Soul Seducer

Soul Seducer❰PDF❯ ✐ Soul Seducer Author Alicia Dean – Re release of 2012 Novel Contains previously deleted scenes She spent her entire life fighting death Now she’s falling in love with him Audra Grayson became a nurse in order to help save lives But o Re release of Novel Contains previously deleted scenes She spent her entire life fighting death Now she’s falling in love with him Audra Grayson became a nurse in order to help save lives But one night after a brutal beating she almost loses her own The near death experience opens a door between the world of the living and the world beyond Two Grim Reapers invade her life One is charming with the angelic blonde looks of a saint and the black soul of a psychopath The other is dark dangerously attractive and in spite of her distaste for his reaper duties she finds herself inexplicably drawn to him When Audra's patients begin to die unexpectedly and her loved ones are threatened she will risk her life—even her soul—to save them But can she risk her heart to an inhuman being whose very purpose is to take those she is trying to save Warning Explicit language sexual content and graphic violence “Alicia Dean sucks you in from the very first page and holds tight with characters who are flawed and fascinating Readers will reap an all encompassing emotional experience in this fast paced emotionally charged paranormal tale With a hero who wasn’t always heroic a villain whose twisted journey has made him truly terrifying and a passionate heroine willing to sacrifice everything for those she loves Ms Dean has built a world where life and death hang in the balance—with choices and conseuences that truly matter This one’s a keeper” —Bestselling author Robin Perini “A spellbinding tale of dark designs passion and heart rending love” —Claire Ashgrove author of Immortal Hope “From a cold knot of fear to the flash of hot passion Alicia Dean evokes every emotion in this supernatural suspense—the tale of a battle between good and evil and the woman caught in the middleSoul Seducer is an electrifying and satisfying read” —Silver James author of Faerie Fate Faerie Fire and the upcoming Faerie Fool“Dark and steamy Soul Seducer seduces you from the first page” —Denise Grover Swank bestselling author of The Chosen series “Alicia Dean serves up a steamy concoction of supernatural with a peek on the other side of Death Her Reapers are an exotic breed of alpha male that create their own brand of dark and delicious” —Mel Odom multipublished award winning author of The Rogue and The Forgotten Realm series “Innovative and sexy Alicia Dean has hit it out of the park with Soul Seducer” —TL Schaefer award winning author of Behind Blue Eyes. 35 stars out of 5 What if death had a face or many faces? Imagine when it is your time to die death or the reaper holds his or her hand out to you in order to help you transition to your final destination However what if there were other reapers who prematurely stole the lives of the living for their personal gratification? Two factions with two separate agendas Huh what a conundrum Nurse Audra Grayson's kindness and caring is not limited to the hospital in which she works One of her former patients Maria has been battered and abused so many times by her evil husband that Audra has lost count On this occasion Audra has agreed to meet Maria in order to help her Unfortunately what Audra encounters is a brutal beating at the hands of three assailants Just as Audra believes she can take no blows she is found by two men who call the police and ambulance When she slowly begins to awaken she sees two men one blond Gaylen and the other dark haired Dimitri discussing her future The blond offers to take away her pain while the other brooding dark one insists that he leave her alone She is confused and asks who they are They are surprised to discover she can see them Dimitri is a reaper one who collects the soul of the dying However he has a small problem; actually a big one he is in love with a human woman Audra He has watched over her since the time she was a child and sat alone with the dead body of her mother for three days He knows he has no right to love her and he attempts to keep his distance just as long as Gaylen does not attempt to collect Audra's soul before her time Unfortunately Gaylen has a score to settle with Dimitri and Audra is at the heart of it Gaylen is not above anything evil in order to get his hands on Audra including taking the souls of everyone Audra loves Additionally there is a serial rapist and killer running around the small town targeting teen girls Dimitri harvests the soul of one of the victims Cassie and enrolls her in the reaper training program so to speak Cassie is now his new trainee and she cannot help but notice his fascination with Audra Cassie also notices how kind Audra is and she reveals herself to her adding to an already confused woman Then patients in Audra's care begin dying as Gaylen steps up his scheme to blackmail Audra into yielding her soul and breath over to him Will she take the bait before everyone she has ever loved is painfully taken from her or will she find a way to stop Gaylen? Will she discover who Dimitri really is and can she ever get over the fact that he is a reaper? These are the uestions you will have answered once you read the book I enjoyed this book because of the straight forward writing style and the world building The plot has many twists turns and surprises If I had any criticism it would be that at times I felt too much was going on Too many people are made reapers once they die making me ask the uestion What is the criteria for this job? Also I had trouble with Audra's character at times With all of the cussing she does it was a little hard to think of her as sweet and kind I am not against profanity by the way Additionally my biggest issue with her is that she instantaneously proclaims her love for Dimitri to