Legend Real #6

Legend Real #6[PDF / Epub] ☆ Legend Real #6 By Katy Evans – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk Maverick “the Avenger” Cage wants to rise to the top and become a legend in the ring Though he keeps his identity well guarded he's known on the fighting circuit as the new kid with a chip on his Maverick “the Avenger” Cage wants to rise to the top and become a legend in the ring Though he keeps his identity well guarded he's known on the fighting circuit as the new kid with a chip on his shoulder and a tattoo on his back that marks him as trouble He's got a personal score to settle with the Underground's one and Legend Real eBook Ù only Remington Riptide TateAs Mav trains he meets a young girl—the only other new person in the town and sparks fly When things get heated between them he finds out she's none other than Reese Dumas the cousin of Remington Tate’s wife A girl who's supposed to root against him and a girl he's supposed to stay away fromBut Maverick fights for the woman in his heart and the monsters in his blood The world’s eyes are on them and the victor will go down in history as the ultimate fighting champion; the ultimate LEGEND. Legend is a tale of guts and glory that grips your heart tugging it every step of the way This is not just a story but an escape where you dive in head first immersing yourself into this brilliant and beautiful book Legend bleeds into your world becoming one with you Legend consumed me from the very first page; I was all in Fingers trembling while gripping the book or ereader Heart pumping Body shaking Bated breathing Eyes tearing Mouth smiling Legend like the rest of Katy Evans' raw and rousing Real series is an adrenaline rush of a read I feltHypnotized Possessed AliveI wanted to devour Legend I wanted to savor it and Maverick I wanted to hurry I wanted to take my time I wanted to be transported to another worldI was Legend occupied my heart and head I was at the Underground I was at Remy and Brooke's house I was at the hotel I was at the park Legend crept in my head and heart recklessly and relentlessly and never leftJust 10% in and the emotions are pouring off the pages and drowning my heart The feels like a fighter on the mat pound from the pages to me Searing my soul Brandishing my brain Harnessing my heart I tear up early and often as the words are powerful punches to my heart full of feels that flutter to my soulI read Legend with anticipation and a little anxiety Could I fall for another fighter who could be Remy’s enemy and possibly fight him in the ring? At 15% into the book my answer is Maybe Maverick Cage Stunning Black hair Steel gray eyes Tall Muscular A hoodie and low slung sweat pants The muscular V Panty melting hot Dangerous Intense Untamed Beautiful and broken Maverick has a bit of a dark past Abandoned by his father a boxer Maverick is out to prove his worth in and out of the ring His value “He was like a predator paying attention to his surroundings without alerting his prey”I don't want to like Maverickbut I do Maverick is desperate to fightit’s in his blood If only a coach would pick him up so he could rock The Underground where Remy is the undefeated King At a gym he meets Reese Dumas Brooke’s younger cousin She is has an hour glass pin up figure and is blonde blue eyed and beautiful Like Maverick she is reserved and communicates with few words“He looks at me so deep I feel found”Their chemistry is insta hot Electric Palpable “His gaze feels so probing all of a sudden he looks at me as if he’s been waiting for me for a long time I feel like I too have been waiting for him for a long time”Reese links Maverick with a retired and alcoholic coach Oz The only man to open the coaching door to Maverick it’s an instant match The rookie fighter and the fallen coach Two dark souls meet with a goal to get to the Underground one’s almighty return and the other’s virgin voyage Both men want to prove their value and get to The Underground’s final round The Ultimate Championship Maverick “The Avenger” Cage Dark Fearless Unstoppable “Now live up to the name Let’s bring some excitement around her Show them what happens when two nobodies pair up two nobodies against the world”Hey we’re not nobodies We’re somebodies Everyone’s somebody”“Somebody’s not enough Let’s be the champions”A fighter in the ring Maverick ‘The Avenger’ Cage battles his waymatch by match blood sweat and tearsto fight the ultimate champion Remy ‘Riptide’ Tate “If I withstand ten fighters next fight I can get to him Face to face I get to fight him I get to see exactly what he’s made of Hell I get to see what I’m made of”Out of the ring the gloves are off and his heart beats for a new obsession he can’t shake Reese Dumas “My mind goes in all directions but it ends up in the same place her Her watching me fight Her in a nice room with me On a nice bed And me kissing her in a very un nice way Hearing her make noises that are the opposite of nice And I still think of that nice girl who doesn’t want to be nice A girl who wants to be unforgettable and doesn’t realize she already is”My body heats My heart breaks as Maverick finds his way through penetrating my soul Maverick is slowly building up a love for him that rivals Remy’s I don’t like it I doReese is reserved She’s never had a boyfriend Never fit in Never felt understooduntil Maverick “I never thought there was another human who could be uiet enough that I feel like he can hear me I never thought anyone else could