Saban[PDF / Epub] ☂ Saban ✐ Monte Burke – In the tradition of When Pride Still Mattered Paterno and Joe DiMaggio The Hero’s Life—the definitive biography of Nick Saban the influential and controversial University of Alabama football coach In the tradition of When Pride Still Mattered Paterno and Joe DiMaggio The Hero’s Life—the definitive biography of Nick Saban the influential and controversial University of Alabama football coach who not only transformed college football but might be the best ever at winningAs the head coach of the University of Alabama’s football team Nick Saban is perhaps the most influential—and controversial—man in the sport Unpredictable in his professional loyalties uncompromising in his vision and unyielding in his pursuit of perfection the highest paid coach in college football has changed the face of the game His program building vision has delivered packed stadiums rabid fans legions of detractors countless NFL draft picks and a total of four national championships including three in the last five years Monte Burke’s Saban—the first definitive biography of the man who has come to epitomize the game—presents this towering figure with a never before seen human depthThough a great deal is known about Nick Saban the coach not much is known about Nick Saban the man Little is written about his early climb through the coaching ranks as an assistant in college and in the NFL or his head coaching stints at Michigan State and Louisiana State and his struggles as a pro coach with the Miami Dolphins Through unprecedented interviews with than friends coworkers rivals former players and others Burke reveals the defining moments of the coach’s life including The beginning of his recruiting career at age ten as he walked door to door with his demanding father gathering players for a Pop Warner football team A team meeting that deterred his plans to attend a student rally at Kent State that would later make history His rapid and at times rocky ascent up the assistant coaching ranks His complicated relationship with one of his coaching mentors Bill Belichick The birth of his now famous “Process” and the unlikely man who became its co architect His dramatic and controversial departures from three different high profile football teams The building of championship programs at Louisiana State and AlabamaSaban paints a portrait of a complex and compelling man fundamentally shaped by both his past and the game he loves in a way that no previous book has. I've never read any books about football football coaches or programs in general The only two I have ever been interested enough in have been Alabama and Auburn and my entire life I've grown up with the history and news around those programs I feel like I already know than I want to so why do I need to read a book? But when this popped up on NetGalley I immediately reuested it and was hyped when I got approvedCoach Saban came onto my radar when he was at LSU Hardmode SEC West but I didn't really pay a ton of attention to him until he became Bama's coach back in 2007 Being on campus during the last of the Shula years was rough so when Coach Saban and Miss Terry arrived there was an amazing atmosphere And the subseuent recruiting classes were combed over like crazy I was literally in a class where the teacher interrupted to give us the news when Julio Jones was signedHype was realI said all that to say that I have seen so many preduringpost game mini docs on Coach Saban and his past that I did indeed know a lot of it As a lot of Bama fans likely will Most of the information in this book was not new to me but there were a few points that surprised me Like how involved Miss Terry has been in his career decisions That woman is amazing Or the fact that he was a student on campus when the Kent State shooting happened I had completely forgotten that he was the coach that convinced Ricky Williams to come back to the NFL And I didn't know much about his time at the Spartans so that was very interesting to read aboutThere were a few spots where I felt the writing suffered For the most part this is written with an unbiased journalistic eye but there were a few spots where he became overly editorial in his descriptions of people Uncomfortably close to name calling honestly Also in the epilogue I didn't feel like we needed five pages of comparisons between Coach Saban and Coach Bryant I honestly got the gist of it and just skipped to the end of that segment All in all this was an interesting read even though most of it was going over information that I was already pretty familiar with Worth it as a casual read to a Bama fan but I don't know that many people who don't already love him would be as interested since it is basically just a detailed breakdown of his resume with a little bit of his life thrown inROLL TIDE ROLL Copy courtesy of Simon Schuster via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review Though I'm somewhat embarrassed to admit it Saban is a fascinating figure to me The first hand accounts in this book suggest he's every bit the aloof jerk he's made out to be And yet he consistently gets the most out of his coaches and players often pushing them to grow in ways they never imagined possible So while I wouldn't take my cues from him as a husband father or general human being I do think there are some valuable leadership lessons to be learned from his process oriented approach to developing people Thanks to the author and publisher for allowing me to read an advanced copy for reviewFirst and foremost I am a Bama fan then a college football fan and then a Saban fan So I was excited that a new book is being released about this legendMy excitement was a little watered down after realizing that the author had no intention of writing a flattering bio Saban has done as a college football coach than anyone in the last 8 years He has won games won championships recruited top rated recruits and sent players to the NFL The author criticizes Saban's work ethic and paycheck but as a fan Saban has properly represented the University of Alabama and college football There is information in the book that will allow you to learn about Saban that isn't painted in a negative light This is a good book if you like college football Geez I hate Bama but you can't dispute this guy's success Great unauthorized biography The man is beast Always fascinated by someone who can be successful in different places so you've got to respect Saban's track record As to the book not so much The highlight of a book like this should be making the games come alive and the author tips his hand so clumsily every time that you always know what is coming and the re telling is flat The bigger uestions of the whole out of control college football environment aren't really addressed The author kind of assumes that what is will always be As to Saban himself I'm reminded of Steve Job being rude to waitresses and thinking that was all I need to know about him; someone powerful being mean to someone weak is just unacceptable Many times the author explains Saban's rudeness with 'that focus is what it takes to win' I call BS to that and am reminded of Mark What does it profit a man if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul?' While I'm not a fan of the Alabama Crimson Tide or Nick Saban I love college football and good biographies so this book was right up my alley Monte Burke does far than just give a rundown of Nick Saban's coaching career; he lets you see Saban the person with all of his genius drive and many flaws Burke has a theory of what drives Nick Saban a passionate uest for unattainable perfection instilled in him by his father who who could never entirely please This biography doesn't get into the minutia of many specific games but rather gives a bird's eye view of both Saban and his famous process An excellent read here to start off the football season If you've ever wondered how a coach can be so dominant and make so much money this is an insightful look into the world of football coachingBesides the general view of coaching however comes Saban and his idiosyncratic methods and experiences I have never been an Alabama fan and I wouldn't call myself a Saban fan either But this book has helped me to look at his coaching tenure with a critical and informed eye The man implements a great system and he uses it to win This book on Nick Saban's career is insightful but somewhat superficial A reader will find several interesting facts and insider's stories on Coach Saban's career However these stories never go deep and it would need a bit of Saban's opinion and explanation I really enjoyed knowing about his personality and his career before the 90's I think this book is very informative for young coaches and young athletes but that older coaches probably already know most of the content it this book I'd rather read about college football than watch it at this point Here's an alternate title Sympathy for the Devil

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