herself instead of transitioning into attraction like then love This bothered me because on numerous occasions she tells him she hates him and what his job entails Gaylen and Veronica were admirable villians I just wished Samuel had made appearances Who knows he could have a book of his own with Cassie as his sidekick I encounter misses then hits in the paranormal romance and urban fantasy genres Nine times out of ten this is because the author will try to show how strong and self relent the heroine is by making her unafraid to speak up and solving her own problems Unfortunately this usually ends up making our 'star' looking like a argumentative bitch how picks fights and stupidly shrugs of all offers of help when it's evident that she can't dig herself out of whatever hole she's got herself in toI knew SOUL SEDUCER would be enjoyable then the majority of these genre offerings early on for the simple reason that I didn't want to throttle Audra She remains level headed throughout most of the story and when she does put herself in harms way I can see her reasoning's for doing so I also really liked that Audra's ex husband isn't some cheating psycho he is a loving and kind man who platonically loves her The hero Dimitri makes a nice match for Audra in terms of likability He is tortured and isn't all sweetness and light but he doesn't come of of as whiny or self pitying He actually DOES HIS JOB even when faced with a tearful Audra and his own regrets Again this is a nice change not to have the author whitewash things trying to make the unpleasant realities of her world setting romantic and lovey dovey; to pull a example of similar tactics out of thin air authors making vampires not actually drink blood is a popular white washing ployThe romance between Audra and Dimitri works; I really become caught up with their budding romance and their feelings of hopelessness and the inevitability as there doesn't seem to be a way for them to find a happy ending The development of their feeling towards each other doesn't feel forced or rushed and the chemistry is instantly apparentAll in all I found SOUL SEDUCER to be a breath of fresh air in today's over saturated paranormal romance genre In addition to the romance there is a whole series worth of twists and turns crammed into one book so I couldn't begin to guess at what would happen next I hope that the author is planning to write books set in this world as I learning about the author's take on grim reapers how they go about their work and what the rules are Now I've gained a understanding of this world I want The fact that there is so much happening in the story is bit of a double edged sword; it also means that the author has to speed some plot threads in the book up in order to fit everything inBut when this is the only flaw that I can see with a story then I know that I've struck gold What can I say about Soul Seducer by Alicia Dean? There were reapers some action a little bit of drama violence and romance Speaking of violence there was uite a bit of it sprinkled throughout the story One scene in particular had me cringing The plot was interesting all though at times there seemed to be too many storylines going on at once; which in my opinion made the book unnecessarily longer than it needed to be Also the ending was a little too predictable There was nothing particularly spectacular about the two leads Audra and Dimitri but they were likeable enough I will say that while I thought Audra had a good heart and that she possessed a number of good ualities she was also at times selfish and demanded things she shouldn’t have Let’s just say she put Dimitri in some really unfair situations To be honest a secondary character Cassie was the character that stood out most to me; she was the one I felt the most affection for At times she was so sweet but she was also a force to be reckoned with I would have loved to spend time with her character Maybe she’ll have a book of her own On the subject of the romance that developed between Audra and Dimitri I didn’t really buy it One the one hand Dimitri was already in love with Audra given the fact that he’d been watching over her for many years so I was able to buy that he was in love with her On the other hand Audra had only known Dimitri for a short period of time before she fell in love with him; which was puzzling because there were several times she could barely stand to be around him I bought her attraction to Dimitri I just felt that she fell in love a little too fast she barely knew him In the end I give Soul Seducer two and a half stars To be honest I had a tough time connecting with the first part of Soul Seducer I was drawn to the story because the premise sounded like something new and exciting Dimitri is a reaper a tortured soul who falls in love with Audra Greyson a woman who is still alive Another reaper Gaylen has a vendetta against Dimitri for a wrong committed when they were both still alive He plans to take Audra before her assigned time to die to keep her bound to him forever and out of Dimitri’s reach All the necessary elements for a great romance are here but the execution doesn’t come through well I found Audra extremely hard to relate to I felt her reactions to Dimitri were off key Since she is a nurse by profession Audra should understand better than most that death is a part of life; we can’t have one without the other It is Dimitri’s job to escort the souls of those who die to their reward or punishment He is not the one to actually kill these people so I couldn’t understand why she wanted to blame him for their loss Since Audra didn’t come across as all that interesting or likable to me I needed to understand better why Dimitri loved her Part of me actually hoped he’d just turn and walk away let Gaylen take her Gaylen our evil counterpart to Dimitri is out to claim Audra for himself not because he loves her but because he wants to take