Menneskefluene[PDF / Epub] ☀ Menneskefluene By Hans Olav Lahlum – Num peueno prédio em Oslo onde todos os moradores se conhecem dá se um crime impossível Harald Olesen é assassinado a tiro na sua sala de estar A arma não foi encontrada A divisão estava fechada Num peueno prédio em Oslo onde todos os moradores se conhecem dá se um crime impossível Harald Olesen é assassinado a tiro na sua sala de estar A arma não foi encontrada A divisão estava fechada à chave por dentro o apartamento vazio Admirado por todos Harald era um lendário herói da resistência a Hitler É difícil imaginar uem terá cometido um crime tão vil Mais complicado ainda é imaginar como terá sido executadoO detetive inspetor Kolbjørn Kristiansen também conhecido como K é chamado ao local À medida ue interroga os vizinhos da vítima K começa a desenredar uma teia de mentiras ue teme não ter fim Felizmente tem uma aliada Patrícia Borchmann A jovem está confinada a uma cadeira de rodas mas a sua mente prodigiosa não se detém perante tais limitações Juntos são a única esperança de deslindar este enigma aparentemente insolúvel. The Human Flies by Hans Olav Lablum is a cross between a police procedural and a detective novel that takes place in Oslo Norway in 1962 The story is also a locked room mystery The newly promoted detective inspector Kolbjorn Kristiansen known as K2 is sent to an apartment building in Oslo to investigate the murder of a World War II Resistance hero The victim has been shot in his apartment but there is no sign of the weapon and the front door is locked from the inside The inspector is totally flummoxed when to his aid comes a young woman who is brilliant partially paralyzed and wheelchair bound The young woman's name is Patricia who is a brilliant deductive reasoner yet she can and will not leave her houseHans Olav Lahlum is a Norwegian crime author historian chess player and politician Mr Lahlum credits Agatha Christie for his inspiration Amazingly enough I have never read any of Christie's books so I can't comment however I see just as much influence from Rex Stout which I have read all of his booksThe book should not be considered Nordic Noir Luhlum has painted colourfully rendered characters and the story is told in layers as and truth is discovered The story is told in first person and I found it fascinating the way it was told K2 scales the heights says one newspaper headline as the case is solvedor is it?An interesting and very readable story of crime love passion war occupation all set in 1968 with links to WWII and the German occupation of NorwayI came to Mr Lahlum's stories in an back to front way having read his second K2 book first For me that was no great difficulty as the stories are well written and pretty much standalone The author's style is a tribute and nod towards Agatha Christie; something he both acknowledges outside the book's story and also within As for the crime and mystery an elderly man a former politician and hero of the Norwegian resistance is murdered in his flat The suspects seem to reside in the block of flats where the murder happened and with Kolbjørn Kristiansen's K2 assistant Patricia they seek to solve what becomes a complex and changing case as their detective and deductive work takes them to and into a group of people who all appear to have connections to the deceased and motive and opportunity to killMr Lahlum dedicates his first novel to his aunt Dagmar Lahlum Nothing really interesting or thought provoking until the end of the book where he includes some further info on his aunt including the fact that she was in a romance with none other than Eddie Zig Zag Chapman the famed or infamous and very real British secret agent whilst he was acting as a German solider for British Intelligence There are some good books on Chapman and mentions of Dagmar Lahlum See here for an intro via the UK's MI5 site with further reading references For on Dagmar Lahlum good fun read with some interesting and fictionalised and also real connections to WWII On the fourth of April of 1968 young Detective Kolbjørn Kristiansen aka K2 from the Oslo police department is called to 25 Krebs' Street to investigate the murder of former leader of the Resistance Harald Olesen What follows in the account of a murder that will touch every one living in that buildingDRAMAAAAAAAI'm used to read detective novels that develop the detective while he investigates the case However when I was at about 80% of the book it dawned on me that I basically knew next to nothing about K2 He seems to be the guy who gets thinks moving so that we can learn about the residents in Krebs's Street but he doesn't seem an extremely savvy detective The novel introduces early on a wheelchair bounded woman named Patricia who is an old family friend of K2 She asks K2 to be involved in the case but she resolves it all by herself K2 pales in comparison to her and frankly he looks like a moron who can't put two things together Patricia and K2 relationship is unbalanced which makes a dent in the book Instead of having to partners who complement each other we have a character that relays on another to keep moving forward Furter Patricia is a civillian and last time I checked we weren't allowed to come along to murder investigations or be informed of the developments in