Modern Sorcery Jonathan Shade #1

Modern Sorcery Jonathan Shade #1➺ Modern Sorcery Jonathan Shade #1 Free ➰ Author Gary Jonas – A SAVAGE MURDER A husband armed with a sword hacks apart his wife in a Denver grocery store There are dozens of witnesses and the crime is captured on the security cameras To the police it’s an open A SAVAGE MURDER A husband armed with Jonathan Shade PDF Î a sword hacks apart his wife in a Denver grocery store There are dozens of witnesses and Modern Sorcery PDF or the crime is captured on the security cameras To the police it’s an open and shut caseTo Naomi the daughter of the couple it’s evidence Sorcery Jonathan Shade MOBI ï of dark magic She hires her ex lover a private investigator named Jonathan Shade to prove her father is innocentShade specializes in paranormal cases but he isn’t buying it Still he takes the case hoping to rekindle their relationship Instead Shade finds himself mixed up in supernatural intrigue with wizards magically engineered assassins and an ancient sorcerer returned to life who’s willing to kill anyone who stands in his wayToo bad Shade doesn't have any magic The Jonathan Shade series so far Modern Sorcery Acheron Highway Dragon Gate Anubis Nights Sunset Specters Wizard's Nocturne. Modern Sorcery was a nice surprise I liked it It is similar to Dresden Files only the main character is not a wizard Actually he can't touch magic at all even though his parents were both magic users Fortunately neither can it touch him Apparently the magic issue was a huge problem for his fiancée She concluded he can't give her children who could use magic So five years ago they broke up This was said in passing but it rubbed me wrongNow Naomi is back and she needs help Her father killed her mother with a sword and she wants Jonathan to prove he is not guilty Since all this is connected to the wizard community it is not surprising there is to all this that it seems at first I never warmed to Naomi I couldn't see why he would go to so much trouble for her Neither could his friends I liked them One is a ghost and the other is magically engineered warrior One could see all the possibilities with a cast of characters like this The first book is interesting enough to continue with the series to see what will happen to them next Jonathan Shade is a private investigator who finds himself embroiled in a whole lot of dangerous magic after his ex fiancée walks into his office and asks for his help While Shade is no stranger to magic in this world magic users are the big cheese but Jonathan has no magic of his own While that both hinders his fiancée is an ex because of his lack of magic and helps he is immune to most magics he soon realizes that the case Naomi brings to him is far dangerous that he was initially prepared for Fast paced and full of murder mystery and intrigue Modern Sorcery turned out to be a decent listen The narrator Joe Hempel can best be described as pleasant and there were times in the audiobook where I wished he was than pleasant Gruff perhaps Even mean sounding but alas he was always pleasant However Hempel excelled at the women's voices particularly Esther his ghostly assistant So while pleasant didn't always work in the danger and mayhem areas it worked fabulously in many others My one and only complaint pertaining to pronunciation would be the way Hempel said Esther's name In my neck of the woods the H is always silent like Ester and the narrator pronounced Esther as EsTHUR Every single time Bottom line this is one of those instances where if I had read the physical book my rating would probably be a little higher than a 3 That's not to say the narrator wasn't a good choice he was but I wanted a bit from him I would certainly still recommend the audiobook but I think for the next in the series I'll opt for the physical book vs the audio version Audiobook received from Audiobook Blast in exchange for my honest opinion Paranormal urban fantasies haven't really been to my taste lately I read far too many with my daughter but this one was a nice change of pace It was well read by Joe HempelThis is obviously part of a series but the first book stood alone very well It's an interesting world a bit like the Dresden series but the MC has different sorts of powers There were many some were very magical others complicated powerful but the author kept them straight arranged logical limitations that he adhered to He didn't tell all nor bore me with a lot of back story There is plenty there I was left with some major uestions about several of the characters but none of that harmed the story at all I knew all I needed to know now I'm looking forward to finding out some of those answers in the next book There was no cliff hanger thoughIt was fast paced fun Thanks for giving this to me for an honest review Jonathan Shade is a paranormal detective with an immunity to magic Kelly Chan is his superhuman martial arts master partner Esther is his ghost secretary It’s a cool blend