Sweet Deception

Sweet Deception❰Read❯ ➪ Sweet Deception Author Angel Nicholas – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk Ally Thompson’s life is perfect Calm uiet some might even say boring The sole survivor of a tragic accident she’s not the adventurous type—something she’s decided to changeOne roller coaster r Ally Thompson’s life is perfect Calm uiet some might even say boring The sole survivor of a tragic accident she’s not the adventurous type—something she’s decided to changeOne roller coaster rideA murder and a detective in disguise shatter Ally’s first attempt at “fun” Detective Greg Marsing is everything Ally knows better than to want The gun totting tattooed scumbags trying to kill her are almost a welcome distraction from her pointless attractionBlows her world wide openA contract on Ally has every lowlife for miles gunning for her Sparks fly while she and her unlikely hero scramble to unravel clues As the deadly game escalates Greg has to decide if self preservation rates higher than a love worth dying for. OMG – the pace of this romantic suspense is electrifying From the very first page I was IN the story Fab original opening and from that great setup the pace Does Not Let Up I loved that the danger and suspense was really well written and the snarky banter between Ally and Greg spiced up the adrenalin level nicely so that their developing relationship followed naturally instead of being secondary to the plot Ally’s and Greg’s back stories fed into the main themes nicely and the villain had the right amount of “sicko nastiness” that I like without tipping over into completely unbelievable bwahahaha Oh and can I just add that I would really love it if a certain male secondary character got his own story too Pretty please Imagine being going for a ride in an IndyCar or Formula 1 race car The driver floors it from the get go and takes you on a 200 mph ride only letting off the gas for an pit stop to refuel before ripping into the fast lane again That's the trip Angel Nicholas takes you on in Sweet Deception Looking for a fun change of pace from her mundane life Ally Thompson takes a trip to an amusement park where she is witness to a murder Before she knows it Ally is on the run for her life her only protection the handsome but unpredictable detective Greg Marsing Ally has no idea why she's being hunted Is it simply because she witnessed the murder or is there something sinister going on? And will she even live long enough to find out?Nicholas gives us a vivid picture into Ally and Greg's world both the good Greg's gorgeous lake house and Ally's unexpected friendship with Greg's sister Celia and the bad a gut wrenching seuence of Ally's capture and imprisonment in a whore house In addition to the suspense of whether or not Ally will survive Nicholas gives Ally and Greg time for romance that heats up uickly and never lets go This story has a little bit of everything for the romantic suspense fan good cops bad cops contract killers drug dealers unexpected allies and much If you're looking for an adrenaline fueled race for survival with enough heat between hero and heroine to singe the pages give Sweet Deception a try This is Nicholas' first novel and it doesn't disappoint I look forward to her next offeringDisclaimer I received a free copy of Sweet Deception in exchange for an honest review This is a gripping read the action is intense and the romance is hot I was holding onto my ereader tightly as I immersed myself into this story Ally Thompson is a character women can really relate to and has a great sense of humor The hero in the book Greg Marsing is tough and sexyand makes for a great book boyfriendThere were so many moments where I was cringing and worried for the AllyI don't give away spoilers in my reviews but let's just say this reader was than satisfiedIf you are looking for a hot suspenseful twist turning plot you will enjoy this book Angel Nicholas is definitely an author to keep on your reading radar Nicholas introduces Amy Thompson her female protagonist to readers giving them her back story Amy works as a claims processor for a local insurance company She does little or no socializing and prefers staying home in the evening watching TV or reading for her entertainment Her daily routine stays the same except for those days she shops before going home to watch TV Nicholas helps readers understand it is Amy’s perception that she is not attractive and she is boring Nicholas explains Amy just isn’t giving herself a chance Greg Marsing is the male protagonist in SWEET DECPTION Readers learn Marsing’s history by giving them insight to events in his past he is a handsome single homicide detective who also happens to be wealthy Even with his wealth and good looks his fellow officers consider him a good homicide detective with commitment issuesReaders experience Nicholas’ skillful writing as she speeds up the action of her plot Nicholas’s main protagonists as well as important support characters are brought into events as the need for them unfolds SWEET DECEPTION begins surprising readers at a speed comparable to how fast a roller coaster takes the hairpin curves It is Amy’s first roller coaster ride and by chance Greg is sitting between Amy and his sister in the front car of the roller coaster Readers see events through Amy’s eyes as a rider falls to his death and they see Greg transitioning from passenger on the roller coaster to police detective protecting his sister and Amy Even after readers learn of the death of the passenger Nicholas guides readers through any danger Greg Marsing is escorting Amy from the roller coaster when someone starts shooting at Greg and Amy A bullet grazes Amy causing a flesh wound Marsing in his police detective role insists on providing protection for Amy by sending an escort with Amy to her home The author shocks her readers when Amy arrives home and her police escort searches her condo to insure Amy is safe Amy follows the officer to her kitchen and begins making tea As she is talking to the officer the boiling water is ready for tea She prepares to pour and sees an image in the shine of her