Condom Never has human ingenuity been as evident as it is in finding ways to counter conception This is an intriguing history of the condom and an unusual unraveling of the politics and culture that surround this most practical item.This Trigger Issues book takes in the early history of contraception think crocodile dung and sea sponges, the rubber revolution of the early 1900s and female liberation through birth control, the role of the condom in the front line against HIV AIDS, and Bush s war on the condom It then looks ahead to a high tech future of spray on and liquid condoms.Buy the book direct from New Internationalist New Download [ Condom ] By [ Paul Allen ] For Kindle ePUB or eBook – This book is little only 124 pages and little only the size of an address book I read it in a day it s really well written in that it s easy to read, and interesting A good portion of the book is devoted to HIV AIDS prevention transmition In fact, it almost seems like it sabout HIV AIDS than it is about condoms Curiously, they chose not to discuss other STIs, such as the prevalence of herpes in the 80s, nor any other STIs As wel

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  • 10 August 2018
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