of paranormal fantasy and noir detective mysteries One of Jonathan’s old flames walks into his office and hires him for a case full of mystery murder and sorcery Luckily Shade and his posse have the tools for the challenge in their other worldly wheelhouseThe pace of the novel was perfect for a busy body like me I listened to Joe Hempel deliver a great performance while laid up and inputting some mindless but useful data entry The fights flights and intrigue kept me from dozing off and slobbering on my keyboard I received a free copy in exchange for a review Any review That fact that it’s a good one is because the book is good Which has nothing to do with how awesome I am You’ll have to find that out for yourself SShaneThomas on TwitterThis is book one in a series and there were plenty of things that came up which I would be interested to see of in the four other books currently in the series I’ll definitely give book two a go On top of the dangerous mystery Shade must also confront himself and his fear of emotional intimacy He’s been flighty in relationships and his three closest friends are females who are filling a void that his commitment phobia created Naomi his one time love and current client also drive Jonathan to confront this issue Will he save the day? Will he get the girl? How for will he go to stop the baddies?The end had a twist that I didn’t see coming So I have mixed feelings about this bookI'll start with the good because anyone who spends the time and energy to write a book deserves respect I liked the story It was fun and entertaining The characters were engaging and by the end of it all I found myself thinking that I really wanted to know what what going to happen next Kudos to Mr Jonas for creating a story that gave me that kind of experienceNow for the things that could be improved This book is like a never ending string of overused phrases and bland cliches If you are at all an evolved reader you may find this unbearable I almost did But alas I spent the seven dollars and change to purchase the Audible extension of this kindle book so I'd be damned if I wasn't going to finish it The plot is at times predictable but to be fair there are enough surprises that I was overall entertained In short this would be a great book for young teenagers; perhaps the same target market as the Percy Jackson series Kids that age probably won't have the experience to be bothered by the above mentioned flaws Unfortunately the book is full of expletives and occasional sexual references making it unsuitable for that age groupat least in my opinionSo here's my final take I think that the author needs to decide who his target market actually is If he wants to write for adults he should vary his writing style use some interesting language and explore the depth of his characters If on the other hand he wants to write for kids he needs to clean up his language and content enough that a middle school librarian would feel comfortable putting copies of his book in the school library My original Modern Sorcery audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook ReviewerJonathan Shade is a private investigator with a twist – he gets the cases with a paranormal twist to them  Why?  He’s good at it he’s the son of a powerful wizard family and while he does not have any magical powers of his own he knows enough about it to solve mysteries   When a husband enters a Colorado grocery store and hacks up his wife – both of whom are parents to his ex fiancé – well Jonathan has no choice but to get involvedNaomi his ex fiancé hires him to prove his father’s innocence the proof is in the camera evidence – he did it  Thus begins his involvement and near misses with death with members of the Dragon Gate Industry; owned and ran by wizards and other magical members of society Dragon Gate Industry A long dead and legendary sorcerer appears to be back and is hunting Shade Shade has that effect on peopleShade has connections too – like Charon the ferryman of the underworld now known as Sharon the librarian; Kelly a genetically produced mystical assassinwarrior; Esther the ghost and Shade is a laid back smart mouth man who takes sarcasm to new levels; his friend Kelly is a butt kicking assassinwarrior who begs to kill; Esther his own personal ghost swoops in and helps save the day than once  Together this team of private investigators is top notch action packed and funGary Jonas creatively weaves a supernatural story that captures his audience with realistic dialog and action  His characters are well developed as is the plot  He skillfully weaves a supernatural story around the myths of old intertwining the two and placing them in today’s societyI enjoyed reading Jonathan Shade and look forward to the next in the series  I am positive that the next books will not disappoint  I laughed out loud and earned several uestioning looks but it was worth itJoe Hempel did a superb job of narrating  He took the character Jonathan and