Flare Ruin Outlaws MC #1 5

Flare Ruin Outlaws MC #1 5[PDF / Epub] ☁ Flare Ruin Outlaws MC #1 5 ✎ Amy Isan – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk LOGANI’m a monster There’s no way to sugarcoat it I kill maim and hurt and make no apologiesI also take what I want And the moment I saw her with that body built for sex I wanted her in my bed I t LOGANI’m a monster There’s no way Outlaws MC eBook ↠ to sugarcoat it I kill maim and hurt and make no apologiesI also take what I want And the moment I saw her with that body built for sex I wanted her in my bed I thought it would be a fling; just one wild night But something about her keeps calling me Most women melt in my arms like butter but she stands strong I can’t break her which only makes me want her She's not safe with me but I can't let her go I won't let her Flare Ruin Kindle - goCASSIEI should never have let him inside my house or let his hands caress my body I should have walked away when I had the chance Instead I let him take all of me And I liked itI can't stop thinking about him He seduced me with his life of excitement and now I’m addicted to the way he makes me feel He isn't like the other men I've had in my life There's something dark within him and I can't stop myself from looking deep insideI never thought I’d be running from the law with a Ruin Outlaws MC PDF Î gun tight against my thigh and chilled leather beneath my hands But once you’ve killed a man there’s no turning back Note This word gritty MC Romance novel contains a possessive alpha male whose ride is as dangerous as he is It contains the complete Ruin Outlaws Series; BOMB SPARK IRON BURN and FLAME. Holy crap this suckedDid this author know ANYTHING about MC's? How are 5 guys no prospects no other brothers no old ladies or even club whores considered an MC? Even the club names were lame as hell Six Shooter? Petrol? Seriously? This was hands down the WORST MC book I have ever read I first rated this book at 35 stars The thing with that rating is normally I want to read those books again but this one I really don’t So maybe 25 is better I enjoyed it while I was reading it but not it just seems sort of bland and frustratingThe book starts with Cassie basically hating her life and is depressed Until one day she makes eye contact with a biker and her world starts turning again I wish I could say that’s a lie but is really what happened The next day she sees a biker who she thinks is her biker As she is chasing him through traffic she hits another biker from the same MC It wasn’t her man but he shows up seconds after she calls the police and basically says that she is stupid for doing that and asks her what she is going to tell the cops He was implying that what was going down and what happened shouldn’t really be repeatedWhy does she need to “lie” to the cops? She was the one who hit him he wasn’t doing anything wrong so even if he had been doing something illegal that day there wouldn’t have been a need to lie to the cops because they would have uestioned the HITTER not the HITTEE Plus cutting off his cut is basically a sure fire way to let people know you are doing something not on the up and up Logan her biker takes her driver license to make sure that she kept her word and didn’t tell the cops anything When he goes to check in with her the sexual tension is alive and well in her household She wants him he wants her her roommate is a big ole giant cockblock BUT what Logan didn’t tell Cassie is that his MC would want retribution on her which I don’t really get I mean it was an accident she didn’t target him or anything like that so there shouldn’t have been a need for everyone to get all upset about everything; Which they do Because he didn’t tell anyone he had her information she became a secret he was willing to kill for He figures she’s worth it because there’s something different about her; she’s not like the other girls She doesn’t fall all over him or is scared him I call bullpucky on that she is smitten with him lusts after him and is uite scared of him AFTER she realizes he’s an actual biker not just a wannabeAnyhoo I am actually sort of cranky at this book There was so much potential and could have been better if the smallest details were changed ie not an accident that put her on their shit list I mean I did enjoy it as I was reading it but I was “in” the story Even then it wasn’t really clear to me but I figured it would be explained And just so everyone knows there was a lot to the story this is basically the first five chapters before the real spoilers start it’s just that everything that happens in this book comes back to the fact the she’s his secret Wonderfully well written and exciting story Highly recommendBomb 5 StarExciting Riveting and a ticking time Bomb Makes me think back to when I was younger and bolder and would I have been so bold to do what Cassie does? She has courage and yet inside she’s not sure He’s sexy and an outlaw but he’s still a man They do say opposites attract and when these two do its combustible This book leaves you wanting of the two of them and yet will there be? Book 1 in a new series and its smoking Well written