Twisted Paths (Twisted, #2)

Twisted Paths (Twisted, #2) [Download] ➵ Twisted Paths (Twisted, #2) Author L.L. Collins – Life is a series of choices, and every one we make sends us down a different path It is easy to look back at your life and see the mistakes you ve made and wonder how it all could ve been different Bu Life is a series of choices, and every one we make sends us down a different path It is easy to look back at your life and see the mistakes you ve made and wonder how it all could ve been different But when the path you thought would last forever comes to an end and you have to choose a new one, do you follow the route that looks the straightest and easiest Or do you follow your heart and choose the one that might have twists and turns but could lead you to the happiest tomorrows Twisted Paths is not a standalone This is meant to be read after book one in the Twisted series, Twisted Souls. Twisted Paths continued on the story about Liane and Blake Blake and Liane s lives did not turn out the way they had planned When we are young we have so many hopes and dreams that some we can make come true While others, people and or events prevent them from coming true The characters in this series are easy to relate to because they experience some of the same or similar experiences as we do in our lives Their journeys take them on a rollercoaster ride where they experience a gamut of emotions The question is where do their journeys lead them Do any of their hopes and dreams for the future come true Do they get their HEAs I recommend you read both Twisted Souls and Twisted Paths The books as your read them, will have you feeling all sorts of emotions You can get a sense of how the characters are feeling as they relate to your own personal experiences Make sure to have your tissues you handy because I know I needed them These are must reads because this is an amazing series. Review to come FULL REVIEW He said he didn t love me any, and that I didn t love him, either How can he say that I have given him my entire life all of me at all times Fast forward eighteen years Once again Liane finds herself at a crossroad, but for a different reason She s made her decisions and stuck by them being a loving and faithful wife and mother Now, her only son is off to college and her husband wants out of their marriage Of course I have my career and my friends, but at the end of the day, I have put everything on the back burner for Carter and Ronan for so long, I have no idea who I am or what I want any All I know at this moment is that I need to get out of here and go to Sanibel Sanibel Where a lifetime of friendship and love began so many years ago and where she hasn t been since for fear of running into the one person she let go in order to fulfill her obligations Not that it mattered he never fought for her anyhow I had never stood up to Ronan or anyone else for that matter It s about time I find my backbone and put it back where it belongs The problem is, I have no idea how to do that On the search to find herself after all these years, Liane spends time in the one place that has always soothed her soul and finds her mate has been waiting eighteen years for her to return At this moment, we aren t two heartbroken, angry people with a lifetime of regret we re Li and Blake, lost soul mates given another chance to make it right And right they do with the help of Mia, Li s new friend, and Melinda, Blake s ex wife It s not until tragedy strikes that they truly find out what really kept them apart all those years and why I know I m an asshole I grew up that way, and I ve just continued it It was about winning her than it was about doing what was right But now I have to take care of this It just might be too little too late.What a wonderful, happy ending to a gut wrenching, heartbreaking heart mending tale I needed this to end the way it did and I wasn t disappointed in the least Thank you LL Collins for being the true romantic you are and for finding the redeeming qualities in even the lowest life forms of a man this was a perfect way to leave the series except Carter Carter is my new favorite but I feel odd saying that because I also feel like his mom I look forward to him finally finding love like his parents did and maybe a happily ever after without all the drama 4 Will Always Find a Way, Stars I was very fortunate to receive an ARC of Twisted Paths I loved Twisted Souls, so I couldn t wait to get my hands on this one and thankfully, I didn t have a long wait I absolutely loved this book If I could give it than 5 stars, I would Twisted Paths brings us to the present day lives of Blake, Li Ronan and Carter The way Ms Collins has brought us through their lives it makes me, as a reader, appreciate what they are currently dealing with.I ve been thinking about what I wanted to write for this review So, I started thinking about the title for this series and especially this book , it is very twisted which can mean a couple things.twist ed twist d adjective1.forced out of its natural or proper shape 2 of a personality or a way of thinking unpleasantly or unhealthily abnormal warped.Let s start with the definition 1 this is how I think of Li and Blake We know from Twisted Souls that these two are meant to be Their lives have been twisted together for decades They don t go down a straight path, theirs has twists and turns than a freeway It s watching them grow and navigate through their lives to try and get to the destination they both want happiness This is what I want for them I want Ronan to go away and for Li and Blake to be together, because they deserve it and Ronan iswelltwisted Which brings me to definition 2 This is ALL Ronan The things this man says and does boggles one s mind Moving on LL Collins has a way of writing stories that will tear at your heart One minute you want to yell at characters and the next you want to hug them Ok I wanted to slap one multiple times, but that s me Li is the perfect wife, mother and friend She s sweet, strong and always wants to do the right thing for everyone around her What she comes to realize is she needs to put herself first She meets a new friend, Mia who I love and she really helps Li understand herself better than she ever has Blakeoh Blakehow I love you This character infiltrated my heart He gives me all the feels a BBF should and so much He s such a great man There s nothing better than an honest, hardworking and loving man who would go to the ends of the earth for the ones he loves Ronan he s still an ass actually he s worse Carter Li s baby is now 18 the age she was when she got pregnant Seeing what a wonderful young man he is made me happy He s very close to his mother and I love the bond they have I am looking forward to his story.Great job Author LL Collins Wow LL Collins has done it again I was lucky to beta read for this series can I just say that I was all up in my feelings with this one Not your typical LL Collins ugly cry NO This is much much You will feel love, lots of hate, sympathy, excitement, joy, passion, steaminess, love, MORE hate relief Book 2 picks up much later than book 1 ends We get to see all of the same characters a few