Never Say Goodbye

Never Say Goodbye[PDF] ❤ Never Say Goodbye By Angie Merriam – Sex legend Rock God Addict Elijah Briston may have grown up the sweetheart next door but he was morphed into a music deity through a tragic turn of events When he finally hits rock bottom of a soulles Sex legend Rock God Addict Elijah Briston may have grown up the sweetheart next door but he was morphed into a music deity through a tragic turn of events When he finally hits rock bottom of a soulless existence the very thing that threw him into the pit will be the only thing worth climbing out for What happens to a rock star when the ghosts of his past become the saviors of his future. The connection Elijah and Chinda has is strong You can feel it from the very beginning Chinda Miller she is beautiful vibrant wealthy and way out of Elijah's league He comes from loving respectable hard working family who lives paycheck to paycheck Chinda's parents doesn't approve of their relationship And forbids them to see each other None of that matters to them they are 17 years old and in love Then a tragedy strike and takes Chinda from his life foreverFor the past10 years Elijah has been living his life in a haze He has thrown himself into his music becoming a well known Rock star with an addiction to drugs and women That is Until Kendra This story will take you through many emotions It is a compelling story of life love and second chances Elijah Briston lost the love of his life on prom night Unable to pick up the pieces he threw himself in the cliché of sex drugs and rock roll He couldn't get over Chinda so he did everything he could to keep the memories at bay Returning to Oregon with the band he performs a new song written for Chinda and when he looks out over the crowd he swears he sees in there It's been ten years and it can't be here She died Chinda felt a pull to the lead singer Elijah she didn't know why She heard his voice in her dreams pictured his face She needed to find out what this attraction was all about before she married her fiancé Wow I don't know where to start the attraction and love between Elijah and Chinda just blew me away After ten years the love his still has for you just makes you want to cry knowing the pain he has went through and to see a women that looks like her and sounds like her again Having to relive all that had to really mess with your head Elijah steps up and is determined to be a better person and take that chance on her being Chinda Chinda is so confused How can you blame her She has been living a lie for ten years Believing everything her parents have told her Is she really the person Elijah thinks she is Some really tear jerking moments in this book I felt my heart break then one time Definite must read Well late last night I saw one of the blogs on facebook promote this book I got up this morning bought and just finished What a treasure of a book I found A beautiful heartbreaking story about second chances This was a beautiful second chance love story Amazing characters True love that withstands anything life threw at them Throw in a few I didn't see that coming moments There were a few things I didn't really agree with in the book I won't say which parts because that would be a spoiler However I was cheering them on the entire time I really wanted to see this fantastic couple that had been through so much get there HEA I'm happy I had the opportunity to read this book I was asked to read this book and give an honest review Well honestly I loved it The chemistry between all of the characters seemed to blend beautifully and effortlessly The writing style was very easy to follow and flowed perfectly I can honestly say that i will be buying books from this author in the future As a standalone book this one worked sometimes i feel a bit let down by standalones but the way this one finished was spot on I received and ARC in exchange for an honest reviewElijah and Chinda are high school sweethearts They are deeply in love but her parents strongly disapprove of the relationship because Elijah's family isn't rich and forbid the relationship They continue seeing each other in secret even going so far as to have Chinda have a fake prom date pick her up so she could go to prom with Elijah Then tragedy strikes and Chinda dies because of a drunk driver and Elijah's world is turned upside downHe escapes to his music and his band becomes successful He drowns his sorrows in sex drugs and rock roll to try to numb the pain Until one day ten years later when his band is on tour and he spots Kendra in the front row and Kendra looks just like ChindaFrom here the emotional roller coaster beginsI loved this story The characters felt so real to me I hated Chinda's parents and I loved all of the band members They certainly went through some rough times I'm finding it hard to write a review because there were so many twists and turns in this story and I don't want to give anything away Just when I thought I had it all figured out another bomb dropped This was a book I didn't want to put down and I highly recommend it ARC provided in exchange for an honest reviewElijah Briston and Chinda Miller were in love when they were teenagers However Elijah came from the wrong side of the tracks and Chinda’s parents didn’t approve of him so they had to hide their relationship Tragedy strikes and Elijah is left to pick up the pieces He turns to music and becomes a famous rockstar who depends on alcohol and drugs to keep the pain from becoming unbearable He’s never forgotten Chinda and the love they shared But what happens when his past collides with his present? Can Elijah be saved? Is everything always the way it seems? This story was unlike one I have read before and I truly enjoyed it My heart absolutely broke for Elijah and all that he had endured He was such a sweetheart and super sexy too If you’re in the mood for a rockstar romance or just something different then definitely check out this book An awesome story of soul mates Time and space can not keep 2 souls apart that are meant to be This story takes you on a roller coaster ride of emotions for 2 people who were torn apart at an early age The cruelty of rich father and the determination of a young boy to make his life work after losing his young love The young girl who has died and been ripped away from him appears like an angle 10 years later Is it her? Would she have stayed away? What is going on? Read this book to get all the answers You wont be disappointed I liked the cover and the core structure of the story but what ruined it for me was the add on plot twists that had no plausible reason to be in the story No build up no anticipation just the next borrowed clichéd romance twist The writer has the skills but whoa the vernacular is so cliche and trashy some might think it was a 13 year old boy trying really dirty first words for the first Not a page turner except that I wanted to finish the book