what will happen next The characters are interesting and colorful and makes for a story that is intriguing It has a bit of a cliffhanger at the end but overall it is very well written and readers will want to know what happens next in the next story It has a mystery threaded through the story that will keep the readers wondering just where this one is headed and what will happen in the end The paranormal characters make for a story that will have readers wondering just what will show up next in it I enjoyed the majority of this book and I loved that the story is uniue In this book Kyra is a dragon of sorts but she is a hybrid so she has trouble fitting in so she has left home and ends up being part of a magical carnival I loved the whole magical carnival premise It's lots of fun And I love that Kyra is a dragonshifter So cool I do like Kyra but she did get on my nerves when she wouldn't follow her heart or trust her misgivings about people or things Everyone in this book is too secretive which of course leads to problems Sebastian is great And I really like the mystery around him and what his story actually ends up being In this book the characters have to deal with the issues that arise when you butt into things you should've left alone so be prepared for stupid decisions abound I was thinking this was a YA story and for the most part it reads like it is but then BOOM things make a turn for the dark side This is sort of a spoiler so you have been warned SPOILERThere is mind rape and actual rape although the character being raped doesn't really get that she is being raped because of the whole mind rape thing and it really came out of nowhere for me I actually felt devastated when it happened because it was so shocking and it didn't fit the tone for the rest of the book I'm looking forward to continuing the next story this book definitely kept me interested till the very end so I expect the next book will as well Take a step into a world where carnivals summon you dragons exist magic occurs and evil lurks Debra Kristi takes you into her beautifully magical world This world is very complex and is full of secrets If you aren't careful at Mystics you may get lost It is always changing The Moorigad Dragon is about a young girl who decides to run away because she no longer fits in with her own famiy To her surprise Mystic's carnival finds herMystic's brought you here through the mural's portal She's been watching you for a while now and decided you needed a place to call home Here is where she meets Sebastian Sebastian means the world to Kyra and makes the carnival feel like home to her No longer did she burn nor did he freeze Their touch was a perfect body warmthKyra and Sebastian see a man who needs help Kyra risks exposing her true form to save this man Little do they know this man will ruin Kyra and try to wedge his way between Kyra and Sebastian Can Sebastian save her?Each character had to of been carefully selected before being placed into this story Kristi puts so much detail into her characters Her characters are so vivid and real that they easily come alive in your head as you read I'm so thankful that I have the full series in front of me because I'm dying to jump back into this magical crazy world I highly recommend this book This story is about s shape shifting dragon Kyra she lives in a hidden world in Mystic CarnivalShe is with her best friend Sebastian in the normal worldours where thy like to be most Sebastian helps her with her fire breathing Then there is a fight above them on the bridge three man attack one other and throw him off the bridge they are not allowed to interfere in our world but Kyra saves th man anyway She even takes him into her world which gives complications and soon sh has to save hi thr againLoved this book nicely written lovable characters action an fast paced You will love this world with dragons the end leaves much possibilities for the next book In the first book Moorigad Dragon we meet Kyra and Sebastian They worked at Mystic Carnival a carnival that never sleeps Kyra one saves a young man from drowning that right there was the being of her mistakes because he was marked for death Now death is after his retribution Around every corner is an obstacle in her way to keep this man safe she’s a dragon so it would be easy for her right Not when you have to keep a helpless human safe from death It’s a wild and crazy ride that she wants to get off of but at what cost? Does death wants his payment life for a life? Will it be hers?Check out my full review A very strange read I don't finish bad books I finished this one in two days Can't really describe it Just when you think you know what is going on everything changes and goes in another direction fantasy battles romance action and dragons I love this series Underneath it all it's about how family can screw with your life D With dragons Dragons

The Moorigad Dragon Kindle ´ The Moorigad  eBook
  • Paperback
  • 136 pages
  • The Moorigad Dragon (Age of the Hybrid, #1)
  • Debra Kristi
  • English
  • 07 February 2016
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