Sitting in Darkness: Americans in the Philippines

Sitting in Darkness: Americans in the Philippines➱ Sitting in Darkness: Americans in the Philippines Read ➹ Author David Haward Bain – The Washington Post February 24 1985IN WHICH WAR was the term Gook invented When did American soldiers conduct their first body count and pioneer the use of the water cure to persuade Asian guerrillas The Washington Post February IN Darkness: Americans ePUB ´ WHICH WAR was the term Gook invented When did American soldiers Sitting in PDF/EPUB or conduct their first body count and pioneer the use of the water cure to persuade Asian guerrillas to in Darkness: Americans eBook ✓ betray their comradesAfter which battle did a young rifleman write home to the folks in Kingston New York in Darkness: Americans in the PDF or I am in my glory when I can sight my gun on some dark skin and pull the triggerModern as it all sounds the answer is not Vietnam or even Korea or World War II The American conuest of the Philippines barely rates a mention in school history books usually as a cryptic footnote to the short war which President William McKinley and publisher William Randolph Hearst waged on Spain in for the independence of Cuba and the circulation of Hearst's newspapers Yet Americans fought in the Philippines between and of whom died while Filipinos died in battle and another in reconcentration camp There were in addition massacres of civilians in reprisal for guerrilla attacks and similar sideshows all too familiar in subseuent Asian warsThe story of how and why America liberated the Philippines from Spain and then took the islands back from their inhabitants two weeks later is a complicated one already well told in one of the classics of American historiography Leon Wolff's Little Brown Brother published in in Darkness: Americans in the PDF or But the writing of history is never finished and David Haward Bain has managed another fine book on the subject not disagreeing with Wolff's conclusions but making them fresh and vivid for a generation which has seen yet another Asian war. Uncle Sam had just defeated Spain during the brief Spanish American war and part of the terms of surrender was the ceding of the Philippines a Spanish colony for 300 years to the Americans The Filipinos who had been fighting Spain for independence long before the Americans came into the picture initially believed the hokum of America's announced intent of a benevolent assimilation for the Philippines but later realized that it was really a malevolent imperialist colonization the Washington based politicians were after so they resisted and they were led by a small frail looking politician soldier named Emilio Aguinaldo from Cavite who had unmistakable Chinese featuresIn 1901 acting upon an intelligence information as to the whereabouts of Gen Aguinaldo American Colonel Frederick Funston disguised as a captured prisoner with a few other American soldiers embarked on a hundred mile journey towards Aguinaldo's hideout in Palanan Isabela with their Filipino captors The author himself took his own expedition in 1982 to retrace Funton's long journey then wrote this book which sometimes alternates between the present the 1980s sometime immediately after the EDSA Revolution which toppled the Marcos dictatorship to Funston's timeWhat I find delightfully uniue about this book written by an American from New Jersey about Philippine American history is that both Philippine and American personalities were given eual attention and sympathetic treatment Both Funston and Aguinaldo for example were heroic and each of their faults and inadeuacies laid down without biasYoung Filipinos here at goodreads do you know how the young dashing handsome ladies man Filipino heartthrob boy general Gregorio del Pilar met his end in the Battle of Tirad Pass while trying to slow down the American forces in hot pursuit of the fleeing Gen Aguinaldo? This is the only book I know which uoted IN FULL an account American of course of how this hero fellWe had seen him cheering his men in the fight One of our companies crouched up close under the side of the cliff where he had built his first intrenchment heard his voice continually during the fight scolding them praising them cursing appealing one moment to their love of their native land and the next instant threatening to kill them if they did not stand firm Driven from the first intrenchment he fell slowly back to the second in full sight of our sharpshooters and under a heavy fire Not until every man around him in the second intrenchment was down did he turn his white horse and ride slowly up the winding trail Then we who were below saw an American suirm his way out to the top of a high flat rock and take deliberate aim at the figure on the white horse We held our breath not knowing whether to pray that the sharpshooter would shoot straight or miss Then came the spiteful crack of the Krag rifle and the man on horseback rolled to the ground and when the troops charging up the mountain side reached him the boy general of the Filipinos was deadWriting like Hemingway wink wink war correspondent Richard Henry Little continuedWe went up the mountain side After H company had driven the insurgents out of their second position and killed Pilar the other companies had rushed straight up the trailJust past this a few hundred yards we saw a solitary figure lying on the road The boy was almost stripped of clothing and there were no marks of rank on the blood soaked coatA soldier came running down the trail'That's old Pilar' he said 'we got the old rascal I guess he's sorry he ever went up against the Thirty Third' 'There ain't no doubt its being Pilar' rattled on the young soldier 'We got his diary and letters and all his papers and Sullivan of our company's got his pants and Snider's got his shoes but he can't wear them because they're too small and a sergeant in G Company got one of his silver spurs and a lieutenant got the other and somebody swiped his cuff buttons before I got here or I would have swiped them and all I got was a stud button and his collar with blood on it'So this was the end of Gregorio Del Pilar A private sitting by the fire was exhibiting a handkerchief 'It's old Pilar's It's got DOLORES HOSES on the corner I guess that was his girl Well it's all over with Gregorio''Anyhow' said Private Sullivan 'I got his pants He won't need them any'The man who had the general's shoes strode proudly pastA private sitting on a rock was examining a golden locket containing a curl of woman's hair 'Got the locket off his neck' said the soldierAs the main column started on its march for the summit of the mountain a turn in the trail brought us again in sight of the insurgent general far down below us There had been no time to bury him Not even a blanket or a poncho had been thrown over himA crow sat on the dead man's feet Another perched on his head The fog settled down upon us We could see the body no longerAnd when Private Sullivan went by in his trousers and Snider with his shoes and the other man who had the cuff buttons and the sergeant who had the spur and the lieutenant who had the other spur and the man who had the handkerchief and another that had his shoulder straps it suddenly occurred to me that his glory was about all we had left himOur poor poor hero A uite readable story of the United States earliest involvement in the Philipines and it role well in to the later part of the 20th centuryA combination history biography F Funston political analysis and personal journeytravelogue of the authorBriefly inconsistent in detail and or breadth of events but still a worthwhile read for those interested in this topic

Sitting in Darkness: Americans in the Philippines ePUB
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