Rehabilitation Unbelief #1

Rehabilitation Unbelief #1[PDF / Epub] ✅ Rehabilitation Unbelief #1 Author C.B. Stone – My name is Sinna Reardon I suppose deep down I'd like to believe God exists But he doesn’t not since the war Most days I’m okay with that Jacob calls me a pessimist but I’m a realist How can I b My name is Sinna Reardon I suppose deep down I'd like to believe God exists But he doesn’t not since the war Most days I’m okay with that Jacob calls me a pessimist but I’m a realist How can I believe when a place like Rehabilitation and a regime like the Elite exist dictating our every move If God were so Rehabilitation Unbelief Kindle - great he’d do something But he hasn’t We’re forgotten And that scares me because it means I might have to do something myselfSinna has spent her life walking a fine line between breaking the rules and obeying them to a fault In a Godless world where science and logic reign supreme and people are punished for Believing are friendship and love reasons enough to abandon unbelief Enough to put her faith in something bigger than herself. It's nice to see dystopia worn on the other foot when it comes to the intolerance of socially compromising beliefs theme that's so rampant in the genre Usually it's some cult take on religion so I was curious to see what happens when the absence of faith is fueling a fascist stateUnfortunately REHABILITATION doesn't take any opportunity to rationalize why a science centric society is desolate impoverished and emotionally sterile Apparently atheists are so apathetic they're incapable of compassion and utterly unconcerned with the general welfare of others Love is denounced because it only results in war any expression of joy is apparently synonymous with faith and all anybody cares about is conditioning people not to have belief in anything that cannot be empirically provenMaybe if this narrow minded sterile autocratic approach to society was justified beyond we mustn't war because war is irrational it would be interesting as a plotm Otherwise the implications are the godless are callous and only care about being right while all joy culture and kindness are exclusively found through faith in a higher power The writing had a monotonous uality at times Such as the protagonist would think something then basically say the same thing in dialogue a paragraph later All the conflict is staged to promote drama but is conveniently resolved or has no true conseuence to the characters involved Any major probles the protagonist are solved for her which might be hinting at a god deliversworks in mysterious ways messageWhether this series is a hate letter to non religious individuals and the horrors they would unleash if in power hasn't yet been revealed Plot wise the book reads basically like the first uarter of a full novel and cuts off on a revelationcliffhanger that feels like a good place to end a chapter but jarring for a story If you want resolution you are obliged to buy the next book I'll pass myself but if people are looking for a series exploring the oppression of religion and discovery of faith this might be worth your time I received this book in exchange for an honest reviewRehabilitation is a fast paced first novel in a dystopian trilogy I was hooked within the fist few pages After a nuclear war the 'New World' is ruled by The Elite who enforce rules that they hope will eradicate war and non compliance People are taught to have no belief in God or any higher power and that love is useless and only ends in pain The main characters Sinna and Jacob have been friends since childhood but they have a very different outlook on the world they live in Sinna may hate The Elite but she agrees that there could not possibly be a God She believes that they would not be suffering as much as they are if there was something else out there Jacob is uite the opposite and believes that God exits He spends his time looking for evidence of a ruined church or any books that show proof of religion After Jacob is taken to a camp called Rehabilitation by The Elite Sinna is determined to get him back With no family left he is the only peron she has in the world Sinna finds a book that she knows will get her taken away and uses it to get herself into the camp Once there Sinna uickly finds out what Rehabilitation is all aboutI love a short fast paced book that can still take me deep into the setting and minds of the characters I have a slight obsession with dystopian's and CB Stone did not disappoint me I related with Sinna's character because I think I would have the same opinions and feelings that she did throughout this book Her and Jacob's relationship ignited a lot of curiosity and I can't wait to see where it goes The ending was WOW I love how she threw in a really interesting and intriguing character near the end And then that twist Whew I can't wait until I can read the next one This is not a review this is my book I look forward to honest reviews and feedback from my readers I'd say I'm actually at a 2 12 with this book There is a LOT wrong with it starting with the amateurish writing style The lack of finesse becomes clear from the very first physical description His unruly blond hair is brushing past the nape of his neck and I know his ice blue eyes are laser focused and they don't get much better from there There are times where chapters begin with a recap of what just happened in the page before Perhaps the author thought no one would be able to read than a chapter at a time? Then there's the fact that the book is basically religious propaganda The scientists are the bad guysdesperately trying to destroy belief but of course there are those who still do believe and they are wonderful and pure Of course our protagonist is a non believer but I fully expect by the end of the trilogy she will see the light I understand the importance of religion to people but come on The author at least makes it clear that the reason the Elite the bad guy scientist have eliminated belief and religion is because they blame these things for war Which umis true in many cases Anyway so the whole concept rubbed me the wrong way but I will say once Sinna got herself thrown in Rehabilitation and introduced the character of Alex an Elite soldier who is actually kind and unlike the others the book got my attention I was hoping for the book to end with a reveal that he is in fact not kind but worse than all of them and was playing a sick game with her tricking her into thinking he was saving her but instead it