The Last Summer at Chelsea Beach

The Last Summer at Chelsea Beach❰Reading❯ ➿ The Last Summer at Chelsea Beach Author Pam Jenoff – Summer 1941   Young Adelia Monteforte flees fascist Italy for America where she is whisked away to the shore by her well meaning aunt and uncle Here she meets and falls for Charlie Connally the eldes Summer   Young Adelia Summer at Kindle Ð Monteforte flees fascist Italy for America where she is whisked away to the shore by her well meaning aunt and uncle Here she meets and falls for Charlie Connally the eldest of the four Irish Catholic boys next door But The Last ePUB ô all hopes for a future together are soon throttled by the war and a tragedy that hits much closer to home Grief stricken Addie flees—first to Washington and then to war torn London—and finds a position at a prestigious newspaper as well as a chance to redeem Last Summer at Epub ß lost time lost familyand lost love But the past always nips at her heels demanding to be reckoned with And in a final fateful choice Addie discovers that the way home may be a path she never suspected. I found Addie frustrating Her avoidance of issues by constantly running away was annoying despite her forced and abrupt departure to a new country alone not completely understanding her parents insistence she flee Italy I had empathy for her up to a point uickly it manifested into annoyance and disappointment Her strength intelligence and somewhat independence did not match her poor decision making in the romance department or her overall character Part 3 is where Addie fell apart for me I did not like her at allThe romance twist bothered me terribly Addie crossed a serious line a move seemingly based on desperation than love emotional rebound in my opinion Frankly the twist ruined the entire narrative also it was fairly predictable but I kept hoping I was wrong ultimately not the caseI loved the setting – the tension and fear permeating London The chaos and desperation of WWII palpable Addie Teddy Claire and Charlie’s roles added texture and really made WWII come to life air raids bombings were felt with the turn of every pageI enjoyed the story I only wish Addie wasn’t flighty and such a contradiction No surprise the romance element was a miss for me I wish Jenoff ended it differently No doubt this novel will appeal to fans of historical fiction WWII and war romanceshttpravenhairedgirlcom A sweeping historical that takes us from Italy to America to London and back to America Originally published in 2015 The Last Summer at Chelsea Beach introduces readers to Adelia Addie Monteforte a young teenage girl in Italy It is 1941 and Italy is at war and for their daughter's safety Addie's parents decided to send their daughter to her aunt and uncle in America Adjusting to life living with strangers and a new culture Addie soon befriends the boisterous Connally brothers an Irish Catholic family that lives next to her relatives' summer home Drawn to the eldest brother Charlie Addie soon begins a romance but America's entrance into the war and a personal family tragedy keep the two apart But a chance meeting later in the war may give them the opportunity they need What I thought Pam Jenoff has a tendency to make me forget about my to do list and I keep myself flipping the pages However Addie and I didn't necessarily connect and I felt that I would have liked to see her growth and experiences a lot than just a focus on bringing her back to the Connally family Overall not a favorite but it holds enough Jenoff magic that I don't regret diving inGoodreads review 131219 I devoted a significant portion of my day to reading this book when I really needed to be doing other things and in the end I didn't even like it very muchIt did hold my attention but the main character and her freuent running away got to be a bit much and she sounds so meek and plain and yet these wonderful men are crazy in love with her To the author's credit at one point a character does very bluntly say to her that she can't uite figure out why it is two great guys are falling all over themselves for herI would have liked the book much better if it had ended before part three I could have handled the book ending with the conclusion of part 2 it was sad but it made sense to me and made Addie seem like a stronger character But part 3 is what sort of ruined the rest of the story for me It just made me angry view spoiler In the acknowledgments the author mentions this story being somewhat influenced by Little Women and it figures because even though I love Little Women it's one of my favorite books I get so angry about Jo not ending up with Laurie and him marrying Amy and Jo settling for some boring old man The romance twist in this story created very similar feelings of anger within me I dislike the ending so much Parts of this book were leading up to being a great love story I would have been okay with the love story not ending well and Addie going off on her own but instead she ends up in a relationship that to me seemed very much like settling for damaged leftovers It was like she'd learned nothing from all of her experiences So disappointing hide spoiler Find this and other reviews at Jenoff has been one of my go to writers for a while I always enjoy the time I spend with her stories and I think that is why I put off reading The Last Summer at Chelsea Beach for as long as I did I’d flagged it as a comfort read and kept it in my back pocket to