The Woman in the Photograph

The Woman in the Photograph[Download] ➻ The Woman in the Photograph By Dana Gynther – Set in the romantic glow of 1920s Paris a captivating novel of New York socialite and model Lee Miller whose glamorous looks and joie de vivre caught the eye of Man Ray one of the twentieth century's Set in the romantic glow in the Epub Þ of s Paris a captivating novel of New York socialite and model Lee Miller whose glamorous looks and joie de vivre caught the eye of Man Ray one of the twentieth The Woman MOBI :¿ century's defining photographers Montparnasse Model and woman about town Lee Miller moves to Paris determined to make herself known amidst the giddy circle of celebrated artists authors and photographers currently holding court in the city She seeks Woman in the PDF/EPUB ç out the charming charismatic artist Man Ray to become his assistant but soon becomes much than that his model his lover his museComing into her own fully every day Lee models begins working on her own projects and even stars in a film provoking the jealousy of the older and possessive Man Ray Drinking and carousing is the order of the day but while hobnobbing with the likes of Picasso and Charlie Chaplin she also falls in love with the art of photography and finds that her own vision can no longer come second to her mentor's The Woman in the Photograph is the richly drawn tempestuous novel about a talented and fearless young woman caught up in one of the most fascinating times of the twentieth century. Moving or motionless in shadow or light she was his subject This book is a breath of fresh air It's been a while since I've read a historical fiction so I'm glad I was able to delve into this book The Woman in the Photograph takes place in the year 1929 in the beautiful city of Paris We start the book with the heroine Lee Miller a model and a fashion icon who became enthralled not only with posing for photographs but also with doing photography herself and diving into visual arts When she met renowned photographer Man Ray her desire to learn about photography was fueled so she persuaded him to become her mentor and at the same time his exclusive model or muse As they spent time together doing photography sessions they developed passion for each other and soon after they became lovers But that's not the end of it because as soon as they learned about each other's flaws their relationship changed and obsession jealousy and deceptions became their biggest dilemmaThis book is actually written decently but I can't really say that I totally loved it One big problem that I had in this book was the plot The series of events was repetitive Even if there were interesting things I sometimes became wary because most of the scenes kiss and make up were turning into a cycleAnother problem I had with this book was the main characters Lee and Man aren't exactly the most likable characters to read about Lee is too ambitious and selfish Worse she's also a cheater and a famewhore And although I liked Man in the beginning he eventually became a turn off as I've read about him Why? Because he became a weak character who's too obsessed with Lee to the point that he easily forgave her even if he knew that she was cheatingBut well despite the fact that I didn't like the plot and the characters I still think this book deserves to be read by everyone because as what I've said it's a historical fiction a genre that everyone should also give attention to and it somehow offered entertainment The setting is wonderful and the emphasis on arts was neatly done I've also learned a lot about the wonders of photography films and all those things And oh it's nice to know how people basically lived during the 1920's and 30's in Paris their lifestyle culture and whatnot So I still recommend this book A free copy was given to me by the Publisher in exchange for an honest reviewRating This is one of the best historical fictions I've ever read I'm very surprised that it currently has such low reviews Maybe I just appreciate it because of my interest in film photography but I also think that it captures all the vibrancy and scenery and imagery of 1920's Paris so that reading the book is like looking at an old photograph from a trunk in a little thrift store Even I am a bit surprised by the fact that I’m giving this novel one star I mean what was I expecting when I picked it up? Did I think it was going to be some kind of literary masterpiece? Don't I like books that take place in Paris between the wars? Don't I like books about creative people? Didn't I read this in two days? Didn’t I love the way the font on the spine looked kind of like the lettering on that one Paris Metro sign? Answers I don't really know no yes yes yes yes So what went so horribly wrong?It's safe to say that unless a book is highly experimental plot and character are both important to the success of a novel For a book like this one I would've settled for an absorbing plot and at the beginning it seemed like that was what I was going to get All the promising elements were in place interesting characters real life—but fictionalized—photographer slash model Lee Miller and her lover and mentor avant garde photographer Man Ray interesting setting intriguing story line Lee's rise from fashion model to esteemed photographer But very uickly the book became repetitive Lee Miller would get a prestigious photography assignment; Man Ray would become insecure and worry that she was outgrowing being his protégé; they would argue; she would say something flirtatious and they