and enjoyable to read Spark 5 Stars The trials of a new MC President and young recruitsWith Logan playing acting president and it may become permanent he find how hard it is to get these young untried guy to act like the brothers they should be And what about Cassie? He still hasn’t told anyone about her but someone finds out Can she handle Logan can anyone? The story progresses where if left off from the first book The plot thickens with betrayal sex and mystery Well written and enjoyable to read uick read making you just want Iron 5 StarWhen St hits the fan who will be left standing by you?Another well written and enjoyable book to the series by Amy Isan Action packed and very entertaining to read Things are heating up in this installment and when the St hits the fan you start to see who is really there for you uestions start to rise as to whom you can real trust And the heat between Logan and Cassie keeps getting hotter I am so looking forward to the next book in the series Flame 5 StarsSuper hot in ways than oneFourth installment in the Ruin Outlaw MC series and a hot one at that Well written and very enjoyable to read Logan and Cassie can’t seem to stay out of trouble in this book Things don’t go as planned in anything they try to do A few new things are learned but are they believable? Is Cassie turning hard or is Logan turning soft or is it something in between for them both? Looking forward to find out what happens next in the fifth book Action packed and kept my interest throughout the bookBURN 5 StarsGreat ending or is it the beginning of a new lifeI love how this story and series comes together in the end Action packed and surprises along the way Well written and very enjoyable to read And what happens with the two crews in the end is just awesome And I really enjoyed the end or is it the beginning of their lives Stopped at 25%; Couldn't continueThe first thing to irritate me was the sentence structure Normally I don't criticize this kind of thing or tense issues punctuation etc if a book has my attention and the story is flowing I can read right over those things not the case with this one The sentences were very simplistic and I got sick to death of each one starting with I That being said the plot just dragged for me The heroine is a 26 year old dog washer chronically late to work with an eually air headed roommate As for our hero he has recently joined this MC in Arizona after barely escaping going to jail with the rest of his MC Los Devils in California I've never heard of anyone who just walks away from membership in an MC You can petition to transfer chapters but not just walk away and join a different group altogetherAnother former Los Devils member is the president of this MC but the rest are wannabes weekend riders and guys who still act like teenagers There is no club loyalty or cohesivenessthey read like a gang of misfits who happened to like bikes and sort of stumbled onto each other SPOILER ALERT the president ends up hospitalized after a wreck with the h The H steps in and takes control because the VP isn't capable which the VP states to the H and the most disruptive and unstable guy in the bunch has decided he'll take charge even though he's not even an officer And how does our H bond these kids? He takes them on a ride to a filthy warehouse where they do a blood bonding ceremony cutting their palms and shaking each other's bleeding hands over an oil drum and then on another night they force their way into several bars to terrorize and the people and trash places in order to build themselves up to handle a new drug running gig the old president had set up before he got hurt I apologize if this is overly harsh but I was very disappointed after seeing so many great reviews for this book Everyone has their own taste but I cannot recommend this as an MC romance I was gifted FLARE from the author for an honest reviewThis is a great book A roller coaster ride of adventure power and carnal lust The world Amy creates is full of wild motorcycle crews rogue alpha males and one woman who is tossed in the mixCassie doesn't live she exits her job as a glorified dog washer is filled with animosity because of her habitual tardiness Her boss doesn't mind singling her out and pointing out her faultsOne particular morning driving into workand she is already lateshe locks eyes wit a gorgeous and dangerous biker His gaze shakes her to the core and consumes her mind and dreamsOn her way to work the next day Cassie tries desperately to see if the biker she see is the same guy inadvertently hitting a bikerOnce the cut is pulled off the downed biker full attention lands on Cassie Who comes over to herTHE BIKER from her dreams BombLoganhelps himself to her identification and leaves Now that he has this information he will have to share it with his crew so you would thinkThe boundaries of loyalty are tested when Logan finds himself compelled to keep secrets about Cassie from his club The club's prez Surge was the man hit in the accident and Logan is told to take over duties until he is released Things are at play that Logan doesn't know about but when it hits is not only endangers his