an ongoing case I mean are you kidding me K2? You're the less professional cop ever This hindered a bit my enjoyment of the book If Patricia were a essential characters I may have bought it but she doesn't have much of a personality developed like K2 and I wonder why couldn't the writer just made K2 a bit smarter and have him have a detective partner But don't let this distract from the fact that I really enjoyed how the story developed Usually what I find interesting in a detective book is the detectives themselves nor the case itself but here it was the other way around Everything ties back to the war and everyone is living in the past Like Patricia puts it they are humans flies which means that they can't forget something that happened in the past and they keep going back to it like flies who fly around something This hold true to all the characters who are the most interesting thing in the book They are flawed real characters they are people and you could act like them if you were in their shoes And they are not in Krebs' Street by chance The death of Harold Olesen will bring up things that happened during the war that have haunted Harold and everyone in Krebs' Everyone is withholding information for their own gain but Patricia via puppet K2 will discover their lies one by one The book certainly doesn't give you time to rest every little information we know true of false will change the curse of the investigation a little and led us into believe how is the murderer I figure out who was it when I was almost finished with the book but I was still missing some information that only comes to light when the culprit confesses This book definitely didn't bore me at all just the opposite The Human Flies – Simply BuzzingHans Olav Lahlum I am told is a bestselling Norwegian crime writer and famous historian yup me neither But then with a population of just under 6 million I am sure even I could be famous or preferably infamous as that would be fun Well having read Hans Olav Lahlum’s The Human Flies I am sure he will be pretty famous outside of Norway pretty soon This is a different Norwegian novel besides the usual noir fair there is a clear nod to the great Agatha Christie in the style of the story which makes it uite a pleasant and enjoyable readThe Human Flies is set in Oslo 1968 and is narrated by the hero and main star of the novel detective Inspector Kolbjørn Kristiansen he is known as K2 who is newly promoted is called to a murder in an apartment block This is no ordinary murder in that the victim is a legendary hero of the Norwegian Resistance during the occupation and former Cabinet minister in post war governments There is no clear reason to why he would have been killed and even though there is an ex Nazi worker in the same apartment block even he was not interested in killing Olesen But when the ex Nazi in a suicide note admits to the killing K2 realises all is not right Fortunately for K2 he has the help of Patricia who is one of the most intelligent and brilliant young women in Norway the only problem is that she is confined to a wheelchair and rarely ventures outsideK2 and Patricia need to unravel a web of lies that exist in the apartment block amongst all Olesen’s neighbours and the further they delve the they have to go back in to Norway’s dark history of the Nazi Occupation The they look in on the neighbour’s lies the confused the story seems as they all could have a reason or reasons to kill Olesen The they dig the uestions the interviews take place as they are able to slowly put together their jigsaw of answersThis really is an enjoyable very gripping and ingenious mystery in that we are taken to the dark depths of Norwegian history which ticks all the boxes for a crime novel with deceit betrayal and revenge The tactic of using both K2 and Patricia is ingenious K2 is the Poirot to Patricia’s Miss Marple is a big nod to Agatha Christie especially with the reveal at the end as they announce who the killer or killers are It should not really work but it does and I cannot wait until the next book in this new series is published Again I’m a little late to the party with this one but having already purchased the next two in the series Satellite People and The Catalyst Killing shortly after finishing this you can tell I was impressed With a than obvious nod to the heyday of the Golden Age Lahlum has cooked up a wonderful blend of Christie esue plotting with a traditional locked room mystery With the action centred on an Oslo apartment block with its finite number of inhabitants Lahlum carefully constructs a tale of secrets lies and totally captures the whole notion of the sins of the past resonating in the present As each inhabitants true character and devilish motivations for murder come to the fore in the course of the investigation Lahlum invites us to play detective along with K2 to uncover a murderer The writing is crisp playful at times and exceedingly dark at others Although I did guess the killer relatively early on in the book I did enjoy the little twists in the narrative which did make me doubt the cleverness of my own deductions and with the formidable duo of keen detective and his wonderfully barbed relationship with the spiky but keenly intelligent Patricia was a joy to read Excellent Set in 1960s