frying pan of someone about to attack her Amy’s uick reflexes using boiling water and heavy frying pan to protect herself and stops the police officer’s attack The plot’s momentum continues to build and increases the pace at each turn of the page Marsing finally convinces Amy her life is in real danger Danger is going to continue to build with potential hoodlums or other corrupt law enforcement all trying to kill Amy Readers never truly get a feeling of who or why the author’s main antagonist trying to kill or arrange for Amy’s disappearance As the plot moves forward she experiences several life threatening events Amy and Greg don’t know who or what the motive is behind the threats Nicholas brings her characters Greg Marsing and Amy Thompson to life on the page using words to create a vivid picture of their activities The SWEET DECEPTION story line keeps readers wondering how Angel Nicholas is going to tie up all the loose ends Her riveting story of good over evil tests how fate and Amy’s faith will effect the ultimate outcome Readers experience Amy’s issues and chaos from her past and see her establish a new direction Nicholas shares how events have renewed Amy’s life and commitment to find a way to help others Who Amy partners with will add to the many surprises at the conclusion of SWEET DECEPTIONSWEET DECEPTION is a great mystery thriller and human interest story Angel Nicholas takes her readers on a journey of difficult choices offering a common sense heart stopping ending SWEET DECEPTION by Angel Nicholas is a must read and earns a 5 star ranking Jane Hunt Writer First StepsJane Hunt Writer Book Reviews FacebookJane Hunt Writer Book Reviews Google'Sweet Deception' is a dichotomy The first half of the story is full of action suspense and romantic heat The suspense in the early chapters is well written and powerful It makes you hold your breath and peer through your fingersThe sparks that fly between the hot shot detective Greg and the gutsy heroine Ally result in great chemistry and lots of snarky humour mitigating the real danger Ally finds herself in Ally is a likeable heroine and I was cheering her on as she strives to conuer her fears and lack of self belief The fast paced plot and vivid characters make this story an entertaining read for the most part Half way through the story's mood changes; there are heartbreaking scenes of sexual assault and sex trafficking The scenes are disturbing and for me didn't fit with the rest of the story Ally's reactions after her gut wrenching encounter with the world of vice didn't ring true she recovered too uickly After these harrowing scenes the story's mood returns to the action packed thriller with a strong thread of passionate attraction of the early chaptersThis is a sophisticated thriller with realistic characters and nice touches of humour to tone down the suspense and danger that the heroine Ally attracts The vice scenes in the middle of the story are also sensitively written but they jar with the tone of the rest of the story This maybe the intention but for me it took the edge off a great romantic suspenseI received a copy of this book from Harper Impulse via NetGalley in return for an honest reviewAngel Nicholas Sweet Deception is a gritty realistic romantic suspense and Angel Nicholas' entertaining and witty linguistic style is reminiscent of Raymond ChandlerAlly Thompson leads an ordinary boring life as an insurance claims clerk and tries to challenge herself out of her humdrum existence But the choice of a fearful roller coaster ride does than turn her world upside down; she finds herself not only thrust into the arms of hot detective Greg Marsing but also into the clutches of a low life hit man who is all out to kill her For reasons to be discovered Ally gets dragged into an underworld of crime and prostitution surviving on her wits and sheer determinism Greg her knight in shining armour seems to be fully encased in a hard protective shell that keeps his emotions in check The sex they have together is wonderful but Ally wants than he is prepared to give Lots of suspense keeps you gripping on right to the end of the ride Sweet Deception is a wonderful story Deciding to go out and do something for once in her life Ally visits the amusement park where she finds herself seated next to a gorgeous hunk While trying to keep her mind away from how he feels next to her they witness a man being shoved out of a car ahead of themAnd then it all begins Someone is trying to have Ally killed And the hunk? He's her police force hero trying to protect her find whoever killed the guy on the roller coaster and discover who has a contract out on AllyA wonderfully woven intrigue with plenty of steamy romance Thank you Angel Nicholas Sweet Deception is one heck of a ride As romantic suspense goes this one doesn't give you time to breathe between heart stopping action scenes Greg and Ally are about as opposite as they can be in the beginning but manage to find their HEA in the end and I was rooting for them all the way This book is HOT and action packed so don't plan on stopping once you start In addition the author has a real talent with humor and made me laugh out loud all the way through I highly recommend SWEET DECEPTION Sweet Deception is a fast paced fun steamy read with unexpected twists I found the hero and heroine to be likably flawed and enjoyed their banter A few times I struggled with choices the hero or heroine made and the big twist in the middle packed for me a bit too much of an emotional punch but the book is very well written and engaging you definitely want to keep reading to find out what happens next I admit I have a bit of a crush on Surfer Dude I'll be reading Ms Nicholas' future books for sure Totally outside my usual reading genres but a friend made me promise to read it and I uite honestly couldn't put it down GREAT stuff Loved both leads every guy wishes for a girl like Ally at least I do A fun read great plot delightful characters fast paced intriguing and all in all even if I had to admit my friend was right a great read Given it is the author's first book I am honestly looking forward to