The Passive Aggressors

The Passive Aggressors[Download] ✤ The Passive Aggressors Author Dave Matthes – Author's Note on the New EditionFirst and only rule Read it love it hate itAfter re releasing my first autobiographical tome 'The Slut Always Rides Shotgun' I decided it was time to re release its acc Author's Note on the New EditionFirst and only rule read it love it hate itAfter re releasing my first autobiographical tome 'The Slut Always Rides Shotgun' I decided it was The Passive Kindle - time to re release its accompanying seuel the book in which you now hold However while with the first re release I decided to add material previously removed this time around I have decided to cut out the bullshit and most of the fat from this big huge juicy slab of literary meat I've reworded a few things here and there but nothing has really been added I took out what I felt takes away from the storySoI present to you my faithful readers new and old The Passive Aggressors The Circumcised EditionSynopsisFate has a bitter flavor but a sweet aftertastePlummeting back down his eternally self deprecating abyss blending further the truths and illusions of familiarity and destroying what little reality he has left only with the help of a friend of his father a bottle of whiskey a few ounces of Mary J innumerable pairs of legs to spread and a return journey into his own Hell and back can a final resolution be foundDirect seuel and possibly the other half of the story to The Slut Always Rides Shotgun this volume follows a psychologically based narrative than its predecessorThe Passive Aggressors is than just a true tale about the hardships of life It is a literary experiment designed to push the reader to the farthest reaches of THEIR own Hells in an effort to to shed light onto the face of darkness that exists in all of us and that few of us are brave enough to realize. Compared to his first autobiographical novel The Slut Always Rides Shotgun one can feel the artistic and psychological growth of author Dave Matthes which has made me an even bigger fan of his writing Matthes doesn't seem to grow like the most of us though He doesn't use the American Dream approach that all life has to offer is a course to reach some goal that was just a built up manifestation of success promoting growth Matthes seems to see past the disappointment of time that could be wasted embracing the hell out of every given moment and doing whatever keeps him going with honest meaning Instead of making a life of artificial happiness he is concerned with creating true happiness despite the negation of meaning in this world; and the struggle with one's inner voidPsychological growth seems to be an underlying theme despite Matthes's seemingly stagnant lifestyle; ie seeing past lovers; digressing from risky seal the deal situationsHe's able to convey the confusing state of flux we experience as we change clear on paper The dialogue during some of his therapy sessions caused me to reflect on the choices i make contrasting those that keep me stagnant to those that are helping me grow He reminds me that there is no contract in living a fulfilling life One must find their own path and listen closely to what's calling them Matthes demonstrates the struggle to hear one's calling because often the path we think is right is a giant contradiction to what we like and enjoy to fulfill our hedonistic desires In the world of romance Matthes brings up an interesting proposition not so popularized in most entertainment sources or the average novel; the romance behind loving than one person These parts of the novel were begging for criticism however I was overwhelmed by again reevaluating whether my criticisms had much merit uestioning my own ideals Based on the idea that many would sacrifice everything for true love I could understand one who would judge Matthes's relationships to be insincere However I can only make this judgement based on the surface of what his relationships were about Through his words he actually makes me believe his loveWhile most women find polygamist ideals to be unacceptable Matthes has me uestioning whether it is or it isn't His capacity to love isn't superficial which you can feel in his romantic recollections; for example the detail he includes in his observations during a meaningful moment Though his capacity to love runs deeply he keeps his barrier up from settling into a monogamous relationship One might call this a weakness; a stalling point in growth Now I ask what makes weakness weak; strength strong and whether these ideas are only based off of societal norms and my family upbringing Matthes has me revisiting my own beliefs causing me to research further on the topic of human sexualityThe movement of this book feels swift and as soon as I would catch myself anticipating to put it down after a chapter I would read the first sentence of the next and be taken away The language feels real I buy it; almost every word of itThis brings me to my only criticism of the novel I say almost because some of the dialogue feels a bit reworked than what it originally might have been which is expected The content continues to feel genuine however at points I ask myself why I don't freuently have such flowing wonderful conversation in my life A few times I found myself bursting out laughing to really great unexpected moments which kept me goingI have truly been