Christmas in Torey Hope (Torey Hope #2.5)

Christmas in Torey Hope (Torey Hope #2.5)[KINDLE] ✾ Christmas in Torey Hope (Torey Hope #2.5) ❂ A.D. Ellis – The residents of Torey Hope are celebrating the holidays Fans of For Nicky and Because of Beckett in A Torey Hope Novel Series don’t want to miss this heartwarming storyHow did John and Cindy Morgan The residents of Torey Hope are celebrating the holidays Fans of For Christmas in Epub / Nicky and Because of Beckett in A Torey Hope Novel Series don’t want to miss this heartwarming storyHow did John and Cindy Morgan meet and fall in love What obstacle did Jack and Judy Morgan face in their early relationship Who tried to steal Captain Robert Decker’s sweet Lois from him back before he lost her foreverThe touching stories in this novella answer these burning uestions and give readers the opportunity to catch up with favorite Torey Hope characters Enjoy sweet and steamy moments between Nate Libby Morgan Jeremiah Audrey Jordan and Nicky Carly Morgan As an added bonus readers get a glimpse of Josie Decker and Kyle Martin before meeting them in Loving Josie A Torey Hope NovelChristmas in Torey Hope A Novella is best read after For Nicky and Because of Beckett. This is a must read especially if you have read any of the previous books from this author It is the holidays when family gets together with the characters from this place no exception This is where also they get to hear from the characters relatives on their sharing of insights and stories from when they were younger It will enlighten the couples present while the kids play about some past family history that otherwise would not get told uite in such a enchanting way When falling in love with characters you sometimes feel as if you know them so well so with this novella it will really make you feel that and then some It is not often you get such a treat or in later novels you might get to touch base with previous characters briefly With this one it will almost be like the glue inbetween past and future ones to come Also one beloved character Captain Decker will get to make the acuaintance of a niece he had no clue about thanks to her curiosity So gather once again with them all and be delighted with what this author has to tickle your fancy with and spend some uality time with everyone from this series and also a new character in store to meet Maybe even see a new budding romance in the air and what better time than at holidays too Received a arc for a honest review Christmas In Torey Hope by AD Ellis how can you not love Torey Hope? This series of books from Ellis is some of the sweetest books but has enough spice in there to keep people who likes thing HOT interested too I'm so glad to hear that this series will be continued next year This was a sweet Christmas story and we got to see all the kids that were mentioned at the end of Because of Beckett Ellis also gave us some background stories on how the parents fell in love We also get a little peek at Josie and Kyle which will have their own novel early 2015 Ellis also gives us another awesome surprise for 2015 I didn't see her mention this anywhere so I don't want to spoil it for you but it make me über happyThese families are so happy and heartwarming I love seeing how well they all get along If all families could really get along this well I think the divorce rate would be lower Ellis makes you really love this family and wish Cindy or Judy was your mother in law Nelda if you ever read this I love you and could never ask for a better mother in law I give Christmas In Torey Hope 4 Platypires Or 4 stars if that's the way you like to countBama Love Roll Tide and Keep Reading Y'allRenee AD Ellis has tugged on my heartstrings again with Christmas in Torey Hope A NovellaThe book brings about the characters and families from ‘For Nick; and ‘Because of Beckett’ so I would highly recommend that you first read these two books and fall head over heels in love with all the characters before reading this novella just like I haveThis book reunites us with our favourite characters giving us a deeper insight into their lives and their family dynamics I loved the closeness that the family have as well as the stories of Jack and Judy Jordan John and Cindy Morgan and Captain Decker It also introduces news characters Josie and Kyle whom I’m sure will have their own story to tellI can assure you that once you’ve started to read this book you will not want to put it down So grab a cuppa and tissues you might need them and embark on a magical emotional journey that will stay with you once you have finished the last page AD Ellis again has written a book that draws us into the Jordan Morgan and Decker families they are getting ready to celebrate Christmas together I loved the stories of when they first fell in love from Jack and Judy Jordan John and Cindy Morgan and Captain Decker so good to catch up with all the Characters we met Josie Captain Decker's niece and one he never knew he had I Loved that I really feel I am part of these families that I have known them all my life I cried I laughed AD Ellis has the heart of a true writer and makes the characters come to life She drew me in from the first sentence in FOR NICKYI was so excited to learn of this awesome story and oh so looking forward to the next books Please please read these books you cannot go wrong I recommend them 100% Christmas spirit love family hopeI love all of the characters in this series they all have had a battle or hurdles to overcome and yet they all have hope The story has a strong sense of family and family doesn't mean the people you are related to but the people that you see everyday I can't wait to learn about Kyle and Josie I loved hearing all of the back stories of my favorite parents and the characters feel like they are part of my family The author does a remarkable job making the reader feel like they belong You will think about the characters long after you have finished reading the books Do yourself a favor and read them you will be hard pressed to find better books with amazing characters like this Go one click this and her others today It's Christmas season in Torey Hope and the Jordan and Morgan and Decker families are getting ready to celebrate the season together Josie Decker shows up on her uncles doorstep trying to escape her old life and start fresh Never knowing she had any other family she is hoping that her uncle will accept her She is welcomed with open arms Kyle is staying with Jeremiah and Audrey Jordan hoping to make a fresh start on his life Except for introducing two new characters the book allows you to get the know the families a little better Through stories of their past how they met and fell in love and the closeness that families share during the holiday season If you have read any of the Torey Hope books You will enjoy this one If not this book will make you want to Let me just say if you haven't read any of AD Ellis's books you need to start with For Nicky Book 1 Because of Beckett Book 2 I just loved Christmas in Torey Hope It was such a heartwarming story In this book you will learn a little about the characters in Books 1 2 You will fall in love with each character I loved hearing the stories of how the parents met fell in love Captain Decker's story touched me the most There were moments when I was drying my eyes my heart was skipping a beat I will continue to read any book that AD Ellis writes She has once again captured my heart attention Such a great additionI loved getting to see all the backstories from the grandparentsparents Great seeing all the kids getting older and just being kids All the couples still like they were in their own books but busier due to all the kids I've been ready for Loving Josie to come out but after meeting her and Kyle in this book I really can't wait Such a great extra to this series I always love getting info on the characters I love and I definitely fell for all of these characters I have enjoyed reading the Torey Hope novels They were very emotional books with characters that stole my heart This novella was the icing on the cake Not only did we get to revisit everyone we got some back story on the older couples which I loved and were introduced to the characters in the new book I can't wait to read it I would recommend this series its a great read Happy reading Family holidays at their bestAD Ellis did it again I absolutely love all the families in Torey Hope I loved learning about how all of the older couples fell in love Their stories showed that love can be everlasting Captain Decker and Janie are just the cutest I of course can never get enough of the 3 younger couples I can't wait for Josie and Kyle's story Short but amazing read Merry Christmas and Happy New Year