The Girl with the Solar Eyes

The Girl with the Solar Eyes[PDF / Epub] ☀ The Girl with the Solar Eyes By Dylan Saccoccio – WARNING This book contains sex violence gritty characters dark magic righteous indignation life death and love It is belligerent like the Truth for it wages constant war against falsities erroneous do WARNING This book contains sex violence gritty characters with the PDF Ê dark magic righteous indignation life death and love It is belligerent like the Truth for it wages constant war against falsities erroneous dogma willful ignorance moral relativism and lies It serves the True Great Work and is only meant for those who seek to understand Natural Law how freedom and morality are directly proportional and what it means to manifest into this realm as a sovereign In Book Two a man struggles to convince his wife to allow The Girl MOBI :¿ his misbegotten son to stay in their home long enough to learn the truth of why he was absent from the boy’s life At the western edge of the Caliphian Steppe where fertile land gave way to a desert that married an ocean a ueen despairs over her missing child while an elite convoy of Oussanean warriors uncovers how the prince bribed the Skywaymen to flee the kingdom An unplanned brutal skirmish erupts forcing the Oussaneans to engage in an event that will no doubt invite retribution Girl with the eBook ´ and escalate into a large scale conflict In the vast timberland of the Eidolon Woods Dani and the Bannitlarn Brothers groom Aithein into a swordsman and expand his consciousness so that he may infuse his skills with magic Caelwyn teaches Baelwyn Restoration Magic so that he may accompany the troupe into battle and protect them with enchantments and healing spells The group seeks out a renegade Amori named Neilath to help them uncover the source of Aithein’s nightmares to prepare Aithein for his summons with the faelen tree and to plot the necessary course of action against Chako and those responsible for the arms confiscation Meanwhile Aithein wrestles with the unnatural dynamic of his relationship with Ellia while his dreams are haunted by The Girl with the Solar Eyes. If anything worse than the first book Following a polemic disjointed foreward the prologue is chock full of flat stereotyped characters and eually poor writing A new editor is supposedly involved and the uantity of like is lessened but still overdone and the writer still needs to get whatever if anything he paid said editor refundedThe characters are stock bad romance characters about as developed as the supposedly fantasy characters in the first book The prose is marginally better but the over all writing is worse as the writer prefers to talk around things rather than simply showing them ex the sex scenes warned in the description which would be acceptable for a PG possibly PG 13 movie certainly not worth a warning except amongst the most fundamentalist and repressed of the audienceThe forward pretentious and condescending polemic possibly plagiarized Those are the best words I can find at the moment to describe itAs noted by other reviewers with the first book a forward or a prologue not both The same grimdark pretentious overwritten claptrap as the first book in the series This book took me on uite the ride there were parts were I was shocked and others I was laughing out loud For a second in the series I'm delighted to say that this book was even better than the first The writing itself was even inviting than before the amazing descriptions and wordings just reel you in into this world I loved the Bannitlarn brothers they reminded me of the lost boys from Peter Pan which probably sounds like a funny comparison These guys are kinda like silly kids living in a harsh world where they need to be able to conuer whatever comes at them Aithein himself has really changed in this book as well he's becoming worldly and sure of himself In the last book he was still a kid at heart with plenty of uestions that made him seem a bit detached but that changes This part of the story has a lot mystery to it because the story expands an starts to include an even larger cast There's also of an adventure aspect to this book because of the additional story lines that take you to different places Your not just reading about Aithein or his parents any your kinda reading about the changing of the kingdoms and what's to come I really enjoyed the story and would recommend it to my fantasy loving friends This series does really encompass the whole medieval world mixed with The Hobbit meets dark magic with some elements that remind of me fae legends Once you read the story you'll immediately know what I mean; Too wordy and pretentious Also author is completely insane Nothing improved since the first book It was still much too wordy and still awfully boring This and at my Blog was given a copy of this book by the author for an honest review So after the first book in this series ‘The Tale of Onora The Boy and the Peddler of Death’ by Dylan Saccoccio which I read reviewed and enjoyed thoroughly the author sent over the second book which is ‘The Girl with the Solar Eyes’ also part of ‘The Tale of Onora’ seriesAnd I am so glad he did because this book was even amazing than the first First of all though before I review the actual book I want to talk about the foreword a littleI generally thought I was reading the first chapter It was