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Julias Daughters❴Read❵ ➵ Julias Daughters Author Colleen Faulkner – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk Julia Maxton can’t imagine anything worse than losing one of her three daughters—until the day seventeen year old Haley runs a stop sign killing her younger sister Caitlin Six weeks after the cras Julia Maxton can’t imagine anything worse than losing one of her three daughters—until the day seventeen year old Haley runs a stop sign killing her younger sister Caitlin Six weeks after the crash the family is falling apart Julia struggles not to show hostility toward Haley but her deep rooted anger won’t go away Her husband Ben has drifted away emotionally Their youngest daughter Izzy is lost in the shuffle And despite Haley’s insistence that she’s fine her actions scream otherwise   Fearing that she’s about to lose a second child Julia decides to take Haley on a cross country drive Maybe somewhere between Nevada and Maine they can bridge the gulf between them But first there will be painful uestions to face—is Julia a good mother Did she secretly love responsible respectful Caitlin than defiant Haley Can Haley ever find peace with her mother—and herself—again   In Colleen Faulkner’s most thought provoking and complex novel to date an unthinkable tragedy becomes the starting place for a powerful journey toward healing and hope Honest and unforgettable Julia’s Daughters explores the surprising ways that families—even the most fractured—can save each other over and over again. I sat and read this today took it with me in the car and listened to itBoy this is a heartbreaking sad little storyThere were parts that made me tear up I can’t lieThe position of an event that’s causing a rift between mother and daughter is purely palpable I could hear my heart beating in my earsIt’s not all doom and gloom although it may sound like itThere is hope Loved this and loved the style of writing I literally got washed up into it all A while ago I read Just Like Other Daughters by the same author and really enjoyed it so I was keen to get stuck into this one Just like that book Julia’s Daughters focuses on the motherdaughter relationship and in this case bereavement and how we grieve At the start of the book Julia is grieving for her 15 year old daughter Caitlin who died a few weeks before the start of the read She was a passenger in the car when her 18 year old sister Haley ran a red light and the car was hit by a truck A few weeks on and Julia is poleaxed by grief having taken to her bed and shut out the outside world as well as her own family Haley in the meantime seems to be going off the rails 10 year old Izzie has retreated to the silence of her bedroom and refuses to acknowledge Haley in any way and husband Ben is growing distant by the dayI must admit that after a few chapters I wasn’t sure that I was going to enjoy this read after all It is very intense with a lot of grieving going on Most importantly I really wanted to shake Julia and remind her that she still had a family who needed her Having said that I have never been in her position so I don’t know how I would act in her shoes Luckily for the sake of the read events transpire which mean that Julia is forced to get her head out of the sand before its too late for Haley in particularThe story turns into something of a road trip and from that point on it just felt that little bit lighter and easier to read I really wanted to know whether Julia was going to be able to save her relationships with the rest of her family and whether or not she was going to be able to pull Haley back from the edge or whether Haley would succumb to a drop out lifestyle of drugs and casual sexIt is an intense read told from multiple viewpoints that deals with the complex emotions of bereavement and in the end I have to say that I really enjoyed it Thanks to the publisher via Netgalley for the review copy A special thank you to Kensington Books and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review Colleen Faulkner returns following As Close As Sisters delivering an emotional journey on the road to healing from life’s challenges with JULIA’S DAUGHTERS a family a mother attempting to pick up the pieces suffering from grief over the death of a daughter under extremely difficult circumstances The other remaining daughter happened to be the one driving the car and is lost mentally; and the third daughter is not speaking to the other plus her marriage is falling apart INTENSE As the novel opens 47 days after the tragic car accident Julia the mother is bed ridden She cannot function and all she can do is cry day and night never leaving her bed Ben her husband is back at work and taken over the duties to try and hold the family together; showing no emotion They are growing further apart by the day since he is sleeping on the sofa and they are not communicating Seventeen year old daughter Haley was driving the car which killed Caitlin Izzy the other daughter has not spoken to her older sister Haley since the accident She calls her the evil one the killer or “She Who Shall Not Be Named” She instead talks to her dead sister Haley is acting out in all kinds of ways with self mutilation drugs piercings dyed dark hair dark makeup constant trouble drug dealing and the latest now expelled from school for drugs and smoking pot at school She is miserable She has a no care attitude and everything is a joke to her She hates her life However she is hurting on the inside with guilt and expresses her anger through destructive behavior Angry and defiant After all her sister was the one everyone loved Haley feels she should have been the one to die Julia has lost one daughter and now she feels she is losing another Her entire family is falling apart She no longer has the time to grieve she has lost control of her life The only person she can talk to is her old friend Laney who lives in Maine Laney’s husband died in service; a single mom raising her boys She has her own family to take care but will drop everything to be with her constantly telling her she has to get out of bed to take care of her familyThe final blow after Haley is grounded from being expelled she once again sneaks out of the house and in a panic calls her mom to rescue her from the bad side of town in a crack house Haley is astounded at how her mom comes in and takes control in front of all these bad guysunder pressure her mom is fearless Her dad wants to send her to boarding school; however Julia will not lose another daughter Something has to be done so Julia decides it is time for a vacation to get away with her daughter Her husband thinks she has lost it; no way he can take off 2800 miles from Nevada to Maine to see her friend; cross country—a road trip? He says she is insane Resign from her job She is doing this This way they can get Haley away from the dope dealer and outside influences to keep a closer watch on her