would make up Everything would then be fine until the next time she got a prestigious assignment when the cycle would repeat Insert some boring descriptions of fancy parties and call it a dayThis humdrum plot might have been okay if the characters were well drawn but they just weren't The book is populated with various creative types; besides Lee Miller and Man Ray there were Andre Breton Andre Gide Jean Cocteau Charlie Chaplin Luis Buñuel Dalí Picasso and other less well known actors artists and writers Yet not a single soul in this book ever said anything truly interesting All the dialogue was frightfully obvious and the depiction of Man and Lee’s relationship was overwhelmingly simplistic in a way it couldn’t have been in real lifeLee’s personality was the most disappointing As at least one other Goodreader has mentioned she was like a spoiled teenager than a woman with a creative soul less fiery than bratty She was than happy to sponge off Man Ray’s career in order to advance her own yet she cheated on him at just about every turn so much so that I was put in mind of I Take You—never a good thing She also view spoilerstrung him along for months and months before finally breaking up with him in the most heartless way possible hide spoiler Paris in the late 1920’s and early 1930’s was the epi center avant garde art movement Dana Gynther attempts to capture this era in her work “The Woman in the Photograph” – a fictionalized account of real life surrealist photographers and lovers Man Ray and Lee MillerHaving never heard of Lee Miller I was fascinated to learn her story Originally a model for Vogue she worked hard at her craft and eventually gained recognition for her fine art photographs Her work became known in the surrealist movement and many photographs credited to Man Ray were actually taken by Miller She became and in demand photographer for Vogue and private clients In spite of a fascinating life this story is handled clumsily by Gynther This is unfortunate because the author does her subject a disservice Throughout the book the dialogue is stiff the writing mediocore and instead of a powerful independent woman Miller comes off as a child who flits from one decision to the next with the shifting winds It is hard not to comparecontrast this book’s writing to the remarkable writing in Paula McClain’s recent book Circling the Sun about another independent woman from a similar era 25 stars Thank you to NetGalley and Simon Schuster for a galley of this book in exchange for an honest review I love the times of 1920's Paris and the art scene whether it be literature painting fashion and now photography What a fascinating story about Lee Miller model turned photographer and her relationship with Man Ray I feel the author captured her character well and provided meaningful insight into who these people were and their prestigious associates Anyone interested in being entertained about the people behind the work would enjoy this novel Thanks Simon Schuster for supplying an advance copy and exposing me to this workConuer them with nonchalance and bare legs I sayTo make an escape from this settled relationship with its duty bound devotion its accountability for bruised feelingsAs you meet the New Year so you will spend it Life was too damn short even if you lived to be a hundred to spend it with the wrong person Lee was trying to maintain the independence she'd had in London keeping her own schedule instead of behaving like half a couple Well written novel based on the fascinating real life of the photographer Lee Miller mostly focusing on her relationship with the surrealist artistphotographer Man Ray She started as a model but uickly developed a talent for photojournalism and was a war photographer in WWII The author does a fantastic job transporting the reader to this place and time and deftly incorporates the other BIG personalities of the day and depicting a romance that feels real Perfect for fans of historical fiction particularly for those who like a Parisian bent A special thank you to Gallery Books and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review The captivating and talented Lee Miller’s life in Paris in the 1920s full of glamour and excitement THE WOMAN IN THE PHOTOGRAPH by Dana Gynther is a stunning portrayal of blending fact and fiction a fascinating life in one of the most romantic times in the twentieth centuryBorn in Poughkeepsie New York in 1907 Lee Miller was a successful fashion model in New York City in the 1920s before going to Paris where she became an established fashion and fine art photographer During the Second World War she became an acclaimed war correspondent for Vogue covering events such as the London Blitz the liberation of Paris and the concentration camps at Buchenwald and DachauIn 1929 Miller traveled to Paris with the intention of apprenticing herself to the surrealist artist and photographer Man Ray to be a part of the creative groups of artists authors and photographers She was told to look up Man Ray the best photographer in Paris even though he was a New Yorker—she learned he was extremely innovative doing abstract work surrealist art portraits film and often fashion shoots She seeks out the charming and charismatic artist to become his assistant but of course soon she becomes his co collaborator model his lover and his muse Lee Miller the glamorous fashion model and Man Ray photographer were made for one another Two creative minds “As he spooned a bite of his chocolate soufflé into her open mouth she caught a glimpse of the two