Honors Debt

Honors Debt➿ [Download] ➽ Honors Debt By Noelle Clark ➵ – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk Honor uirk arrives in Ireland excited about meeting the estranged family of her late great grandmother The welcome from her cousins Dermot and Bryan is confusing One is warm the other aggressive The o Honor uirk arrives in Ireland excited about meeting the estranged family of her late great grandmother The welcome from her cousins Dermot and Bryan is confusing One is warm the other aggressive The outwardly antagonistic Bryan makes it very clear he doesn't want her there Dermot is delighted to meet herHonor stands up to Bryan letting him know his trail of baggage has nothing to do with her Despite their confrontational and hostile relationship an undeniable attraction creeps insidiously into the house on Robinhill Farm They both desperately try to stifle the sparks but living under the same roof makes it impossible Unable to cope with the turmoil of living with Bryan Honor runs away straight into the arms of charming SeanShattered Bryan finally takes control of his irrational belief that all women are evil and fights to bring back the woman he loves But is it too late. Some debts take a lifetime to repay Honor uirk returns to Ireland to fulfil a promise to her recently deceased grandmother and repay a debt With no family of her own back in Australia she is excited at the prospect of meeting her Irish cousins but is made less than welcome by the taciturn Bryan Derek and their neighbours however are than welcoming and Honor finds herself helping out on the farm With plenty of blarney and a deft touch in creating the Irish landscape Noelle Clark weaves several love stories through the generations of two families and friends This is an emotional read and I reached for a tissue on several occasions The characters are realistic; some have been damaged by external events while others fight their own demons as they strive for understanding of themselves and their place in the grand scheme of things You'll love the ending even as you fight off tears For lovers of all things Irish Guiness good cooking and music And a very fine romance This is the first book in the Robinhill Farm series and is set in Ireland Honor travels from Australia to Ireland to meet her long lost cousins who she has never met so imagine her surprise to be greeted by two brothers who are at the opposite ends of the nice scale Dermot so welcoming and cheerful but Bryan is another story He is harsh and insulting from the onset but there are flashes of another persona just waiting to be set free This is a lovely contemporary novel and a great start to a new series Although my personal tastes are for something a little risué and hardcore I enjoyed this none the less There was plenty of flowing descriptive text that made you feel you were in Ireland and for those that have never been there it gives a taste of what you will find Wonderful writing So if you love your romantic heroes with demons of the past to be kissed away a story that tells of family redemption and a strong female lead then this is one you will love This is the first book in what looks like a really enjoyable series As I'm Irish I can be pretty picky about books set in Ireland This book exceeded my expectationsI found this to be s really enjoyable and well written story The authors descriptive flair had me uickly turning the pages The storyline was great and I loved the characters I'm looking forward to reading of this series In Honor's Debt the first of the Robinhill Farm series Ms Clark leaves the warm tropical locations of her first two books Where Angels Fly and Rosamanti to bring us north to the Emerald IsleHonor of the title is a young Australian woman with a couple of secrets about her past and to pay a 'debt' owed by her great grandmother Honor travels to Ireland to meet her cousins and discovers that not everything is going to planHonor's Debt is filled with wonderful characters think a slightly less comedically uirky Ballykissangel but with the same measure of Irish charm with a full measure of Ireland's beautiful landscape brought vividly to lifeMs Clark is particularly gifted in describing locations so the reader sees and almost smells what our characters do And considering that Robinhill Farm is a working cattle and sheep farm descriptions of modern small farming life would in the hands of a less gifted author be labourious to read are instead are woven seamlessly into the plotFor readers leery of being left with an satisfying ending as a result of this being part one of a series do be rest assured that Honor's Debt is a satisfying stand alone readThat having been said I'm looking forward to the release of the other books in the series to learn about Honor's now extended family and to enjoy their own journeys to a happily ever after and reunite with the characters I fell in love with in this story I couldn't wait to read this when I read the blurb It sounded like a great read and I was right I really liked it It was everything I thought it would be Family romance mystery Hot Irish Men This is my first book by Noelle Clark and it won't be my last This is the kind of book that you can read and get lost in beautiful countryside family drama and romance It was easy to read and flowed really well from the first page you just get lost and before you know it the book has finished This is the kind of book that makes you want to go and experience Ireland for yourself I loved everything about this book The Characters especially Bryan I liked Honor and the way she stood up for herself This is a book that makes you want to read about the lives of everyone at Robinhill Farm This is one you need to add to your TBR list I give this 45 stars Powerful Irish LoveOnce again Noelle Clark has taken me on a scenic romantic trip to Ireland this time I was right there with all the characters who drew me in to their irresistible Irish ways and I loved every moment Australian Honor is as bright as sunshine itself She is welcomed into the community with open arms and lots of advice which is charming in all its uirky ways Bryan is dark and brooding and the reasons for it are legitimate but his moods will not put Honor off And the time he spends with her the often she sees flashes of his gentle happy side She makes it her mission to see that it’s there for everyone to see—all the time Written with depth of feeling and tapping into that real Irish emotion I look forward to of Ms Clark’s novels I received this for an honest review I have to say that this was a very good book It is always enjoyable to see a strong female lead that will not stand down I really enjoyed the dialogue between Honor and Bryan you can just feel the sexual tension between the two This is the first in the series and am anxious to read from this series I have come to find that I really enjoy those books set in Ireland and this one is absolutely no exception I've been following this author since her debut novel Let Angels Fly Let me tell you this book is FANTASTIC Her writing has improved Her characters compelling Her description of Ireland will take you there The relationship and suspense between the characters kept me turning the pagesWell done Noelle Looking forward to the next book in the Series 4 12 starsWhat a great and entertaining read I loved the story of Honor and Bryan What a heartwarming story This had me on an emotional roller coaster ride I laughed I cried and I had many heart twinges as I read their storyThis story had heartache redemption no real romance hearts and flowers type but there was a loving HEA This was a sweet read No hot steamy panty melting sex but the story was so well written it didn't need it The storyline was great and easy to follow the characters were done well and easy to fall in love with or get mad at where reuired and the descriptions to details were done well enough to not be overdone and become boring This was written as a multi pov read It had of Honor's pov than Bryan's but what there was of Bryan was done well I could have used a wee bit of his side of things but I did really enjoy itThis is book 1 of a series This can be read as a stand alone and does have a HEA I can not wait to read the stories of Cherry's brothers Liam's is up next All in all a great readWould I recommend this book? YesWould I read from this author? Yes bout to start book 2Sassy Beta Reading Review Kindle Copy for ReviewArriving in Ireland Honor uirk meets her estranged family of her recently deceased great grandmother She meets her two cousins Dermot who is warm while Bryan is rather aggressive so she is a bit confusedHonor I not a push over as over comes Bryan demanding nature While trying to work together under the same roof and farm there is chemistry between them Finding themselves trying not to give in into their attraction Honor moves outShe runs into the arms of another man she finds herself offer a home and love but she does not really want him Will Bryan realizes what he has before he loses Honor for good? Can these two find solice in each other’s arms?