help find the switch but me”They are kindred spirits One light one dark One soft one hard Their chemistry is palpable “And then his eyes find me And I’m found And alive”In finding herself she found Maverick My tears which have welled up in my eyes nearly the whole time reading Legend fall harder “He takes me in for the tensest second and then he drinks me in with one rake of his eyes over my body My breasts feel his gaze So does my sex And my tummy And my heartI’m possessed by my happiness I’m possessed by himThese wordsgah I cry I swoon I’m awe struck in the beauty bleeding off of the pages that carve out a part of my heart with each lineMaverick This big and strong man is menacing a lion in the ring but a pussy cat with ReeseThey are each other's air Each other’s hope Each other’s salvationMaverick The Avenger Cage climbs his way up fight by fight to the Ultimate Championship where he will face Remy Riptide or the Avenger who will Reese choose? Can she pick a side? “Reese And it dawns to me She is with them”Hearts may break “Loss You can’t lose shit you don’t have I feel like I just lost a fight I didn’t even know I fought And I lost it to Tate”My heart crushes for Maverick How can I love Remy's enemy too?A fighter may fall Love may turn into loss Only one will be left standing at the end and be the Ultimate Champion in the ring and of the heart “All it takes is a match to light a fire and He Is The Match”LEGEND is over Tears are still flowing Like a death I feel an utter loss This is it The end Legend marks the end of the Real stories that felt so damn real with real smiles real laughs real anger and real tears Like tears the feels are still flowing after the ending too Legend is my fire that makes me feel alive as the powerful words like a match strike a spark straight to my soul This breathtaking beautiful story is about love loss hope and a painful past that threatens to strike like a fighter lays out an opponent in the ring Magic Legend is magical with a fierce and fire hot force than takes and takes and takes Takes your heart Takes your soul Takes you on a beautiful book adventure you never want to end It’s almost a drunk feeling Drunk on this beautiful and brilliant bookLike a Monet painting where each stroke of a brush makes beautiful art each word penned by Katy Evans makes a breathtakingly beautiful and brilliant masterpiece One of my absolute favorite authors with a heart of gold that like Midas turns her perfectly penned words into gold and has brought her ‘A Game’ out to play in Legend LEGEND The perfect ending to this favorite fighting series' legacy Powerful like punches in the ring Gut grabbing like the fight Soul searing and heart wrenching like loved ones feel watching their fighter Pure perfection A beloved LEGEND that will remain one of my all time favorite series Simply legendary5 'but worth way ' legendary stars 45 475 StarsWith an added note for all my homies trying to steal my man So this is going to be short in theorybecause sometimes when homie gets going homie rambles because whelp I'm just not in a reviewing mood today It's the beginning of my work week tonight and I'm feeling pissy about it uite frankly Plus I just roasted some brussel sproutsSo my whole house smells like crap with a side of swamp ass Not a conducive environment for stellar review conjuring if ya know what I'm sayin' But anystank Let me get something straight before we jump into anythingREMINGTON TATE IS MINEYup that's right He is in my top five book HUSBANDS of all time With all his uber athletic swagger abs of fucking steel wipe the floor with any man abilities and general overall manliness?I would lick the sweat off his strip sack homies And his constant need to scent Brooke like a goddamn feral animal? IFuckingDig ItSo back the fuck off my man ladies Edited to addFor all my ladies in the comments section telling me I have a fight on my hands for RemyI say thisHomie is a former collegiate athleteHomie works the fuck out Homie is ca RAZYHomie will slay thee With that said I didn't think there was ANY man in a fighter book who could ever BEGIN to compare to my beloved Remy But then Maverick Cage walked in And I discovered that sometimes perfection can be emulated I really enjoyed this book I found myself struggling a little bit with some of the math in regards to the ages of the characters and how they could actually be related to the people they were supposedly related to keeping this vague to avoid spoilersBut then I remembered that math and I don't get along And that I don't actually give a fuck anyway Like I said though I really loved this I really liked Maverick and Reese and I REALLY liked being able to catch up with my husband Remy and Brooke I allow her to borrow him from time to time because I'm a giver like that I was also VERY impressed with how Katy Evans navigated the end of the story Let's just say she put herself in a rockhard place kind of position that could have gone SUPER sideways And I really dug how she handled it Cannot lie I did want to smack Reese in the face sometimes but Remy and Maverick's relationship pretty much outshone any of the issues I had At the end of this Evans states that this will be the last of the Real SeriesAnd while that gives me huge case of the sadz it's also awesome to see a series go out on a high note which this book definitely was in my opinion So thanks Katy Evans Thanks for not pulling a Christine Feehan and dragging a flagging series into the 20th book