Stephan Caveman Instinct #1

Stephan Caveman Instinct #1❰Ebook❯ ➦ Stephan Caveman Instinct #1 Author Hazel Gower – Warning For Mature Adult Audiences Contains language and actions some may deem offensive Sexually explicit content New Age – MF In book one of Caveman Instincts Stephan I always thought the gypsies Warning For Mature Adult Audiences Contains language and actions some may deem offensive Sexually explicit content Stephan Caveman MOBI :¿ New Age – MF In book one of Caveman Instincts Stephan I always thought the gypsies cursed my family centuries ago but most members of my family feel different they say we were gifted with prosperity and the ability to know our soul mate Great you say well they forgot to mention when we find our soul mate we turn into possessive cavemen I never wanted the curse to get me I was happy with my privileged life a new woman every night and no one ever saying no to me I had my life planned out just how I wanted it That was until I saw her—Jade Black I knew from the moment I laid eyes on Jade she was mine My soul mate The problem is I’m having trouble convincing her Jade I’m so close to freedom to being eighteen and having a say in my life Getting my Higher School Certificate going to university and living the life I’ve always dreamed I’m so close I blame my mother for dying because I’m not eighteen I have to either go into foster care or live with my deadbeat grandpa in Reed Creek I choose my grandpa I can put up with him until I graduate The problemStephan Silverman He comes into my life messes with all my plans and changes my outlook I thought I had everything planned Now I’m not so sure Stephan Silverman is a pain in my arse. Jade knows how to keep her head down and focus on the getting through highschool After her moms overdose she is sent to live with her Grandpa who doesn't even want her In two months she will be eighteen and free just two months to get through before she can build her own path There is a curse for Silverman men they know when they find there one and when they do nothing will get in there way When Stephan sees Jade he knows she is it but she is not cooperating She is stubborn mouthy and not swooning in his mere presence Stephan Stumbles a bit he has never had to work for a woman but his only focus is keeping Jade safe and happy but when outside threats put her in harms way Stephan doesn't know if being with him is the best path for JadeLoved this one Stephan is a JERK with capital JERK written all over it I think he honestly thought Jade would swoon and come to heal I am so excited about in this series full of sparks I don’t normally pick at errors in a book but the amount in this book was overwhelming There were a lot of misspelled words repeated words and missing words in sentences Frankly it just distracts the reader from the story If the author cleaned this up it would be a decent read I choose this book because it had caveman in the series title and it did deliver It’s great for readers who love the jealous and possessive Hero However the heroine was annoying and pushed away too much Also there was a small amount of other woman drama but no cheating 5 ALPHA STARSIf you don't know a definition of pure alpha maleplease read this book 25 StarsWow ok Now that was is Jordan Silver writing under another pen name?I swear at some points i thought i was reading one of her books But weirdly that wasn't that bad Stephan is an asshole But in a good way He and his twin are bound to a spell that gives the ability to every male in his family to identify his true soul mate but that turns them into overprotective crazy cavemen He believes it's a curse but he will soon change his mindWhen he meets the new student in school Jade he will fall so hard and fast like noone ever thought he was cappable of He won't even recognize himself The need to make her his and give her everything will surpass any logical reaction Leading to mistakesJade has been through too much in her short 18 years and now she has an insanely hot guy trying to seduce her She doesn't believe in his promises and she is too guarded but can't stop thinking about him and secretly even wanting him This will turn into a cute over exaggerated romance with a nice hook and a sweet end So Stephan is the perfect book for eyerolling but also entertaining enough Absolutely hilarious and let's face it badly writen still though i read it all and i didn't hate itTHOUGHTS ABOUT THE BOOK There wasn't a soul out there wanting to read and edit this book? The first half was extremely flawed I liked Derrick The Brand or Brad debacle proved me wrong They are two different people but i believe the author shouldn't have chosen so similar names for two secondary characters It had it's funny moments And the serious too I was expecting so much drama 45 Stars Didn't like it that much The writing wasn't that goodSafety gang view spoiler H was a manwhore h was a virgin Before meeting the h he had a bj but he just narrated it but still it made me uncomfortable There was ow H slept once with her before the h and she threw herself at him but he pushed her back It was while the h went out with H's mother and her friend H went out and there were women H did push all the women who threw themselves at him and he was drunk but it did bother me that he slept with one of those bitches and she didn't leave him alone The next day the H was worried because he didn't want the h to find out But of course this bitch causes trouble and kisses the H He pushes her away from him but h saw the kiss and stuff There wasn't that much of groveling from the H in that part This wasn't really cheating but the thought that he didn't want the h finding out in my opinion he wasn't 100% faithful There were also some references about other women No names but all of it really bothered meI'm gonna mention real uick another thing I didn't like So the h didn't trust anyone and had no family so when the H and his family accepted her it costed her a lot to trust but eventually she did Something happens and the H is like oh I have to stay away because I cause her so much pain so him and his whole family stays away It really hurt the h Another thing I didn't like was the h She was so annoying for my tasteMoving on with the safe parts h didn't have family except her grandfather There was abuse from h's grandfather It was kinda detailedThere weren't condoms but h was on the pill They didn't have sex until 80% H was really possessive by the way hide spoiler Dnf 65% If you are a fan of jordan silver or Alexa riley then this is the book for you But the minus point is you won't get ott sex at every turn like JS and AR's smutty books have But for sure you'll get Insta love✔Ott Alpha sweet hero✔ Wannabe feisty heroine✔Supporting character who will refuse to help the heroine✔ And too much sugary sugar plot✔Now the thing is there was a time i would have enjoyed this ott sweetry book but now like i have said i am not into this sweetness any Infact half of the time i can't help but exercise my eyes ;Soagain if you are into ott books D don't let me stop you Stephan aka The CavemanJade aka Caveman's soulmate This book started out as fun and hot then uickly turned psycho with how controllingdomineering Stephan wasReminded me of a certain vampire book and movieThe characters some of the things they said or did they made no sense to me whatsoever This book gave me whiplash with all of the going back and forth over the things that made no sense I don't know how many WTF??? moments I hadBut if you are just looking for a semi steamy break from all reality then this will do just fine Wow crazy 17year old wanna be cave manHe was too young to be that crazy This was the perfect OTT Alpha romance Loved everything about Stephen and hope to see in this series soon Hazel I hope you have MF only cheat free reads Loved it