her from Dimitri and keep her away from him forever Gaylen was a great character and came across better than the others If not for my interest in him I might not have finished the story I felt the author had fun working with Gaylen and it showed in how he came across on the pagesAll through the story I found myself uestioning how a person became a reaper in the first place At first I thought it might be because they had to atone for some past transgression in life but other characters became reapers after death and didn’t appear to have committed any unsavory deeds There were people becoming reapers after death than there were souls being taken to their reward which made me think eventually there would be reapers than living people on the planetThere were a lot of areas where the story strayed away from the main plotline I found most of them to be a distraction and ended up skimming to get back on track I would rather have learned about Dimitri in his life before he became a reaper and less about minor characters not connected to him I also craved much from Audra in connection to Dimitri as a lover and less on his job as a reaper The novel could have used two or three passes by an editor to help polish before publishing I wanted to give it three stars but couldn’t uite justify it because of editing issues Though the beginning didn’t catch my attention well I did find the last half to be much better I wanted to hang around to learn what happened It wasn’t an altogether unsatisfactory ending but I would have liked an epilogue to find out where they ended up 25 starsThis was a hard read for me for the sole reason that I could not connect with Audra at all To me she came across as a demanding woman who did not know what she wanted First she was in love with her ex husband then she's in lust with Dimitri but still goes out with Shane who is clearly interested in her What's she doesn't want to 'see' Dimitri and dismissed him but then is calling for him and expects him to run when she calls Really?Anyway I could easily connect with Dimitri and even felt sorry for him in a couple of scenes He was such a tortured soul and he really cared about Audra I even liked Gaylen He was interesting in a evil sort of way I understood where his hatred for Dimitri came from and why he wanted revenge Except for Cassie another reaper I really did not care for the other characters Even Audra's best friend was selfish and demandingI found the pace to be a bit slow especially since Audra's inner ramblings sometimes tended to go off point and didn't add anything to the story There were a lot of other side stories that made it hard for me to concentrate on the main plot Some added to the story others took away from it The plot resolution was nicely handled but I think that the ending came a bit sudden I would have loved to read an Epilogue if only to know how these two went about living their life togetherThe romance side of the story was just okay for me There was this one scene that was really hot and went with the story nicely But of course Audra had to go and ruin it for me Sometimes I couldn't see the connection between Audra and Dimitri there wasn't anything overtly emotional in their dialog no humor and other than that first scene the chemistry wasn't palpable to meI really wanted to like this book since the concept the author Alicia Dean came up with was different and very interesting It could have gone in a lot of directions and well at least for me it didn't live up to my expectations It is not a bad book or poorly written I just think that Audra could have been presented in a likable way and the romance explored further All in all an okay bookI received this book as part of the R2R Read to Review program in the group Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy Fanatics and would like to thank them for giving me the opportunity to read and review this title Nice spin on Grim Reapers Alicia Dean shows reapers in a different light in Soul SeducerAudra is a nurse who experiences a near fatal beating which is when she notices 2 individuals looking at her What she doesn't realize at the time is that they're reapers who are waiting to see if they need to take her soul while she recovers in the hospitalGaylen is the blonde hunk who wants to take Audra's soul and spirit Dimitri is the tall dark and handsome dude who wants to keep Gaylen away from Audra and keep her for himself Initially Audra finds herself drawn to both reapers but as the story progresses she realizes that one of them isn't all he's cracked up to be Maybe even BOTH of themShe also discovers that Dimitri has been watching over her pretty much all her life Although he's not a guardian angel Audra finds it sweet if a bit unnerving to know Dimitri was there all along and she didn't know it See she was only able to see the reapers after she had a near death experienceThe way the author weaves this yarn will have you flipping your fingers so fast you'll wonder how you finished the book so uickly The back story of the main reapers along with the secondaries Veronica Cassie Samuel etc will truly entertain you I appreciated how the the concept of reapers actually develops in the storyline; what they can do what they can't how their abilities work the exceptions to the rules etc Ms Dean adds enough detail within the book to make you appreciate the effort it took to build the world Audra lives in Although the ending was a little too convenient for the HEA it was good to see it end on a beautiful noteSoul Seducer is poignant heartbreaking in some places and riveting in others When death and what happens afterwards is the main focus of a book usually it's depressing Not in this one however; I definitely enjoyed it and am looking forward to from the author Soul Seducer is the story of Audra who can see Reapers Not only can she see reapers she has two that are fighting over her One wants to take her soul