A Chaotic Range (Range, #7)

A Chaotic Range (Range, #7)[Reading] ➸ A Chaotic Range (Range, #7) ➮ Andrew Grey – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk Stories from the Range Book Seven Most of the time ranchhand David rescues stray cattle but this time he and his fellow cowboys Wally and Haven save a stranded motorist David is surprised to find his Stories from the Range Book Seven Most of the time ranchhand David rescues stray cattle but this time he and his fellow cowboys Wally and Haven save a stranded motorist David is surprised to find his former high school classmate nearly frozen in his car After learning that Brian Applewright's boss fired him from his ranch for being gay they invite him back to theirs to take a job David and Brian moved in different social circles at school but working together brings them closer However David has a rocky A Chaotic MOBI :¿ history on the ranch The foreman is his ex and he only recently returned after a heartbreakingly unsuccessful attempt to find greener pastures He can't risk his heart getting close to anyone But on a ranch nature has a way of forcing an issue When a snowstorm threatens David and Brian head out to mend a fence and round up some stray cattle David gets injured and they must survive in the snow cold and wind It might be the start of a relationship or the end of their lives. Andrew Grey has a series of range stories with overlapping characters This is the newest of those stories It's been a while since we have been back at the range for a story Now you have to realize that Andrew Grey's stories follow a basic formula for the range stories there is always an outcast who finds his love Knowing that you could write the entire story of this book after reading the first 20 pages In this story the outcast is Brian and the lover is David Well it doesn't take long until the two are involved in a sexual relationship The problem with this book is my criticism of many of Andrew Grey's books He writes passionate sex scenes; but he gets bogged down in them There is a good story here between two emotionally damaged people who find mutual healing in their love But I think the author does not explore the healing between these two main characters Instead in accordance with his formula there is insta lovelust and then an epilogue Despite its flaws this book gets my recommendation Use your own imagination to fill in the gaps of the story Overall this book gets 35 stars from me on the Goodreads' scale This installment was the usual warm fuzziesand was a great lazy day read My only issue was the fight at the end it seemed so forced I like it but this couple were so accidents prone that started to get a little bit tiresome Brian Applewright is searching for a home a safe place where he can just be himself without fear of persecution when he winds up stranded in a ditch in the middle of a horrible snow storm When the dust settles Brian finds himself on a Ranch surrounded by people like him and one very familiar face Brian remembers David from school even if they weren’t friends even back then Brian wouldn’t act on his attraction to David David hasn’t made the wisest decisions as of late turning away from his long term boyfriend Mario when the two drifted apart Neither one of them ever really faced up to their own faults where as the demise of their relationship was concerned but with Brian in the picture now David feels like he needs to face his past and own his mistakes before they permanently damage the future Snow storms frost bite broken ankles and angry ex boyfriends turn out to be the least of their worries The biggest obstacle Brian and David will have to overcome is their eually large and wounded pride Brian fears getting close to anyone every time he does it only brings him heartache and being gay has only brought chaos into his life David has yet to accept his own part in his ill fated relationship with the Ranch’s foreman and his trust issues threaten the still fragile relationship with Brian when David chooses to believe a lie Will their mutual inability to let go of the past destroy their chance at a future?I was drawn into this story from the start in the mind of a man that was so beat down he was ready to lie down and die Only to be rescued and shown that not everyone is hateful and vindictive there are people out there that care and will help without any expectations While most of this story is told from Brian’s point of view starting in his car stuck in the snow storm occasionally you get to take a ride with David It was definitely a treat to see what each man was thinking then getting to see how they perceived each other as well David is sort of broken after what he has been through scared to dare to hope for happiness And then he gets a glimpse of it only to feel like the rug is being pulled out from under his feet again it was almost heart breakingAnd while I wanted to hate David after his storyline in the previous books watching him struggle with the decisions he’d made and then coming to terms with things made me warm up to him a bit Then he went all out to convince Brian his feelings were true and sincere even sharing with him how he really saw him in high school so he uickly went from someone I disliked to someone I loved and was rooting for by the end That is a testament to Grey’s writing prowess that he took a character he initially wrote as a bad guy and literally transformed him with his words and thoughts Definitely a must read for Cowboy romance junkie fans but there is a story here that I think any fans of the MM genre will enjoy I really liked the sexier edge to this story as well Brian and David share an obvious chemistry that is fuelled by passion and emotions and it was conveyed well in the story This one will probably be permanently ued on my kindle so I can go back and read it over and over whenever I want I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through In the best tradition of the ‘Stories from the Range’ series this final book focuses on two men who have made mistakes in the past and are trying to build a new life for themselves That one of them was David the runaway ex lover of ranch foreman Mario from the previous book made me especially happy Yes he made a huge mistake but everyone deserves a second chance That is after all what this series is all about Most of the men at Dakota Wally Phillip and Haven’s merged ranches are “rescues” so David and Brian with their checkered pasts fit right in As always with Andrew Grey’s books their journey to love had a few stops and starts and some heartache but it was a joy to follow The scary moments and encounters with a freezing cold Wyoming winter kept up the suspenseBrian is desperate when he arrives at the ranch and almost dies in a snow storm He has been fired because the ranch hands where he used to work didn’t like that he is gay and set him up He has no money no food and runs out of gas not far from the ranch house – except he can’t see anything due to nonexistent visibility Luckily David Phillip and Haven find him and take him in And even though he is determined never to look at another man again David uickly works his way into his heart Brian is hesitant having been a man’s “dark little secret” before And he also still has a lot of rumors to deal with so things aren’t as easy as they look David is back at Dakota and Wally’s ranch despite the fact he left Mario their foreman two years ago to be with another man Now that Mario is with Gordon David has some truths to face and feelings to deal with and it isn’t easy He feels awful about