Initially she was taking only Haley with one on one time since Izzy had school Of course Haley does not want to be stuck in a car with her mom on a road trip to go cross country Since she is not eighteen her mom forces her She tells her she is going or she will have her committed the loony binthis part was funny Was this her weak mom? Haley had no clue she had in her Here Haley thought she was going off to boarding school and instead a road trip with her mom—which is worse? Izzy wants to go has a meltdown so they both go—the girls who hate one another with nowhere to run; they will either kill one another or try and work on healing and putting together their life Now this is one brave mom Of course the next morning Hayley is thinking maybe it would have been better to be committed to the nut floor After all Caitlin gives her the stares M for Murderer Faulkner writes of strong women motherdaughter relationships in dire circumstances in the face of adversity When faced with difficult situations they have the capacity to become extraordinary women As in her other books her characters tackle some pretty difficult life challenges cannot even imagine Sometimes as the novel reiterates when faced with these extreme dire circumstances we find out how strong we can be in order to repair a relationship and heal from life’s tragedy Since the book is heavy with grief sorrow and drama the author does a good job with the humor and wit to balance out the moods from six weeks to nine months after A roller coaster ride Being a mother raising five sons can relate to the whirlwind even though not under these dire circumstances boys are a lot easier than girls as well The novel also demonstrates the lack of communication which occurs in families in times of grief the tearing apart of relationships especially when there is emotional desperation as in this case with Haley Everyone reacts differently to the death of a daughter and sister Izzy chose to talk to her dead sister as a way of communicating with hatred toward her sister Haley was self destructive taking it inward Ben buried himself in work and his mother and family Julia wanted to sleep cry and disconnect until she saw she needed to be strong enough for everyone to pull her girls back before losing another oneLaney was a wonderful friend and being in this setting also offered support away from their environment Julia will have to learn to trust Haley again with her younger sister with driving and other things From pain so intense you think you cannot go onand hope for the strength to carry on despite the past The author definitely takes you on an intense ride with raw emotions testing a mother's strength with tough love This is not a fluff feel good women's chicklit fiction Be prepared for a woman's tough journey If you enjoy Jodi Picoult and Diane Chamberlain you will appreciate the depth and intensity of the strong motherdaughter dynamics An ideal choice for book clubs or group discussions with a reading guide and discussion uestions included Faulkner always has the best front covers JDCMustReadBooks An emotional story that was very hard to read at times This story deals with a topic no parent would want to face the death of a child When you think there could be nothing worse losing a child because of an accident caused by another family member would add so much pain and anguish to the situation This book took me a little longer to read than I expected The writing was good and I really liked the previous book I read by this author Just Like Other Daughters More than anything else I think the first 9 books I read this year were very dramatic stories that kept me turning the pages Although some of these books also dealt with difficult topics Abandonment Mental Illness Child Molestation and Slavery they told the story at a uicker pace that kept you reading to find out what was going to happen next This story takes its time revealing how the family comes to terms with their loss and how they begin to heal I received this book free from the publishers and Net galley in exchange for an honest review Ben and Julia had what they thought was a normal family relationship Sure Ben worked too much and was a Mama's boy but they had a good life with three wonderful daughters Until they didn't One night with a single mistake that changed everything; with Haley driving there was accident that killed Caitlin and the family fell apart The youngest daughter Izzy refuses to speak to Haley since she killed Caitlin Haley who also blames herself is on a path of self destruction and Julia for almost two months doesn't get out of bed long enough to know what's going on around her After of Haley's self destruction Julia finally wakes up and sees what the family has become and putting her own pain aside she plans to kidnap Haley and take her across the country to her friend Laney's place in Maine and try to heal This book was a little hard to read at times; the pain was so real such an accurate portrayal of a family in so much pain I couldn't help caring about them all loving them and feeling along with them Well except for Ben he's an idiot? I wasn't terribly concerned with what happened to him He lost a daughter too but seemed to stand in the way of the rest of the family's healing It wasn't all gloomy though there were some funny moments comments from Izzy or Haley's smart mouth and once they were on the road it was less intense Ms Faulkner has a way of hooking you in her descriptions so real it's like you are thereLike in another of Colleen Faulkner's books that I also gave a 5 stars too As close as sisters a strong female friendship is an important part of her novels I would love to have a friend like Laney always there ready to drop everything to help Julia not judgy I highly recommend this book it's not too long I read it in part of a day but it's emotion packed for those pages Thanks again to the Kensington and net galley for the opportunity to read this wonderful book A solid account of an incredibly difficult topic the death of a daughtersister I liked the raw honesty throughout and the unexpected resolution at the end 3 12 stars Excellent bookvery well developed characters WOW I LOVED this book Julia's Daughters is a story about a family who loses a child to a car accident and how they cope with the lossHaving this happen in my family it was amazing how accurate Colleen Faulkner was on the effects of this tragedy on the family left behind The guilt they have and how they try to get through itWell don Ms Faulkner A story of gut wrenching sorrow experienced by a family after the middle daughter dies in a car accident caused by the oldest daughter Thankfully I have never experienced anything this tragic but I think it was a very believable portrayal of grief Each person handled the loss in a different way And there was light at the end of the tunnel IT was amazing I loved every part of this book

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