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Academia Disney Como Uma Das Marcas Mais Famosas E Populares Em Todo O Mundo, A Disney Criou Nossa Concep O De Fantasia, Com Personagens Que Passamos A Amar, Mas Isso Aconteceu N O Apenas Pelas Belas Hist Rias H Um Eficiente Trabalho De Constru O De Imagem, Equipes Motivadas, Pessoas Que Trabalham Em Todos Os Setores Da Empresa Como Se Fossem Donas Do Neg Cio.Isso O Que Se Pode Encontrar Nos Parques Tem Ticos, Cruzeiros E Resorts A Experi Ncia Do Sonho Transformada Em Realidade, E Que Hoje N O Est O Apenas Nos Estados Unidos, Mas Se Expandiu Para A Europa, China E Jap O Trata Se De Uma Imagem Forte, Simples De Perceber, Mas Incrivelmente Inovadora Como Eles Conseguem Fazer Cada Pessoa Da Equipe Tratar Do Seu Departamento, Clientes, Material De Trabalho Como Se Fossem As Propriet Rias Como Criar Uma Vis O De Qualidade Superior A De Qualquer Outro Neg Cio, Capaz De Produzir Efeitos Altamente Positivos Em Toda A Empresa Isto O Que Faz A Disney University, E Doug Lipp Traduziu Esses Ensinamentos Num Curso Pr Tico Em Forma De Livro Trazendo As Grandes Li Es Que Fazem Escola Em Todo O Mundo Com Os Seus Mais Elevados Ndices De Satisfa O, Desde A Equipe At Os Consumidores. I m not the target audience for this book I don t have a business and I don t usually read non fiction But I do love Disneyland and always have Some of my best memories come from trips to Disneyland whether it was with my parents growing up, Grad night Mormon Night at Disneyland with my friends as a teenager or as a parent taking my own kids For me it has always lived up to its name as being the Happiest Place on Earth So when I saw this book on Netgalley I requested a copy and started reading it.The stories in this book were what I loved the most I loved hearing about Walt Disney s vision for Disneyland, loved learning about how Disney trains their cast members and loved learning how they met some of the challenges they faced as the Disney franchises grew and expanded Walt s interactions with cast members, a cast member cheering up a child who had dropped their popcorn, custodians who cleaned the Hunted Mansion so well it was no longer spooky enough and couldn t open, these and many other stories made me smile and enjoy this book much than I expected to.As soon as I would start to lose interest in what was being discussed there would be a new story that was shared that drew me right back into the boo
When discussing the Disney Institute book with my previous manager he mentioned that there was another book written by a gentlemen by the name of Doug Lipp Of course that night I went on a hunt for the book and couldn t find it in the city So I promptly ordered it and was excited to read it.My obsession with Disney s level of customer service continues to grow Their ideas and way they do things are so simple yet so amazing that those who have been to Disney know that they are walking into a totally different world.This book focuses on Disneyland in California The tips and stories in it are fantastic and at the end of each chapter there is a series of questions to help you look and evaluate on how your company is training and keeping customers engaged It is so very true that if the company doesn t invest in their employees and make them a priority the
This is a quick read about how Disney teaches employees about service and about the creation of Disney University It s also an appreciation of the fellow who Walt Disney asked to start the University, Van France France shows up time and again as the intelligent and thoughtful and sometimes gruff coach to Disney workers The best parts of the book for me were the descriptions of how Disney narrows down the focus of training of employees to a few concise terms By focusing of fewer objectives, it seems they can do much training and imparting of culture I also enjoyed the anecdotes, especially the one about Tokyo Disneyland s over reaching cleaning staff destroying the mood in the Haunted House truly, what kind of a cleaning crew leaves behind cobwebs, even those created by artists The book does feel like a magazine article extended out The last chapter about employee group activities goes into some detail on
I read a surprisingly large number of books on business management I do this not only because of my authorial enterprise, but in an attempt to improve on my day job Disney U is the story of Van France s legendary staff training program, begun at Disneyland in the 1950s and continuing with updates along the way through the present day Author Doug Lipp looks at what France called the Four Circumstances Innovate, Support, Educate, Entertain and uses them to examine things like new employee orientation, training policies, and Exercises at the end of each chapter allow readers to determine how their own companies employ the techniques described, and explain how the Four Circumstances tie in.I truly wish that all companies would operate on the principles taught at Disney
The best part was the summary at the end of each chapter I found it repetitive and also of a tribute to Van France who created Disney University than a management book There are some good anecdotes and I had some ideas for my work An easy skim. Had to read for a class, but wasn t the worst textbook I ve ever had to read I also just love Disney. Read my full review opinion Periodically, a business book pops up that it will be a game changer in the business world We saw this with Jim Collins book GOOD TO GREAT and my whole hearted belief is that we will see the same thing with Doug Lipp s Disney U In grad school, there were 4 organizations that were emphasized as being best practice examples of not only successful business models, but leaders in a customer centric business approach Disney was one of these companies and is an organization that has fascinated me for years Mr Lipp laid out critical business lessons, not only necessary to training programs, but business survival He reflects on how Disney International lived these lessons for than half a decade Then, my favorite part of the bookhe gives key take aways to reinforce necessary components of what he was teaching from each chapter and questions to ask to determine preparedness or identify weakness in an organization.In reading this book, I was reminded of Toyota, W Edward Deming and Lean CQI Six Sigma in the 1980 s As the business world ge
Best book on business culture I have ever read Doug Lipp does a great job using Disney anecdotes to keep the readers attention I have read many business management books that struggle to capture a concrete message and my attention as a reader this was never a problem when reading Disney U I also particularly enjoyed how this book was not a mere summary of past Disney or management books Mr Lipp clearly has untapped insight on how Disney operates their customer service University
A few years ago, I was feeling frustrated with my job I felt I was talented in what I did, but I guess as the great Victor Frankl would say, I hadn t found out yet what my Meaning was I am grateful for that situation, because it is in those moments that your brain makes the truly important questions about yourself and about your passions I won t bore you with the exact conversation I had with myself, but basically I found out that what I loved about my job was creating culture, trying to mold relationships and trying to create environments where people would thrive and grow Yuval Harari would probably say that my human nature makes me like to create fictions, but I guess I am fine with being part of that system of lies So I ve always been curious about the organizations that manage to create that passion and sense of accomplishment in their teams Disney is a tricky example I think, because even if you ve never worked there, the brand itself carries a bunch of feelings and emotions developed since we were children anger and sadness for the dead of Mufasa, joy of remembering the lyrics of Hakuna Matata and ten
There are few things as thrilling as being able to say that I went to Disney University The summer I spent as a character performer as part of the Disney ICP program at Disney World was the best of my life, and a lot of that had to do with how prepared and empowered I felt to get out there and entertain the masses Since that summer, I ve become very passionate about great training and orientation practices, and have worked a lot of my experiences with Disney into other areas of my life.My dad borrowed this book for me from one of his colleagues, and it s taken me literally 5 years to get around to it Now, considering how much I love Disney and it s training you re probably surprised that this is only a 2 5, but that s largely because the writing was kind of boring, a bit simpering I mean, come on, the guys name was VAN FRANCE he had to have something weird going on and he wasn t perfect, get over it , and the author used the word inimitable at least 4 times in the book That s a word that shouldn t really be used than once in any one book canigetanamenI also found that a lot of the insights he shared could have been discussed in one chapter The book kind of seemed to spiral into uninteresting, repetitive territory for a lot of it and that made my eyes glaze over a little bit, which is too bad because, as I said,