made it his own As the listener I could not help but be swept away into the story as Hempel took control and became Shade This is not something that is done easily but Hempel succeeds where others fail There were no issues with productionAudiobook was provided for review by the narrator I grabbed this book as a free promotion from I read it after reading another book that was dripping with despair and needed something light to lift me up I am very glad I read it It was a very interesting bookThis book should completely be classified as urban fantasy but it lacked werewolves and vampires a complete 'win' to me The novel reads like the old Dashiell Hammett detective stories only the customer is a wizard and the detective is immune to magic Jonathan consorts with a ghost and a magical warrior one that heals uickly and does not feel pain He also has a friend whose complete abilities are never uite revealed only teased throughout the novel In addition he has a friend on the police force as any good PI should have I did really enjoy this book Right up until the end I felt like it rushed to a climax and the end was clicheish than it needed to be almost like the author ran out of ideas I typically like short almost choppy sentences and roll my eyes at any depth of description and detail But there is a happy medium While I did not really feel any lack of detail I did feel like the sentences could have been fully developed That being said it was absolutely the only writing detail I found lacking There were no heavy grammatical mistakes that jumped out at me and I felt it a very professional publication Excellent book all the way around Great combination of magic and wizards a PI who is the direct opposite of magical or wizardly ghosts and martial artists with wicked senses of humor and Charon the ferrywoman of the dead Sound like a strange combination? Well it is but all that and come together for an exciting fast paced story that will keep you on the edge of your seatI actually had the Audible version having recently developed vision issues I've listened to some books that put me to sleep in no time flat That was NOT an issue here Not only is the story itself a nail biter that keeps you listening but narrator Joe Hempel does an absolutely steller job of telling the story And yes I do mean telling the story as opposed to just reading a book aloud like others I've heard Mr Hempel gives each character their own voice making the story easy to follow and to differentiate who is speaking when I particularly enjoyed his portrayal of Asian martial artist Kelly's wry snarky sense of humor I do believe that this narrator could make just about any book fun and exciting to listen toHighly recommended book whether you listen to the audio version or read the print or ebook version I was provided this audiobook at no charge by the author publisher andor narrator in exchange for an unbiased review via Audiobook Boom Let's start with the whole I received this book in exchange for a review but my opinions are my own shtick that is so popular these days Moving on I have to say I found Joe's narration of this book to be great I feel like he really captured Jonathan's voice and even when I read things later unrelated to this book I read them in his voice So in that way I got to hear him narrate extra which was coolI really enjoyed the book overall Jonathan is hilarious and his jokes had me laughing out loud all the time I also enjoyed Kelly's character and could easily see whole books featuring just her This was probably a five star book until about 34 of the way through which was when it dropped from 5 stars to 4 stars for me At the risk of spoiling the book let me just say there is a very pivotal scene that would have negated the last 14 of the book and Jonathan well wimps out Then in the end he starts to decide that maybe he should have done this Aside from the fact the villain would be astonishingly simple to defeat by anyone with a high powered sniper rifle full of knockout darts Still don't let that keep you from grabbing a copy and giving it a listen It's uite funny and the narration is spot on Modern Sorcery Jonathan Shade #1 by Gary Jonas is a fun fast humorous fantasy that I loved from page one It has ghosts wizards an evil spirit other entities action adventure lots of fighting humor and a touch of romance and did I mention humor? This book has the hero a PI non magical but works with magic folk He reminds me of Harry Dresden in some ways His partner although a women reminds me of Sandman Slim in some ways What a pair There is a murder of his ex flames parents and she wants it solved although it on tape and witnessed But all is not as it appears Not a page goes by that isn't action packed and humorous Our hero also has a resident ghost from the 20's a cute flapper she is my favorite Love this story Starting book 2 next The poor reviews must come from people that don't read fantasy because this is what fantasy is all about