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The Floating Circus[Reading] ➼ The Floating Circus Author Tracie Vaughn Zimmer – In 1852 Ohio twelve year old Owen steals aboard a floating circus called the River Palace with nothing in mind than catching a little of the show But then a free black man named Solomon offers to take In Ohio twelve year old Owen steals aboard a floating circus called the The Floating Kindle - River Palace with nothing in mind than catching a little of the show But then a free black man named Solomon offers to take him on as an assistant animal keeper and Owen discovers a family among the ragtag members of the circus including a young elephant named Little Bet A brush with yellowfever in New Orleans and a devastating storm threaten the boat and its crew But it's the menace of slave catchers that poses the greatest danger of all and that will put Owen's loyalty to Solomon and Little Bet to the test This is a memorable tale of prejudice race and the relationships that transcend them Inspired by the riverboat circuses of the nineteenth century it also brings little known historical facts to lifeTRACIE VAUGHN ZIMMER has worked as a special education teacher and reading specialist She is also the creator of than teacher's guides for numerous publishers and has published poetry books as well as the novel Reaching for Sun Tracie lives outside Cincinnati Ohio with her husband and two children wwwtracievaughnzimmercomPRAISE FOR REACHING FOR SUNLike taking slow bites from a piece of homemade lemon pie sharp sweet and honest Linda Sue Park Newbery Medal winnerJosie's strength shines as she handles sadness and loss as well as recovery and progress Kirkus Reviews starred review. Reviewed by Allison Fraclose for TeensReadToocomTwelve year old troublemaker Owen is so different from his little brother Zach that he knows Zach would stand a much greater chance of being adopted from the Orphan Train without him When the train leaves Pittsburgh Owen slips away and jumps leaving his future to the winds Before the night is over he finds himself invited aboard a circus boat by a kindly black man named Solomonand nearly drowned in the river when the circus owner discovers Owen catching a show for free Solomon convinces Hathaway the owner to let Owen stay aboard as Solomon's assistant in tending the animals and cleaning the boat Thus Owen becomes a hired hand on the River Palace Life in the circus isn't uite what Owen would have thought it would be but it grows to become of a home to him than the orphanage had ever been From the misunderstood baby elephant Little Bet to Caleb another boy on the boat who reminds him so much of Zach Owen manages to find a place within his newfound family But as the circus heads south towards New Orleans a town plagued with yellow fever bad storms and people who think every black man is as good as a slave Owen will need to decide where his heart and loyalties lie and choose the road his life will travel Full of rich description in an exciting atmosphere and turbulent time in American history Zimmer brings out a complete cast of very real characters and heart wrenching situations THE FLOATING CIRCUS is a masterful work to be enjoyed by anyone between the ages of 8 and 80 The Floating Circus is one of those great books that will appeal to both kids ad adults I often hear kids complain that literary books are 'so boring' Although The Floating Circus might be considered literary it is in no way boring The author keeps the story moving forward giving it definate kid appealI also felt it was a great example of how historical fiction doesn't just have to be about girls in corsettes The story takes place in the United States circa 1850 when circuses traveled from town to town and slavery was still the status uo13 year old Owen and his brother Zach live in an orphanage in Pittsburgh But when Zach has the opportunity for a better life Owen not wanting to hold him back runs away and joins the circus In this case it is a circus on a boat which travels the river townsThanks to the well researched novel I now have a better understanding of life and times in this part of our history The floating circus is a charming historical fiction painting a colorful picture of a time in history when the circus world became an avenue of survival and acceptance for so many This is a story of an orphan boy who leaves behind all that is familiar to assure that his brother will get adopted When he is taken on as a stable boy to a grand floating circus he encounters unlikely friends life threatening dangers and the enchanting but brutal world of the circus His kindred relationship with an old slave and a baby elephant inspire him to take on challenges he never thought he would while all the while he seeks to belong This is a great read for adults and kids who might not be huge fans of historical fiction because it is creative adventurous and emotional painting history in vibrant color I love reading about the circus and that is the only reason I rated this book as high as I did I enjoyed the research that went into writing this book but ultimately that was also the downfall of this book Things are just thrown at the reader without explanation For example Owen is at a hotel and there had been a yellow fever outbreak Instead of Owen looking out the window and seeing the fire or having one of the adults mention a fire A sentence pops up out of nowhere that started something like The fires outside As a reader I was really confused and thought I had missed something but the next sentences talk about how they would start fires to try to burn the fever out of the air It would be so much better if this was explained to Owen from another character but instead this kid who didn't seem to know much about yellow fever in the first place is explaining to the reader why the streets are on fire Stuff like this happens several times throughout the book I felt like the writer was just trying to cram in as many historical facts as possible despite that it was taking away from the immersion and the overall story When I first began reading this book it immediately grasped my attention I gained lots of emotions while reading I laughed at some parts was amazed just like Owen at some parts cried and even suished my face at the parts I found disturbing I enjoyed Solomon's and Owens bond I always looked forward to parts where they're having a conversation What I