distract me when I found myself in rough patchThe story surprised me in many ways I found it slower than Jenoff's other novels but it is a story of self discovery so the pacing was actually uite appropriate to the action Adelia Monteforte is a young girl when Jenoff introduces her and it takes years for her to experience the events that shape the woman she becomes It is a process that unfolds as she enters each new phase of her life and I liked how Jenoff structured the story to emphasize that idea Another thing I like about this piece was how it highlighted America’s pre war years Europe was a world away and the United States didn’t really understand the magnitude or fear experienced by those on the other side of the Atlantic I know the era through my own research but I appreciated Jenoff’s effort at illustrating the naivety that existed in America and showing her audience how blissfully unaffected the average American was prior to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor The heart of the story however is the idea of family the roles each individual plays in it how those roles change over time and how they play into the choices we make as adults It’s a subtle idea with no flashy bells and whistles but it’s elegant and moving nonetheless It takes a while to get there of course the narrative spans a handful of countries over a period of years but there a sense that it comes full circle in the end and I liked how everything came into focus in the final chapters The Last Summer at Chelsea Beach is a heartfelt coming of age novel of love and renewal It’s not the heaviest historical I ever read but I’d definitely recommend it to readers of period romance andor women’s fiction I have a bit of a soft spot for Pam Jenoff's novels They are just my cup of tea; romance and drama during wartime This latest read succeeded in living up to my expectations having read The Kommandants Girl series some time ago When young Italian Addie is sent suddenly across the atlantic to live with relatives in the US once war breaks out she befriends the lively Connelly family and in particular their eldest handsome son Charlie The story is very much a coming of age one set against the backdrop of a world at war The author was careful as ever to respect the era in which the story was told She delivers a compassionate story and vividly describes each of the cities and countries Addie visits There are a few supporting characters who I felt deserved reconciliation towards the end of the story; chiefly the charming Teddy and Addie's new found friend Claire However the gripping storyline of the main characters is enough to keep the reader interested until the very last pageHighly recommended for fans of romance and historical fiction An easy read yes but still a brilliant one I really want to find the positive in this book which I expected to like much than I actually didThe bare bones of the plot seemed promising A young girl escaping wartime Europe on her own ends up being taken in by the rowdy boys of the family next door Addie loves all of the Connally boys but falls in love with Charlie War gets in the way as does a family tragedy and Addie ends up running away again and again always looking for meaning and a place of her ownThe problem I had with this book is that none of the relationships felt convincing In particular Addie has at different points in the book three different love interests but they all seem rather circumstantial I never really got the emotional intensity that should have been there and Addie's decision making appears illogical at times As I turned the final pages I still didn't understand why Addie had made some of the choices she'd made and certainly never connected with her feelings Perhaps there was too much telling and not enough showing We're told about Addie's thoughts and motivations but it all seemed very surface levelThe time period and settings are all very dramatic as you'd expect for a novel set during WWII but for a historical romance the romances themselves were dry and not terribly interesting or compelling Adelia Monteforte was put on a boat alone to America in 1941 as WWII was underway Her mother forced her into leaving Italy and living with her aunt and uncle that she had never metAdelia was grateful for her aunt and uncle's love but ​she ​felt out of place with them and with her accent When she met the Connallys things changed There were children her own age children to play with​ a family she felt very comfortable with and their son she fell in love withHer aunt and uncle seemed distant but very kind to Adelia Mrs Connally was of a mother to Adelia than her aunt but I think Adelia made that happen as she chose to be closer to a stranger than her own relatives She did upset me how she was closer to the family that lived next door at the beach than her blood relativesWe follow ​Adelia who is a very strong willed character and who makes decisions on her own even though she is uite young I was surprised at her uick poorly thought out decisions Some were decisions I definitely would not have made​ Adelia had become unsettled in her town after a while and also with the Connallys and left for Washington DC to escape Charlie Connally She then moved on to London when Washington DC wasn't far enough away for herLondon wasn't what she expected but Adelia was able to make new friends and continue to work at the same newspaper she worked for in the USA Adelia