so beautifully written and so intelligent and thought provoking that it wasn’t until I read about half way through that I realised it was just a foreword I felt so much from it and I completely and utterly agree with the author’s views on everythingSo if you do read this book do take time to read the foreword as it will be an inspiration to you This book was such a pleasure to readIt was beautifully written and captures your imagination to the last detail The words were pure goldThe writing made it so easy to read and follow that I ploughed my way though this book though I did take it a little slower nearing the end as I wanted to savour each chapter and my god it was so worth it I really really enjoyed this story even than the first mostly because Book 1 was about the world building and the story setting side of events; where as THIS book In my opinion was about the progression of characters plot and setting I did like how the author opened up the first few chapters with this gory and intricate argument which escalated into a battle that showed us the tyrannous split between the Oussanean’s and the Caliphweald’s; this opened up the world for me and gave me a higher understanding of the disharmony between these two races The main story Aithein’s story was very very well descripted and was themed awesomelyBy that I mean that each chapter was so gripping and exciting that it just left me wanting to read The sentences were so precisely woven and so fluid like that the story seemed to just flow along at a nice uick pace The characters in this book were very well developed had awesome characteristics and were just so imaginative and funI really connected with these characters; I sometimes did find myself constantly reading and because I wanted to find out what happens to the characters and what lies in store for themI’ll only write about a few of them as there are a few others who were awesome but these ones stood out to me the most Aithein being the main character is focused on uite a lot in this book which is understandable I liked this character; he wasn’t your generic ‘hero’ I mean yes he was raring to start his uest and to fight but when it came to it he was very laid back and very cool about situations which was a good side to have for a main character instead of having a pure ‘heroic strong action man type of guy’The Bannitlarn Brothers were probably my favourite characters thoughThere are three brothers Taelire Caelwyn and Baelwyn Taelire is the oldest and the wisest of the three I did like his sense of leadership when he was in the group and I liked how he and Aithein had a small back story between them future development between those two maybe? JBaelwyn is the youngest of the three and is childishHe was your average younger brother aggravating annoying but yet loveable and helpful I did like how he was so carefree My favourite was Caelwyn though He was so mysterious and generally cool I did also like how his personality went from being really witty and funny to being deadly serious Overall I really really enjoyed this book and I will definitely be reading the following books when they are released that is hahaThis story and the story before is just a beautiful piece of epic fantasy Dylan Saccoccio’s story telling is something you could see in Tolkien’s worlds and his character development is like Brandon SandersonThank you so much to Dylan Saccoccio for sending me a copy of the book to reviewThanks for reading this post guys and have an awesome day DJoe I love it when there are hidden meanings and uniue thoughtsthat tie the imagination of the author in creating fictional realities with different social s that contrast with what we are used to in our lives and societies in what we call reality The real controversy in our lives is that each person has their own reality based on life experiences and education This should not stop us from vicariously experiencing with others thru reading books independently or from romantic and social interactions with others The freuently uncomfortable feelings we get in such situations is due to the differences between our personal histories Only by establishing enough common ground with others' histories and exploring the differences can we truly relate to others This book builds on those important differences while each character prepares for the unknown and scary future UNDERSTAND ME WELL MY kind does not bow to peasants who dress themselves up as kings and priests to play puppets for their money changing masters Yes I was again hooked on a book by Dylan Saccoccio from the very first sentence It is fair to say he writes in such a way that you can FEEL the words ricocheting off the page at you you can HEAR the voices of the characters as individual people not just in your own voice in your own head This author writes books in the same manner as a musician crafts a song A standing ovation to you Dylan I tried to read the second book but again it's just not that good Even the summary is bad for this book I was rolling my eyes but decided to try Two strikes I'm outI won't read any by this author They showed who they are with the whole debacle regarding the 1 review by Cait Grow a pair of brass balls Dylan If you intend to be an author especially an independent self pubbed author you're going to need a thick skin Also DO NOT RESPOND TO REVIEWS IT NEVER ENDS WELL FOR THE AUTHOR EVER