range like a necrophiliac serial killer with a dead body We all appreciate it 3XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXThis finally comes out tomorrowand the fact that I'm actually gonna pay SEVEN whole DOLLARS and 99 CENTS for this bad boy?It better be fucking awesomeFind me at What can I say about this book that hasn't been already said by others? Not muchI expected it to be great I mean we're talking about Katy Evans here But this book topped my high expectationsI can't believe it's the end of the series I'm not a crier I mean I do cry but rarely And I bawled my eyes out today it wasn't pretty I cried sad and happy tears with my heart full of love for these characters And you won't stay totally indifferent either if you love Remy and you enjoyed the first two books in this seriesThis series wrecked me and ruined it me for all other booksand it will stay in my heart foreverOverall rating 45 stars Writing style 4 stars Story 5 stars Flow of the story 5 stars Character development 5 stars Heroine 5 stars Hero 5 stars Secondary characters 5 stars Tonemood of the book 5 stars Emotion evoking 5 stars Originality 5 stars Enjoyment 5 stars Effect on me 5 stars Reese is Brooke’s cousin and has come to stay with the Tate’s for the fight season She is there to help out with Racer but also to work on herself Reese has always struggled with her self esteem and feeling like she belongs Maverick is fighting to belong now to prove himself Reese and Maverick meet at the gym and form a connection Their connection is uick and I believe it’s because they can see a piece of each other in the other Maverick is a fighter but most of his fighting isn’t in the ring it’s in his head He is fighting to show his parents he is He wants his dad to find him worthy and wants his mom to know he can be better than his father My heart immediately felt for Maverick and I fell uickly for him He is this giant of a man and rough around the edges but his heart is in the right place Reese isn’t what I expected at all I knew from the beginning she had a low self esteem and wanted to work on herself this summer However when I really learned the depth of her issues I was sold on her too I had so much empathy for Reese and just wanted her to find happiness I love how this story was a beautiful love story between Reese and Maverick I could feel their connection and I loved that their feelings were genuine and ran deep The fact that they could see in each other and inspire the other made me so freaking happy What I didn’t expect was the bond between Maverick and Tate It really just cemented my love for Remington Tate The fact that Maverick was open to his guidance made fall even Their moments together put a huge smile on my face I felt like it was a full circle moment for the series when Tate reached out to Maverick Legend is action packed and a beautiful love story I loved the devotion and faith they had in each other I love you can feel their love and connection while reading It’s bittersweet to see this series end but I absolutely love the ending Evans delivered Side note Little Racer is just so damn cute ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review One of the hardest decisions you'll ever face in life is choosing whether to walk away or try harder5 #LookAtYou STARS Maverick Cage and Reese Dumas ♥Legend Katy Evans 5 'Lucky penny' Stars I still can believe this novel is the last one in this amazing series It feels like yesterday that we meet and fell in love with Remy Maybe that's why I waited a little bit to read this because I wasn't prepared But what a wonderful journey this book was Legend is the sixth and last installment in the Real series by the author Katy Evans and it tells the story of Maverick 'The Avenger' Cage a new fighter in the Underground who is not accepted for being what he is he wants to fight and to win and he finds the force to become a legend when he meets the heroine and Reese Dumas the cousin of Remy's wife Brooke a young woman who needs a purpose after suffering an unexpected event and who finally becomes who she wants to be when she falls in love with Maverick His gaze feels so probing all of a sudden; he looks at me as if he’s been waiting for me for a long time I feel like I too have been waiting for him for a long timeWhy he’s a stranger and feels so familiar too? Why he makes me so aware? Of him? And me my body? My heartbeat my breath my sex He hijacks everything There is nothing I did not like about this book I loved everything in Legend It is an amazing love story of two young people who have suffered uite a lot and when they meet each other the sparks cannot be stopped I loved Maverick and Reese I loved Maverick's strong will how he works hard to get what he wants to demonstrate he is a legend I loved his relationship with Oz and his strange friendship with Remy Katy did so well with that transforming Remy into Maverick's mentor I am in love with this author's characters “I can relate with the monsters inside Mine’s in my head Yours is in your blood Don’t let it win”Guess I’m not emotionally stunted after all Guess it just takes a second to realize what stares you in the face slamming you like a punch in the gut She wanted a friend in me I’ll be her friend but I want so much “You see her” I whisper to Oz and he frowns and nods “That’s her That’s my girl” Obviously what I loved the most was the love story The building of Maverick and Reese's relationship is incredible It's like they find