early the other wants to protect her Along the way she falls in loveThis was a very interesting story between good and evil On the one hand we have good who is following the natural order of things and trying to keep peace Because of this he has to watch good people die and help them on their way Then we have evil that wants to take people early he wants their essence He feels powerful and can’t wait to wreak havoc on the world His main goal to get Audra and keep her tied to him for eternity and he’ll do anything to get herDimitri and Gaylen the reapers were phenomenal I loved their stories and found them extremely fascinating They intrigued me from the beginning They were fighting a supernatural war right in front of us with none of us the wiser Dimtri follows the rules and allows the natural order of things to happen Gaylen wreaks havoc and takes people’s souls early Which begs the uestion is it fate when people die early or was it ordained? When the reaper doesn’t take someone who was supposed to die what kind of long reaching conseuences are there? Things to ponderI had a little bit of a hard time connecting with Audra I didn’t really understand a lot about her I knew some of her history but it was still hard to connect to her I did like the bit of mystery that was involved with the story I found the outcome of the mystery to be interesting and unexpectedThe romance between Dimitri and Audra was intriguing I really liked them as a couple I found myself hoping they would get their HEAThere’s a lot of potential with this story and I hope we get Soul Reaper stories I think there’s a lot of room for creativity and storiesA copy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review I received a copy of this through a Read2Review so I would like to thank the author as well as my GR group for this opportunityI really enjoyed this story although it was a bit transparent and I figured out how it would play out I still found myself liking the story Personally I gravitate toward books that have twists surprises This book really didn't have any but I didn't struggle to finish it The overall premise was attractive Pacing flowed well and editing was done throughly I felt that the characters were some what developed and the dynamics between the characters were thought out The writing was well crafted and descriptive enough to engage myself as the reader into the characters' storylinesMy biggest gripe is that this story is kinda forgettable I don't really have anything bad to say about it but I don't really have anything that I love about it either All the characters have very specific sterotypical roles not a necessarily bad thing but none of them wow ed me They just really didn't get me 100% invested I could tell that thought went into the story arc thought meant to make the storyline appealing to readers but it also was very for lack of a better term boring I've read versions of that storyline many timesI just don't have anything really to say the whole package just has a certain meh uality to it I would have like to see some better developed conflict character strife? In my opinion this one just lacked something to make it uniue The romance was sweet but predictable The villian was kind of tame The ending could be seen from a mile away Even with all its faults I still enjoyed it I still think this one will appeal to a lot of readers out there who are fans of paranormal romance 255 I wish we could give 12 points on GoodreadsSo I have mixed feelings about this book It has an interesting premise the idea of reapers and how they are treated in the story is pretty fascinating I liked most of the characters But I just could not get behind Audra our heroine She was pretty bratty in my eyes and when I found out how old she was I was shocked she seemed like she would be much at home in a YA novel than as a 30 year old romance novel heroineDimitri was much complex and interesting and as a hero I enjoyed his bits of the book I think I would have preferred the story from his point of view actually He didn't annoy me nearly as much as Audra didGaylan as the bad guy was pretty convincing He had a bit of a tendency to monologue but his justification made perfect sense to me which may not be good for my general state of mindBut goodness Audra Did you have to whine and moan constantly about how unfair death is? view spoilerI know that you were traumatized by your mother's death and that you are personally offended by death as a medical professional but still You have some severe attachment issues lady hide spoiler I received this book from the author in exchange of a honest review And here I am only a few minutes after I finished the book ready to relay my opinionI admit there were some parts of the book I couldn't get myself to concentrate on And some parts especially where Audra was involved that annoyed the hell out of me God that woman is a pain in the butt Always complaining and blaming others for her own choices Couldn't stand her for most of the timeThat's about all the things I didn't likeLet's get to the positive onesFirst of all Dimitri Sexy as hell no pun intended and very sweet and protective and caring How not to love him?Second the steamy scenes with Audra and Dimitri That was VERY hot Dammit I almost melted in my own pantsI also liked Cassie a lot Awesome girl Sadie too is a cute little girl LovelyGaylen was well The Bad Guy One of the worst Followed by Veronica and ScottWilton he was so creepy I had multiple shudders at one point in the book I think I rarely ever had that reaction when reading a book That character gave me the creeps just thinking of what he'd done Even nowAt least in the end justice was done And about the ending that was WOW To sum it up a very nice book Maybe not 4 full stars but 375 for sure Recommended if you like suspence action Reapers romance some sexy steam and sweat on your skin and some mystery not too tangled though