Survival Island Book 2

Survival Island Book 2[PDF / Epub] ☆ Survival Island Book 2 By Gordon Korman – Six kids One shipwreck One desert islandStranded Separated Six kids are stuck on a desert island They have no food No shelter Nobody knows they are lost They must take from the island in order to surv Six kids One shipwreck One desert islandStranded Separated Six kids are stuck on a desert island They have no food No shelter Nobody knows they are lost They must take from the island in order to survive But what if they're not alone. I thought the book was awesome There was so much intensity involved The 6 kids who are sranded on the island are not alone Criminals who are selling illegal animal parts come to the island to make an illegal trade and go about their business The 6 kids have to avoid them and can not set out signals in the sky or else their presence on the island would be noticed by the criminals Full of adventure twists and turns all the way through The biggest twist at the end was uite a shock tying in some world history and it made me immediately pick up book 3The characters are becoming likable but JJ is still mostly insufferable thinking that this is just a play to get attention for the company I loved the book because it caught my attention The reading age for me is 4th grade and up They got stranded on a island and some of them got hurt A uote from the book is Aw Will she said voice shaking Why is it always you? Will they be stranded on the island forever? Read the book to find out all the charaters had the charater strenghth of teamwork because they worked through rough times I think the book Island Book Two Survival by Gordon Korman was a good book I recommend it to anyone who likes adventures books I liked how the author put in flashbacks in certain part of the book The last book I read was by Gordon Kormanand I like that book too This book was great I think whoever else reads this book will enjoy it too The way that the book title became Island was because there were people who went overseas to a different country and the boat crashed into a big rock and sunk Six kids escaped and washed up on a desert island There is a lot to this storybut I don't want to give it away I would recommend people to read the first book before the second because when I read it I was lost at first and didn't understand the book until I have got in the middle Gordon Korman is a great author I have read a lot of his books in my life Most of his books are about adventures and problems that are hard to fix and made the characters be able to figure out how to fix the problems This book would be perfect for teenage guys who like outside adventures and ways to survive My favorite part in the book was when the kids got caught by the storms because they never saw them coming and always had to rush back to the shelter they made My other favorite part was when the ship was sinking because there was a lot of action I really enjoyed this 2nd book of the Island series This is an easy read with lots of adventure and action Just when you do not think it can get any worse for the six kids shipwrecked and stuck on the island it does My 9 year old daughter and my 12 year old son both enjoyed this book and we all look forward to the final book in the series This is the second book in a series It follows the same six kids on an adventure after they get stuck on an island This book is very similar to Lord of the Flies but not as much violence So if you liked that you should like this book Love the twist in plot having nothing to do with being stranded Best way to tale a story about kids surviving on a island whith pain and drama This is the second book in the Island series which I'm reading aloud to my younger daughter Miraculously all the kids wind up on the same island Will regains consciousness but he is suffering from short term memory loss and doesn't recognize any of the others He thinks they are still in Guam and he doesn't remember being aboard the Phoenix or anything that took place once they were at sea Frightened Will takes off into the jungle on his own Luke Charla and Ian are reunited with Lyssa and JJ and the group tries to find WillWhen the kids finds a plane on the other side of the island they are elated at the prospect of being rescued and returning home However their would be rescuers are actually criminals and the kids witness a murder Thankfully the thugs don't realize yet that they are not alone on the island and the kids have to remain hidden to keep safe which doesn't help their chances of being rescuedThe title of this installment is definitely fitting because the kids have to learn how to survive on the island They need to set up a shelter and find food yet remain under the radar so that they aren't discovered by the men on the other side of the island Ian's addiction to the Discovery Channel comes into use time and again and the group looks to him for advice with his fountain of knowledgeJJ drives me crazy He still thinks that everything that has happened has been an elaborate set up by CNC I guess it's his way of dealing with reality which is to NOT deal with it I'm looking forward to seeing how the kids get off the island in the trilogy's conclusion EscapeThis review was posted on my book blog

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