Cold Light of Day

Cold Light of Day[PDF] ✈ Cold Light of Day ⚣ Toni Anderson – What happens when an FBI agent falls for the daughter of the most notorious spy in US history Discover the explosive chemistry in this non stop action Romantic SuspensePhysicist Scarlett Stone is the What happens when an FBI agent falls for the daughter of the most notorious spy in US history Discover the explosive chemistry in this non stop action Romantic SuspensePhysicist Scarlett Stone is the daughter of Cold Light eBook Ì the most notorious Russian spy in FBI history With her father dying in prison time is running out Using a false identity she gains access to the Russian ambassador's Christmas party searching for evidence to prove her father's innocence Former Navy SEAL now FBI Special Agent Matt Lazlo is instantly attracted to Scarlett but when he discovers she lied to him about her identity he hunts her down with the ruthless efficiency he usually reserves for serial killers Not only does Scarlett's scheme fail it puts her in the sights of people who reward unwanted curiosity with brutality The FBI—and Matt—aren't thrilled with her either As the agents involved in her father's investigation start dying and the attempts to stop Scarlett intensify Matt and his colleagues begin to wonder Could they have a traitor in their midst Winner Readers' Choice Heart of Excellence for Romantic Suspense and the Book Buyers Best AwardThis edition features a brand new cover. This is the third book in the Cold Justice SeriesWhen Scarlott Stone came up with her plan to uncover the truth about her father by bugging the Russian Ambassador's home office she really didn't think through the what if's The opportunity presented itself too uickly to do much planning at all Which is why she was seen on video by both the Russians and the FBI after her aborted attempt aborted because she discovered a bug was already in the desk lamp she had selected Special Agent Matt Lazlo a former SEAL was assigned to attend a holiday party at the Russian Ambassador's residence by his boss Lincoln Frazer Matt is mingling when he meets a Congressman's daughters who are attending in their parent's stead Later that night Matt is called into the Tactical Operations Center where he watches the woman he met earlier unscrew the bottom of a lamp in the Ambassador's office Only she isn't the congressman's daughter Sarah She is instead the daughter of a former FBI agent who was convicted and incarcerated for treason eighteen years earlier This is another great book in the Cold Justice series It brings in all the elements that make up a riveting romantic suspense It also revolves around the FBI's BAU 4 and includes characters featured in previous books I can't wait to read book 4 I am really enjoying this series Originally posted on The Book Nymphouick summaryScarlett Stone sees a chance to gather evidence to prove her father's innocence and seizes the opportunity he was convicted 14 years ago of being a spy for the Russians Trouble is she stepped clumsily right into the middle of some serious political intrigue involving the Russian ambassador and the FBI Special Agent Matt Lazlo had no idea the charming woman he flirted with at a Christmas party would turn out to be major trouble What I enjoyed I like that Scarlett's nerdy smart and doesn't get her allure She and Matt had a strong attraction before everything became a hot mess and they had to start all over again making for a interesting romance The Russians were pretty scary ruthless and had the upper hand for most of the story creating lots of anxiety anguish and thrills Scarlett's belief in her father's innocence wasn't even close to being shared by Matt and the rest of his FBI colleagues and their gradual change in perspective was paced and presented perfectly Alex Parker and Mallory Rooney from the first book play important roles in this story and that's a really good thing considering his murky past and skills The bottom lineThe political intrigue is in the FBI's back yard this time which is always a huge draw for me The tension is off the charts the suspense palatable and the spy mystery rivaled Watergate's Deep Throat The story had all the right elements to keep things interesting and anxiety filled And it had one of those surprise twists at the end that I always love to see Still loving this series Cold Light Of Day by Toni Anderson is book 3 in the Cold Justice series and like I've said before they get better and better and exciting with each book this series gets stronger with each book and you have this need to plough through it until the endThe character's are easy to love and the story line is easy to followit nice we see past characters from the other books too and each book is a few weeks from the last devastation so it picks up nicelyThere's plenty of thrilling cat and mouse action and a great HEA did I mention this series is a romantic thriller series so there's some steamy