Next Time

Next Time❴EPUB❵ ✺ Next Time Author Robin Alexander – Payton Foret agrees to play wingwoman for her best friend She never dreamed that when she walked into the bar that night that she’d meet her soul mate Though their only physical contact was a simple Payton Foret agrees to play wingwoman for her best friend She never dreamed that when she walked into the bar that night that she’d meet her soul mate Though their only physical contact was a simple handshake Payton begins to believe in love at first sight There’s only one problem—the woman of her dreams is already in a relationship with someone else Ryan Seely is at a crossroads unsure of what path to take She’s not eager to throw away an eight year relationship despite the fact that she’s already taken back part of her heart Decisions become convoluted the Next Time she sees Payton. Humor is tricky to pull off well for many reasons – chief among them the relatively simple fact that there’s no form of humor that appeals to everyone and I mean 100% of all people and the you drive to reach a large significant portion of the audience the likely the humor will end up being super mild and would likely at best generate just a weak smile Not only is it super easy to offend with humor it is in some ways even worse very easy to bore with humor And here I thought of putting in a bunch of stuff about different types of humor like satireparody broad humor low humor high humor word play humor domestic humor etc etc And mention how one of the types of humor I like best is the kind somewhat rarely actually seen at least by me in prose novels – the uick witted sharp dialogue that seems easily shown in example form in plays by Noël Coward who largely seemed to like the comedy of manners type of humor at least his popular early work – married couples Private Lives Blythe Spirit families Hay Fever etc I rarely see it in prose novels as as noted it tended to involve married couples not something that’s hugely popular it appears with what I personally read But all of this is beside the point the point being that humor is difficult to do well and even when it is done well – 50% of your intended audience might still be bored at best or disgusted at worst I specifically mentioned Coward above so I’d mention married couples – so I’d note that this book here involves a married couple In snippets at least in the ‘present’ They Payton Foret Ryann Seely technically aren’t married since at the time this book was published and set lesbian marriage was not yet legal in Louisiana but the two are a long term couple who see themselves basically as married But that’s the ‘present’ And most of the story consists of what happened in the past when Payton Ryann first meet entangled with others and then finally come together in coupledom So it’s a variation that both allows the reader to see a ‘married’ couple long after they got together and see what is normally shown in romance books – a couple coming togetherPayton and Ryann first meet in a bar – as ‘wingwomen’ for Jana and um I’m going to say Melena but could be Melissa or Melina or well doesn’t really matter Jana and Payton are best friends while Ryann and M are friends – though as is both seen throughout the book and stated at the upfront – M would rather have had Ryann’s significant other there as the wingwoman as Leigh is of M’s friend Leigh being Ryann’s long term partner of roughly 8 years several years go by in the telling of this story and the number 8 got tossed out there at some point not sure when the number was used so I’m going with 8 Payton and Ryann meet well – they have an instant spark but they also have no obligation to likedislikeor go through the ‘game’ of romancing – since they are there for their friends not for themselves Though Payton does mention that she might have made some kind of play for Ryann but for the fact that she knew that Ryann had a long term girlfriend The two meet again about oh several months later when M and J have a BB By this point Ryann is still dating Leigh and Payton is dating ‘suirrel woman’ a successful voice actor who specializes in ‘funny voices’ who doesn’t have good control over the ‘onoff’ switch Suirrel woman is in and out so uickly from Payton’s life that I didn’t really catch her name but then again I couldn’t recall M’s name and she’s there throughout the book so Payton and Ryann reconnect at this party and continue their liking of each other and their witty banter For reasons this is only the second time they both have meet months after first meeting largely due to how easily Leigh falls into jealous rages at the slightest opportunity and how little Ryann does to fight this impulse of Leigh’s beyond basically never going anywhere but for work and home – at least not without Leigh Payton and Ryann meet for the third time on J M’s anniversary – Payton by this point is by herself while Ryann is still with Leigh Throughout all this time Ryann has made noises that indicate that she doesn’t really want to still be with Leigh and is ‘just about’ to break up with her For roughly a year or And so the two still don’t date or cheat with each other for neither are the cheating type and Ryann is still with LeighPayton works as a ‘children’s educational music jingle writer’ or something like that She writes children’s showcommercialfilm songs Ryann works as a teacher I believe a high school teacher though I might have that part wrongOf importance the woman whose name I can’t remember Melena or whatever is in the book throughout but mostly on the side as she’s the lovergirlfriend of Jana not a main character and friends with Leigh not a main character than with Ryann main character Jana is best friends with Payton and therefore pops up whenever the book needed someone like her to pop up you know to say things like ‘I know you aren’t the cheating kind’ and stuff like that Shelly is Ryann’s straight sister and seems very much her close friend mom Carol and the two named sisters and two or was it three? unnamed brothers play little part in this story at least until near the end when the sisters and Carol pops up – for reasons Shelly’s kids and husband are there when needed for excuses for certain things – like why Shelly’s suddenly over at Ryann’s place Evan the husband tried to burn down the