There's Something About Ari (A Bluewater Bay Story)

There's Something About Ari (A Bluewater Bay Story)Buck Ellis S Future Seems Pretty Damn Bright With A Full College Scholarship In Hand, He S Going To Ditch Bluewater Bay And Pave The Way For His Kid Brother Charlie To Do The Same The Only Fly In Buck S Ointment Is His Ten Year Addiction To His Best Friend Since Second Grade, His True Love, And His Achilles Heel Ari Valentine, Mr Least Likely To Succeed But Then Buck S Mother Dies, Changing Everything, And Five Years Later, His Future Is Still On Hold It S A Struggle To Keep Food On The Table, A Roof Over Their Heads, And Charlie On The Straight And Narrow Buck Can T Afford Any Temptation, Especially In The Form Of The Newly Returned, Super Hot, Super Confident, Super Successful Television Star Ari Valentine ADHD Poster Child Ari Valentine Left For Hollywood And Lost Everything, Including His Bad Reputation Then The Breakthrough Role Of His Skyrocketing Career Lands Him Back In Bluewater Bay, To The Stunned Disbelief Of, Well, Everyone But There S Only One Person Ari Longs To Impress The Only Person Who Ever Really Mattered To Him, The Person He Left Behind Buck Ellis Bluewater Bay Stories Can Be Read In Any Order Jump In Wherever You D Like Word Count 27,600 Page Count 107 AUDIOBOOK REVIEWMay 10, 20164 starsLB Gregg should MAKE SURE that Nick J Russo narrates all of her audiobooks He just gets her writing, her pacing, her characters I think he nails every one of the narrations for her books, and I also think her writing makes him an even better narrator I found this story to be entertaining at first read I found it to be utterly charming at first listen The opening scene with Ari and Buck as kids on the playground WARMED my heart It s a great second chances love story my crack and an easy, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED listen ORIGINAL REVIEWNovember 3, 20144 starsTrue story I was reading this book on the plane and found myself charmed So, I kept reading as I deboarded, as I walked up the jetway, as I walked through the terminal, as I got on the moving sidewalk, as I distractly missed the end of the moving sidewalk, tumbled, fell to the ground sending my kindle skidding across the floor, and ended up with a bruise on my chin In all my travels, with all the books I ve read, that s never happened to me before.I m not quite sure what it isbut there s something about this book that made me just want to embrace it It could be th
3.5 stars This novella is SO typically L.B Gregg that I think I would have recognized the writing anywhere She creates characters that I fall in love with and cute, fun stories that I can t help but be sucked into However, she needs to work on her endings, man I m a HUGE fan of unrequited high school lovers getting second chances It is one of my favorite themes, especially if the two had a falling out and there is extra tension between them when they meet again Delicious I eat that stuff up I immediately took to this story and didn t want to stop reading for anything Honestly, this story is lovely It is fun little book with some really strong characters and I think all fans of L.B Gregg will adore it Still, I think it could have easily been a 4.5 star story or greater with a little tweaking I thought that the ending was too abrupt, as this author s stories often are It is hard to get a full story arc into a novella, and this f
i liked this, mostly.the plot s too thin and the ending was abrupt as hell it read like the start of a great novel, wrapped up hastily and a little minor irritants curbed my fun, but let s face it if i m not irritated by something, i m just not paying attention. 3.5 starsYou know how sometimes you re reading a short story or novella and it s really good, but then it justwell, ends That s what happened here The short prologue was great The first couple of chapters where Ari comes back and Buck has to get over his shock were awesome The chapters where Buck has to own up to his feelings for Ari, and figure out what to do next were likewise awesome In fact, I didn t realize I was so close to the end until I was about halfway through the second last chapter.But end it did, and it left me with questions Questions that I d like answered I ve got my fingers crossed that L.B Gregg might consider writing a sequel The book ends at a point where I d say that the real story was just beginning.Though you shouldn t let a truncated ending deter you The writing is engaging, and the story is a nice mix between angst and sweetness I d say that the ending is a nascent HEA definitely not a HFN, but just a needing some time to get settled type of thing An