moments too 😉I definitely recommend this 📖 Another exciting read from Toni Anderson in this series based around the FBI's BAU This installment has a daughter trying to prove her father was wrongly imprisoned and labeled a spy 14 years ago by the FBI Her attempt to bug the Russian Ambassador sets the true spies on a deadly path to remain unknown An interesting and hot match up between brilliant physicist Scarlett Stone and exNavy SEAL turned FBI analyst Matt LazloThis is an installment that can be read as a stand alone but the whole series is really great and worth your time The romance is hot and the plot keeps moving at an ever increasing pace with a good plot twist at the end The third book in Toni Anderson's Cold Justice series Scarlett Stone's father is in prison for being a Russian spy but she is positive he was set up and now he has cancer Scarlett is determined to find proof her father is innocent and an opportunity arrives with the invitation to a party Only things go wrong and FBI Agent and former Navy SEAL Matt Lazlo saves her life and must keep her from sacrificing herself for those she lovesExcellent continuation of the series Fast paced and entertaining I was surprised at the end and didn't guess the baddies This was one of those books that I found hard to put down I just wanted to keep reading I would highly recommend this series to Romantic Suspense fans Toni Anderson is rising in the ranks of my favorite authors Cold Light of Day by Toni AndersonGenres; Adult Crime Romance Suspense3 StarsDull BoringI didn't find any typos etc in my copy I read some reviews from 2016 that said they were in their copy So either I missed them or the author updated the book and they no longer exist in the eBooks One of my reasons for giving this 3 stars is the mc's Both Scarlett and Matt were boring I didn't hate them or anything like that There were a couple of redeeming ualities to both of them but mostly they were tedious and tiresome Scarlett mostly apologized and cried Matt was so deep in denial and uptight I wanted to smack him My next problem is it seemed like everyone but Scarlett Matt were doing something They mostly just ran around hiding So much so I was reminded of the old children's song 'Where is Thumbkin?' The excessively repetitive thoughts and actions of both Scarlett Matt drove me nuts The plot was good At points the suspense and mystery were well written But every time it started to get interesting it would uickly descend back to dull and boring As far as the romance there really isn't much there It like the main characters had very little intensity or passion There is just enough of one scene to make this 'Adult' but barely I'm unsure if I will continue this series I want intensity suspense and passion in my books I want them to demand my attention The first 2 books got me caught up in this series This one poisoned it I don't know if there is a vaccine📕🎵31819After careful consideration I have decided to continue with the seriesI liked the 1st 2 books very much I'm not going to let one negative experience keep me from continuing the series Fourteen years ago Scarlett Stone's father was convicted of betraying his country as a Russian spy and sentenced to prison No one believed him to be innocent except his wife daughter Scarlett is on a mission to prove her father's innocence and inadvertently stirs up an international political hornet's nest in the process and also disrupts an FBI undercover operation She is now the target of some very ruthless scary villains who will do whatever it takes to silence her Former SEAL FBI agent Matt Lazlo steps in and saves Scarlett's life than once As danger closes in Matt Scarlett go into hiding and sparks fly between themScarlett is a spunky heroine one that's a little nerdy unsure of herself socially Her devotion to her father family is touching as is her determination to reveal the truth Matt is a protector a sexy ex SEAL who would die for his family and country He's not happy with Scarlett's plan to sacrifice herself in an effort to lure the villain out and he's not happy about being so dmn attracted to this irritating womanCold Light of Day is an intense action packed read with just the right mix of sexy banter romance and suspense I enjoyed seeing FBI agents from previous books take part in this story The twists turns kept me guessing until the shocker reveal near the end Another great addition to the Cold Justice series A Must ReadReviewed at Cross My Heart Writings Reviews Honestly I rather enjoyed this one and was originally going for three stars but Ms Anderson doesn't know the difference between 'poured' and 'pored' and brutal as you may call me for this that's where the one star goes Intricated and interesting with a Russian spy feeling These books keep getting better and better I was a wreck The best kind of read when it is an edge of your seat page turner And add in a little romance and I am in heaven Yep great read