Overnight to Innsbruck

Overnight to Innsbruck❴Reading❵ ➿ Overnight to Innsbruck Author Denyse Woods – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk On an overnight train to Innsbruck ex lovers Richard and Frances meet each other by chance many years after their mysterious separation on a train journey through the blistering heat and vast empty ex On an overnight train to Innsbruck ex lovers Richard and Frances meet each other by chance many years after their mysterious separation on a train journey through the blistering heat and vast empty expanses of the Sudanese desert As they each tell their separate stories of fear confusion and loss they try to unravel the truth Overnight to PDF \ of what happened and confront the bitter possibility that one of them may be lyingAs their train hurtles through a long sleepless night a third passenger eavesdrops on their conversation mesmerized by a complex dialogue that probes into the very nature of truth and personal identity A story of love and doubt Overnight to Innsbruck is charged throughout with tantalizing puzzles and all the tension of a first class psychological thriller and marks the debut of a remarkably fresh and original voice in Irish literature DENYSE WOODS was born in Boston USA in She has travelled extensively living in the USA Belgium Australia Italy Ira and England before returning to settle in Ireland in She obtained a BA in Arabic and English in and subseuently worked as a translator for PARC Management Services in Ira where she shared a terrace with Saddam Hussein In she won the Irish Times Short Story Competition She now lives in County Cork with her husband and two daughters. У неё зелёный пояс по каратеУже на середине я сочинила рецензию Вот онаWhen I grow up and write a melodramatic novel about stuff I cared about when I was 21 Denyse Woods will have to read it and rate it nicely – because she owes meНо увы я не благодушный читатель и уже к восьмидесяти процентам поняла что ничего из моего намерения оценить книжку найсли не выйдет То есть я все понимаю но мне уже не двадцать один Really great unputdownable book A story told from 2 different perspectives very moving study of human nature This one was given to me as present I read it because I was interested if a book someone things might interest me actually does Well I loved the story It was slowly heartbreaking and the end leaves you with every possible ending you can imagine which normally bothers me but this time don’t Some passages where a little too long but all in all I can recommend it for everyone who knows about the problems of relationships and who loves adventures Книжка чомусь нагадала романи Мак'юена про життєві випадковості які зовсім невипадкові Двоє людей загубилися в Африці у епоху коли ще не було мобільних телефонів Чи хочуть вони знайтися і наскільки сильно? Спочатку це цікавить читача потім читач просто втягується у всю цю круговерть мимоволі і сам стає дівчиною у поїзді яка нишком слухає цю історію Та з книг де зрештою не хочеться щоб тобі сказали як воно було насправді бо є над чим подумати Захотілося читати ірландців ще I bought this book after reading Denyse Woods winning entry for the Key West Flash Fiction contest and am so happy to be introduced to this wonderful writerThis is an unlikely tale which could never be set in the modern world Incredible how much change has occurred technologically where it is now possible to track anyone anywhere unless they are masterminds of stealth A tale of love and insecurities lovers Richard and Frances become separated on a crowded train through the arid and impossible expanse of the Sudanese desert Years later they meet up on an overnight train to Innsbruck Each blames the other for disappearancedesertion and have opposite takes on what happened why and who is to blame Someone has to be lying but which one and why? Woods explores the nature of doubt through the point of view of an eavesdropper to their conversation Shrouded in suspicion pride and puzzlement their conversation filters experience through the labyrinth of personality and terror of abandonment A very moving tale of longing that could easily have gone off the rails but instead offered some fresh psychological insights in a weirdly believable tale If you enjoy colorful and original setting great dialogue and a sultry unfolding this is a must read Interesnyi sujet A pacy if slightly improbable page turner Excellent sense of place I liked it

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  • Overnight to Innsbruck
  • Denyse Woods
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  • 12 January 2014
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