of them in the mirror behind the bar Although she felt the smoldering intensity between them she saw that from the outside they looked like opposites; old and young short and tall dark and light serious and gay But that night in the sleeper car in his arms she thought they made a perfect match” Could opposites be attracted to one another? They soon become enthralled with one another even though complicated passionate obsessive dangerous and sensual Soon thereafter she began working on her own projects and falls in love with the art of photography and finds her own vision cannot come second to her mentor’s Lee is a deep and complex woman and enjoyed the author’s look at artists with their extremes of pleasure and painA fascinating and intriguing look into this glamorous time and a fearless and complex woman capturing the beauty and creativity of the era Like many of the famous men of this time they are possessive moody dark and all consuming Lee does not get completely pulled under and able to establish her own identity with her earlier childhood trauma and need for independence Historical fans will enjoy this elegantly written well researched novel Gynther transcends you to the place and time with vivid settings and descriptions From the witty charming and talented characters eccentric creative alluring sensual passion obsession fashion to exotic Loved the glamorous cover Well done JDCMustReadBooks This book is a rollicking read drawing you immediately right into the life and times of Lee Miller student and muse of Man Ray and later photographer rivaling her mentor With her keen eye for detail author Dana Gynther makes you feel like you are there with Lee and her sometimes outrageous contemporaries Gynther does an excellent job painting the picture of the 1920's Paris surrealist scene as well as giving us an intimate look into a complicated woman's life I highly recommend this novel to anyone who enjoys reading a well told story and learning a little history along the way In theory this book was right up my alley Paris in the late 1920s Surrealist photographers and a narrator who went on to be one of the most influential female photojournalists of our time For a raging Francophile with a degree in Photojournalism this couldn't go wrong Right? LOL NOPE 320 pages of Lee Miller having poorly written sex with literally everyone Man Ray leader of the Surrealist movement groundbreaking photographer was reduced to a wimpering flat character with fits of jealousy that sounded like they'd been plucked from a teen romance novel with less literary merit than Twilight Lee Miller might have been sexually free and open to flings with all manner of men and good for her But good lord I had to read about her needing a little nookie actual legitimate line every other page and it did nothing for the plot at all It was almost as if the author was sheepishly giggling at her computer while writing this book thinking Teehee I'm gonna make her have SEX And seriously it got so so boring after the first few sex scenes and was written so cheesily that I rolled my eyes and waited for it to be over The only part approaching interesting were the last few pages when Lee and Man are reminiscing about their time together Lee's reflection about her time as WWII photographer were nicely done but then sprinkled with vague references to a developing drug addiction I don't even know They were dropped so flippantly into the text 2 stars for references of Paris and the premise and the beautiful cover art Just wish it had been executed better Book of the week for me Excellent biographical novel of not one but TWO of my admired artists My only reservation is that Man Ray came over as less than admirable as a man Butwhy do I feel a desire to see the person behind the work as somehow above human frailty? I guess we all like to look up to someone no? Anyway both of them came over as very human Miller was a fascinating woman not least for her post Holocaust photography Given that experience and the other biographical data used it was hardly surprising she had problems as life went on Very much the tortured artist reallyAside from the biographical nature of the novel the book also outlines very powerfully the demise of a relationship following the early perfection of a new relationship and how it feels to be backed into a corner by a partner who is no longer a desirable companion Miller clearly had a difficulty with making emotional attachments and Ray seems to have been insecure to the point of being stiflingly possessive The issues of artistic validity for a woman in that era would have added the final nail in the coffin of the relationship I believe I can easily imagine how enraged I would have been myself at a lover publishing my work as his own and seeing nothing wrong in doing so Finally the interesting examination of the nature of a Muse is thought provoking History tends to deliver The Muse to us as a passive and female version of helpmeet to a male creator except in cases such as Antinous obviously; as far as I am concerned he meets all the criteria to be called a Muse even if his lover was an Emperor rather than an artist is created in the world than the purely Creative For the record I am of the view that any artist's most powerful work is likely to be driven by emotionpainsuffering than by happy experience because the former provides us with motive power to learngrowdevelopmove forward and happiness tends to encourage one to stay still But what would I know?

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