inspired I found myself going on a carpe diem rampage for weeks after finishing The Passive Aggressors Sometimes I would even catch myself expressing in a similar tone as Matthes's I started focusing on what is important in my life and gave up a little of my stressed humility that causes so much unnecessary anxiety It felt good Matthes offers true perspective without preaching or forcing it on you His skill at writing and his real life experiences have me hooked wanting to listen to Holy emotional tornado“Everyone dies at least once in their life”In his seuel to “The Slut Always Rides Shotgun” Dave Matthes journals the next chapters of his life in a darker psychological rollercoaster ride as he tries to find his place in the world and his journey to still find that something “Just because a place has wallsdoesn’t make it your home”We follow him on a journey jam packed with a bit of anger some bouts of depression witty humor copious amounts of physical love the search for emotional love and the still never ending debauchery Matthes has the ability to easily transport his reader into the story and feel as if they too are along for this momentous ride with a drink in hand He lives his life by the seat of his pantswhen he is wearing them and has embraced every single moment that has come his way regardless of the hurt it may have caused him He doesn’t waste a day of his life on the meaningless encounters and grows with what’s tossed in his pathHe again pulls the reader in with real raw feelings and true emotion causing them to take a good like into their own mind and consider exactly what’s being said and how it pertains to the their personal feelings He recounts his struggles with his inner darkness and demons as well as his love for than one lady It’s not always east to hold onto the ones you love The heart breaks are an honest example that he is not afraid to divulge to his readers how he felt baring his soul to all who read it The sincerity of his emotions come alive on the pages and break your heart From beginning to end he has the uncanny ability to convey almost every emotion from happiness to heartache to sarcasm to loneliness He uses poetry and random bits of wisdom to effortlessly transition from each journal entry to the next And it works with the books emotions“You write about everything that happened the good the bad the ugly the unbearable the gratifying the subliminal the obvious the tenacious the obliue the frantic and it’s terrifying And then when it comes time to edit and rewrite you’re forced to go back and relive all the horrible things you’ve done everything you’ve neglected and everyone you’ve killed You’re forced to dig back down into the deepest of your horrendously turbulent abysses to divulge that all but elusive nightcap And the only thing you can fiddle from the friction is that the journey through hell is only half over I guess in a way that’s my way of never letting myself forget Certain things are unforgivable”I think this is a perfect summation This authors gift to put into words something truly uniue and different from a lot of literature out there is a breathe of fresh airTruly a piece of literary badasseryor so I once heard A continuation to the tumultuous path down which The Slut Always Rides Shotgun led its readers The Passive Aggressors The Circumcised Edition certainly does not disappoint Told in a similar anecdotal journal format The Passive Aggressors follows Matthes through a period fraught with heartbreak perpetual self analysis and as always sex and booze Told with the type of humor only those with some life experience under their belt can appreciate this book feels less like a seuel and of an expansion of the glimpses of Matthes' humanity that shone through in The Slut In this book Matthes gives his audience a personal raw view of the man trying to find his wayMatthes' attempts to exorcise his demons are often uelled by his penchant for allowing them out to run amok leaving little but empty bottles and self loathing behind This book delves deeper into the author's psyche than the first allowing the reader than just a mere peek at the darkness depression and anger he battles throughout More personal yet still entirely relateable The Passive Aggressors forces the reader to consider their own truth and their own demons just as Matthes does while he navigates life's minefield littered with the challenges of creating genuine human connection A certain vulnerability is threaded throughout the pages reminding anyone who has ever truly experienced loving and losing the one that got away just how much impact a single person can have on our ability to love or not again especially if the loss is the result of our own making Striking a balance between wanting to change and being exceedingly stubborn in taking the steps to do so it is difficult to do anything but envision the author's challenges as your own creating a protagonist that is both an underdog and his own antagonist Once again a thought provoking tale for anyone who has ever stopped to wonder just what exactly direction their life should take how they've gotten there in the first place and who they'll be notching the headboard with next As a direct seuel to his first novel “The Slut Always Rides Shotgun” one might think that Dave Matthes’ “The Passive Aggressors” would be a similar journey down a road laced with debauchery and