never thought London would be a​s​ war torn as it was​ but no matter what the circumstances or how far she went she never could get Charlie out of her mindTHE LAST SUMMER AT CHELSEA BEACH is filled with loss growing up learning about life and a love storyTHE LAST SUMMER AT CHELSEA BEACH had a lesson about the importance of family and the importance of following your heartAs always Ms Jenoff's books are well researched and very well written You become part of her books and want to be one of the characters simply because of the marvelous way Ms Jenoff tells a storyIf you haven’t read THE LAST SUMMER AT CHELSEA BEACH or any of Ms Jenoff’s books what are you waiting for? You won't go wrong with any of her books ENJOYI know you will 55 Find the full review at read Pam Jenoff's novel The Winter Guest last year and it was one of my favorite books of 2014 It was the kind of book that had me adding her backlog to my wish list it was that good She has a way of presenting complex unusual stories set during WWII that somehow give you a new angle on a much discussed topic while also making what the characters go through seem relatable and entirely absorbing I just couldn't put the novel down and I am happy to say The Last Summer at Chelsea Beach was just as captivatingWhat I appreciate most about the characters in this novel is how imperfect and therefore realistic they all are These are fully formed beings that are trying to live and love the best they can in a time in history that made life anything but predictable Addie and the Connally boys especially Charlie and Liam make many mistakes across the novel running away from pain and grief changing their minds about what they should do and where they should go as well as who they should love and for me this makes them endearing even as I want to shake them around sometimes until they stop making their lives so complicated People are not perfect so I love novels that don't try to make the characters appear that way For as much as occurs within the novel it really doesn't eclipse that much time just three short years During that time we see our Addie go from feeling like an outsider in America to feeling like a part of a family with the Connally's and then we see her go full circle with those feelings once again We see a few love triangles some poor decisions and one tragic accident that will break any reader's heart While the war is always in the background and some of our characters do experience it head on The Last Summer at Chelsea Beach really isn't about the war as much as say The Winter Guest was and for me this made it a very different read At times I felt like I just had to hold on and weather the myriad of emotions these characters go through love joy loneliness acceptance anger jealousy blinding sadness duty acceptance in order to reach the conclusion they all had to get to eventually the past cannot be changed and should not be ignored but should be accepted for what it is so you can move on to the future you are meant and want to have Without the hardships and heartaches they each went through they wouldn't have become the people they needed to beClearly from my review you can see this was a character driven novel for me which isn't to say that the plot wasn't solid I was completely immersed in the settings as they shifted from America to war torn Europe and Ms Jenoff did a great job as I expected of creating this well drawn world in which her story could unfold There were a few parts that I didn't know uite why they were included such as a portion dealing with Addie's need to rescue some orphaned children from France but even those parts were enjoyable and didn't pull away from the central story being told I've said it before and I'll say it again now Pam Jenoff's novels are top shelf historical fiction If you love novels that incorporate history especially WWII and want something unlike the usual novel set during this time pick up her novels The Last Summer at Chelsea Beach was a little heavier on the romance than I was expecting but even those that aren't big on romantic themes will find much to love here I'm a firm follower of Ms Jenoff's and I look forward to reading much from her This story was based in a believable history with an unbelievable storyline Addie relates to everything as so far in the past when in reality everything occurred recently within 3 years That is no lifetime I like her as a person but the amount of depth of emotion she has for things that reuire time to build is not accurately displayed More years should have gone by The relationship between her and Charlie is just not developed enough for the actions she takes and you can't help and wonder about the rebounding with his brother There just seemed to much complexity that was not executed well in the book I needed depth More time in developing a substantial relationship with her and the characters in the book I still do not understand how she had three men in love with her when she was kind of portrayed as simple and reckless Then she ends up with the brother kind of as an after thought She just seems to be drifting and trying to take control yet running to and away from people that she claims to have feelings for War stories are sometimes hard for me to read but this one blew me away and in a good way Pam Jenoff's prose is gorgeous and her characters are so real I highly recommend this one

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