Gears of Brass Anthology

Gears of Brass Anthology[Epub] ➛ Gears of Brass Anthology ➜ Jordan Elizabeth – A world like ours but filled with gears of brass where the beating heart is fueled by steam and the simplest creation is a complex clockwork deviceWithin this tome you’ll find steampunk fairy tale r A world like ours but filled with gears of brass where the beating heart is fueled by steam and the simplest creation is a complex clockwork deviceWithin this tome you’ll find steampunk fairy tale re tellings as well as original stories that will send your gears turningWelcome to the steampunk realm with eleven authors guiding your pathGEARS OF BRASS is a steampunk anthology published through Curiosity uills Within the pages you’ll come across clockwork inventions and steampunk ified fairy tale retellings Gears of MOBI :¿ Eleven authors will guide you through worlds filled with airships top hats and corsetsIntroductionA “Steamy” NoteA Clockwork Dollhouse by Jordan ElizabethZeus’ Fire by Lorna MacDonald CzarnotaClockwork Wolf by Jordan ElizabethLana’s End by Christine BakerThe Clockwork Monkey by WK PomeroyTreasure’s Kiss by Jordan ElizabethAutumn Rose by Eliza TiltonA Princess of Zephyris by Heather TaltyThe Key Girl by Grant EagarA Clockwork Beast by Jordan ElizabethMy Golden Anabel by Natalia DarcyThe Archive Room by Clare WezeTime Spun Souls by SA LarsenClockwork Dwarves by Jordan ElizabethLast of the Giants by J Million. One of the best Steampunk anthologies I've read in a whileThe authors each contributed very uniue cliche less tales and fairy tale retellingsI had not heard of a few of the others but will definitely look into their other works after this collection Well edited and beautiful eye catching coverPersonal favorite story was A Clockwork Dollhouse by Jordan Elizabethway to start the book with a bangI chose this book at NetGalley and received a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review NetGalley book reviewWell slap me silly this is a great book of steam punk stories I have never really read any steam punk genre literature before but this were pretty damn good A great book Easily one of the best collections of steampunk collections of 2014 Everyone who reads this will find at least one story that they will enjoy and find to be a classic I was delighted to find fifteen stories in this book There’s literally something for everyone with lots of different characters plots and approaches to the Steam Punk genreSeveral of the tales are loosely based on different mythologies and fables like one was a surprising twist on the Red Riding Hood story and another is a new approach to the character of RumpelstiltskinMy favorite stories were “Time Spun Souls” by SALarsen and “My Golden Anabel” by Natalia Darcy Both have winsome protagonists that make you care about them from the first moment clever premises and exciting fast paced plots I also really enjoyed “A Clockwork Dollhouse” by Jordan Elizabeth It was a murder mystery wrapped in copper plating and toothy gears with a very creepy endingI was originally impressed by the sensational cover art and I’m happy to report that the editing is as professional as the cover If you’re a fan of Steam Punk or just enjoy unusual historical fantasy you can’t go wrong with this book I received this from Netgalley for my honest review Publisher Curiosity uills PressOkay so this may be this longest review I have ever written SorryOne thing I want to say about Steampunk is to NEVER trust a budding relationship Also NEVER trust a young sweet gentleman because they NEVER end up being who they portray themselves to be So many times in this book I was like “Aww it’s turning into a romance” and then he kills her Or at least tries to Does the love interest always have to turn out to be a dick?Even though I rated this 3 star I think I might have fallen in love with the genre It intrigues me and even though there were some writing issues in this book I still want to read I will be looking for of Jordan Elizabeth’s work One thing I will say about this book is that even though it’s written by different authors and some are better than others it feels like it was all written by the same person or has a cohesive feel Another occurring theme was that people were just assholes like I imagine most the world to be now Needless to say that none of these stories were happy They either ended on a cliffhanger or a horribly sad endingA clockwork dollhouse by Jordan Elizabeth 35So the first story really gripped me It confused me a bit at first but I just went with it and realized it was my fault not the writing This story was about a clockwork dollhouse that mimicked the family that had made it Deaths were happening in the family and the young girl vowed to find the murdered and extract her revenge What had confused me was I didn’t catch the time jump and thought her brother was her father Good story and a really good concept for a whole book I think I liked Ainsley she was a bit creepyZeus’ fire by Lorena MacDonald Czarnota 25This story was about a group of siblings that go on an adventure to destroy the monsters that Peter one of the sibs created What the story was actually about was banter between sibs going to their parents’ house building a flying ship and killing a few monsters but leaving the story on the cliffhanger of not finding and killing them all I didn’t like this one as much as the first story Mainly because I felt the author put the focus of the story on the wrong things I wished it was action and maybe romance than banter between siblings This story could have been better mainly because I felt nothing actually happened and the story was a bit pointlessClockwork wolf by Jordan Elizabeth 35This was a fairy tale retell of Little Red Riding Hood Steam punk style and I really enjoyed it Such a good remake of the classic story I like Jordan Elizabeth’s writing style and I like that she is like gothic and dark Her main characters have a very dark creepy personality and I love it Perfect for the setting in like a gothic style historical novel More of her please Also this is another great idea that could be a full bookLana’s end by Christine Baker 3This one seems to be pretty cool It’s about upgrading your body parts to fight off disease but only the rich can afford it Well the MC is a snobby BIA and I hate snobby bias Okay so after finishing the story I kind of liked Lana even though she was a BIA Another good one The clockwork monkey by W K Pomeroy 2I think this is a play on the story about the woman who went to the jungle to live with the gorillas This felt like the Steampunk version of that Good but somewhere in the middle I lost interest and forced myself to come back and finish this oneTreasure’s Kiss by Jordan Elizabeth 25This story was about a young socialite going on a date with a strange young man and finding herself in a sticky situation Okay so not my favorite again Dang it Jordan Elizabeth you were delivering with your creepy female MC’s but this one was a little vapid and spacey I predicted the story before I even read it so maybe that’s why I didn’t like this one as muchAutumn rose by Eliza Tilton 3The first love story of the bunch Also another fairy tale retell of Rumpelstiltskin Steampunk style It was sweet but very predictable A Princess of Zephyris by Heather Talty 35This was a cute mother daughter story It’s written in the style of letters Samantha is writing to her mother telling her about her journey to the Floating city I really enjoyed this one and I think it would have been a good full book as wellThe Key Girl by Grant Eagar 25This was mythology Steampunk style and it was alright It’s about a General and thieves wanting to take over Apollo’s clock and rule the world Bella the guardian of the clock is awoken to protect it and kill the intruders She ends up finding her humanity and I think falling in love with the under priest This story felt almost I don’t know Too planned out It felt like a b rated movie like the characters weren’t real people and say stupid formal things Although they are like priests and stuff so maybe it fits but I just feel like the dialogue is very formal and boring Kind of cool but I didn’t like how it ended on a HUGE cliffhangerA Clockwork beast by Jordan Elizabeth 3Another fairy tale retell of Frankenstein It’s about a girl Augusta which wants to travel and see the world Her father is afraid for her and fights her about it She decides to make a clockwork beat as her protector and her father tells her to destroy it She ends up running away and her father sets the town against her to kill the beast Jordan Elizabeth delivers with her writing style and well rounded characters I love how her characters make me feel something I’m not used to feeling while reading books They make me want to love and kill them at the same time And the fact she makes you feel these things from a short story Some books can’t make me feel this way with over 200 pages My Golden Anabel by Natalia Darcy 3This story is about girl named Anabel that is engaged and lives at home with her father Her father spends all his time in his lab forcing Anabel to take on odd jobs They lost her mother to a sickness and her father is claiming to be “reunited” with his love Worried for her father’s health she steals his keys to his lab and investigates further In a way this was also another take on Frankenstein The Archive Room by Clare Weze 3This starts with a girl Elizabeth preparing her father after he has died She is full of grief and sadness And mostly just continues with her day as a poor person in this futuristic yet old world setting Her story is moving and I really felt for her She meets a girl named Anthie at work and strikes up an unlikely friendship I don't want to spoil anything too much but I just want to remind you that I did say NONE of these stories really ended happyTime Spun Souls by S A Larsen 3This story is really intriguing I feel like its parts of Cinderella mixed with parts