truly enjoyed most from this book was imagining how each characters voice might of sound and look This book gave a great imagery of how the characters look As well as the settings Zimmer made The Floating Circus a way where you can imagine how it might of felt to live in each charters shoes during this time in the 1850's This was truly fun to read and imagine all the fun and color that Owen has seen on The Floating Circus Zimmer Tracie Vaughn 2008 The Floating CircusI shoulda listened to my brother Right follows Zach like a shadow but wrong wears me like a skinOwen and Zach two brothers two orphans from Pittsburgh When we first meet Owen he is getting ready to fall into some trouble Dared to climb a tree to see if he could touch the roof of the orphanage his attempt is brave but extremely foolish Now he has lost the use of his left arm When he overhears two elderly ladies Miss Jane and Miss Eliza talking about how no one would want to adopt the pair of them Owen being both a troublemaker and a somewhat crippled one at that but how Zach could easily find a home find a family if he was alone if he didn't have his brother around Owen decides to runaway If his brother would be better off without him then maybe it's time that he showed just how much he loved his brother by doing what would be best for him in the long runOwen mostly by accident joins a circus boat the River Palace He's an assistant to a free black man Solomon he helps him take care of the animals on board It includes a lot of CLEANING as I'm sure you can imagine Solomon is kind and friendly Owen and Solomon become easy friends and companions Most of the others ignore him at least in the beginningI don't want to say too much I hate reading things that spoil the plot even a little bit But this one is good really good If you like historical fiction at allyou really should give this one a try It was inspired by a real showboat Rogers and Spalding's Floating PalaceAccording to the author's website the book will be released July 22 2008 The Floating Circus is the story of thirteen year old Owen Burke an orphan living in Pennsylvania in the 1850's His pa dead and his mother unable to provide Owen and his younger brother Zach are placed in the care of the Home for Destitute and Friendless Youth When Owen overhears a conversation about Zach's options for adoption he realizes that he is a liability to Zach and determines to help his brother find a new home even it means leaving him to do so Owen serendipitously finds his way to the riverfront of Pittsburgh where a large floating circus has moored By good providence and a healthy dose of luck and chance Owen finds himself employed by the River Palace apprenticed to Solomon a freed black man who cares for the animals and does most of the grunt work to keep the palace shipshape Although the hours are long and the work is demanding Owen settles into his new life forging a gentle friendship with Solomon When yellow fever and a storm threaten to put an end to it all Owen knows he has some tough decisions to make and he makes them with pure bravado and integrity Great historical fiction Students should love this Owen is a plucky and believable protagonist In many ways this reminds me of Billy Creek by Tracey Porter another great piece of historical fiction with a plucky and forthright protagonist who makes his own way in a world that is not always easy or benevolent Make no mistake though The Floating Circus stands firmly on its own merit I almost missed this book which would have been a huge mistake This novel was an absolute joy to readOwen and his brother Zach have been given up by their mother to an orphanage After realizing that Zach has a better chance of being adopted without him Owen puts his little brother on the orphan train heading west and then sets out to find his own way in life His path leads him to the River Palace a floatig circus and then leads Zach into a job friendships and his share of new problemsI read this in one sitting and enjoyed every page The Floating Circus has so many pieces of history woven into the story that you could easily use tie this novel into other lesson plans if using Floating Circus in the classroom Pair it with Karen Cushman's Rodzina for the history of the Orphan Trains; use it to discuss slavery in the US; child labor; workers' rightsunions; animal rightsSpoiler alertScroll downNon baby elephants are harmed in this book I have really mixed feelings about this book While I enjoyed it liked the main character had fun reading about a floating traveling circus and think the author writes well I'm a tad uneasy about the racial politics of the book I get tired of white authors creating African American characters whose purpose is to be somewhat of a simple sage imparting knowledge and guiding the white protagonist to become a better person The Secret Life of Bees I'm looking at you While it could be argued that the black character in this case an adult freed slave named Solomon helps the white protagonist a thirteen year old boy named Owen his role in the book is still to serve the purpose of the white character Sigh That aside the book provides some interesting insights into the history of the circus in America I think the author tries to include a tad too much history into the book by including the orphan trains Yellow Fever a traveling circus slavery etc into such a short bookThis book is appropriate for 4th 6th grade Twelve year old Owen slips off the orphan train leaving his younger brother alone because he believes Zachary will stand a better chance of adoption without him Without any notion of what he will do next Owen is carried with a crowd to the riverfront where a floating circus has arrived After he is thrown overboard for not having a ticket he is rescued by Solomon a black circus worker who convinces the owner that Owen can stay with him and help with the animals So begins a relationship which is the center of the book Owen is too young and naive to understand all the facets of prejudice or to have seen how poorly men can treat animals or mankind but he will learn many lesson on board the floating circus Zimmer covers much territory in this book orphan trains circus history slavery yellow fever and prejudice But for all of that this is Owen's story his growth to a young man who recognizes the education he has received from an illiterate ex slave

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