The Widows Confession

The Widows Confession❮Ebook❯ ➠ The Widows Confession Author Sophia Tobin – Broadstairs Kent 1850 Part sea bathing resort part fishing village this is a place where people come to take the air and where they come to hideDelphine and her sister Julia have come to the seaside w Broadstairs Kent Part sea bathing resort part fishing village this is a place where people come to take the air and where they come to hideDelphine and her sister Julia have come to the seaside with a secret one they have been running from for years The clean air and uiet outlook of Broadstairs appeal to them and they think this is a place they can hide from the darkness for just a little longerBut this is a town with its own secrets and a dark past And when the body The Widows eBook ☆ of a young girl is found washed up on the beach a mysterious message scrawled on the sand beneath her the past returns to haunt the town and they cannot escape what happened here years before A compelling story of secrets lies and lost innocence. Broadstairs in Kent is a sleepy sea bathing resort and is perfect spot for someone trying to escape there pasts like Delphine and her cousin Julia or so it seems What appears to be an ideal location with it's clean air and sleepy outlook though will soon be shattered when the body of a young girl is found washed up on the beach Little is known about the child Amy Phelps and it is assumed she has not met with foul play Things will become sinister though when another child Catherine Walters is found after suffering the same fateThese death will bring back Delphine's past to her thoughts as people begin to suspect that she is the bearer of bad luck on the community The uestion of who is responsible for the death of the teenage girls along with the relationship's Delphine and Julia have with those they meet interwind in what is a intriguing mystery drama Unfortunately there was a few uibbles along the way with to much being given away about the characters that mean't at the end there was little shock for me Secondly while i am ok with a slowish pace read this was taking things a little to the extreme while the uestion of who killed the girls was seemingly a second thought to the whole relationship pieces Overall Sophia Tobin's second novel is solid period murder mystery that could of been a little better with less waffle It is 1852 and what could be normal than visitors coming to spend time at the seaside town of Broadstairs? Edmund Steele fleeing a failed love affair arrives at the Parsonage to stay with Theo Hallam Delphine Beck and her cousin Julia have left their London home to save money The two ladies come originally from New York and Delphine has been exiled by her wealthy family following a scandal Miss Warings is an older lady visiting with her niece the beautiful Alba Mr Ralph Benedict is an artist who has housed his family is a nearby town so he has freedom to work Mrs uillian is Theo’s aunt; who establishes herself at the Albion Hotel and then attempts to make the various visitors into a little group with whom she can arrange pleasant trips However virtually all of the visitors have their own secrets and issues to contend with and although social manners prevail under the surface things are neither as calm or as civilised as they first appearA girls body is found on the beach and although the death seems suspicious the local doctor seems keen to cover up the death as an accident However bodies are found – young girls who seem to have simply wandered into the water The local community turns against the visitors who are seen as bringing bad luck Yet it seems unlikely that the group can unite enough to help solve the murdersI really enjoyed this historical mystery The author weaves a wonderfully atmospheric story with excellent characters and a real sense of what lies below the surface In public the various summer visitors are polite well mannered and genteel Yet this is a society which judges harshly Women attend picnics but are not expected to have an appetite and marriage is seen as the only escape from a life of servitude and dependence Our heroine Delphine lives with regret and secrecy; the wound that saw her disgraced still raw Yet so many of the assorted characters brought together only by a brief visit to the seaside also live with shame and secrets – some of them deadly Atmospheric and gripping this is an excellent read I have not read this author’s first novel but I will have to go back and seek it out If it is anything as good as this it will be worth reading Lastly I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley for review A twisting mystery set in the English coastal village of Broadstairs in the early 1850s Delphine Beck the titular widow has left behind a shameful past in New York City to travel through Europe with her cousin Julia Mardell From London they continue to Broadstairs which in the mid 19th century was becoming a popular tourist resort Also new to town is Edmund Steele an early mind researcher who is fleeing a failed love affair He lodges with Reverend Theo Hallam a former missionary to Ceylon haunted by his own disappointment in love All of these damaged characters must unite to solve the mystery of multiple young girls found dead on the treacherous Goodwin Sands Does it have something to do with Ralph Benedict a painter seducing the town’s young women? Or perhaps with beautiful Alba Peters and her aunt? As visitors and residents join in picnic excursions to destinations such as Margate’s Shell Grotto and the Reculver abbey ruins their holiday larks threaten to devolve into tragedy just as new romances flourish The Widow’s Confession was inspired by a painting of the Ramsgate seaside exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1854 Although the characters lack a little depth Tobin ably evokes her location and keeps readers guessing about the central mysteries of the drowned girls and Delphine’s past Fans of Victorian pastiches like Essie Fox’s books or The French Lieutenant’s Woman should enjoy this sensationalist Dickensian novel – particularly if they are familiar with its Kentish settings I had such hopes for this But it soon became as dull and dragging as the Goodwin Sands much made of within its pages At its root there is a good story and there are flashes of a good storyteller trying to tell it Sadly for me it didn't work Such a shame There is promise here And 'The Silversmith's Wife' was good Is it the dreaded second book syndrome?A disappointed Toast I had high hopes for this novel but somehow the story lost its way about half way through Disappointing as I so wanted to enjoy it First let me say its been a while a very long while since I have read an historical novel However the blurb caught my attention and I wanted to read itI am glad I selected to read and review this book from Simon and Schuster UK Fiction via Net Galley as I would have missed out on something specialIts based around the 1800's and a fishing village but also a place where people come and look out take a nice deep breath of fresh air and relaxHowever things start to deter people away because a girls body is discovered on a beach but this goes on this won't be the only body discovered over time on the beach With the body of a young girl being found in the first degree the doctor tries to cover it up After all we don't want people thinking its a dangerous place to come to do we?But when bodies are discovered of young girls it takes a serious turn it appears that these girls just wander off into the sea and drown themselves? Do they get into some sort of trance?Suspicion is set upon the visitors the village people think they are bringing bad luck Will the villagers unite to solve the problems?What was meant to be a nice pleasant group of people taking a trip out to the sea turns into something sinisterIts very well written it appears too that I have missed out on a book before this I'll need to seek it out its not vital to this story but its always nice to read books in order An historical murder mystery This was my second outing with this author and I enjoyed it I never seem to tire of historical novels Though the pacing was a little too slow even for me and I found it drawn out in places Still it was an enjoyable read in a genre I love Now for The Silversmiths wife I uite enjoyed reading this book lots of twists and turns but I'd worked out roughly whatwould happen half way through but had to continue reading to find out 'who dun it' A bit slow in the beginning but great second half More like 25 Slow to build slow to develop characters Read it with a book group and we all got to the end and thought so what 😂 Much better than the title suggestsThe book isn't so much a romance or a mystery the plot is just filler To me it's mostly about what life was like for women in the early Victorian era and how easily a woman's life could be ruined and how few rights and options even wealthy women had at the time Plus it has a nice English seaside setting which is always a bonus

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  • The Widows Confession
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  • 10 April 2016
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