intrigue And while there is no shortage of sexual adventures to tie the themes of the first to the seuel this novel is so much than that If you read it with an open mind I can guarantee that you won’t look at your life in the same way once you have turned the last page One of the most intriguing things about this book is that Matthes is able to explore basically the entire spectrum of human emotions keeping you hooked onto the story and so invested in the outcome that you could get through the 437 pages in one sitting We follow him on a transcendent journey of the mind from true passionate love deep rooted anger jovial wit and humor soul crushing depression and back And all of this is done with seamless transitions between journal entries poetry and what appears to be something of a dream seuence following the story of “Serenity” which ties each story together with a brutal honesty and such insightful uips that it would be hard indeed to put this book down Matthes has an uncanny ability to make it actually feel as if you are taking each journey with him each glass of liuid inspiration he downs within the pages also flows down the throats of the reader each drug consumed takes you to a new high right alongside him each sexual exploit leaves you burning with passion and each time he looks inside himself you are forced to do the same This novel forces you to look deeper into yourself to examine your life in a way that will change your outlook on the world if only you are willing to let it So don’t be intimidated by the strong dose of truth present within the pages it might just compel you to inspect every aspect of your being and bring about a welcome change to the monotony of life As a seuel to The Slut Always Rides Shotgun Dave Matthes once again opens up his entire life to show to struggles and hardships of life and love Within the hundreds of pages of literary madness that is his life Matthes delves into his difficulty of finding ‘love’ which is still difficult to grasp the concept of Matthes shines light on subjects everyone else is too scared to speak of making the reader take a harder look at their own darkness inside themselves The Passive Aggressors leaves the reader wanting to sit down with a drink in hand and take a hard look at themselves and their past relationships Love is never easy to find and hold onto and Matthes helps us see the difference between love and infatuation by baring his entire soul for everyone to see Matthes struggles with his darkness but in his search for what is real he shows readers that not everything is perfect and there is still good in this world even if it seems like there is no way out His blunt honesty helps show that the truth hurts but nothing is ever easy For those readers who do everything to mask their own problems The Passive Aggressors will awake some of these issues Though touching on some serious issues Matthe’s witty repartee and hilarious analogies add a lighter side to the dark journey of his life I was very excited to delve back into the rabbit hole that is Dave Matthes' Life It was defiantly hard to put this one down Again the authors writing is captivating I was very sad to finish it As odd as that may sound I love that its like i'm talking to Dave like i'm enthralled in a story hes telling me I wasn't as afraid to get into The Passive Aggressors as I was The Slut mostly because I knew what I was getting myself into Its my favorite out of the two A big part of that is because it's deeper and profound Like The Slut Always Rides Shotgun was just a taste or a sampler to this darker sense of his reality I found myself feeling sad for him almost wanting to save him from all the negative bullshit Then smiling when he prevailed Again these enad feelings aren't associated with the fact that i'm head over heels for the author3In all honesty I could totally read it again mostly to get a good laugh at some of the situations and to get even closer to understanding what goes through that crazy head of his After reading the first book The Slut I was excited to get started on the seuel right away Very uickly this book turned out to be better than it's predecessorThis book takes of a journey into the authors mind and troubles as he goes through hardships and struggles The author is trying to find his place in the world and keep himself sane while battling inner demons This brings to light a lot of topics feelings and thoughts that probably otherwise would have gone unknown to almost everyone around himI recommend this book to everyone Many of the uestions the author asks about himself are ones that we ask ourselves as well It really makes you think about the answers to those uestions I enjoyed this bookThe protagonist is so apathetic it's almost appalling but he's so LOVEABLE and witty He's just a humble down on his luck guy looking for somebody to love or put his penis in But in any case he is just looking for someone he can pass the time with and happens to go through loss heartbreak sadness and most of alladdiction to possibly the aforementioned It's almost like the ample amount of booze wasn't enough to uench his thirst for love or lust for that matter I give this book a sexy 5 stars cause it's the rawest realist thing I've read thus far One simple word to describe this book AMAZING Why wouldn't I rate one of my best books 5 stars? The answer is THERE IS NO REASON MOTHERFUCKER