3.5 starsThis is only the second L.B Gregg s story I read While I liked it enough, I was a bit annoyed with few things Let me start with what I liked first I liked the idea of reunited friends I m such a sucker for the one who got away trope The prologue is STRONG Here is Buck who have been in love with his best friend, Ari Valentine but Ari goes away and Buck is left to take care of his little brother And now Ari is back and he tells Buck about his sexuality So what a guy to do, right It is a very delicious teaser for what I expect to be a heart tugging story I also LOVED Buck s little brother, Charlie I thought he stole the scenes everytime he appeared I liked the brothers interaction seriously, I want MMs with siblings and they don t have to be gay siblings, okay Oh, and there was a cat Unfortunately, Buck s woe is me attitude was quite irritating In fact, I could say that he was being a jackass to Ari several times over So yes, Ari went away, and I could understand that Buck was hurt But the way Buck reacted to Ari s reasoning and statement of Ari being gay was, well, annoying Oh, and what the heck
The premise is awesome, and this could ve been extremely good Unfortunately, the characterization was shit, the pace was rushed, and the romance was manic. Several authors are contributing stand alone stories to this Riptide Pub series, Bluewater Bay, based in the rainy Washington state coastal town of the same name A popular TV action show think Teen Wolf is filming in the colorful town, importing lots of drama in ways than one There s Something About Ari This author has a way of wrapping you up in her characters Nothing fancy or earth shattering But, there s something about how the boys and the place are merged to draw you in There s something about two men you just know belong together if only they can figure it out, too.LB Gregg explores the you can t go home again theme here Ari Valentine, town bad boy and most likely to go nowhere turned the tables and left five years ago without a backward glance He s back in Bluewater Bay, much changed But he discovers that home is never the same.Buck Ellis was left behind, those five long years ago He and Ari were teens and inseparable BFFs And Buck had just lost his mother, was left orphaned with
That was simply delightful We re introduced to Buck and Ari through their first meeting when they were just in elementary school How they became instant friends the moment they met Then, fast forward years later to Buck still heartbroken after Ari, his best friend and secret love, left five years prior.Buck had been taking care of his little brother since his mother died He sacrificed everything for his family If there s ever a reason to love a character, that s it He s a bit grumpy and a tad too serious, but he didn t have a choice given the responsibility that was dropped in his lap when he was only 18 They re making it together, though But the new neighbor shakes Buck right on up.It was Ari Ari moved right next door and Buck turned into a bumbling mess It was fantastic Serious, mature, responsible Buck really had no clue how to react to such a situation I loved how Ari wouldn t back down He knew the effect
There s Something About Ari is the second book in the Bluewater Bay series and this one is authored by the wonderful L.B Gregg.Ok right off the bat yes, I m biased on this one I love L.B Gregg and this book was an absolute hit with me Ari was fantastic and Buck was in some ways so messed up I couldn t help but love him Honestly, both of these men came to the table with issues, lots and lots of issues Ari was like a steamroller at times he just refused to shut up and he knew he wanted Buck But knowing, getting and having don t always fall into line Luckily Ari was determined so much so that for Buck avoiding Ari became impossible because he suddenly found Ari was his neighbour Unfortunately for Ari, Buck s auto defense is silence and anger A combination that never solved any problem easily.My only complaint wasyou guessed itat less than a 100 pages for me it was too short I would have happily read another hundred pages of Ari Buck, but all I got was 95ish or less and for me
Buck and Ari are childchood friends At eighteen, Ari leaves Bluewater Bay All of a sudden, Buck s mom dies and Buck is left all alone with his little brother He sarifices everything to take care of him Five years later Ari comes back and tries to reunite with Buck.Once I started reading, I couldn t stop I loved the tension between Buck and Ari I liked Buck s little brother, Charlie, as well.It was a sweet, fun and slightly angsty story with unfortunately an abrupt ending I really wish it was longer I would love it to be enxpanded instead of slightly rushed and to actually see Buck and Ari s relationship develop Because, to tell you the truth, it leaves us where their real love stor