ended with a shocking reveal that I saw coming from the very beginning of the book I'm still holding out hope for the double cross but Alex will probably just end up being the third corner of a love triangle with Sinna and Jacob becauseOF COURSE her best friend's name is JacobI'll read the next two booksbecause I have them But I don't expect to become any impressed At least they are short and I can uickly check off 3 books toward my 30 for this year And seriouslywhy are they so short? Because the author was greedy and wanted a trilogy instead of just releasing one book? Yeah I think so You can also find this review and many others of mine on my blog Escaping Reality Within PagesFirst off I would like to thank the Author for allowing me to read this for an honest reviewNow I hadn't noticed how short this book was when I first came across it I'd just read the synopsis on Goodreads and was uickly reeled in I was very intrigued and I'm glad I hadn't noticed the shortness beforehand because I normally don't read novella's unless a part of a series so if I had noticed I probably wouldn't of read While the shortness did still bother me it was a very enjoyable story and I will defiantly be continuingI say the shortness bothered me because this is a whole part of a story and it is fast paced which with it's shortness doesn't leave much room for character development or story background I liked the story and characters but I think with development I could have loved itWhat I did like the most was the whole belief and religionGod being illegal They are seen as something bad and the cause of war and such Without belief and god people are so much easier to control Plus those are such touchy subjects and strong issues I think CB Stone has a good plot here with this and the only thing I could wish for like I stated above is story and deeper developmentI look forward to continuing this series and I recommend this to fans of Dystopian and uick reads because this sure was just that Worth it though in my opinion For the most part I really liked this book The premise is uite good about a ruling society wanting to stamp out any mentionthought of Belief As a plus the writing solid and so are the characters My only real complaint would be the length Some parts could be fleshed out and a whole lot could be done with the ending It ends rather abruptly The whole story arc is pretty linear and predictable which is fine but I thought there were several instances in the middle and toward the end where a few curves could've been thrown in to really beef up the story A uick good A good read Recommended 3 Stars CB Stone was grateful enough to provide me with a free copy of this book for review First off the summary is very attention grabbing I always read the summaries of books prior to reading and this summary really caught my attention The cover is also very attention grabbing another perk for me I am one of those people who is always drawn to the beautiful covers of books and this one had it I am also a huge fan of present tense It is not the easiest tense to write in but it is great for the reader CB Stone also has this haunting and lyrical writing style that makes the reader feel like she is living and experiencing the world as the characters It's just so hard to look away from the book and to get the images of the world out of your head I was very drawn into the world of Jacob and Sinna I love science fiction worlds and this was so well done I like how detailed the author was with the world but yet it was not overkill So many authors spend so much time telling rather than showing the reader the world Not the case with this read Just enough detail for the reader to understand the world but left out enough to keep the reader asking uestions and engaged The Selections were a mystery whenever I first read about them For some reason it kind of reminded me of The Hunger Games Whenever I am being reminded of my favourite books in another book it is usually good sign I also was very drawn to the character of Sinna I don't know about the rest of the world but I like strong main characters I liked how loyal she was and how she would do anything for those closest to her even if it meant putting herself at risk There is just no other way to say it but strong main characters always make the story for me I cannot stand weak main characters I like characters who take action and do not wait around for others do something I also liked Jacob and how much he believed in something even though he wasn't supposed That takes guts and I admire that in people I read this book in one setting There was just simply no good place to stop and put it aside It was nothing but action and well written action I liked that there was no romance between the two main characters something that never seems to happened in stories nowadays The ending literally made me say What? Curses I love and hate cliff hanger endings I really want to know what's going to happen next I did not even know how close I was to the ending until I got there I just simply was not expecting that kind of ending Overall a really brilliant book It is short which may not be a bad thing for someone who is looking for something uick to read People who like Divergent and The Hunger Games will enjoy this book Cheers Serena This was a great introduction to a dystopian world where religion is outlawed and those found believing in any sort of spiritual creator are ‘fixed’ but it would have been nice if it went on for a bit longer Granted it ends on a pretty neat cliff hanger but it wouldn’t have been too much of a stretch to make this trilogy one single story as based on page count listings the trilogy is less than 500 pages in length If this was one single novel I’d have probably given it five stars assuming the rest of the story is as good but because it has been broken up into such small chunks I have to mark it down A sci fi thriller A disturbing peek into a possible future A nuclear war has devastated the planet The New World is ruled by the Elite with specific Laws; Above All Else Don't Believe No room for God in the New World No hope no love Story focus is on Sinna Jacob teenagers Jacob's younger sister Sammy another girl Miriam as they struggle to survive in this barren land without hope and the certainty of severe punishments for noncompliance The ending may be surprising The first part of a serie; a cliffhanger worth continuing Ms Stone is a new sci fi author of promiseThis book was given to me for free for an honest review