house making food or why there’s a ‘rat’ running around Brody Shelly’s son got a ferret without asking permission – but are not otherwise of any real importance to the plotBeyond everything else like say romance and humor there are two things Alexander likes including in her books travel and ‘old people’ Here in this specific book the travel is covered by several impromptu car trips while the ‘old person’ is covered by Grace Payton’s next door neighbor of advanced age The old people tend to be sources of amusement and be uite wacky here though the wackiest thing about Grace is her weird food combinationsThis is the first book by Alexander that I have successfully reread I’d previously attempted to listen to the audio for one prior book without success which is why I worded the first sentence the way I did As I somewhat expectedsuspected rereading a book I’d previously rated 5 stars by Alexander ends up with me pushing this book onto the exclusive ‘reread only’ six star shelf Right so great bits of humor that I personally found uite good and others might find boring; great romance that others not me might find vaguely lacking something in terms of the potential angstdrama of one woman already in a relationship when she meets her ‘soulmate’ – tension somewhat lessoned by the fact that the story is being told by a happy long term couple about how they meet Oh and there’s some graphic sex that occurred Lovely top tier bookRating 60December 18 2017 This has been a strange year of reading for me I've done rereads than ever before because some books just weren't hitting the way I'd like So I decided to turn to Robin Alexander to deplete this ever growing 'to read' shelf And I'm glad I didTo be fair I wasn't exactly feeling it in the beginning I liked Ryann and Payton enough but I didn't uite feel the sparks yet And then something changed I think once they got past view spoilerRyann splitting up with Leigh who was the worst hide spoiler This is one of the funniest books I've read in a while I couldn't stop laughing And I rather liked the relationships on display between the main characters the friends sister If I didn't have that 'needs to be a reread' rule for my top star shelf I'd seriously consider this book for that shelfGranted this was a really fluffy book and I know some need drama and angst there was some but outside forces 45 starsSo funny I've read loads of books by Alexander and loved most of them but this is one of my faves A great light read love all the characters expect for Leigh she's a psycho Such a sweet romantic story about soul mates I like tha way it was told and I liked how open Payton and Ryann were with each other I loved Shelly she cracked me up so many times This is a 35 for me but I couldn't just round it up to 4 the author is uite funny characters are very likeable especially the sister Shelly she's really hilarious The book is just what I call cute nothing nothing less I would describe Robin's newest offering Next Time as of the same Fortunately for her that is a compliment There are plenty of laughs great secondary characters and a fun easy going story This is a plot that would be really angsty in another author's hands but Robin just doesn't roll that way Payton and Ryann have really nice chemistry and I kind of loved how even though everyone around them thought it was a bad idea they just couldn't resist the pull that drew them together Even though Ryann is already in a committed relationship at the beginning of the story there is no infidelity here in case that is a trigger for you Ryann's sister Shelly is a standout as is Payton's early girlfriend Lydia aka Steffie the Suirrel I think I'll always wish that Robin's books were a touch longer but its a minor complaint Great read 455 I was hesitant to read this one because I'm not a fan of books that start with one of the leads already in a relationship Turns out I was right because it takes until the 40% mark before the book gets to a point where the leads can embark on their relationship although they do meet prior to that point Robin likes to write uirky supporting characters and this book has the reuisite number of those the humour was fairly engaging and both lead characters were interesting enough It just wasn't enough for me I felt like I was treading water for too long to get to the meat of the story and then there was too much zaniness towards the end The narration of the story also broke up the flow There were actually several points where I forgot they were telling their story and when it went back to the present it felt jarring The book also had several missing and misspelt words and some missing punctuation so it could have used a bit of a polish Not my favourite but it's a uick ok read 35 stars I thought this book was okay It struck me as super bland until the last 5 10 percent of the book Characters weren't that deep and the dialogue was off to me At times both Ryann and Payton talk almost in monologue without even getting a reaction from the other and then they'd break into non seuiturs I think the dialogue was being used for backstory exposition but not in a subtle or in a particularly interesting way Maybe it was me but I didn't feel a lot of passion here I felt there was a lot telling than showingso that really bogged it down I was wondering if the author may have been bored herself?Basically this is a sweet feel good romance that's a little on the slow mellow side 35 starsGood low key story The writing is Robin Alexander on a good day Her stories never seem to be about world building but rather uick paced clever conversations and this is no different The couple in love Payton and Ryann are also being interviewed about their relationship ten years after the main story of their meeting and courtship and the interviews are used as chapter leads which has it a little different than a standard romance There's also a crazy ex Payton's friend seems clueless and headed toward her own troubles in the future with her overly controlling love interest I didn't enjoy the side characters really except for Ryann's sister Shelley who was uite funny Want something lighthearted funny romantic and naturally with a HEA then Robin Alexander is your girlHer new book doesn't exactly break any new ground but is still a nice bit of escapism