each other in the dark and come back together in the light They are both such strong characters and when they are together it gets even better The chemistry is off the charts amazing and super hot OH MY GOD the sexual tension And the sex scenes So freaking hot I feel drunk I’m a puddle in his arms His lips curl a little when I can’t move and he takes my wrists to wrap them around his neck “You don’t dance Reese?” he teases me huskily “You put one hand here”—he settles it on the back of his neck—“the other one here”—he settles that one on the back of his neck too “You let me pull you close” He does Until our bodies are flush and I can feel him and I’m alive And he whispers in my ear “And you move with me”“I love you hard” “Mmm How hard?” “This Hard” Driving deeper Faster I loved that dancing scene I could not get enought of these two They are so perfect together And also I really enjoyed having moments with the other characters like Racer who is like the cutest little boy Remy and Brooke Remy will forever be one of my faves and these two are still so good together and Oz as well he is Mav's trainer and he has a great friendship with him But still of course the best part in Legend is Maverick I want him for my birthday Such an amazing character “You’re a shot of pure fucking heaven in my veins” Therefore my rating for Legend is my special 6 STARS because this novel totally deserves it It was an amazing book and a fantastic way to finish the Real series It really is a bittersweet feeling to end a series that you enjoyed a lot I will miss these characters But I am sure Katy Evans will give us many other ones So if you have read this series or if you haven't please do it you will not regret it I highly highly recommend CHECK OUT MY BLOG HERE Loved every word every moment Already reread LOVED IT 4 Possessive Stars Reese and Maverick are both haunted by their pasts but while Reese is healing and trying to move on from it Maverick is still set on revengeWhen Reese decides to start anew she moves to her cousin’s house Brooke and her husband Remy to babysit their son while Remy gets ready for his last championship And then she meets Maverick and they immediately get attracted to each other but Mavericks past and motivations may be the reason they will before even before they have a real chance to start This book was undeniably a very good action to this series that I’m sad to see ending But I guess it’s better to stop while you’re high than to make a 35 books series that no one will even remember most of them anyway Remy will always be my favorite fighter and this series will remain as one of my favorites Katy Evan can write romances built on amazing sexual tension like no one’s business and this one was the prove of it I loved see the progression of their lives and how Maverick’s and Remy’s relationship grew I’m just sad that since this is the last book I would love a prolonged epilogue Anyway if you haven’t started this series yet what the heck are you waiting for? Rating 4 Stars Characters Development Let’s be clear Remy will always be my man but Maverick came to a close second I loved how possessive he was of Reese and so sweet at the same time Reese was nice as well and I loved her interaction with Remy and Brooke Little Racer stole the show he was just the most adorable kid ever Steam Hot Sensible Subjects view spoiler Violence Alcoholism hide spoiler 5 AMAZING STARSI absolutely loved this storyIt was a long time since I read a book of this series and I didn't know what to expectAnd I'm so happy to say that with this book Katy delivers a beautifulsweetintense and hot storyMaverick and Reese were two fantastic charactersThey became immediately one of my favorite couplesThey are cute and sweet and I couldn't stop myself from swooning all the timeThis story is from those that you will have most of the time a smile on your faceMaverick was a surprise for mehe intrigued me from the beginning and I wanted to know about this mysterious guyHe is simply irrisistablefor me and Reese I loved his cocky smile and believe me that will probably take Tate's position on the top as the hottest guy in the seriesReese is so shy and I could connect a lot with her characterIt was so nice seeing them togetheri loved their moments together and I loved so much the plot image error All I can say isI've been waiting for this final book for so long and now that it's out I'm so happy that we get such an amazing ending to this series I even shred a tear ot two not kidding The whole plot is fantastic and there was surprisingly very low drama which I liked very much Also there was not one character that I found annoying or dislikeable and that's saying a lot Honestly my heart broke and mended so many times while reading Reese and Maverick's story and I loved every second of it It's safe to say I feel in love with Maverick immediately I didn't care who his father was because all I could see was a young man who only wanted this one chance to become something great Everybody judged him without even knowing him and I was so happy he found Reese a girl who knew nothing about him except wanting to help him And she did she really did I don't want to even imagine where Maverick would be without her and she without himGosh watching those two lost souls finally finding each other was so beautiful and although I'm so sad for the series to be over I'm really grateful about how it ended A fantastic ending to an even fantastic series Katy Evans WELL DONE