of Rumpelstiltskin It’s about a girl named Emma and her father had recently died Her evil step mother is looking for a new husband to take care of her and Emma has been working as a yarn spinner Turns out that the gentleman that her step mother is wooing is the owner to the yarn spinning factory and has plans for Emma This was a very good story and another one that would be good expanded into a full bookClockwork Dwarves by Jordan Elizabeth 35I loved this one This was a retake on Snow White and the Seven Dwarves This was sooo cute and even though the MC is kind of annoying I kind of loved her Or maybe I’m just deprived of some romanceLast of the Giants by J Million 3This is another retake only of Jack and the Beanstalk and instead of Jack its Jackie Okay so I have a feeling that this story may be the only one not to feel unfinished It turned out to be a cute yet somewhat weird storyI would recommend this book to anyone who love dark creepy characters fairy tale retells and of course this book is for anyone who love Steampunk I wasn’t too familiar with steampunk before reading this collection I loved how each story took me away to a different place with mechanical creations professors royalty and the like The world building is solid As with any anthology some stories will appeal to the reader than others I certainly was enraptured by most of these tales I read an ARC in exchange for an honest review I was given a free copy from the author in return for an honest review Let me first emphasize this point THE COVER IS BEAUTIFUL Actually a lot of Jordan Mierek's covers are gorgeousThis book incorporates fifteen short stories each about steam punk Some of them I wish would be an entire book others it was too short for me to comprehend The author built a world of machines and ideas She created characters of all kinds and built a story of love revenge inventions and losses The book Gears of Brass is a collection of all things steampunk With characters rich and poor selfish and kind clever and well not there is at least one person you will hate and one you will want to be The steampunk elements are as varied as the characters with stories highlighting clockwork animals airships vehicles and even replacement body parts Even if you aren't a huge fan of steampunk you will probably find stories in here that you enjoy While all stories in this collection at least mention some sort of steampunk design or machine some stories are centered on human behavior and interactions while others heavily dabble in clockwork creationsIt's difficult to judge a collection based on the individual stories but overall I thought the stories worked well and all fit the collection in one way or another A Clockwork Dollhouse opens up the collection with murder mystery and perhaps magic Clockwork Wolf the third story is probably one of the creepiest with an edge of madness at the end Autumn Rose Time Spun Souls and Clockwork Dwarves mix fairy tale elements with magic andor mechanicals and The Key Girl brings us adventure priests and a goddess Lana's End A Princess of Zephryis and My Golden Anabel all deal with mechanical manipulation of humans living and dead Last of the Giants closes out the collection with an adaptation of Jack the Giant Killer staring a girl named Jackie as she confronts the last of the giantsWhile I enjoyed some stories so than others it was a good solid collectionThank you to the publisher and Netgalley for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review I received this book for free through NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewI received Gears of Brass; a Steampunk Anthology through Netgalley My copy only contained the first story A Clockwork Dollhouse by Jordan Elizabeth so this review will only focus on that oneThis story is all about Robert and his niece Ainsley Robert is a man of many secrets and Ainsley is one of them He has kept her prisoner for a long time and now she’s out to get revenge I love everything about steampunk And this short story has everything you would expect mechanical creations steam powerd devices magic royalty steampunk fashion and an exciting story Very solid great way to start of the book Kinda wish I could read the other stories as wellLove steampunk? This is a must read In exchange for a digital copy I was asked to post an honest review on GoodReadscom within a monthWell Several of the stories were great and wrapped up neatly Others left me asking OK what just happened? The rewritten fairy tails were a bit dark and pessimistic I did like the original tales that wrapped up and gave me a sense of completionThe unfinished tales were frustrating as they had potential but did not uite pan outI will note adding gears to stories does NOT make steampunk Some of these stories definitely did not fit the definition but over all the book was alright I did feel irritation with a few editing mistakes but that is pretty much in all booksAll in all a good read with some definite page turners