Naked Human

Naked Human☉ [PDF / Epub] ☆ Naked Human By Christopher Poindexter ❤ – The blooming of madness Christopher Poindexter's first book is an exploration of humanity at its finest and at its worst This is a story written between 2011 2015 about the discovery of what makes us The blooming of madness Christopher Poindexter's first book is an exploration of humanity at its finest and at its worst This is a story written between about the discovery of what makes us human doing whatever it takes to keep the loneliness away. Contemporary poetry is in desperate need of a revival Moreover traditional poetry is barely seen published any Although famous poets such as Seamus Heaney Wisława Szymborska Derek Walcott Carol Ann Duffy Maya Angelou and Alice Walker have published works within the last two decades; none of them have conclusively slowed the stark decline of modern interest in poetry Instead contemporary use of poetry has shifted to other mediums such as slam poetry or musical applications Among these the broadest and most popular contemporary use of poetry is my favorite genre hip hop However I found a living American poet who despite all this has gained notable ovation from readers on social platforms Christopher PoindexterAlthough Poindexter generally publishes his work in singles online particularly through Facebook Tumblr and Instagram Naked Human is an anthology of over a hundred of his poems published from 2013 to 2014Unfortunately Naked Human is a disappointmentThe first problem with Poindexter's poetry is that aside from aesthetic structure it's not really poetry Every poem in the anthology is written in free verse Poindexter's work in Naked Human is better defined as aphorisms or simply prose split into stanzas and aesthetically stylized like the works of EE Cummings There is a profound lack of employment of the aesthetic and rhythmic ualities of poetry in Naked HumanThe content of Poindexter's poems likewise feels unsubtle Although some of the poems in Naked Human portray relevant and poignant themes regarding the human condition the medium whereby they are expressed is overtly irreverent and blandly transgressive For example your ass was a gateway drug to your soul p 53 the sunset is the universe's masturbation p 66 and fuck that sensual moment is ruined p 106 Combined with clunky metaphors and similes such as gorgeous souls that weep handsomely like violins into infinity p 52 Poindexter's writing style confounds and complicates the themes in Naked Human as opposed to articulating them I appreciate the general effort and aggregate meaning that Poindexter has attempted to put into Naked Human however as much as the messages may appeal to readers the poems are not well written They instead come off as pompous contrived awkward distinctively unpoetic; and unfortunately do not reflect the profundity in what Poindexter tries to say Naked Human ultimately fails to fill in the gaps of what contemporary poetry lacks and over is an independently unremarkable work Oh my stars This is perfection I'm not usually one for poetry but every single piece of this book spoke to my soul on the uttermost level I absolutely loved it It was raw powerful and oh so refreshingly real There may be no science to his writingno iambic pentameterno rhythm nor rhymeThere are just his wordswords so drunk on lifethat you can't help but get intoxicated I love poetry books that affects me in one way or another This one? Not so much My favorite tumblr poet I'm not exactly coping very well with how badly I need this book Lol First of all A poem book anthology of Christopher Poindexter is my first and last ever I thought about reading something like this during free time in my work but it proved FruitlessChris tried to write an anthology except he didn't write a thing Writing is art and pouring your soul into the masterpiece of your life Not being drunk and scriblling down whatever is coarsing through your wasted stupid mindChris had sth to say but didn't know how to say ithis anthology is just a drunk old man cursing his day away as well as cursing his past and future alikeSome minor parts of the book I really enjoyed and appreciated like when he praised different humans different people that are always out of the norm for they are what gives this world a taste and a purpose so a letter of appreciation to all you specialdifferent and awesome people out there from him the author and meLove you all my readers and thank you for investing your time reading my review 3 ; Just like reading Memories by Lang Leav or Black Butterfly by RM Drake reading Naked Human by Christopher Mark Poindexter is like speaking the words that I want to tell the people It's my first time to read a collection of poetry that revolves around appreciating the human race I have the same thoughts actually alongside with the poet There are days where I feel hopeful that this world has still a chance and there are days where I feel like I'm trapped in a world that is fast changing and unstoppable Still in the end I keep on believing I do not want to just believe though I am willing to be used too to be a channel of goodness and blessing in this world through Him of courseSuch a beautiful read ❤️ Christopher Poindexter is my favorite living poet and this book will cut you The author has the extremely rare gift of being 100% human of feeling this human gift 100% and desperately trying to soak that pain away in alcohol I don't know how he got into my head and my heartbut he knows my soul and I know his and every person seeking the truth of the human experience should read this book Tumblr posts on print