having run and doesn’t really believe he deserves a second chance His attraction to Brian is undeniable and after a couple of life threatening close encounters with snow storms David needs to reconsider But he also has to learn to stop running when things get tough and that is hard for him If you liked the other books in this series you will love this volume If you like reading abut life n a ranch and what some cowboys get up to behind closed doors and elsewhere this is your opportunity to find out And if you’re looking for a sweet story about two men who are fighting their pasts as much as their own nature of jumping to conclusions then you will probably like this novel as much as I did It’s a shame this is the final book so I’ll just have to go back to the beginning and read them all againNOTE This book was provided by Dreamspinner Press for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews Let's start with a life threatening event and a rescue Then rinse wash and repeat until spring A Chaotic Range is one of Andrew Grey's most thrilling books The latest in a favorite series the Range series Mr Grey lets us see some of our favorite characters from the series and at least one that well wasn't my favorite until this bookBrian is smart knowledgeable about ranching and gay Despite those first two characteristics he is fired from his job in the middle of a deadly winter for the last one with no place to go and no job prospects David whom we've met before does a 180 in this book and finds redemption from previous mistakesWhen something happens to David a tight bond is forged between David and Brian and we get our happy ever after I respected the characters who didn't fall into a happy ever after easily loved following a somewhat complex plot and found myself to be awfully glad I live where it doesn't snow Great story highly recommended comfort reading and this book in the series I enjoyed a lot than the last couple of books Reviewed at The Blogger GirlsFired from his job right in the middle of winter ranchhand Brian tries to find work and a place to stay elsewhere when he ends up crashing his car during a horrible storm Thankfully David Haven and Phillip find him before he can freeze to death and bring him home to the range Offering him to stay and work the range Brian’s all too willing to accept especially when his high school crush is one of the people who saved him It’s been years since David saw Brian and while they weren’t in the same social circles David still remembers Brian And they may be interested in each other but both men don’t want to have any type of relationship But when David gets injured when they try to round up some stray cattle and end up stranded in a snow storm instead will they be able to resist the attraction between them?This was such a sweet story I loved the fact that Brian and David sort of knew each other from when they were young and even though their hometown is miles and miles away they still ended up on the same range Coincidence or fate? More than that I adored the fact they both had crushes on each other Brian was geeky in school while David was a jock but that didn’t stop them from noticing each other even if they never actually spoke to one another As adults they’re both a bit jaded Brian was just let go because his co workers didn’t like the fact he was gay and started sabotaging his work And David is struggling with being back on the range after how he treated not just his ex lover who works on the same range sort of but also his friends when he left them to go off with some trick They have their own issues but the connection they have from the start is easy and alluring to the point that they get close very fast even though they didn’t want to pursue anythingI really enjoyed this one but I found some parts of the story to be a bit repetitive Mostly the inner monologue of both David and Brian I LOVED them but David would bring up hurting Mario or Brian would bring up crushing on David in high school just a few times too many There were other things they’d repeat as well and I could understand WHY they’d constantly think about those things but it didn’t stop me from wishing they’d move on from harping on certain issuesIn the end I really liked this one While I haven’t read any of the other Range series I was still able to read this one as a standalone because while there were hints about past relationships and conflicts it wasn’t so overbearing or confusing to follow along and understand whenwhat happened during those times I loved the setting the easy acceptance and behavior around the ranch but I also liked that Brian and David while not friends when they were young still had a past in common Now that I’ve read this story though I’ll definitely be going back and reading the first books in the series Plus I’d love to see how Haven and Phillip got together Ive enjoyed this series of books set on a Wyoming ranch where alot of the cowboys are gay and are acceptedThis story focused onDavid and Brian David finds Brian after he loses control of his car in a bad snow storm Although not hiring Brian is given a place to stayThere was some angst here but not alot There were plenty of appearances from previous couples I had stretched this series out but alas I had to read the final book A great series Note This audiobook was provided to me by the publisher through Hearts on Fire Reviews in exchange for an impartial review This is the seventh in the range series which I’ve enjoyed immensely but the first audiobook I’ve listened to in this series Listening to audio gave voice to many of the characters I had come to know and I found that it reinforced my view of a few characters and simply added to my enjoyment of the whole series This story features David the man who broke Mario’s heart when he left him years ago and returned six months previously to find that Mario had found the love of his life in the intervening years David’s been at loose ends all this time not making peace with Mario and still thinking about what could have been He’s working on Haven and Phillip’s part of the ranch because Wally and Dakota felt it was better to have him away from Mario and his new partner Gordon David and a group of men are out patrolling the ranch when they discover a car ditched in a snowbank during a particularly bad snowstorm The man inside Brian Applewright was trying to find shelter and lost his way as his car ran out of gas He’d been fired from the ranch he previously worked at ostensibly because he was stealing things but in reality it was because he was gay and he was set up Once they get him back to the ranch David and Brian discover that they attended high school together and they’re immediately drawn to each other They begin a tenuous relationship one that is shattered when David hears the rumors about Brian and blindly believes them David has to find the answers within himself before he can go forward with proving to Brian that he is worthy of Brian’s trust again and the surprising ally he finds backing him makes the story all the endearing This story is fairly simple without any major drama I enjoyed this one and I honestly hope the series continues because I’ve come to enjoy Wally and Dakota and their gay and not so gay ranch hands with all their life dramas Andrew McFerrin did a great job with the vocalizations providing a different tone for each character Some of the voices were exactly what I would picture for the character others were a surprise I would recommend this story in this audiobook format since it’s fairly short and easy listening 35 stars