life but Cassie's tooIn a course of events that starts driving rifts through their members finds Logan and Cassie relying on each otherThis is a great book and I would highly recommend it to anyone Great work Amy Flare Motorcycle Club Romance by Amy Isan I received an ARC from the Author in exchange for my honest reviewAn excellent story from start to finish It was a really uick read that I enjoyed very much The primary characters of Cassie and Logan aka Bomb are very likable You can feel the sizzle when Bomb and Cassie are together You also can't help but feel for Cassie as she struggles with her confusion over her attraction to Logan The story takes many twists and turns and will leave you on the edge of your seat as you read to discover how things develop between Cassie and Logan The relationship between Logan and Cassie is getting deeper stronger and oh so HOT Cassie and Logan head south of the border to evade rival MC the Skeletons The closer Logan gets to Cassie the he starts to distrust and doubt the loyalty of his brother MC members including Club President Surge Logan is uickly finding that Cassie affects him in a way no women ever has Cassie knows she needs Logan to feel safe secure and much much The story continues to be intense full of action danger and flaming hot sex As Logan and Cassie fight off their enemies they continue to grow individually and as a couple Logan's doubts about Surge's loyalty continue to grow The final sex scene was wonderful steaming hot yet so full of love Truly an outstanding read Flare was uite the ride Logan is a member of the Ruin Outlaws MC and he can’t get out of his head a beautiful woman that he sees in traffic When he ends up running into her again he knows that he can’t just leave her be Cassie is just trying to get by working a job for a person that she doesn’t really like driving a commute that is exhausting When circumstances bring Logan known as Bomb to his MC brothers together with Cassie they end up for a very long and whirlwind time Logan ends up having to protect Cassie from the MC gritty world but instead basically initiates her to it As the bond forms between Logan and Cassie they both break from the rules that they live by Logan chooses Cassie over the MC rules and begins to uestion what is going on in his world Cassie becomes immersed in Logan’s world They are on the run from the bad guys but should they be concerned with the MCs? This book was a gritty grimy and way out of what I would have been comfortable with if I were Cassie You could feel the drama throughout that was Logan and Cassie There are drugs blood running from the law making new friends and bonds and all that you would expect from a true MC book Flare won’t burn you out I had the privilege of reading an ARC in return for an honest review “Flare” freaking rocksI absolutely fell in love with Cassie and Logan The author did an amazing job with keeping you on the edge and delivering one hell of a story Reading their journey was like watching a Bonnie Clyde style movie which had my damn heart jumping out of my chest wondering what would happen next As soon as you think you know what is going to happen you are thrown for a loop and I loved every minute of it I loved that Cassie didn’t turn into a whiney b#tch when the crap hit the fans and she held her own against a rival MC and Mexico’s drug cartel And then there is Logan aka Bomb – he is going to melt your panties off with his sexy filthy biker mouth “Flare” provides it allHOT SEX head strong Heroine and one freaking fabulous bikerI look forward to of Amy Isan’s work and am hoping for of the boys from the Ruin MC This is the story of Cassie and Logan She is a dog groomer and he is part of an outlaw motorcycle club Cassie hit the club’s president with her car and Logan tries to protect her From then on we begin to know the characters and their motivations At first the story is kind of slow but then as we get further information and other motorcycle crews got in the story develops an interesting plot with action sex drugs betrayal secrets and death There are important second characters that add to the action and violence Cassie and Logan had a good chemistry and are good together In summary it was a good story with a credible plot good characters and I enjoyed it very muchI received the ARC for an honest review Received for an honest reviewI originally read all installments separately and completely enjoyed every minute I really like that all of them are now made into one Cass and Bomb are such a great couple Their relationship builds uickly but the stress they encounter is unreal Cass first comes off as a weakling but by the end she is strong passionate and one heck of partner I like that she doesn't complain and that she pulls strength from Bomb Bomb is a man who believes in brotherhood His relationship with his crew is strained by an unknown source but when he puts the puzzle pieces into place everything happens uickly and efficiently I like the action the passion and the overall vibe of the book This is the first MC book for me but it won't be the last Great read

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