new ones also Don t want to give anything away We learn on what why the things happened in book 1 Omg I m getting pissed thinking about it I seriously wanted to throat punch certain peps Loved this book Loved the characters plot twists turns It s really hard not saying too much I can t wait for everyone to read it Mad props to LL for this amazing series Way to bring out the feels Let me just say, get yourself prepared because the secrets that will be exposed in Twisted Paths will have you screaming WTH I don t want to give much away because I felt like I was on a roller coaster and there was no way of getting of until the every end I will also say that Ronan has earned a top place in my Most Hated people, that low life While Twisted Souls tore my heart out, Twisted Paths put it back in place and had me sighing and smiling like a fool Kara, 5 Beautiful stars I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.The continuation of Liane and Blake s story, it must be read after Twisted Souls An excellent read and not an easy book to put down Recommending not starting until unless there is time to finish in one sitting A definite five star read. Read the full review on Bookaholics Not So Anonymous.Note This ebook was provided by InkSlinger PR in exchange for an honest review.When Liane Kelly became Liane Collier, life changed for both her and Blake McIntyre They were the closest friends and over that one summer, they became far than that But fate and other forces had other plans for them, plans that would take them away from each other for nearly two decades It takes Blake four years to even set foot back in Sanibel but it takes Liane eighteen Her life is in flux, after spending half of it focused on her husband Ronan and their son Carter But now, she finds herself asking questions she never thought she d ever have to ask and they re questions that both Blake and Ronan only have the answers to They loved and lost eighteen years ago, but when changes are forced upon Liane, will she the path she chooses to take this time around finally lead her to the one who owns her heart and soul Blake was forced to endure the loss of the only girl he s ever loved and having her back in Sanibel brings a rush of memories Has he been gifted with a chance with his Li or is this simply his shot at saying goodbye Gah This book It stirs feelings within you to the point that they crisscross joy and melancholy, despair and hope, love and hate So many choices were taken out of both Liane s and Blake s hands and you can t help but wish the hands of time could be turned back But after their hearts stopped breaking, their lives went on and they found their own version of contentment elsewhere Contentment, however, can always change, depending on the circumstances you find yourself in There are truths these two have no clue are simply waiting to be discovered or to be brought out into the open and when you learn them, it s heartrending Liane, just like before, had me ambivalent in the beginning, but she soon grew on me again Blake, on the other hand, has always stood out, once again putting his emotions on display and hoping that things will go differently this time around Ronanwell, I called him selfish in my review for the first book and my opinion hasn t changed Make sure to read both Twisted Souls and Twisted Paths Five plus stars. Liane thought she d chosen well and that she has the life she s always wanted Her special summer with Blake was eighteen years ago Liane is a teacher and Blake is a business owner Life hasn t been easy for them Liane has to make some difficult choices again that might finally lead her to a happy life What will she do and will she have a chance to have a good and loving future L.L Collins tells her stories from different points of view That way the reader has the chance to get to know both Blake and Liane very well I liked that a lot I enjoyed looking into their hearts Twisted Paths is again a story filled with difficult moments There s sadness, but there s also joy I couldn t wait to find out what Blake and Liane s future would be like.I love books about soulmates and therefore couldn t wait to read this series I loved both stories equally and it s fun to read about the same people when they re teenagers and when they re in their thirties I like the idea and think L.L Collins has written a fantastic history of two people who love each other than anything in the world Life isn t always kind, so there are many obstacles on their paths I loved the ending and shed a few tears when I read it Liane and Blake are in my heart, they re amazing main characters.L.L Collins is a good story teller I love that she can describe emotions in so many different ways Her main characters aren t always strong, they are human and they make mistakes That only made me like them If you re looking for a good romantic story with a lot of depth I highly recommend the Twisted series, it s really great. I was given the honor of beta reading this amazing story LL Collins is a master at gut wrenching, tear your heart out and stomp on it, emotionally charged stories, and this book is no different This story continues 18 years after the devastation that was Twisted Souls Liane is taking only child to college and she thought her life couldn t be any better Loving, faithful, hard working husband a career she loves, and an amazing child all grown up At least, that s what she thoughtshe never forgot what happened 18 years ago and never got the closure she needed, when her husband destroys her perfect bubble, it is time for Liane to find herself again and with the help of a new friend and someone back from the past, maybe, just maybe she can REALLY have the life she has always wanted When Blake and Liane meet s like two hearts have finally become oneBlake if possible is even HOTTER than before But of course their path isn t laid in flowers and straight, but filled with twists and turns and quick sand Can they find their happily ever after or is it too late Another amazing, tear filled read that I just couldn t put down LL Collins NEVER ceases to amaze me GET THIS BOOK A great ending to a great series Review on behalf of myself and Back Off My Book Boyfriend I will confess to having been itchy and anxious for this book to come out because although Twisted Souls leaves you in a good spot I just needed Let me say, this book did NOT disappoint I felt like I was reading a whole new author This is such a different style of writing from this authors previously written books And I love it I love when an author can successfully write in a whole new style and still hook me Now to the goods You won t actually get any from this review because frankly, you should read this book with an open and untainted mind You will however get that I went on a roller coaster and still haven t found my footing I m still trying to determine when exactly my head started spinning because yes, it s still spinning This is how great this book is I do recommend that you read Twisted Souls first because if you attempt to read this first, you ll be lost and not in the good way So sit back, relax and finish the Journey of Li, Ronan grrrrrrrr and Blake.