Oslo this detective story is written with a light touch freuently referencing Agatha Christie but tackles serious themes It might be a long way from Nordic noir but it isn't cosyThis is the first in the bestselling Norwegian series about ambitious police detective Kolbjørn Kristiansen nicknamed K2 and his partner in crime solving teenager Patricia She has grown up using a wheelchair after being injured in an accident Rather in the mode of Nero Wolfe Patricia is reluctant to leave her home and studies crimes from a distance coming up with an endless stream of brilliant deductionsKristiansen is called to investigate when a hero of the Norwegian resistance is found murdered in his apartment The big uestion is why anyone would have wanted him dead Initially it appears to be a locked room mystery since it would have been hard for anyone to get in and out of the flat undetected Gradually all the other residents of the apartment block come under suspicion in turn as many connections between them and the murder victim Harald Oleson are unturned The human flies of the title are people who are haunted by the past and keep on circling round it It seems as if most of the characters in the book fall into this category as they can't get away from their memories of the Second World War and their own roles in itA fascinating element is the afterword where the author briefly describes the real life experiences of his aunt Dagmar Lahlum who was a double agent in the war working for MI5 Her story is completely different from the novel but gave him inspiration I found this a gripping read if at times a little slow and would like to read by Lahlum in the future This was the first book I chose for a reading challenge I've undertaken to read a novel from each European country I loved this wonderful whodunnit in the tradition of Agatha Christie and Sherlock Holmes Adored K2 and especially Patricia Was pleased to note there are books in the series Cannot wait to read the next Hans Olav Lahlum is a multi talented Norwegian crime author journalist chess player historian and politician who also holds the Guinness record for the longest interview ever than 30 hours set on May 22 23 2013 the interviewer being the experienced journalist Mads Andersen for Verdens Gang newspaper Lahlums' meticulous crafted prose is bound to leave everlasting impressions to the reader in a book which plot wise seems to summarise the genre characteristics of the ''Closed Room Mystery'' An elderly Norwegian Resistance Hero from the Second World War is found shot in his apartment in 1960s Oslo and his neighbors are the obvious suspects as in every novel of the genre Detective Inspector Kolbjorn Kristiansen nickname ''K2'' is supposed to solve a case where the past sins of each character come to the surface and everyone seems to have something to hide Kristiansen will have to see through each neighbor's lies in order to confront a cunning and slippery killer Lahlum is a great writer and his descriptions as well as his dialogue is of excellent uality while the story is riveting thus keeping the reader turning the pages waiting for the next twist and turn Lahlum is also successful in reviving the 1960s Oslo atmosphere and addressing serious affairs such as the collaboration of a small part of the national population with Nazi Germany during the Second World War as well as the Norwegian Resistance Movement's history This is a book that every fan of the so called ''Golden Age'' of crime fiction will enjoy but is also recommended to the readers who are longing to delve in a well written crime story regardless of the genre categorization I approach Scandinavian crime authors carefully you never know what you're going to get Often they are highly overrated This is the first book by Lahlum that I've read and I must admit I uite enjoyed it A veteran from the resistance movement during the second world war is found dead in his apartment Everyone heard the shot no one saw the perpetrator come or leave So it's a bit of a closed room murder mystery Everyone in the apartment block has something to hide of course and they are all lying needless to say There are strong nods toward Agatha Christie and even a little bit to Sherlock Holmes This then is a very classic mystery and there are no attempts at inventing anything new which is just as well I think I'll be reading of Lahlum Harald Olesen was a much loved hero who was an active member of the Resistance during WWII Disbelief reigns when he is murdered in his apartment in 1968 Olesen was ill rapidly approaching the end of his life Who would murder an elderly man and why?The structure of the story will appeal to fans of Agatha Christie Instead of a locked room mystery it is a locked apartment building mystery and the story's Hercule Poirot is an 18 year old young woman confined to a wheelchair who assists Detective Inspector Kolbjorn Kristiansen with his investigation Although the mystery takes place in 1968 events from WWII will impact the case repercussions across generationsAuthor Hans Olav Lahlum is a historian The book is dedicated to his great aunt Dagmar Lahlum and in the afterword he explains why History is especially fascinating to me when you hear individual stories This is a promising debut for readers who enjoy a puzzle mystery